The 11 Best Online Cloud Backup Services and Solutions of 2023

Review & Comparison of The Best Free Cloud Backup Services and Solution Providers. Select The Top Cloud Backup Service to Securely Store Unlimited Data Online:

Cloud backup service is the facility offered by the companies to help you store your data on remote servers located at diverse locations.

Unlike local backups, there will be no risks of hardware failure, accidental erasure, or malware attacks. Moreover, you will be able to access the data at any time and from anywhere. This article talks about the top Cloud Backup Solutions available in the market.

Cloud Backup Services

Fact Check: Cloud backup solutions are in great demand. Since 2017 it is growing at CAGR of 26.1%. Its market is expected to reach $4.13 Billion by 2022 as per the research performed by Markets and Markets.

Allied Market Research has researched global cloud backup software. It has done the research for the user types and deployment models. The below graph shows that cloud backup services are used more by large enterprises when compared to SMBs.

Graph on Usage of Cloud Backup Services

Benefits Of Online Cloud Backup Services

These services offer several benefits like reduced costs, reliability (because of protection available to data), file transfer security, and improved compliance safeguards.

Cloud backups are easy to restore and access from anywhere at any time. Based on your requirement, you can choose the solution that supports the backup from external drive, mobile devices, and system & the application which can also affect the selection.

Pro Tip: While selecting the online cloud backup services, you should consider platform support, ease of management & setup, and storage capacity. Based on your requirements you can also look for features like continuous backup, versioning, data encryption, and retention of deleted files.
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List of Top Cloud Backup Services

Enlisted below are the most popular Cloud Backup Solutions that are used worldwide.

  1. SolarWinds Backup
  2. NinjaOne Backup
  3. Internxt
  4. pCloud
  5. Zoolz Home
  6. PolarBackup
  7. Zoolz BigMIND
  8. IBackup
  9. IDrive
  10. Backblaze
  11. Carbonite
  12. Acronis
  13. SOS
  14. Crashplan
  15. Sugarsync
  16. Dropbox
  17. Google Backup And Sync
  18. SpiderOak

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Comparison of the Best Online Backup Services

Cloud backup servicesBest forPlatformContinuous or Scheduled backupsDrive ShippingFree StoragePrice
SolarWinds Backup

MSPsWindows, Mac, Linux.Both--NoStarts at $2995.
NinjaOne Backup

NinjaOne logo
MSP and IT professionalsWindowsBothNoFree trial availableQuote-based

Internxt Logo
Anyone that needs to back up large files.Windows,
YesNo10GB of free storage10GB - Free
20GB - €0.89 month, or €10.68 billed annually
200GB - €3.49 month, or €41.88 billed annually
2TB - €8.99 month, or €107.88 billed annually

Sharing large filesWindows, Mac, Linux, Android, & iOS. Continuous--10 GBPremium 500GB : $47.88/year,
Premium Plus 2TB: $95.88/year.
Zoolz Home

Home users, photographers, etc.Computers, External drives, Network Drives. Automatic & ScheduledNoNo1TB: $19.95/ year
2TB: $59.95/ year,
5 TB: $49.95/ year.

EveryoneWindows & MacAutomatic backup to the cloudNoNo1TB: $39.99/lifetime
2TB: $59.99/lifetime
5TB: $99.99/lifetime
Zoolz BigMIND

Providing flexibilityWindows, Mac, iOS, & AndroidBothYesNoStarter: Starts at $15/month,
Standard: Starts at $20/month,
Premium: Starts at $37.5/month,
Smart Archive: Starts at $40/month.

IBackup Logo
Privacy and security features for small businesses.Windows, Mac, & Linux, iOS, Android.BothPhysical shipment of temporary storage devices- get cloud backup & restore.NoIt starts at $9.95 per month.

Best OverallPC,
Mobiles, &
BothSeed & Restore5 GBBasic: 5 GB-Free
Personal: $52.12 for 1st year.
Business: $74.62 for 1st year.

Best ValueWindows & MacBothRestore OnlyFree trial available$6/month/PC.
$110/PC for 2 Years.

