14 Best Disk Image Software in 2023 [Updated List]

Read this review with features, pricing, pros, and cons to compare and select the best Disk Image Software as per requirement:

Data is considered as one of the important elements of a system because if data saved on a system is lost, then users might have to face consequences.

Therefore, it is essential that users should always keep a backup of their data. It is cumbersome to manage all the backup data and then upload recent files to some drive. To make this work easier, disk imaging software is used.

Disk imaging software facilitates data backup and hard disk operations. In this article, we will discuss some disk imaging software in detail with features, pricing, and its best use.

What is Disk Image Software

Best Disk Image Software

The disk imaging software is the tool that allows you to manage your data backup in the most efficient way. The data stored on devices is vast and shifting it to another device for backup is a real issue.

So, the disk imaging software backup and compresses this data to be accessed easily. This software makes the work much easier as they provide advanced services to manage the data backup.

Market Trends: The hard drive cloning software market has been showing intense growth over the years, and it is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years too.

The image below depicts the Y-o-Y growth in the market from 2018-to 2028:

hard drive cloning software market

Expert Advice: Various factors should be kept in mind when you are planning to buy disk imaging software so that you can purchase the best software for your needs.

  • The most crucial factor to be considered is virtual storage, so you must look for a tool that provides easy sync with various virtual storage.
  • You must also look for customer support reviews because if the tool is good, but the customer support is terrible, it is not a good choice.
  • You must look for complimentary features like OS migration, partition manager, driver manager, and many more.
  • Budget is an essential factor to be kept in mind, so you must make sure that the tool falls within your budget limit.

FAQs About Imaging Software

Q #1) What is the best disk image software?

Answer: Various tools can make the disk imaging process more accessible, The best ones are listed below:

  1. Acronis True Image
  2. Macrium Reflect
  3. ManageEngine OS Deployer
  4. EaseUSTodo Backup
  5. Barracuda Intronis Backup

Q #2) What is the best free imaging software?

Answer: FOG is the best free and open-source software that will allow you to manage and efficiently customize your hard disk operations.

Q #3) How do I create a disk image?

Answer: The best way to create a disk image is by using third-party applications which allow users to efficiently create disk images and backups of data stored in the system.

Q #4) Can Windows 10 make a disk image?

Answer: Yes, you can create Windows 10 disk image using the system-provided tool System Image Backup.

Q #5) How do I open the disk image file?

Answer: Follow the steps listed below:

  • Press Windows + X from your keyboard.
  • Then click on Disk Management from the list of appearing options.
  • Then click on Action and click on attach VHD.
  • Now browse the disc image, and the file will open in disk management.
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List of the Top Hard Drive Image Software

Remarkable imaging software list:

  1. Acronis Cyber Protect
  2. Macrium Reflect
  3. ManageEngine OS Deployer
  4. EaseUSTodo Backup
  5. Paragon Hard Disk Manager
  6. Clonezilla
  7. AOMEI Backupper
  8. Active@ Disk Image
  9. Iperius Backup
  10. Minitool Partition Wizard
  11. SmartDeploy
  12. FOG
  13. Barracuda Intronis Backup
  14. R-Drive Image

Comparison of the Best Disk Imaging Software

NameBest ForPricingRating
Acronis Cyber Protect If you are looking for top-notch security and data privacy.$250/mo (excluding VAT and Sales Tax)Star_rating_5_of_5
Macrium ReflectIf you are looking for all hard disk management operations in one tool.Single user- $69.95
4 users- $139.95
EaseUSTodo BackupIf you are looking for a reliable and cloud-based backup service.Individual $29.95
Business $39
Central Management $79
Paragon Hard disk ManagerIf you are looking for an advanced and Pro working tool to manage your backups.$79.95 Star_rating_4_of_5
Barracuda Intronis backupAs a hard drive imaging software to quote for your requirements.Each customer gets a customized quote.Star_rating_4_of_5

Detailed review:

#1) Acronis Cyber Protect

Best for top-notch security and data privacy.

