14 Best Server Backup Software for 2023 [UPDATED LIST]

Read, compare and select among the list of top Server Backup Software along with features for backing up critical data:

Server backup software is used for backing up data stored on a server to ensure that the system can be restored in case of mechanical failure, hacking, or user error. Selecting the best server backup software is a challenge, as there are so many to choose from.

We have reviewed the best server cloud software for backing up critical data. After reading the review of cloud-based server backup solutions, you can select the best one that meets your exact needs.

Let us begin!

Windows Server Backup Software – Review

Best Server Backup Software

Market Trends: The server backup software market size is projected to grow at a rate of 20.87 percent between 2020 and 2025. The market is expected to be $4.98 billion by 2025. The following chart shows the market share of server backup software in 2019.

Market Share of Top Server Backup Software [2019]:

Market Share of Top Server Backup Software

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Expert Advice: Make sure that you find a supported environment for server backup. Find out if the server backup software supports VMWare, Hyper-V, SQL, NAS, and other data storage requirements. Also, find out if the server backup app is scalable to your needs as your company grows over time.

FAQs on Server Backups

Q #1) What is server backup software?

Answer: Server backup software allows you to back up data stored on a server. You can back up your data on an online or on-premise hardware device. The software allows you to back up all data on the server and restore the data in case of a problem.

Q #2) Why use server backup software?

Answer: Backing up server data using backup server software ensures that the data stored on the server remains intact in case of an error or mechanical failure. Backing up data is also the best protection against ransomware and viruses that corrupt the server data.

Q #3) How do I backup my entire server?

Answer: To back up your data, you need to open the backup server software and select the files that you want to back up. Select a backup device if you want to save locally. The software will automatically save the server settings when you back up the files.

Q #4) Does Windows Server have backup software?

Answer: Windows Server has backup server software. You can use the free backup software for the Windows server to perform a manual or scheduled backup.

Q #5) Is Windows Server backup any good?

Answer: Most server admins complain that the windows server backup software is unreliable. You should buy external backup server software to back up the server data.

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List of Best Server Backup Software

Popularly known backup servers list:

  1. Zinstall
  2. AOMEI Backupper Server
  3. Quorum onQ
  4. Acronis Cyber Cloud
  5. Uranium Backup
  6. IDrive
  7. NovaBACKUP
  8. Druva Phoenix
  9. CrashPlan
  10. Altaro VM Backup
  11. SpiderOak
  12. MSP360
  13. Nakivo
  14. Rubrik
  15. Backblaze
  16. Carbonite

Comparison Table of Top Software for Backup Servers

Tool NameBest ForPlatformPriceRatings
ZinstallAutomatic Windows BackupWindowsStarts at $399 in one-time paymentStar_rating_4.5_of_5
AOMEI Backupper Server1-Click Data BackupWindowsStarts at $149/yearStar_rating_4.5_of_5
Quorum onQ Fully encrypted data backup with advanced data management tools such as sandboxing and VPN tunneling.WindowsCustom PricingStar_rating_5_of_5
Acronis Cyber Cloud Hybrid cloud backup for Windows and Linux Servers.Windows and LinuxCustom PricingStar_rating_5_of_5
Uranium Backup Resellers and businesses that want server backups for Windows servers. WindowsBasic: Free
BASE: $80 per year
PRO VIRTUAL: $229 per year
GOLD: $290 per year
PROFESSIONAL: $18 per year
IDrive Small business owners and large enterprises for secure cloud backup and recovery.Windows, macOS, and LinuxBasic: Free up to 10 GB
IDrive Mini: Starts at $3.71 for the first year
IDrive Personal: Starts at $59.62 for the first year
IDrive Team: Starts at $74.62 for the first year
IDrive Business: Starts at $74.62 for the first year
NovaBACKUP Businesses in regulated industries including health care, dental, CPA, and legal firms to backup Windows servers and filesWindowsStandard: $199.95 per year
Business Essentials: $299.95 per year
Trial: Yes | 15 days

Detailed reviews:

#1) Zinstall

Best for Automatic Windows Backup.


Zinstall is a software that’ll help you fully backup your Windows server automatically. You can count on this tool to back up a lot more than just your files. Everything from programs and applications to databases, settings, and profiles can be backed up for recovery later on.

Zinstall affords you the privilege of keeping your back up anywhere you wish. You could store your back up on local storage like a USB drive, on a network storage, or on cloud storage like Amazon S3, Backblaze B2, OneDrive, etc.


  • Keep multiple versions of your back up
  • Ransomware protection
  • Completely automated
  • Use it with local storage, network storage, or cloud storage.