Best for Power users.Windows,
iOS, &
BothRestore OnlyNo. Free Trial available.Business plans start at $24/month. Home plans start at $6/month.

Advanced SecurityWindows, Mac, Linux, iOS, AndroidScheduledNoNoPrice starts at $24.99.

Best backup service in a budget.Windows, Mac, Android, & iOS.Scheduled--NoHome: $4.99/month.
Business plans: $29.99/month.

Let’s Explore!!

#1) SolarWinds Backup

Best for MSPs. It is an easy-to-use and affordable solution.

Price: The price starts at $2995. It offers a free trial of full version for 30 days.

SolarWinds Cloud Bkup Services

Backup is the modern and reliable Server Backup Software by SolarWinds. It is a unified and cloud-based solution for physical and virtual servers. It can handle large machines and applications.

It can be implemented easily with one-step. There is no need to configure cloud connections, you just have to drop an agent on your server. You will be able to manage all backup through a single web-based dashboard. True Delta Technology is included in the tool that can track byte-level changes between backups.

The use of this technology will help you to take the backup of changes only, instead of the entire file.  It provides end-to-end security by encrypting backup data at the source, in transit, and at rest.

SolarWinds Backup can provide AES-256 encryption to private clouds that are purpose-built. Scheduling features have some limitations.
It has functionalities for fast backup and rapid restore with built-in compression and deduplication.
It provides a status dashboard.
The solution includes a global, purpose-built private cloud.
It has data centers at 15 locations around the world.

Technical Details:

Mobile Device Backup: No
System and Application Backup: Yes
Two-factor Authentication: It provides AES-256 encryption

#2) NinjaOne Backup

Best for MSP & IT professionals.

NinjaOne logo

Ninja Data Protection is a secure & reliable backup solution for all Windows endpoints giving you granular control over backup targets.

Ninja Data Protection is a secure, reliable, cloud-first backup solution for all Windows endpoints. Ninja backup allows file-only and full image backup, granular control over backup targets, schedules, and retention plans & more.

Ninja’s unified backup & endpoint platform enables IT teams to proactively manage endpoints and protect critical business data from device failure or ransomware, providing peace of mind from day one.

#3) Internxt

Best for overall privacy and security.

Price: Internxt offers a free 10GB plan and personal Internxt plans start at 20GB for only $1.15/month. Their most popular plan gives users 200GB for $5.15/month, and their most extensive plan is a 2TB subscription for just $11.50/month. Annual and business plans are also available.

Internxt Dashboard

Internxt is a fully encrypted, open-source cloud storage service designed to keep your data safe and sound, well out of reach of hackers and data collectors. An extremely modern, ethical, and more secure cloud alternative to data-hungry Big Tech offerings.

Super safe and private, all files saved and shared to the cloud are end-to-end encrypted and scattered across Internxt’s massive decentralized network. Internxt prioritizes security and users’ right to privacy, ensuring first and third parties have absolutely no access to user data and personal information.


  • No unauthorized access to your information.
  • 100% open-source and transparent.
  • All data uploaded, stored, and shared is end-to-end encrypted.
  • Ability to limit the number of times a file can be shared.
  • Included access to Internxt Drive, Photos, and Send at no extra cost.
  • Free premium 10GB plan.


  • Must complete tutorial tasks to unlock all 10GB of free storage.
  • Lacking integration with some third-party apps.

Technical Details:

Storage Limit: 2TB Personal, 20TB/user Business
No. of Devices: Unlimited
Mobile Device Backup: Yes (photos only)
External Drive Backup: No
System and Application Backup: Yes
Two-factor Authentication: Yes

#4) pCloud

Best for sharing large files.

Price: It offers two pricing plans i.e. Premium 500 GB ($47.88 per year) and Premium Plus 2 TB ($95.88 per year). The lifetime payment option is also available. It offers a free trial for 30 days. It provides 10GB cloud storage for free on signup. Monthly plans are also available starting with $4.99 per month.


pCloud is the secure, encrypted cloud storage that will let you store, share, and work on files. It is accessible from any device. You can optimize your team’s workflow and can also comment on files and folders.