Acronis Cyber Protect

This is the most secure and helpful tool for your workplace because this tool covers all the data leaks and ensures that your data remains safe. There are various features like removable media encryption, backup encryption, clipboard control, which ensure complete data security.


  • The tool provides the best security services to ensure data privacy.
  • It provides multiple backup types which can be compatible with different tools.
  • It also provides a unique feature, clipboard control that prevents any form of data leaks.
  • The tool encrypts removable media, making it easier to keep data secure.
  • Even the backup of data is encrypted to be decrypted by the server and client only.


  • Fast image backup
  • Live backup


  • Pricing

Verdict: Acronis is the best tool for workplace security because it ensures complete data privacy and security.

Pricing: $250/mo (excluding VAT and Sales Tax)

Website: Acronis Cyber Protect

#2) Macrium Reflect

Best for all hard disk management operations in one tool.

Macrium Reflect

Macrium Reflect is the most important tool which you can use for imaging and cloning as it allows users to speed up the data imaging process efficiently. Furthermore, the tool provides users with synthetic backup support, enhancing the process’s performance. It contains predefined templates, making it easier for the users to backup their data.

Apart from its backup features, Macrium Reflect has exceptional features like mounting images in Windows Explorer and recovering partitions.


  • Make instant backups and secure data.
  • Efficient SSD trim support, making it easier to manage your SSD-based operations.
  • Efficient and fast imaging algorithm.
  • It has pre-defined templates to backup data.
  • Back up all their data in one compressed archive file to extract data easily.
  • It provides security against ransomware and other threats to your backup.


  • Scheduled backups
  • SSD trim support


  • Does not provide direct image download

Verdict: Macrium Reflect has a bunch of features that can make it easier for the users to manage all the tasks related to their hard disk. The tool is cost-efficient and comes equipped with instant working functionality. So overall, this is a handy tool that can help you manage your work efficiently.


  • Single user- $69.95
  • 4 users- $139.95

Website: Macrium Reflect

#3) ManageEngine OS Deployer

Best for deploying OS(Operating System) most efficiently.

ManageEngine OS Deployer

This is a handy tool that allows users to manage and deploy data quickly. It is most suitable for corporate users as it provides utmost security and provides a remote access feature that makes it easier to create data backups.

The tool comes equipped with automated driver management to enhance the backup data services, which installs all the required drivers when data is restored in the system. This resolves major driver management issues.


  • The tool allows users to create backups using live imaging machines, which can make quick backups.
  • It allows users to migrate their profile data while deploying operating systems.
  • The tool makes it easier for users to create backups regardless of hardware configurations.
  • This tool allows users to customize deployment as per the requirements efficiently.
  • It also allows you to deploy OS by using the required credentials remotely.


  • Customized OS deployment
  • Data migration


  • Desktop oriented

Verdict: ManageEngine OS Deployertool is expensive compared to other tools in the league, but it ultimately is worth its price because it allows users to quickly manage and deploy OS in the system. So, this tool is worth the investment if you are looking for fast and efficient work.


  • Professional $645
  • Enterprise $745

Website: ManageEngine OS Deployer

#4) EaseUSTodo Backup

Best for a reliable and cloud-based backup service.

EaseUSTodo Backup

The tool is reliable, making it easier for users to manage their backup instantly. EaseUSTodo Backup has a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if they do not satisfy users with their work, they can ask for a refund, which allows users to invest their faith and money in the product.

The product is equipped with a series of features like instant backup and partition manager, allowing users to manage backups efficiently.


  • The software provides users with cloning, making it easier for them to make a clone of their system in an external drive and retrieve it quickly.
  • This tool provides users with a cloud backup service that allows you to upload selected files on a cloud database and ensure that your files are secure.
  • Also, the tool allows users to quickly retrieve files on any system from anywhere by simply logging in to your backup portal with the required credentials.
  • It is embedded with a partition manager, making it easier for users to manage partitions and backup them easily.