  • Fully automated backup
  • 30 Day free trial
  • Easy to download and install
  • Helps you keep your backup anywhere


  • Some users may find the cost too high.

Verdict: Zinstall is an intuitive and easy to use software that lets you backup your Windows servers. The software helps you backup everything from files to programs and your system settings. The tool lets you restore any file and any server without hassle.


  • FullBack Server Light: $399 in One-time Payment
  • FullBack Server Pro: $899 in One-time payment
  • A 30 day free trial is also available.

#2) AOMEI Backupper Server

Best for 1-Click Data Backup.


With AOMEI, you get a solution that lets you conceive a data backup strategy. The software arms you with flexible backup options for disks, partitions, files, systems, etc. The platform lets you run scheduled backup tasks. You can let AOMEI perform well without any supervision.

This tool lets you restore an entire computer system or server after a massive catastrophic failure. The tool can help you minimize server downtime. The tool can also be used to easily trigger data migration.


  • System Backup
  • Disk/ Partition Backup
  • Delete Old Backups
  • Multiple Schedules
  • Selective File restore


  • Real-time syncing
  • Flexible data recovery
  • 1-click data backup


  • Not a fan of automatic renewal subscription

Verdict: There is a lot to love about AOMEI Backupper solution. What you get is a reliable and complete data backup, disk cloning, and disaster recovery solution that can restore an entire computer system or Windows server.

Price: The pricing plans offered by AOMEI is as follows:

  • Yearly: $149
  • Yearly + 1 TB: $199
  • Lifetime: 299

#3) Quorum onQ

Best for fully encrypted data backup with advanced data management tools, such as sandboxing and VPN tunneling.


Quorum onQ provides cloud-based secure server backup services for small and large enterprises. Managed services allow IT admins to quickly create a backup of critical files. The files can be stored on virtual or physical servers.

The app makes a full backup of the server data and configuration files and then makes incremental backups. It supports an advanced data verification feature to guarantee the integrity of the backup data.


  • Policy-based migration
  • Storage of unlimited de-duplicated data
  • Incremental backups
  • Sandboxing
  • Secure VPN Tunneling


  • High-speed backup and recovery.
  • Secures physical and virtual servers.
  • Data can be stored for extended periods.
  • VMWare Integrated protection (VIP) to secure your backup data.


  • Pricing is not transparent.

Supported Environment:

  • Windows
  • Isolated Sandbox
  • VMware

Verdict: Quorum onQ provides single-click recovery in case of a disaster. You will receive full immediate recovery of critical files stored in a remote or onsite location. The backup is maintained automatically and saves time in securing physical and virtual servers.


  • Custom pricing

Website: Quorum onQ

#4) Acronis Cyber Cloud

Best for hybrid cloud backup for Windows and Linux servers.

Acronis Cyber Cloud

Acronis Cyber Cloud is a premium server backup solution. The application provides centralized management of key tasks. It allows you to easily manage your service management tasks. You can create a multi-tiered cloud backup infrastructure using the app.

The app allows you to build custom services with white-label protection. You can easily manage and supervise the backup operation from a single console. You have multiple deployment options, including hybrid, turnkey SaaS and private cloud.



  • e-signature services for secure data backup.
  • Blockchain-based file notarization ensures greater security and transparency.
  • AI-based protection ensures best-grade data security.
  • Option to select local cloud storage.
  • Antivirus software protects against online threats.


  • Pricing is not transparent.

Supported Environment:

  • Windows and Linux
  • VMWare
  • Hyper-V
  • vSphere
  • switches
  • Azure and AWS

Verdict: Acronis Cyber Cloud provides cyber protection for server backup. The server backup software allows you to manage your backup data from multiple servers in one location.


  • Contact for custom pricing
  • Free Trial: Yes | 30 days

Website: Acronis Cyber Cloud

#5) Uranium Backup

Best for resellers and businesses that want server backups for Windows servers.

Uranium Backup

Uranium Backup is an Italian-based company that provides server backup solutions. The basic version of the app supports scheduler logs and emails. You can sign up for the premium version to benefit from advanced features such as data encryption, synchronization, incremental backup, and online backup.

The paid version supports a wide range of Windows cloud environments. You can backup MariaDB, My SQL, Exchange, and more data on-site and on the cloud. The app allows you to monitor the backup from a remote location. You can also customize the backup and export history for compliance purposes.


  • Scheduler logs
  • Differential backups
  • Cloud and Tape backup
  • FTP Backup


  • Remote management of Uranium backup.
  • Customize and export archive history.
  • Automated email reports for backups.


  • The price is a bit high compared to competitors.

