10 Best Free File Sharing Sites And Software Programs In 2023

Comprehensive Review & Comparison of Top Free File Sharing Sites and Software Programs. Select the Best File Sharing Site or App per your Requirements:

File sharing sites provide services to access digital media like photos, videos, documents, etc. from anywhere for its users.

It will help you to transfer large files conveniently. It will also help you to collaborate easily worldwide.

File Sharing Sites

Fact Check: According to the Market Research Future, it is expected that the global file-sharing software market size will grow at a CAGR of 24.8% until 2023.

The below image will show you some file-sharing stats:

file-sharing stats

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Pro Tip: While choosing the file-sharing website or software, you should consider the factors like security, compatibility, price, and limitations on data storage or file sharing. Enterprises need a secure, robust, and flexible solution. To find the secured solution, you should get the details of “How does the company/site/software store the data”.

File Sharing Sites Overview

Benefits of Cloud File Sharing: You get better accessibility to files. You will be able to access, edit, and share files easily from anywhere. It also helps in recovering the lost files. These services improve collaboration. You can easily share large files.

Cons of file-sharing programs: Data Security is an integral part of the file-sharing programs. If there are no proper security measures then there is a higher risk of viruses or malware from a remote file. After sharing the file, sometimes it is difficult to track the file but few platforms provide advanced features like restricting the number of downloads or setting an expiration date.

By considering factors like advanced features, security features, price, etc. we have selected the top 13 file sharing sites.

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List of Top File Sharing Websites

  1. Internxt
  2. Sync.com
  3. pCloud
  4. Orangedox
  5. WeTransfer
  6. Google Drive
  7. Dropbox
  8. Box
  9. OneDrive
  10. Imgur
  11. iCloud
  12. Onehub
  13. MediaFire
  14. Mega
  15. Egnyte
  16. SAM9000 APM

Comparison of Best Free File Sharing Software

File Sharing SitesAbout toolMax limit Security FeaturesSize of Free sharing /storage allowedFree planPaid plans

Internxt Logo
Secure, encrypted and easy to use .10GB free account
Unlimited - paid accounts
End-to-end encryption
10GB10GB of free storage Contact to get a quote

Sync Logo
Easy to Use and Extra Secure.Unlimited Options AvailableEnd to End Encryption. 2FA. No third-party tracking.Up to 27GBFree plans availableTeam Standard: $6/user/month
Team Unlimited: $15/user/month
Solo Basic: $8/month

Secure encrypted cloud storage.2 TB StorageTLS/SSL encryption while transferring files. Password protection, client-side encryption, etc.10GB of free spaceFree plan Available.Premium 500GB ($47.88 per year) and
Premium Plus 2TB ($95.88 per year)

Secure Google Drive Document sharingUnlimitedSecure Document Sharing Technology--14 day free trial$15/user/month.

Sharing your files around the world.Send & receive up to 20 GB with a paid planPassword protection & custom expiration dates.2 GBFree forever, no storage, & send up to 2 GBWeTransfer Pro: $12/month.
Google Drive

File storage & synchronization service.30 TB for individuals.Shared Drive gives access to the right files.Encryption in transit & at rest, & Advanced Protection Program15GBFree plan available with 15 GB storage.100 GB: $1.99/ month,
200 GB: $2.99/ month,
2 TB: $9.99/ month,
Get a quote for enterprise plans.

File hosting service.Storage is available as much as you need.Advanced sharing permissions, disable downloads, Two-factor authentication, password protection, etc.--Free trial available for 30 days.Standard: $12.50/ user/month,
Advanced: $20/user/month,
Enterprise: Get a quote.

Content Management, Workflow, & Collaboration platform.Unlimited storage and 15 GB single file upload limit.Intelligent threat detection, Box Shield’s classification-based policies, advanced security control, etc.10 GB storage and 250 MB file upload limitFree plan available for individuals.Starter: $5 /user/month,
Business: $15/ user /month,
Business Plus: $25 /user/month,
Enterprise: $35/user /month.

