11 BEST Managed File Transfer Software: MFT Automation Tools

This tutorial lists top Managed File Transfer (MFT) Software Solutions. Select a secure automatic File Transfer Software per your requirements:

Managed File Transfer Software is an application that centralizes the transferring of files inside & outside an organization and between systems and/or users, in a controlled and secured fashion. It transfers the files quickly and securely.

These solutions improve efficiency & agility through automation and eliminate scripting needs.

Managed File Transfer (MFT) Software

Managed File Transfer Software

Businesses can automate file transfers by using batch scripts or file transfer management tools. As a result, the MFT operations are often managed separately from the larger automation environment and the day-to-day business processes become complex.

To solve this problem, businesses can use a separate MFT Software or they can use a single workload automation solution that will streamline and simplify MFT processes across the enterprise.

Fact Check: According to Enterprise Management Associates research, 75% of organizations licensed new workload automation products in the last four years.

The below image will show you that most of the businesses use Workload Automation Software for the Managed File Transfer.


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Pro Tip: Choosing the best MFT software is not an easy task. It depends on your unique business requirements. Most of the products available in the market offer the same functionality but they differ in how they will be delivered. Your unique business requirements will make all the difference.

Hence the first step is to fully scope your current and future business needs and take all the stakeholders into account.

You can also consider your current and future file transfer requirements like security, integration, and orchestration within end-to-end automated workflows, ad-hoc person-to-person file sharing, monitoring & reporting, data capture, integrations, etc. You can also consider hosting requirements based on your current infrastructure, resources, and cloud strategy.

Benefits of File Transfer Solutions

MFT software provides a fast and reliable solution to develop and maintain the Managed File Transfer Workflows. It provides extended visibility and control over secure file transfers for end users. You will get straightforward and dependable end-to-end automation, as you can easily integrate MFT processes with related workloads.

It provides real-time access to data when the file transfer activity is triggered by events.

Benefits Of File Transfer Solutions

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Managed File Transfer tools provide real-time monitoring and remediation. It helps with reducing errors and improving SLAs. With the help of these tools, you will be able to build and automate workflows without scripting and in half time.

Key Managed File Transfer Automation Features

  • Managed File Transfer Automation Solutions provides more reliable data exchange through machine learning, analytics, scheduling, alerting, and auditing features.
  • With these tools, you will get a lot of production-ready actions like MoveFile, CopyFile, etc.
  • These tools have built-in checks to determine the successful transmission of files.
  • It has automatic transfer restart options that can start the transfer upon detecting an error.
  • It contains advanced parallel transfer features.
  • Without the back-to-back connections to the trading partner’s FTP server, bulk files and data can be transferred.
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List of Top Managed File Transfer Tools

Here is a list of popular file transfer automation tools:

  1. ActiveBatch
  2. JSCAPE by Redwood
  3. Pro2col Managed File Transfer
  4. Globalscape Software EFT
  5. HelpSystems GoAnywhere MFT
  6. Coviant Diplomat MFT
  7. MOVEit
  8. Cleo MFT
  9. IBM MFT Software
  10. Accellion MFT
  11. Redwood MFT

Managed File Transfer Software Comparison

Best forSupported ProtocolsPlatformFree TrialPrice

Integrating your file transfers into your greater end-to-end workflows and orchestrating dependenciesFTP, FTPS, SFTP, OpenPGP, HTTPS.Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac, iSeries (AS/400), and othersDemo and a 30-day free trial.Get a quote. Its pricing is usage-based.
JSCAPE by Redwood

Secure Managed File Transfers (MFTs) across thousands of users using multiple operating systems and file transfer protocols.AS2, SFTP, FTP/S, HTTP/S, OFTP2 and cloud--Demo and free trial available.Get a quote.