Supported Environment:

  • Windows
  • MySQL
  • Shadow Copy (VSS)
  • ESXi – Hyper V Backup
  • Maria DB

Verdict: Uranium Backup is one of the best-rated server backup software for Windows environments. You can back up a large set of data using the server backup software. The software supports secure backup and quick recovery.


  • Basic: Free
  • BASE: $80 per year
  • PRO TAPE/PRO DB/PRO SHADOW: $150 per year
  • PRO VIRTUAL: $229 per year
  • GOLD: $290 per year
  • PROFESSIONAL: $18 per year

Website: Uranium Backup

#6) IDrive

Best for small business owners and large enterprises to secure cloud backup and recovery.


IDrive is the best server backup software that supports Windows, macOS, and Linux server backups. The application is suitable for different types of businesses. You can back up all your data on all types of devices, including PC, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

With IDrive, you can manage multiple workstations and computers from the dashboard. You can add and manage users for servers, NAS, SQL, and Exchange devices. The software also supports fast S2-compatible object storage.


  • Remote access to backup files.
  • Sync files to IDrive.
  • Collaborate and share with others.
  • Compliance with HIPAA, GLBA, SOX, SEC/FINRA.


  • Open the network files.
  • Remotely managed computers.
  • Clone the disk to an external hard drive or cloud.
  • Unlimited user accounts for businesses.
  • Secure single-sign-on.


  • Customer support is not highly responsive.

Supported Environment:

  • Windows, macOS, and Linux
  • Android devices
  • NAS and mapped devices
  • Microdot Outlook/Quicken/Quickbooks
  • MySQL, MS Exchange, MS Sharepoint
  • VMWare
  • Oracle

Verdict: IDrive is a premium server backup solution that is best for personal and business usage. Both small and large businesses can benefit from the cloud server backup device.


  • Basic: Free up to 10 GB
  • iDrive Mini: Starts at $3.71 for the first year
  • iDrive Personal: Starts at $59.62 for the first year
  • iDrive Team: Starts at $74.62 for the first year
  • iDrive Business: Starts at $74.62 for the first year

iDrive Pricing

Website: IDrive

#7) NovaBACKUP

Best for businesses in regulated industries, including health care, dental, CPA, and legal firms to backup Windows servers and files.


NovaBACKUP is one of the best server backup software for regulated businesses. The server backup app supports the highest grade 256-bit encryption. The app complies with most regulations for regulated industries, including HIPAA, GLBA, FERPA, and many others.

The app supports physical and virtual server backup. You can set up automatic recovery and scheduled reports. The server backup app is ideal for small businesses to back up Windows server data and configuration files.


  • Local and cloud backup
  • Disaster Recovery Services
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Free central management and monitoring


  • Best for regulated industries due to compliance with HIPAA, GLBA, FERPA, and more.
  • Get a free ebook on securing infrastructure with compliant solutions.
  • Physical and virtual server backup with support from NovaBACKUP experts.


  • Not suitable for large enterprises.

Supported Environments:

  • Windows Server
  • SQL, Exchange, and VM
  • Hyper-V
  • VMware vSphere

Verdict: NovaBACKUP is the best server backup solution for IT service providers. The app supports local and cloud backups in multiple environments. Flexible pricing and easy deployment make it suitable for startups and small businesses.


  • Standard: $199.95 per year
  • Business Essentials: $299.95 per year
  • Trial: Yes | 15 days

NovaBACKUP Pricing

Website: NovaBACKUP

#8) Druva Phoenix

Best for advanced data backup for small businesses and enterprises.

Druva - Server Backup Software

Druva Phoenix is a scalable disaster recovery and archival app. One of the remarkable features of the backup server software is machine learning-based analytics. The app analyzes the data and makes intelligent recommendations based on the existing cloud environment.

Cloud data recovery features allow quick recovery from disaster events. The app supports intelligent achievement with Glacier Deep achieving. The server backup software also complies with regulations regarding archive storage.


  • Incremental and continuous backup
  • Global source-side inline deduplication
  • Unlimited restoration and snapshots
  • Global search of data
  • Intelligent tiering with to S3 Glacier Deep Archiving

Supported Environments:

  • SaaS
  • Oracle
  • MS-SQL
  • Windows and Linux
  • NAS
  • VMware and Nutanix Clusters
  • Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS

Verdict: Druva Phoenix allows you to simplify backing up server data and configuration files. The software supports enterprise-level backup and recovery features. You will also benefit from improved data visibility even in complex server configurations.