#1) Internxt

Best for overall privacy and security.

Internxt Dashboard

Internxt is an open-source cloud storage service and privacy suite. All files saved or shared through blockchain-based cloud service are end-to-end encrypted, fragmented, and scattered over a decentralized network.

Internxt prioritizes security and users’ right to privacy, ensuring first and third parties have absolutely no access to user data and personal information.


  • Zero unauthorized access to your information and data.
  • All uploaded, stored, and shared data is end-to-end encrypted via the AES-256 encryption protocol.
  • Internxt services are 100% open-source and verifiable on GitHub.
  • All plans (including the free plan) have all features enabled and grant access to all Internxt services: Drive, Photos, and Send.
  • Generated sharing links allow the user to limit the number of times files are shared.
  • Available on all platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and web.

Cons: Must complete tutorial tasks to unlock all 10GB of free storage.

Verdict: Internxt’s use of zero-knowledge technologies and its serious commitment to putting users’ right to privacy above all else. Internxt also gives you 10GB of free online storage with access to all its premium features and primary services.

Price: Internxt offers a free 10GB plan and personal Internxt plans start at 20GB for only $1.15/month. Their most popular plan gives users 200GB for $5.15/month, and their most extensive plan is a 2TB subscription for just $11.50/month. Annual and business plans are also available.

#2) Sync.com

Best for secure file storage and document collaboration.

Sync Dashboard

Sync.com is a secure cloud storage platform with document collaboration features. It lets internal teams, external partners, clients, and customers collaborate together. It makes files accessible on computers, mobile devices, and the web. For secure file collaboration, Sync.com provides a facility to create centralized folders and manage their permissions.


  • Sync.com provides features for sharing documents with a custom-branded client file portal.
  • It backs up your files in real-time.
  • It has advanced share controls and capabilities of 365-day file history, restricting downloads, password protection sharing, etc.
  • For security & privacy protection, it provides features like end-to-end encryption, HIPAA compliance, GDPR compliance, etc.
  • It has features for controlling access with passwords, expiry dates, etc.

Cons: No such cons to mention.

Verdict: Sync.com is a file sharing and document collaboration platform that facilitates accessing files instantly from computers, mobile devices, and the web. This allows managing permissions to secure sharing and collaboration. Its groundbreaking privacy protection features will keep your work safe.

Price: Sync.com offers plans for individuals as well as teams. There is a free plan for individuals with basic features. Two more plans for individuals are Solo Basic ($8 per month) and Solo Professional ($20 per month).

Plans for teams are Team Standard ($5 per user per month), Team Unlimited ($15 per user per month), and Enterprise (Get a quote). All these prices are for annual billing.

#3) pCloud

Best for small to large businesses.


pCloud is secure cloud storage that will let you store, share, and work on all of your files. It is accessible on any device. You can share and collaborate with your friends. pCloud Crypto will keep your private files confidential. It provides the highest level of encryption.

For your photos and other files, pCloud can provide a completely secure digital asset management software. It will keep the deleted files in the Trash folder for some time. This duration varies according to the plan. It is 15 days for a free plan and 30 days for paid plans.


  • pCloud will let you share the files with multiple options like Invite to Folder, Download & Upload Links, and Direct links.
  • It has features for file management, sharing, security, file versioning, file backup, and digital asset management.
  • For managing the files, pCloud provides the facility to search and filter the files.
  • It provides TLS/SSL encryption while transferring files from your machine to the pCloud server.
  • It provides more security features like password protection and client-side encryption.


  • It doesn’t provide many features in the free version.

Verdict: pCloud is one of the best secure encrypted cloud storage platform. You can save the file and can access it from all devices. For a specific period, it can save the versions of the files.

Price: pCloud has two pricing plans, Premium Plan of 500GB ($47.88 per year) and Premium Plus Plan of 2TB ($95.88 per year). Lifetime plans are also available. The platform can be tried for free also as it offers a free plan.

