10 Top SFTP Server Software for Secure File Transfers In 2023

Explore, compare and understand the concept of SFTP Server that will help you choose the right SFTP server software for secure file transfers:

SFTP Server Software is an application that transfers files through an encrypted connection and protects data as well as your credentials in transit. Another solution for the secured and automated data exchange between the trading partners, clients, and internal transfers is the Managed File Transfer Software.

MFT software helps streamline all the aspects of file transfers. It supports multiple secure FTP protocols such as SFTP, FTPS, AS2, etc. to transfer files. It will alert you through email or text messages on the failure of file transfers.

To help you to meet the compliance requirements, the MFT solution provides the facility of tracking and auditing the SFTP transmission.

SFTP client or server software can be used if you want to send and receive files securely to various trading partners in an inexpensive way. It is suitable for basic needs such as authenticating users, transferring unlimited files per server connection, etc.

Top SFTP Server

Understanding SFTP Server

While standalone SFTP Servers are suitable for low-volume transfers and protocol-specific transfers, Managed File Transfer software provides unified control over any protocol, central credential management, file workflow automation, scheduling functions, and much more.

Fact Check: According to IBM research, most businesses choose MFT over FTP because of security reasons and the complexity of B2B transfers.

Refer to the below image for the research results:

MFT over FTP - SFTP Server

Pro Tip: Before short-listing the SFTP or MFT solutions, you should gather information about your budget, your requirement for daily file transfer volume, and other requirements. While choosing the SFTP or MFT provider, you can consider the factors such as methods of transferring data, trial & demo options available, advanced audit logs, reporting metrics, integrated clustering, etc. You should also check the customer reviews before finalizing the solution.

How To Set Up SFTP Server

Let us see how to connect to SFTP Server.

The procedure for setting up an SFTP Server or connecting to SFTP Server differs according to the tool. Our top recommended solution JSCAPE MFT Server is built from Java and hence compatible with various platforms such as Windows, Linux, Solaris, etc.

To install this MFT server, you will have to first download the installation file. JSCAPE has provided detailed documentation. You just have to follow the instructions to set up an SFTP Server.


The difference between FTP and SFTP is that SFTP makes use of a single port for all the communications between client and server, where FTP/S requires several ports. The major difference between FTP and SFTP is the strong protection. FTPS and SFTP provide strong protection with the authentication options, which lacks with the FTP solutions.

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List of Best SFTP Server Windows

Here is the list of SFTP Server Software that is available for you to download:

  1. JSCAPE MFT Server (Recommended)
  2. Titan SFTP Server
  3. Cerberus
  4. FileZilla
  5. GoAnywhere
  6. Progress MOVEit (formerly Ipswitch)
  7. Globalscape MFT
  8. Oracle MFT
  9. Rebex Tiny Server
  10. Thru Inc.
  11. SRT Cornerstone

Comparison Of Top SFTP Servers

SFTP ServerBest forDeploymentType of toolProtocolsPlatformFree Trial

Securely managing your file transfers.On-premises, hybrid environment, cloud, and SaaS/MFTaaSManaged File Transfer SoftwareAS2, FTPS, SFTP, OFTP2, WebDAV, etc.Cross-platformAvailable for 7 days.
Titan SFTP Server

Titan SFTP
Cloud Pay-as-you-go and clustering for high volume and high availabilityOn-premise, Cloud-based & HybridSFTP Server SoftwareSFTP, FTP/TLS, HTTPS, etc.Windows & LinuxAvailable for 20 days

Secure and reliable file transferOn-Premise Via Windows ServerFile transfer toolFTP, SFTP, FTP/S, HTTP/S, SCPWindows25 DAYS

Free FTP solutionOn-premiseFree & Open-source FTP solutionFTP, FTPS, & SFTP.Cross-platformTool available for free

Streamlining the exchange of data.On-premises, cloud-based, hybrid, & MFTaaS hosted plan.File transfer software for the enterprise.SFTP, FTPS, HTTPS, etc.Windows, Linux, VMware, Mac, Docker, etc.Available

Securely transferring sensitive dataOn-premise & Cloud-based.MFT SoftwareFTP, FTPS, SFTP, HTTP/S, etc.--Available
Globalscape MFT

Complex and mission-critical file transfer needs.On-premise & Cloud-based.MFT SoftwareHTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS, SFTP, & AS2.WindowsAvailable

Let’s review SFTP Server software in detail.