  • Phoenix Business: $210 per TB per month
  • Phoenix Enterprise: $240 per TB per month
  • Phoenix Elite: $300 per TB per month

Druva Pricing

Website: Druva Phoenix

#9) CrashPlan

Best for small businesses and enterprises to back up Windows, macOS, and Linux servers.


CrashPlan is the best backup software for protection against ransomware and other online threats. You can store server data locally or on the cloud. The app allows you to effortlessly migrate between different devices.

The server backup app supports user state migration with Microsoft USMT. 256-bit encryption provides high-grade data security. You can carry out unlimited backups with no limit to the file size. This server backup app also supports automatic and continuous backup and monitoring for the protection of saved data.


  • Unlimited storage
  • Continuous automatic backup
  • Custom file retention
  • Secondary Drive Support
  • Ransomware recovery

Supported Environment:

  • Windows, Linux, and macOS
  • Unlimited number of users
  • File Size: No limit

Verdict: CrashPlan is one of the best server backup apps for cloud and hybrid environments. The online backup recovery solution scales as per the needs of your business.


  • Small Businesses: $9.99 per device
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing
  • Free Trial: Yes | 30 days

Website: CrashPlan

#10) Altaro VM Backup

Best for reliable and secure backup of the virtual machine and other supported environments in Windows, Linux, and macOS.


Altaro VM supports server file backup and ransomware recovery. It supports hosting your custom encryption key for increased data protection. The app supports advanced data encryption that is applied both in transit and at rest.

The server backup app supports the requirements of the Business Associate Agreement (BAA). In addition, the server backup app also supports the automatic provision of SSO/SAML and SCIM provisions for authentication purposes.


  • No file size restrictions
  • 256-AES encryption
  • 100+ endpoints
  • Custom encryption keys
  • Custom deployment policies

Supported Environment:

  • Windows
  • VMware and Hyper-V
  • Azure Stack HCI
  • Number of Users: 1 – 99

Verdict: Altaro VM supports administrative data protection features that allow granular control over backup policy and deployment.


  • Starts at $115.8 per VM per year
  • Free Trial: Yes | 30 days

Altaro Pricing

Website: Altaro VM

#11) SpiderOak One

Best for small and medium-sized businesses for backing up files and servers running Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Spider OakOne

SpiderOak One is a secure server backup application. The software supports the backup of different types of physical and cloud environments. It is one of the best apps for organizations that want to benefit from a secure and private file backup.

The server backup app can sync data across different devices. The built-in privacy feature ensures the protection of confidential data. All the backup data is encrypted using the highest grade security. The server backup software


  • File sharing with self-destructing links
  • Point in time recovery
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Private encryption key

Supported Environments:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • macOS
  • External, removable, and network volumes

Verdict: SpiderOak offers Enterprise level protection for server data. The application is best for small and medium-sized businesses that want to protect their files and servers with high-grade security. However, the app lacks advanced server back features found in other server backup apps.


  • Up to 150GB: $6 per month per user
  • 400 GB: $11 per month per user
  • 2TB: $14 per month per user
  • 5TB: $29 per month per user
  • Trial: Yes | 21 days

Spider OakOne Pricing

Website: SpiderOak One

#12) MSP360

Best for protecting data and servers for businesses and personal users.

MSP360 - Server Backup Software

MSP360 allows you to back up data from different stores in Linux and Microsoft Windows. The app supports VMware and Hyper-V environments. It also supports backup to different online sources, including Google, AWS, Azure, B2, and Wasabi. You can also store data on local hardware devices.


  • Managed Backup
  • SharePoint Drives
  • Reliable Endpoint monitoring
  • Advanced rebranding and custom SSL

Supported Environments:

  • Windows (MSSQL, MS Exchange, Windows)
  • VMware/Hyper-V
  • macOS
  • Google Workspace
  • AWS
  • Google
  • Wasabi
  • Azure
  • Up to 256 TB of data
  • File size limit: 1 TB

Verdict: MSP360 is a great online server backup app for attended and unattended backups. The software supports advanced reporting, encrypted connection, and unlimited concurrent sessions.


  • Basic: Free
  • Pro: $89.99 per year
  • Managed: Custom pricing

MSP360 Pricing

Website: MSP360

#13) Nakivo Backup

Best for robust data protection for your virtual, physical, cloud, and SaaS environments.


Nakivo Backup supports advanced data backup features. The application can back up data in multiple environments, including cloud, onsite, VMware, and more. The app supports immutable data backup to protect against online threats. You can also back up Linux repositories to secure server data.