#4) Orangedox

Best for Secure document sharing.


Orangedox is a platform you can use to secure access to your document on Google Drive. It does so by giving you complete control over each and every document’s access on the Google Drive you own. Its unique secure document sharing technology verifies each recipient to ensure a file is being shared with the right individual.

Adding new recipient or disabling access to a recipient is very easy with this tool and can be done in an instant. You’ll be able to track when a document was viewed, for how long it was opened, and who opened it. You’ll be able to share unlimited number of documents with up to 500 recipients.


  • Unlimited Document Sharing
  • Real-time access control
  • Detailed tracking information
  • Auto sync with Dropbox and Google Drive


  • Its exclusivity to Google Drive

Verdict: Orangedox is a great platform if you wish to secure share documents on Google Drive. You’ll know exactly who’s viewing your documents at all times. It gives you complete control to grant or deny document access to a person as per your wish.

Price: $15/user/month. A 14 day free trial is available

#5) WeTransfer

Best for small to medium businesses and freelancers. It is easy to use.


WeTransfer provides a platform to send files around the world. It provides the functionality to resend and delete transfers. It supports Password-protected transfers. You can have your Pro page and URL with the Pro plan. It also provides a drag-and-drop facility. You can transfer files or folders with this platform without zipping them.


  • WeTransfer will let you decide the duration (a week/month/forever) of transfer to be kept available in storage.
  • It has a feature of ‘Track downloads’. It will help you with link transfers to see the number of times your transfers are downloaded.
  • It provides features to manage transfers to resend, forward, or delete your transfers.
  • You can set password protection and custom expiration dates.


  • WeTransfer doesn’t provide even small storage with the free plan.

Verdict: WeTransfer can be used to transfer files or folders. It contains many more functionalities like email transfer up to 50 people and link transfer to unlimited people.

Price: WeTransfer allows sharing large files up to 2GB for free. With a paid plan it will allow you to send and receive up to 20 GB. WeTransfer Pro plan will cost you $12 per month.

Website: WeTransfer

#6) Google Drive

Best for small to large businesses and freelancers.


Google Drive offers free cloud storage for personal use. It has embedded Google’s powerful search capabilities in Drive. It provides an unmatched speed. It has functionalities to store, share, and collaborate on files and folders. It is accessible on Mobiles, tablets, and computers.

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GSuite Essentials for teams provides many more features like easy meeting recording and offline access.


  • Seamless integration with cloud-native apps, Docs, Sheets, and Slides.
  • Google Drive can collaborate with Microsoft Office files without converting the file format.
  • It will let you edit and store almost 100 traditional file types like PDFs, CAD files, images, etc.
  • Because of Google’s AI and search technology, your team will be able to find files up to 50% faster.


  • It doesn’t offer password protection for shared files.

Verdict: Google Drive will help your team to collaborate in real-time through its seamless integration with cloud-native apps. It is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

Price: Google Drive offers a free space of 15 GB for individuals. It offers more plans for individuals, 100GB ($1.99 per month), 200 GB ($2.99 per month), and 2 TB ($9.99 per month). You can get a quote for GSuite Enterprise Essentials.

Website: Google Drive

#7) Dropbox

Best for businesses of any size, freelancers, and solo workers.


Dropbox is a workspace that is designed for reducing busywork. It will take your team’s content together. It will allow you to use the tools of your choice. It can provide the individualized support to help admin manage at scale. The platform will give you centralized team content, team collaboration anytime & anywhere, and can transform your folders.


  • Dropbox will let you organize traditional files, cloud content, web shortcuts together.
  • You will spend less time searching files as it provides personalized suggestions to give you files and folders.
  • You can use this platform to coordinate with your team and push projects forward with the tools that you are using daily.


  • It doesn’t offer a free plan.

Verdict: Dropbox provides easy-to-use sharing and collaboration tools. You will get sophisticated control and security features.