Secured file transfer.----NoGet a quote
Globalscape Software EFT

Complex & mission-critical file transfer requirements as well as for simple use cases.FTP, FTPS, HTTP, HTTPS, AS2, & SFTPWindows, Android, iOS, and Web-based.AvailableGet a quote.
As per reviews $875 for one time.
HelpSystems GoAnywhere

Best as an all-in-one MFT Solution.SFTP, SCP, FTPS, FTP, HTTPS, AES, OpenPGP, GPG, AS2Windows, Mac, and Web-based.AvailableGet a quote
Coviant Diplomat

Automating, integrating, and controlling secure file transfers to any endpoint.OpenPGP, SFTP, FTPS, SMTP, and SQL.Windows, Mac, & Web-basedAvailableIt starts at $75 per month for annual billing.

Review of the file transfer software:

#1) ActiveBatch Managed File Transfer Automation [Best Overall]

Best for orchestrating end-to-end workflows inclusive of data movements and file transfers.


ActiveBatch has hundreds of production-ready actions to perform common file transfer operations like MoveFile, CopyFile, etc. This integrated Jobs Library will let you build and automate reliable end-to-end workflows faster. It promotes more reliable data exchange through intelligent and powerful machine learning, analytics, scheduling, alerting, and auditing capabilities.

ActiveBatch ensures data security by providing support for Secure File Transfer Protocols (such as SFTP for SSH transfers, FTPS for SSL transfers, Web Tunneling, etc.) and support for Open PGP to ensure data security and regulatory compliance standards (HIPAA, PCI DSS, etc.)

It supports the execution of MFT workflows on-premise, in the cloud, on SaaS solutions, and various operating systems.


  • ActiveBatch contains advanced filtering that will let you restrict file transfers based on factors like file size.
  • It has built-in checks that will ensure the files are transferred successfully.
  • It has a feature of automatic transfer restart options that will start the transfers on detecting an error.
  • It has advanced parallel transfer capabilities.
  • It has an advanced trigger suite for ad-hoc file transfers, including large files or sensitive data.
  • It will allow you to define a single job as a template through ActiveBatch’s references.

Verdict: ActiveBatch provides a secure and reliable solution for the movement of files. This enterprise file transfer software will streamline and simplify your MFT automation.

Price: Demo and a 30-day free trial. You can get a quote for pricing details. Its pricing is usage-based.

#2) JSCAPE by Redwood

Best for Secure Managed File Transfers (MFTs) across thousands of users using multiple operating systems and file transfer protocols.


JSCAPE combines three powerful components into a single solution designed for speed, efficiency, security, and scalability:

  • MFT Server: Experience a cross-platform, universal protocol server that features easy administration and hybrid development support with unparalleled flexibility and reliability.
  • MFT Gateway: Add proxy servers in your DMZ to support your organization’s compliance needs with ease.
  • MFT Monitor: Perform load testing and network scanning to ensure service levels will be met, even during heavy system loads.

JSCAPE also employs industry-leading security, with incorporated FIPS-140-2-validated libraries, demonstrated compliance with the OFTP-2 specification as published in RFC-5024 and Drummond Certified™ status for implementation of AS2 protocol.


  • Send and receive files of any size simply with a robust set of features, including ad hoc file sharing, drop zones, and Outlook integration.
  • Reduce the complexity of managing multiple servers and easily share files using any protocol – AS2, SFTP, FTP/S, HTTP/S, OFTP2, and cloud.
  • Support secure file transfer compliance needs, including PCI, SOX, and HIPAA, with MFT Gateway’s proxy servers.
  • Accelerate your file transfers with web-based workflow automation that centralizes all transfers for easier administration.
  • Avoid complex installations and empower self-service across the enterprise for user registration, key management, and more.
  • Get consistent performance without heavy administrative demand using a centralized configuration datastore and shared storage.
  • Enjoy 24/7 enterprise-grade support via phone, email, and/or web portal with white-glove onboarding and performance optimization.
  • Gain access to an expert Customer Success Team, an expansive knowledge-base of support articles, and an extensive how-to video library.

Verdict: JSCAPE makes MFTs infinitely simpler and allows users to manage the entire organization’s file transfer needs with one solution.

Price: Demo and free trial available. Get a quote for pricing based on your needs.

#3) Pro2col Managed File Transfer

Best for secured file transfer.