It will keep a detailed log of account activities and hence you will get access to any previous versions of files. It will allow setting the group permissions or individual access levels which will be helpful for businesses.

It provides the features and functionalities for file management, sharing, securing, file versioning, File backup, and digital asset management. pCloud will let you share your digital assets with your own branding.

Pros Cons
It provides 30 days of trash history.It provides encryption as an add-on.
It provides the highest level of encryption through pCloud Crypto. This will help you to keep your private files confidential. It doesn’t provide two-factor authentication.
It provides features for sharing and collaborating to help you with working together on every file.
It can keep file versions for 30 days with paid plans and up to 15 days for free.

Technical details:

  • Storage Limit: 2 TB
  • Mobile Device Backup: Yes
  • External Drive Backup: No
  • System and Application backup: Yes
  • Two Factor Authentication: No

#5) Zoolz Home

Best for home users, photographers, etc.

Price: Zoolz Home offers the solution with three pricing plans, Zoolz 1TB Cloud Backup ($19.95 per year), Zoolz 2TB ($59.95 per year), and Zoolz 5TB Cloud Backup ($49.95 per year). Zoolz Cloud Backup for Home is available in two plans, Family ($39.95 per year, 1TB for 5 users) and Heavy ($99.95/year, 4TB for 5 users).


Zoolz Home is a cloud storage platform for home users. It can be used for your computers, external drives, and internal drives. It is a long term storage unit and can be used for storing your data on the cloud for a lifetime.

To provide a reliable service of long-term data storage, Zoolz duplicates your files among multiple facilities across the globe. It uses military-grade 256 AES Encryption.

Zoolz Cloud backup home solution is available in two editions, Family and Heavy. As the name suggests, the Heavy plan is for heavy usage and offers 4TB per 5 users. The Family Plan is for household protection and offers 1TB per 5 users. There will not be any backup limitations with both the plans.

Zoolz will encrypt the file before transferring it.File retrieval will take 3-5 hours.
Zoolz will store files on encrypted servers.
You can restore a single file or everything.
There will not be any backup limitations neither for upload speed nor for file type or size.
It will let you save a local copy of your backup to your server, network, or external drive.
It provides premium support.

Technical Details:

Storage Limit: 4TH/5 users
Mobile Device Backup: No
External Drive Backup: Yes
System and Application Backup: No
Two-factor Authentication: No

#6) PolarBackup

Best for everyone.

Price: Polarbackup offers three pricing plans, 1TB ($39.99/lifetime), 2TB ($59.99/lifetime), and 5TB ($99.99/lifetime). These plans are available for a lifetime as well as for annual payment. It offers a 30-days money-back guarantee.


Polarbackup is a privacy and GDPR compliant cloud backup solution to protect your data. It can back up local, external, and network drives. It can be used for storing files forever. It provides the features of file versioning and automatic backups. The platform is abundant in special features and will enhance productivity.

Polarbackup is based on Amazon’s AWS advanced technology. It is an intuitive and user-friendly platform to manage, sort, locate, and preview files.

Polarbackup provides the highest quality reliable and consistent cloud storage.No free trial period is available.
You will be able to restore all your data with just a click. Linux platforms are not supported by Polarbackup.
Your data will always be available on demand,
It provides military-grade encryption through 256-bit AES encryption, allowing you to set your encryption password, and through protection against Ransomware.

Technical Details:

Storage Limit: 5TB
Mobile Device Backup: No
External Drive Backup: Yes
System and Application Backup: No
Two-factor Authentication: Yes

#7) Zoolz BigMIND

Best for providing flexibility.

Price: Zoolz Big MIND offers the solution in four pricing plans, Starter (Starts at $15 per month), Standard (Starts at $20 per month), Premium (Starts at $37.5 per month), and Smart Archive (Starts at $40 per month). A free trial is available for 14 days.

It provides you the facility to add additional storage, SQL backup, mobile devices, and OCR to the plan of your choice. It also offers a 30-days money-back guarantee.

Zoolz BigMIND

Zoolz BigMIND can be used to backup laptops, computers, external & network storage devices. It will allow you to back up an unlimited number of servers. All types of servers are supported by Zoolz BigMIND.