Price: Dropbox Business has three pricing plans, Standard ($12.50 per user per month), Advanced ($20 per user per month), and Enterprise (Get a quote). A free trial is available for 30 days.

Website: Dropbox

#8) Box

Best for small to large businesses.


Box is the platform for secure content management, workflow, and collaboration. It will let you collaborate with anyone, anywhere, and on any device. It has a revamped UI and added new features like collections, annotations, and a streamlined Zoom integration. It provides functionalities for teams as well as individuals.


  • Box has advanced security controls, intelligent threat-detection, and complete information governance.
  • It can be integrated with more than 1400 apps including O365, GSuite, and Slack.
  • It provides flexible security controls and will allow you to share files with confidence.
  • It will protect your most sensitive data regardless of the industry.


  • No such cons to mention.

Verdict: By using the Box platform you will get workflow automation, seamless collaboration, and frictionless security. It is easy to use and will simplify your work.

Price: Box offers four plans for businesses, Starter ($5 per user per month), Business ($15 per user per month), Business Plus ($25 per user per month), and Enterprise ($35 per user per month).

All these plans can be tried before buying. It offers a free plan for individuals. It also provides Enterprise Suites, Platform Plans, and the plans for individuals. All the mentioned prices are for yearly billing. A monthly billing option is also available.

Website: Box

#9) OneDrive

Best for small to large businesses.


OneDrive is one of the popular file hosting and synchronization services. It can be used for storing the data in the cloud, sharing files, and syncing files across Android, Windows Phone, and iOS devices. It supports Windows and Mac OS.

OneDrive provides an added layer of protection and hence you can store important files and photos.


  • OneDrive is useful for saving your files and photos & accessing them anywhere and from any device.
  • You will be able to access selected files without being online.
  • Even though your device is lost, you will not lose your files. They will remain protected.
  • You will be able to share large files just by sending a link through email or text.


  • It offers just 5GB of storage for free which is very less than the Google Drive free storage space.

Verdict: OneDrive makes your files available on demand. You will get a personal vault to store important files. It supports offline access for selected files.

Price: 5GB of storage space is available for free. It has subscription plans for various storage options like 100GB, 1TB, and 6TB.

Website: OneDrive

#10) Imgur

Best for entertaining content on the internet.


Imgur is the platform that will let you share the files for entertainment. You can share funny, informative, inspiring images, memes, GIFs, etc. It is accessible through the Desktop website, Android App, iOS App, and Mobile Website.

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It has a functionality that will let you edit the content in your public posts. It has the features of View Marking that will save the viewed posts in the navigation bar with gray color.


  • Imgur has introduced a new look for its Homepage.
  • It provides the video scaling features that will automatically resize the video content to the height of your browser.
  • It will mute the user changes. This means that if you mute some users then you will not see their comments displayed on the posts.
  • It will be easier to report, embed, and download the post as these options are available on the top.


  • No such cons to mention.

Verdict: Imgur is a place on the Internet where you will find the awesome content.

Price: As per reviews, previously, its Pro features were available for $3 per month but now it is available for free. Imgur API is available for free for non-commercial use.

Website: Imgur

#11) iCloud

Best for small to large businesses and freelancers.


iCloud offers a service of cloud storage and cloud computing. It allows users to store documents, photos, and music. This data will be stored on remote servers. iOS device’s data will be backed up wirelessly. Sharing of photos, music, and games is possible through AirDrop wireless. To create an account on iCloud, you should have an iOS device or Mac.


  • It will let you store heterogeneous music, applications, backups, bookmarks, notes, etc.
  • You will get a platform for Apple’s email servers and calendars.
  • iCloud API is available that will help the third party iOS and Mac OS developers to implement iCloud functionality in their apps.
  • It provides the feature of Find My Friends that will let the users share their current location with friends.


  • You must have an Apple device to create an account.

Verdict: iCloud provides seamless integration with Apple products. It is a reliable service. As per reviews, the service is available at a competitive price. The only con it has is that users should have an iOS or Mac device.