Pro2col offers four solutions for secure file transfer, Cloud Managed File Transfers, File Sharing & Secure Email, Managed File Transfer, and Managed File Transfer Analytics. It offers a secured military-grade cloud hosting that guarantees a 99.99% uptime. This solution will give you exceptional reliability and performance.


  • Cloud-managed file transfer will provide file transfer automation, security, reporting, and visibility features by working with the best global MFT vendors. There will be predictable fixed costs.
  • Managed File Transfer Analytics is a web-based analytics platform to monitor all transfers executed on the MFT server.
  • It provides the key features of Dashboard, Self-service capabilities, alerts & notifications, security, and monitoring of multiple MFT environments from one place, and self-service portal.

Verdict: Pro2col has 15 years of experience in providing MFT services. It is a scalable solution and can be used by small to large businesses.

Price: You can get a quote for pricing details.

Website: Pro2col MFT

#4) Globalscape Software EFT

Best for complex & mission-critical file transfer requirements as well as for simple use cases.


Globalscape provides Enhanced File Transfer (EFT) software that is a comprehensive and user-friendly MFT solution. It provides security and compliance. It contains powerful tools for automation, collaboration, and analysis. The solution can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud.

Globalscape offers two on-premise solutions, EFT Enterprise and EFT Express. EFT Enterprise is best for organizations with complex & mission-critical file transfer requirements. EFT Express provides automated data exchanges, military-proven security, and infrastructure stability for simple use cases.

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  • Globalscape’s EFT contains built-in regulatory compliance controls.
  • It provides the features of visibility, auditing, and reporting.
  • It provides workflow automation and folder monitoring features. These processes can be performed without scripting.
  • It has two-factor authentication.
  • It provides data encryption at rest and in transit.

Verdict: You will get enterprise-level data security and data transfer automation by integrating with back-end systems. Globalscape EFT solution will provide you the benefits of automation & efficiency, collaboration, security, compliance, analytics, support, and versatility. EFT is a perfect solution for businesses of any size.

Price: A free trial is available. EFT Express offers the solution with four editions, Core, Basic, Pro, and Custom. You can get a quote for EFT Enterprise. As per reviews, the price is $875 for one time.

Website: Globalscape EFT

#5) HelpSystems GoAnywhere MFT

Best for all-in-one MFT Solutions.


HelpSystems Solution offers a GoAnywhere MFT solution to automate and secure file transfers. It follows a centralized enterprise-level approach. It can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments. For cloud deployment, it supports Microsoft Azure and AWS via MFTaaS. It supports Windows, Linux, AIX, and IBM i, etc.

For the completed or failed jobs, it provides email/SMS notifications.


  • GoAnywhere MFT has an intuitive browser-based interface. For secure file transfers, you can achieve SFTP, HTTPS, and FTP automation.
  • You will be able to run multi-step workflows to transfer, encrypt, and process files.
  • It will let you schedule transfers to run at future dates and times.
  • It monitors the folders for new files and processes them immediately.
  • GoAnywhere MFT can be integrated with existing applications, programs, and scripts.

Verdict: GoAnywhere is an all-in-one MFT solution that can manage your organization’s file transfer software, file sharing, secure FTP, and automation needs, all from a single interface. It provides automation, security & encryption, data movement by connecting with a wide variety of servers, translation, and integration.

Price: A free trial is available. You can get a quote.

Website: GoAnywhere MFT

#6) Coviant Diplomat MFT

Best for automating, integrating, and controlling secure file transfers to any endpoint.


Diplomat MFT is the solution to automate, integrate, and control secure file transfer to any endpoint. The solution is available in three editions, Basic edition, Standard edition, and Enterprise edition.

The basic edition can automate secure FTP and PGP encryption in one solution. Standard edition can integrate secure file transfer into business processes. Enterprise edition can manage, audit, and monitor secure file transfers from a single point of control.