It has an all-in-one solution through BigMIND with the features of automatic backup, real-time-search, user management, mobile apps, etc.

There is no limitation to upload or download the file.It doesn’t support mobile device backup.
Zoolz will give you full control over data by providing control over the backup selection, storage limit, encryption, privileges, etc.The mobile app is not that good.

Verdict: Zoolz BigMIND supports Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android platforms. It offers flexibility through multiple pricing plans for each category i.e. home use, and business use.

#8) IBackup

Best for providing privacy and security features to small businesses.

Price: IBackup provides plans that start with 10GB for $9.95 per month. It offers the plans for 20GB ($19.95/month), 50GB ($49.95/month), 100GB ($99.95/month), and 200GB ($199.95/month).

Currently, it is offering 50 times more storage for the same price. This offer is available until 14 May 2020. The 15-days evaluation period is available for all plans. The plans are available for 2-years and one-year.


IBackup provides online backup and storage services. Using the IBackup’s centralized console you will be able to monitor multiple accounts that are created using your storage space.

Its Web Interface will allow you to upload, access, share files, and manage backups. It provides the features of automatic scheduling of backups, data compression, and encryption.

IBackup can backup unlimited devices to a single account. IBackup needs to improve customer service.
It supports versioning. As per the reviews, the website is user-friendly.
It supports incremental backup subsequent to initial full backup.
It has features of secure local backup.

Technical Details:

Storage Limit: 10000 GB (limited period offer)
No. of Devices: Unlimited
Mobile Device Backups: Yes
External Drive Backup: No
System and Application backups: Yes

#9) IDrive

Best Overall
Price: IDrive has three pricing plans i.e. Basic (5 GB-Free), Personal ($52.12 for 1st year), and Business ($74.62 for 1st year).


IDrive provides the services for Mobile Backup, Linux Backup, iDrive BMR, and Disk Image Backup. IDrive Cloud Backup comes with the business features of Dashboard, server Cloud Backup, Linux Server Backup, Multiple Express Transfers, etc.

It supports bulk upload and restoring through the mail.The continuous backup option is not available in true sense.
With a single account, iDrive will allow you to backup unlimited PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads, and Androids.The unlimited storage option is not available.
IDrive will not delete any data from your iDrive online account.As per reviews, its restoration process is slow.
Mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices.
It provides real-time file syncing for all your linked devices.

Technical Details:

  • Storage Limit: 12.5 TB
  • No. of Devices: Unlimited
  • Mobile Device Backups: Yes
  • External Drive Backup: Yes
  • System and Application backup: Yes
  • Two Factor Authentication: Yes

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#10) Backblaze

Best for Best Value.

Price: Backblaze offers a free trial. It has three pricing plans i.e. $6 per month per computer, $60 per year per computer, and $110 per computer for 2-Years.


Backblaze will store your files in secure data centers. Stored files will be encrypted and it will allow you to add a personal encryption key. It can take backup for any attached external hard drive. It will allow you to set up for automatic or scheduled backups.

You can download one or all files from anywhere in the world.It doesn’t provide plans for multiple computers.
Files are accessible on iOS and Android devices through the mobile app.It doesn’t provide support to networked storage devices.
Multiple versions can be restored for 30 days.As per reviews, the mobile app is very basic.
It can restore multiple older versions of the file.

Technical Details:

  • Storage Limit: Unlimited
  • No. of Devices: 1 Computer
  • Mobile Device Backups: No
  • External Drive Backups: Yes
  • System and Application backups: No
  • Two-factor authentication: Yes

Website: Backblaze

#11) Carbonite

Best for power users.

Price: The pricing plans start at $6 per month. It offers three plans for businesses i.e. Basic Computer Backup ($24/month), Advanced Endpoint Protection ($34/month), and Basic Server Backup ($50/month).

Carbonite offers three plans for home use as well i.e. One Computer ($6/month), Multiple Computers ($24/month), and Computers + Servers ($50/month). All the prices mentioned here are for annual billing.