#1) JSCAPE (Recommended)

JSCAPE is best for securely managing your file transfers.


JSCAPE MFT Server is an advanced secure FTP server. It has various security attributes like additional authentication options and access control mechanisms. It has features for password management and DLP. It supports SFTP, FTPS, SCP, and other file transfer protocols. As it supports SFTP and SCP, all the major file transfer clients can be integrated.

JSCAPE has capabilities of key management that will let you centrally manage all host keys, server keys, etc. through an intuitive web user interface.


  • JSCAPE MFT encrypts the data-in-motion so the files will remain confidential during transmission.
  • It has features of authentication, data integrity, and logging.
  • It has end-to-end file workflow automation for managing the entire file process.
  • It has features to encrypt confidential files during storage and extensive audit trails.
  • It offers the functionalities to create password policies.

Verdict: JSCAPE is a provider of MFT, a secure FTP server, and AS2 Server software. It supports SFTP and FTPS protocols and file workflow automation. JSCAPE is used by various companies in data-sensitive industry verticals such as healthcare, finance, etc.

Price: JSCAPE offers a fully functional 7-day trial available to download. You can also request a 30-minute demo of the tool.

#2) Titan SFTP Server

Best for Cloud Pay-as-you-go and clustering for high volume and high availability.


Titan SFTP Server is a powerful SFTP Server Software. It supports the Windows and Linux platforms. Titan is the only server on our list to support clustering, either as active/active or active/passive. It can be deployed on site or in the cloud, and clustered servers can be in different locations.

Titan SFTP Server offers LDAP, AD, native and hybrid authentication. SSH host keys are also supported. The server is easy to install and administer through a web based admin console. It supports SFTP, FTP/TLS and HTTPS protocols. Advanced automation lets you run AV scans, server to server transfers, reports, backups and more. Activities can be scheduled or triggered.


  • Low cost pay-as-you-go in Azure and AWS marketplace
  • Can be clustered across multiple on site and cloud locations
  • Automation supports over 100 events
  • Configurable logging capabilities with SYSLOG support
  • Supports virtual folders using a UNC path
  • Easy user transfers through web browser interface

Verdict: Titan SFTP Server is a powerful solution with nearly unlimited scalability. Titan is the best choice for maximum uptime and highest file transfer volumes. Because Titan SFTP Server on-site installations can easily be migrated to the cloud, it is a good choice for both current and future cloud implementations.

Price: Titan SFTP Server options include Enterprise Edition ($1,500) and High Availability Edition ($3,000). Cloud pricing starts at less than $40 per month, plus Azure or AWS costs.

#3) Cerberus

Best for Secure and reliable file transfer.


With Cerebrus, you get an on-premise SFTP software for Windows. The tool is known for offering maximized data control to its users. The 64-bit software was designed and optimized to work well with Windows servers 2012, 2016, 2019, and 2022. The software is extremely powerful and can transfer terabytes worth of data in a matter of minutes.

The software’s integration with Active Directory also helps administrators manage directory access as well as security groups with utmost ease. Another area where Cerebrus shines is in the customer support department. You are offered world-class support even before you’ve purchase your software license.


  • Full IPv6 Support
  • No bandwidth limitations
  • Cloud-tested
  • Easy group management
  • Customizable Directory Mapping

Verdict: Cerebrus offers you a secure and reliable on-premise SFTP server via Windows that can transfer terabytes of data in no time. The software stands out for its support of Azure Based Environments and seamless Active Directory integration.

Price: Cerebrus offers three pricing plans. The professional plan costs $999 per year whereas the enterprise plans and the enterprise plus plans cost $2499 and $4999 per year respectively.

#4) GoAnywhere MFT

Best for streamlining the exchange of data inside and outside your organization.

GoAnywhere - SFTP Server

GoAnywhere offers a managed file transfer solution for the protected and streamlined file transfers. The solution is for protecting sensitive data and offers easy & secure file sharing. It is the solution that will help you with securing the file transfers, whether it is from server to server or person to person.

It offers enhanced EDI that has capabilities of translating and moving X12, XML, and EDIFACT files. It has functionalities for automating the batch file transfer.

GoAnywhere has an intuitive interface and supports multiple deployment options such as on-premises, in the cloud, in hybrid environments, or on the MFTaaS hosted plan.