  • Diplomat MFT can transfer files between a local network, or using email, HTTP, HTTPS, and SMB servers.
  • It provides the features to encrypt, decrypt, sign & verify files using OpenPGP keys.
  • It can provide audit trail job history reports.
  • It has features to transfer files to and from public & private cloud sites.
  • You can suspend and restart the scheduling of secure file transfer jobs.
  • External processes can be initiated during a secure file transfer job.

Verdict: To use this tool, no special skills or programming skills are required. Basic Edition will automate secure FTP and PGP encryption in one application. Standard Edition will integrate secure file transfers into business processes and Enterprise Edition provides a single point of control for business-critical secure file transfers.

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Price: The pricing of Diplomat MFT’s three editions are Basic Edition ($75 per month), Standard Edition ($135 per month), and Enterprise Edition ($445 per month). All these prices are for annual billing. It offers a free trial.

Website: Diplomat MFT

#7) MOVEit

Best for better management control over core business processes.


Previous Ipswitch, MOVEit is now a Progress MOVEit. This MFT solution will give you complete visibility and control over file transfer activities. MOVEit will assure the reliability of core business processes. It provides secure and compliant transfer of sensitive data between partners, customers, users, and systems.

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MOVEit has a flexible architecture that will let you choose the exact capabilities so that the solution will be a perfect match for your organization’s needs. With MOVEit you will experience zero downtime as it has Neverfail Failover Manager.

MOVEit is a tool with many more additional capabilities like Email & Web Transfer, Multi-Tenancy, High Availability, Desktop Clients, API, and Mobile Access.


  • MOVEit Transfer will consolidate all file transfer activities to one system and gives you better management control over core business processes.
  • This solution will give you security, centralized access controls, file encryption, and activity tracking.
  • MOVEit Automation provides advanced workflow automation capabilities by working with MOVEit Transfer or FTP systems.
  • MOVEit’s MFT-as-a-Service solution, MOVEit Cloud is a HIPAA compliant and auditor-certified PCI.
  • It provides a secure folder sharing facility that is easy to use and helps internal & external end-users to collaborate.

Verdict: MOVEit MFT is used by a lot of organizations around the world. The solution will give you operational reliability, compliance with SLA, internal governance, and regulatory requirements. It provides MFT-as-a-Service through MOVEit Cloud.

Price: A free trial available. Get a quote for pricing details.

Website: MOVEit

#8) Cleo MFT

Best for Business Continuity, DevOps Compliance, and Data Analytics Enablement.


Cleo offers a secure MFT solution for the modern age. It has an intuitive self-service design platform that will help you to create and deploy your own integrations. Cleo Integration Cloud is specially made for multi-enterprise file transfer.

This solution can meet your file transfer requirements whether it needs to support a handful of trading partners or enable thousands of connections. It supports more than 20 protocols and provides more connectivity options. It provides 900 pre-built business connections.

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  • With Cleo Integration Cloud, you will be able to integrate with all your internal and external data sources like customers, suppliers, partners, service providers, etc.
  • Modern DevOps deployment like containerization, API-driven configuration, push-button deployment & embeddability is supported by Cleo.
  • It provides the high-speed file transfer, i.e. 3TB per hour.
  • It provides reporting, audit trails, and visibility dashboards.

Verdict: Cleo provides robust data movement, automation, and maintains compliance.

Cleo Integration Cloud can be used for Multi-enterprise file transfer, system-centric file transfer, high-speed file transfer, and ad-hoc file transfer. It is a database-independent solution and hence the file transfer will not get affected even when the database is down.

Price: You can get a quote for pricing details.

Website: Cleo

#9) IBM MFT Software

Best for secure, reliable, and automatic data exchange of enterprise file-based transactions.


IBM offers various MFT solutions, IBM Sterling File Gateway, IBM Sterling Secure File Transfer, IBM Sterling Partner Engagement Manager, IBM Sterling Secure File Gateway, IBM Sterling Control Center, etc.

IBM Sterling Secure File Transfer is a unified file transfer platform to share and track mission-critical information movement within your enterprise or across your trading partner network.