Carbonite provides online backup services to home and businesses. It provides the services of Personal cloud backup, cloud backup for small businesses, and data protection solutions. It can be used for recovering files, folders, and systems.

Personal cloud backup services can protect photos, tax forms, music, and video files.The pricing plans are expensive.
Files can be recovered from the web-connected devices.
It provides Data Protection Solutions including data migration services and advanced encryption.

Technical Details:

  • Storage Limit: Unlimited
  • No. of Devices: Up to 5 computers
  • Mobile Device Backups: No
  • External Drive Backup: Yes
  • System and Application backup: No
  • Two Factor Authentication: Yes

Website: Carbonite

#12) Acronis

Best for Advanced Security.

Price: The price for the Acronis backup starts at $99 per year. The price for server backup will be $839/year. Other pricing plans include Virtual Host ($929/year), Windows Server Essentials ($229/year), Office 365 ($299/year), and GSuite ($199/year). The personal backup service price will be $24.99.


Acronis has services for backup, Ransomware Protection, Disaster Recovery, File Sync & Share, File Notarization & E-Signature, and Software-Defined Storage. This service can be used by businesses of any size.

It provides reliable backup services, with the facility for cloning & mirror imaging, dual protection by allowing to back up to a local drive or to the cloud, and quick recovery of systems or data.

Without affecting the performance, it can run backups frequently according to your requirements.Pricing plans are complicated.
It provides proactive ransomware protection.As per reviews, its web interface is slow.
It provides the features of Instant restore, Blockchain Notarization, complete protection, Hybrid cloud protection, and simplicity.

Technical Details

  • Storage Limit: 5TB
  • No. of Devices: Up to 5 computers.
  • Mobile Device Backups: Yes
  • External Drive Backup: No
  • System and Application backup: Yes
  • Two Factor Authentication: No

Website: Acronis

#13) SOS

Best for cloud backup service in a budget.

Price: You can try the product for free. Pricing plans for the home starts at $4.99 per month. It includes up to 5 PCs or Macs and Unlimited Mobiles. Business plans start at $29.99 per month. It includes unlimited PCs, Macs, and Mobiles.


[image source]

SOS backup service can be used by home users, small businesses, and home offices. It works with all devices. It provides 100% privacy to your data with military-grade multilayer encryption. It can save unlimited versions of documents.

SOS will allow you to take a backup of any file type. There will be no limitation on the number of files and its size.

It provides Triple-layer 256-bit encryption.24*7 Phone support is available only with the business plans.
It supports unlimited version history recovery.As per reviews, mobile and desktop interfaces are not good.
It has archival features.
It supports external and network drives for the backups.

Technical Details

  • No. of Devices: Unlimited
  • Mobile Device Backups: Yes
  • External Drive Backup: Yes
  • System and Application backup: Yes

Website: SOS Backup Service

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#14) CrashPlan

Best cloud backup service for small businesses.

Price: CrashPlan has a simple pricing plan i.e. $10 per month per computer. You can try its service for free for 30 days. There will be no cost to restore the file and it includes dedicated file support.


CrashPlan provides data backup services to small businesses. It can be used by small business owners, IT managers, and IT consultants & MSPs. This platform will help you to back up your files from PC, Laptops, Hard drives, and file servers. It supports Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

There will be no additional cost to provide you External Drive Protection.It doesn’t support Mobile device backups.
It will allow you to decide the deleted file retention period.
It provides dedicated support through Phone, email, or chat.

Technical Details

  • Storage Limit: Unlimited
  • No. of Devices: Unlimited
  • Mobile Device Backups: No
  • External Drive Backup: Yes
  • System and Application backup: No

Website: CrashPlan

#15) SugarSync

Best for folder syncing.

Price: You can try the service for free for 30 days. For personal use, SugarSync offers three plans i.e. 100 GB ($7.49 per month), 250 GB ($9.99 per month), and 500 GB ($18.95/month). For businesses, there are two plans i.e. 1 TB ($55 per month for 1-3 users) and 2+ TB is for more than 10 users. You can get a quote for the 2+ TB plan.