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  • This MFT solution has features of automation, centralization & mobility, collaboration, encryption & compression, connectivity, translation, auditing & reporting, etc.
  • GoAnywhere MFT makes use of modern encryption technology and authentication methods for protecting the file transfer.
  • It offers collaboration features such as Ad-hoc file transfers, end-to-end encryption, and detailed audit trails, etc.
  • It has comprehensive workflow features.

Verdict: GoAnywhere contains secure enterprise FTP features. It can be easily integrated into the external cloud and web applications through its out-of-the-box Cloud Connectors. This MFT solution can be implemented in the cloud for securing file transfers.

Price: A free trial is available. You can get a quote for pricing details.

Website: GoAnywhere

#5) Progress MOVEit (Formerly Ipswitch)

Best for securely transferring sensitive data across partners, customers, and systems.


MOVEit is a managed file transfer software that will give you complete visibility and control of file transfer. It is a secure file transfer & automation solution for enterprises. It can be deployed on-premise and in the cloud. It contains the capabilities of secure collaboration and advanced workflow automation. You will be able to automate the workflows without scripting.

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  • MOVEit provides the features of encryption and activity tracking and hence compliant with the regulations such as PCI, HIPAA, and GDPR.
  • Using the connectors such as Mulesoft Connector, RST, Java, and .NET APIs, MOVEit MFT can be integrated into any system.
  • It provides advanced security features and encrypts in-transit & at-rest data.

Verdict: MOVEit is a completely auditable and managed file transfer solution. It will help you with extending file transfer capabilities to all users and hence eliminates insecure use of email. You will be able to easily implement security controls and create an audit trail. The solution will accelerate your task and workflow creation.

Price: A free trial is available. You can get a quote for pricing details.

Website: Progress MOVEit

#6) Globalscape MFT

Best for complex and mission-critical file transfer requirements.


Globalscape’s EFT is a managed file transfer software. It is suitable for businesses of all sizes. It provides enterprise-level security. It comes with three options, EFT Arcus, EFT Enterprise, and EFT Express. EFT Arcus is a solution for organizations that are looking for a cloud-based MFT platform. EFT Enterprise and EFT Express are on-premise solutions.

EFT Enterprise is for complex and mission-critical file transfer needs.


  • Globalscape’s MFT has visibility, auditing, and reporting capabilities.
  • It will allow you to monitor folders and automate workflow without scripting.
  • It provides the features of two-factor authentication and high-availability deployment options.
  • It will encrypt data at rest and data-in-transit.

Verdict: Globalscape’s EFT is a user-friendly solution. It provides security & compliance and has tools for automation, collaboration, and analysis. With Globalscape’s EFT, it will be easier to automate workflow and monitor folders.

Price: A free trial is available for the platform. You can get a quote for pricing details.

Website: Globalscape MFT

#7) FileZilla

Best for free SFTP Server solution for client as well as the server.


FileZilla is a free and open-source FTP solution. This FTP solution is for the client as well as the server. FileZilla Client is an FTP, FTPS, and SFTP client. It has an intuitive GUI. FileZilla is available in multiple languages. It has a network configuration wizard and a facility to edit the remote file.

Though it is a free and open-source solution, FileZilla offers a Pro version that provides support for WebDAV, Amazon S3, Backblaze B2, Dropbox, etc.


  • FileZilla supports resuming and transferring large files.
  • It offers a powerful Site Manager and transfer queue.
  • It will let you configure the speed limits of the transfer.
  • It offers many more features like IPV6 support, filename filters, tabbed UI, bookmarks, etc.

Verdict: The tool is fast & reliable and supports cross-platform (Windows, Linux, BSD, Mac, etc.). It is easy to use. Supported protocols are FTP, SSL/TLS (FTPS), and SFTP. FileZilla is available in different languages. FileZilla is one of the top solutions and a free SFTP server.

Price: FileZilla is available for free. FileZilla Pro version is available to purchase.

Website: FileZilla

#8) Oracle MFT

Best for protecting against accidental access to unsecured files through the end-to-end transfer of files.

Oracle MFT

Oracle offers the managed file transfer solution for securely exchanging and managing the files within departments and with external partners. It protects from accidentally accessing unsecured files. The solution is so easy to use that even non-technical staff can use it. It has built-in extensive reporting capabilities.