  • Physical and online backup.
  • Backup of data in physical, cloud, virtual, and SaaS environments.
  • Immutable backups
  • VM Flash Boot
  • Site and P2V recovery

Supported Environments:

  • VMware
  • Hyper-V
  • Nutanix AHV
  • Amazon EC2
  • Microsoft 365
  • NAS
  • Linux
  • File size limit: 1000 GB

Verdict: Nakivo Backup is a reliable server backup software. The application ensures business continuity due to the protection of critical data from online threats.


  • Custom pricing
  • Trial: Yes | 15 days
  • Free edition: Backup up to 10 workloads and 5 Microsoft 365 users a year

Website: Nakivo Backup

#14) Rubrik

Best for large businesses to protect data from ransomware and insider threats with access-controlled and air-gapped encrypted backups.

Rubrik - Server Backup Software

Rubrik is the best server backup software that will protect your data from online threats. It is recommended for large businesses that want to protect a large number of files and servers from ransomware and other types of online threats.

The app supports advanced security features including immutable, air-gapped, and access-controlled backups. Customers also get a $5 million ransomware warranty when they sign up for an account.


  • Access control at Every Level
  • Logical Air Gap
  • Zero Trust Retention Lock
  • Intelligent Data Lock
  • Immutable by Design

Supported Environments:

  • Microsoft (Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, SQL Server)
  • VMware
  • Oracle
  • AWS/Google Cloud/SAP Hana
  • Linux/CentOS/Ubuntu/Debian 8+
  • NAS, AHV, ESXi, and Hyper-V
  • Unlimited servers and data
  • No file size limit

Verdict: Rubrik is one of the most secure server backup software. The backup app will keep your data secure by monitoring threats to data. You can quickly recover files and server settings using the backup app in case of an online breach.


  • Custom pricing

Website: Rubrik

#15) Backblaze B2

Best for small and large businesses to back up multiple servers running Windows and Linux.

Blakblaze - Server Backup Software

Backblaze is a great online server backup app with built-in security features. Flexible pricing makes it affordable for all types and sizes of businesses. The app supports the backup of Windows and Linux servers with different configurations.


  • S3-compatible online storage
  • Backup servers
  • Integration with MSP360, VeeAm, qBackup, RClone
  • Transactions by API call
  • Mail Data Backup

Supported Environments

  • Servers, NAS, VMS, Endpoints, and workstations
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Server limit based on data storage
  • Up to 1000 TB of data
  • File size limit: 10 TB

Verdict: Backblaze B2 offers a great value package for customers. The software supports the backup of numerous servers making it the best server backup solution for both small and large businesses.


  • Storage $0.005 per GB per month
  • Download $0.001 per GB
  • Data by Mail: $550 | USB Hard Drive – 8 TB data: $189

Website: Backblaze B2

#16) Carbonite

Best for small businesses to protect data and restore servers and computers running Windows and macOS.

Carbonite - Server Backup Software

Carbonite is a good cloud server backup service for small businesses. The backup app supports online and onsite backup of data. It is a reliable data backup app that is backed by Webroot antivirus software. The application is ideally compliant with security regulations, including HIPAA, FEPRA, and GLBA.


  • Cloud, NAS, and external hard drive backup.
  • 128/256-bit encryption.
  • Webroot antivirus software.
  • GLBA, FERPA, & HIPAA compliant.
  • Image backup and bare metal restore.

Supported Environments:

  • Oracle
  • Microsoft (Hyper-V, SQL, Exchange, Sharepoint, SystemState, MacOSx 10.7+, Windows 7+)
  • 1-10 servers
  • Up to 5 TB of data
  • File Size Limit: Up to 1TB

Verdict: Carbonite is easy to use and a reliable server backup software. The app is best for small businesses to protect data and recover servers and computers.


  • 1-3 Computers: $6 per month
  • Up to 25 Computers: $24 per month
  • Computers + Servers: $50 per month
  • Free Trial: Yes | 30 days

Carbonite Pricing

Website: Carbonite


Quorum onQ, Uranium Backup, and Acronis Cyber Cloud are the best server cloud backup software for reseller businesses. Businesses looking for a server backup app for ransomware protection should consider Acronis Cyber Cloud, Druva, Altaro, Crashplan, and Rubrik.

The best backup server apps for small businesses include NovaBACKUP and MSP360. The best server backup apps for large businesses are Druva, Rubrik, and Backblaze B2. IDrive, Carbonite, and SpiderOak are the best apps for backing up macOS servers. If you want to back up Android and PC data, you should consider IDrive.

Research Process:

  • Time Taken to Research this Article: Writing the article on the best backup software took us about 10 hours so that you can select the best backup server application.
  • Total Tools Researched: 30
  • Top Tools Shortlisted: 14
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