IBM Sterling Secure File Transfer can protect your data at rest and in transit and will assure the safe delivery. It provides end-to-end visibility with monitoring file activity. It has an approachable UI and flexible RESTful APIs. It can handle the most demanding file movement workloads, from high volumes to huge multi-media files.


  • IBM Sterling Connect Direct is for high-volume, reliable, and security-rich enterprise file transfers.
  • IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor extends the governance over critical B2B integration and MFT file exchanges.
  • IBM Sterling Control Center Director is for managing the MFT environments.
  • IBM Sterling File Gateway is a scalable, secure, and always-on edge-based gateway that consolidates file transfers on a single platform.
  • IBM Sterling Partner Engagement Manager provides efficient, automated onboarding, and management of partners, suppliers & customers.

Verdict: IBM Sterling Secure File Transfer is a consolidated, enterprise-grade file transfer platform that will give you end-to-end visibility and governance. It is a scalable file transfer solution with advanced security capabilities. It is a highly available architecture and provides reliable & automated file transfers.

Price: You can get a quote for pricing details. It offers per month as well as perpetual licensing options.

Website: IBM MFT

#10) Accellion MFT

Best for streamlining and securing large-scale file transfer operations.


Accellion provides the managed file transfer solution through Automation Server, Automation Client, Hardened Virtual Appliance, Governance, Security Analytics, and Automated File Scanning.

Accellion‘s Automation server has a graphical operations dashboard to manage, monitor, and recover transfers. The tool will let you trigger transfers with scheduling, polling, or events, or start them manually. It supports unique vault-to-vault transfers that will maximize end-to-end security.


  • Automation servers can access data in folders, file shares, repositories, and cloud stores.
  • It provides the features of automated file scanning that will prevent leaks and breaches with AV, DLP, CDR, and ATP.
  • It provides end-to-end visibility of content through security analytics.
  • It will let you prevent compliance violations by setting granular policy controls.
  • It contains the features that will let you protect the content from insiders and advanced threats.

Verdict: With Accellion, you will be able to onboard new trading partners easily and quickly. Its Automation Client will automate secure and flexible business processes. It has a library of two thousand connectors and workflow functions.

Price: Accellion has two pricing plans, Business ($15 per user per month) and Enterprise (get a quote). A free trial is available for the Business plan.

Website: Accellion MFT

#11) Redwood MFT

Best for accurate data management.


Redwood Managed File Transfer solution will keep your businesses connected and responsive. It can securely transfer information and supports accurate data management. It will be deployed as SaaS. It will support your data architects. Redwood MFT provides rapid & verified data flow.

It reduces the time between file transfers and subsequent dependent activities and hence helps you with improving the service levels.


  • RunMyJobs Scheduling feature by Redwood will automate all your file transfers from a single, secure point of control.
  • It has a clear graphical interface.
  • It provides fast and full reporting on outcomes.
  • It has a feature of automated restart and remediation in case of any issues.

Verdict: Movement of data between on-premises mainframe, distributed, and hybrid cloud resources can be seamlessly automated, visualized, and documented with Redwood MFT. File Transfers can be easily incorporated into existing business processes to get improved service alignment.

Price: You can get a quote for pricing details.

Website: Redwood MFT


Traditional file transfer software couldn’t provide robust scheduling, security granularity, SLA monitoring, web and mobile interfaces, and automated & proactive notifications like the modern age MFT software. Enterprise-wide workload automation will provide integration and Managed File Transfer.

ActiveBatch Managed File Transfer Automation is our top recommended solution as it offers highly secure and more maintainable file transfers within their larger end-to-end orchestrated workflows. It is a secure and reliable tool for the movement of files. Pro2col, Globalscape Software EFT, HelpSystems GoAnywhere, and Coviant Diplomat are the other top MFT solutions.

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Most of these tools follow a quote-based pricing model and provide a free trial or demo.

We hope this detailed review and comparison of Managed File Transfer Automation Tools will help you to choose the right solution for your business.

Research Process:

  • Time taken to research and write this article: 26 Hours
  • Total tools researched online: 18
  • Top tools shortlisted for review: 10
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