  • Oracle MFT’s extensive reporting capabilities will help you with knowing the status of the file transfer quickly.
  • It has WebLogic Identity management integrated with it.
  • It has features of encryption, scheduling, and compression.
  • Oracle MFT solution comes with embedded FTP and Secure FTP Servers.

Verdict: Oracle MFT will give you a full end-to-end audit trail. It provides an easy-to-use and cloud-based user interface. It will help you with standardizing security for the web as well as FTP users.

Price: You can get a quote for pricing details.

Website: Oracle MFT

#9) Rebex Tiny Server

Best for testing purposes.


Rebex Tiny SFTP server is a tool for testing purposes. It is a small and minimalist tool, available for free. It can be used for commercial as well as non-commercial for free. It is easy to use and install. It is a single-user tool with reading & writing access. It supports Windows OS that has .NET 4.0.


  • This simple SFTP server provides a detailed activity log.
  • Rebex Tiny SFTP Server can be used while developing and testing a local SFTP client.
  • It supports an RSA & DSA key.

Verdict: Rebex Tiny SFTP Server is a perfect solution for developing and testing local SFTP client applications. It can also be used for quick & dirty file sharing. For the extended capabilities, you can try the product Buru SFTP Server.

Price: Free.

Website: Rebex Tiny Server

#10) Thru Inc.

Best for managed file transfer for all use cases.


Thru Inc. is a cloud-based MFT. It supports most of the cloud providers. It leverages native cloud platform technologies like virtual networking, tiered cloud database services, and cloud storage subscriptions. It has web-based configuration and management portals. Because of its no-code policy, a wide range of users including people with no development skills can work with this tool.


  • Thru assures the guaranteed delivery regardless of what protocol & API is used.
  • It can work as a client as well as a server and offers maximum flexibility.
  • Thru will retry to deliver the files until the file will get delivered successfully. In case of failure, the tool will send the alerts to administrators and display them on the dashboard.
  • It provides all the necessary automation features such as scheduling transfers, compression/decompressions, PGP encryption/decryption, etc.

Verdict: Thru stores the data in encrypted Thru cloud file storage until it gets delivered or deleted and hence guarantees zero data loss. It can be used for all use cases from file transfer automation to user-centric file sharing.

Price: A free trial is available for the platform. It offers subscription plans based on the number of file transfer transactions. You can get a quote for pricing details. As per reviews, the price of Thru can be $15 per month for the Business plan. It offers two pricing plans: Business & Enterprise.

Website: Thru Inc.

#11) SRT Cornerstone

Best for advanced automation and secure collaboration capabilities.


SRT Cornerstone is an enterprise MFT Server that offers high availability and failover for eliminating downtime. It has advanced automation capabilities that will help you with improving productivity. It can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments.

With an on-premise solution, you will get complete control over the environment. A cloud-based solution will give you security and performance. The hybrid deployment will give you the benefits of both the solutions, on-premise & cloud-based.


  • SRT Cornerstone is the solution with a streaming disk encryption module that will write the files to disk only in the encrypted form.
  • It provides ransomware protection.
  • Its automation features will let you automate the processes and security scans.

Verdict: The solution will improve your productivity through secure collaboration and advanced automation capabilities. It has solutions from the small implementation of simply sharing files with mid-level security to large implementation with high security & compliance. With all its plans, it offers one-year maintenance & support and professional services implementation.

Price: SRT Cornerstone has three pricing plans, Small Implementation (starts at $16500), Medium Implementation (starts at $23800), and Large Implementation (starts at $47500).

Website: SRT Cornerstone


SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) is the major component of security and compliance. To get the best data protection, you might have to use a combination of various tools. The MFT Software with SFTP will help you to expand your secure file transfer capabilities.

The Managed File Transfer solution provides efficient data exchange capabilities. It offers more functionalities than the SFTP Server such as reporting, visibility, security, compliance, and automation. JSCAPE MFT Server is our top recommended solution as SFTP Server Software.

FileZilla is a free SFTP Server. SFTP Servers that support cross-platform are Titan FTP, JSCAPE, FileZilla, etc. Rebex Tiny SFTP server is the SFTP Server for Windows and you can download the SFTP server for Windows for free.

We hope this detailed review and comparison of top SFTP Servers will help you find the right solution for your business.

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