SugarSync is the platform for file sharing, file syncing, and online backup. It has features of online editing & collaboration, syncing any folder, bank-level security, Gmail integration, and much more. It will allow business administrators to allocate bandwidth and permissions. It provides a mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

It has features for uploading the videos automatically.It doesn’t support external drive backup.
The entire folder can be recovered with a simple process.
It provides a Continuous automatic file syncing facility.
It provides security by encrypting the files through 256-bit AES

Technical Details

  • Storage Limit: More than 2+ TB
  • Mobile Device Backups: Yes
  • External Drive Backup: No

Website: SugarSync

#16) Dropbox

Best for Cloud Drive

Price: For individuals, it offers 2GB of storage for free. There are two more plans for individuals i.e. Plus ($9.99 per month) and Professional ($16.58 per month).

Dropbox offers three plans for businesses i.e. Standard ($12.50/user/month), Advanced ($20/user/month), and Enterprise (Get a quote). A free trial is available for the business plans for 30 days.


Dropbox is a platform for sharing files and collaborating on projects. It provides an online cloud backup to store your files. It is not a solution to back up your all files and photos. All your Dropbox files will be protected. Dropbox allows you to start with a free cloud backup service that will be accessible from anywhere anytime.

You can store and access your files from anywhere.No cons to mention.
Your files will be organized at a centralized location.
It can be integrated with the tools you are using

Verdict: Dropbox is a sharing and collaboration tool. It is easy to use and provides good security features.

Website: Dropbox

#17) Google Backup And Sync

Best for Cloud Drive

Price: You will get 15 GB of free cloud storage. You can upgrade the google drive storage to 100 GB ($1.99 per month) and 200 GB ($2.99 per month).

Google Backup and Sync

Google Backup and Sync is the app provided by Google to back up your files and photos to Google Drive and Google Photos. It supports cloud backup for Mac and Windows platforms, Cameras, and SD cards. The stored data is accessible on phones, tablets & PCs through Google Drive and Google Photos. Drive is available on iOS and Android devices.

You can customize the backup and sync settings.You should have a Google account.
It will allow you to add multiple accounts.
Notifications on the delete of shared items.

Verdict: Google Backup and Sync provides a sufficient amount of free storage and can be a good solution for home users to back up their data.

Website: Google Backup And Sync

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#18) SpiderOak

Best for Power Users

Price: You can try the product for free for 21 days. There are four pricing plans for Personal cloud backup i.e. 150 GB ($6 per month), 400 GB ($11 per month), 2 TB ($14 per month), and 5 TB ($29 per month). The Enterprise cloud backup plans are available for a minimum of 500 users. You can get a quote for the enterprise plan.


One Backup is the platform provided by SpiderOak to backup and sync data across all your devices. This platform comes with the features of end-to-end encryption, Point In time Recovery, Cross-Platform availability, and file-sharing support. It can be used for system & application backup and external drive backup.

No time limit to access historical versions and deleted files.As per reviews, it has a learning curve.
Point In Time recovery feature will help you in case of a ransomware attack.It doesn’t support mobile device backup.
It will let you restore the data to its state before attack.
It will protect your privacy for passwords and data.

Verdict: It provides easy to use enterprise platform with the features of central device management and drag-and-drop facility to sync across the user’s devices. For personal cloud backup, it provides a maximum of 5 TB storage.

Website: SpiderOak


To conclude, we can say that, Backblaze offers good features and hence it is the best value for money. IDrive is overall the best cloud backup service and offers free storage of 5 GB. Carbonite has expensive pricing plans, but overall it will be a good solution.

Acronis provides good cloud backup solutions but has a complicated pricing structure. As per the reviews, it has a good desktop interface. SOS is the best online backup service for the budget.

CrashPlan provides unlimited storage & a simple pricing plan. Thus it can be the best cloud backup solution for small businesses.

Hope this article will help you in choosing the best cloud backup service for your requirements.

Our Review Process: Our writers have done detailed research to help you find the right solution for cloud backup services. Initially, we had shortlisted top 18 services then based on the customer reviews, features, pricing, and ratings we came up with the top 11. For this whole process, we have spent almost 12 hours in researching and reviewing the services.

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