Price: With each account, it offers free storage of 5GB. You can request for more storage space for an additional price.

Website: iCloud

#12) Onehub

Best for small to large businesses.


Onehub is a platform for businesses to securely share files in the cloud. It will allow you to upload folders through a drag-and-drop interface. It provides a facility to collaborate that will help you to keep your customers engaged and informed. It will allow you to set the role-based permissions at the folder or file level.

Onehub provides you a facility to share the content through secure links, setting expiration dates, access levels, and passwords.


  • For uploading files, it provides the features of automatic versioning, secure FTP gateway for mass uploads, drag-and-drop folder uploads, etc.
  • It provides the features to let you customize the logo, colors, and pages in your workspace.
  • It provides the best cloud storage security for businesses such as audit trails, role-based permissions, session timeouts, etc.
  • It protects the data with two-factor authentication.
  • It supports all major file types for the preview in your browser or on mobile devices.


  • You should know the administrative features to use them.

Verdict: Onehub is a rich in features platform that provides many more features like watermarks and embedded sign-in forms.

Price: Onehub can be tried for free for 14 days. It offers the solution in four pricing plans, Standard ($12.50 per user per month), Advanced ($20 per user per month), Data Room Edition ($300 per month), and Unlimited Edition ($500 per month). All these prices are for annual billing.

Website: Onehub

#13) MediaFire

Best for avid collectors, independent professionals, photographers, or businesses.


MediaFire is a free platform for storing photos, documents, music, and videos. All these files will be accessible from anywhere. It makes the file sharing and storage simple. It provides powerful features to share, collaborate, store, and access. It can be used to back up your files with 10GB of free space. With bonuses, it could be up to 50GB for free.

MediaFire is not just limited to sharing and storing files but it has many more features.


  • MediaFire provides unlimited bandwidth and downloads.
  • You will be able to immediately share folders and files after uploading them.
  • It will allow you to upload hundreds or thousands of files at once.
  • Its powerful and easy-to-use file manager will help you to organize files and documents.
  • It has a feature that will let you share a file with ‘One-Time Link’. This will not allow the recipient to share the link with others.


  • There are ads with the free version.

Verdict: MediaFire offers a sufficient amount of storage for free but with ads. To get an ad-free experience, you can choose the premium plans. Uploading from any website, bulk download, and the direct download link to files is available with these premium plans.

Price: Along with the Basic free plan, MediaFire offers two more plans, Pro ($3.75 per month, billed annually) and Business ($40 per month, billed quarterly).

Website: MediaFire

Additional File-sharing Softwares:

#14) Mega

Mega is a service that provides end-to-end encrypted and secure cloud storage. It is a user-controlled communication service and offers 50 GB of free storage.

Its Google Chrome browser extension will reduce the loading times and strengthen security. Your download performance will also get improved. It provides secured updates.

Website: Mega

#15) Egnyte

Egnyte is a secure platform for file sharing and content collaboration. It is a cloud-based platform and can be used to access and share the data. It provides the benefits of secure remote work, eliminates cost & complexity, discovers & control risks, and drive digital businesses.

Its flexible deployment models, robust integration ecosystem, and open APIs will make it ready for any type of business.

Website: Egnyte

#16) SAM9000 APM

SAM9000 APM is the tool for task and project management. You will get one collaboration app for tasks, emails, and file sharing. It will let you receive large files from clients and attach them to projects automatically.

These files are accessible from anywhere and on any device. This product can be tried for free. Its price starts at $29 per month for annual billing.

Website: SAM9000 APM


File sharing software and cloud storage provide a lot of benefits. If these services are not properly managed then there can be serious implications on data security. Hence, it is important to wisely select the file-sharing site.

WeTransfer, pCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive are our top recommended file sharing sites. You can choose the file-sharing platform according to your business requirements, budget, security features, storage, and file sharing limitations.

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We hope this article on File Sharing Sites will help you to find the right file-sharing software for your business.

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