  • Partition manager
  • Cloud restoration


  • Lacks monitoring and reports

Verdict: This is a good tool with features like instant data backup, partition manager, and cloud backup, making it much more reliable. The tool makes it easier for the users to manage their backup and work most efficiently.


  • Individual $29.95
  • Business $39
  • Central Management $79

Website: EaseUSTodo Backup

#5) Paragon Hard Disk Manager

Best for an advanced and pro working tool to manage your backups.


This hard drive image software enhances user control by providing email notifications of all the backup processes and activities on the backup.

The software has some advanced features like disk wipe, data migration, and easy restoration, making it easier for the users to manage entire cloning and backup features. The tool also provides a partition manager feature, allowing users to manage partitions on the drive.


  • Paragon Hard Disk Manager is compatible with all versions of Windows.
  • It has an embedded feature of data migration, making it easier to manage and access data.
  • The tool uses top-notch security algorithms and a shell integration feature, making it easier to secure data.
  • This tool provides features like SSD trim and managing hard disk partitions and disk wipe features that allow users to clear extra space.
  • It also provides disk wipe reports which help you keep track of data and free memory on your device.


  • Disk wipe feature
  • Compatibility


  • Nonreliable estimated time

Verdict: The tool has various advanced features that allow users to manage their backup and imaging process most efficiently and maintain a good space on their hard disk.

Pricing: $79.95

Website: Paragon Hard Disk Manager

#6) Clonezilla

Best for users who are looking for a customizable product because it is an open-source tool.


This is an open-source tool that makes its source code customizable so users can change the source code based on their requirements. The software provides various features like multiple partition imaging and accessing images from various devices at once. As per the security services provided by this tool, they are top-notch.


  • This is an open-source tool that allows users to customize it based on their requirements.
  • It supports MBR (Master Boot Record) GPT (GUID Partition Table).
  • The tool allows users to save the image of one device on multiple devices.
  • It is compatible with all OS (operating systems), even Linux.
  • The tool is encrypted with AES 256 bit encryption, which makes it secure.


  • MBR and GPT partition
  • 256-bit encryption


  • Decremental/incremental backup not implemented

Verdict: This is a handy tool and has various features that can be found in the other tools in the same league. But, if you are looking for a free tool, then it can be a great choice.

Pricing: Free

Website: Clonezilla

#7) AOMEI Backupper

Best for all purposes because it has features for individual and business work.


This tool has various features that make it a great choice in the list, and some significant reasons for the same are instant customer support and advanced cloning concepts, which make it easier to clone and manage backups. The tool enables the sector-by-sector clone technique, making working on various sectors easier and providing the most efficient outcome.


  • AOMEI Backupper allows users to clone hard drives irrespective of their sizes and memory used instantly, which makes it very useful.
  • This tool allows users to clone hard disks from bootable media, making it easier to clone various hard drives from one system.
  • It is compatible with UEFI (GPT) boot, making the cloning process smooth.
  • The software allows you to clone files without shutting down your system, known as Hot clone.


  • Allows UEFI
  • Instant cloning


  • Tricky to use for beginners.

Verdict: This tool has the most helpful feature: hot clone, making it more accessible while working simultaneously. The tool has various valuable tools like GPT, making it most suitable. So overall, it is a good tool with lifetime upgrades on buying, so it is a good choice.


  • Backupper Professional: $44.95
  • Backupper Professional+Partion Assistant Professional: $76.92

Website: AOMEI Backupper

#8) Active@ Disk Image

Best for business and enterprise purposes rather than personal usage.


The tool has various embedded features that make it easier for users to restore files in the system. It provides incremental and decremental images and allows users to mount image backups. The software also allows instant and efficient working, which is helpful for enterprises.


  • The tool provides users with cloud storage, making their backup remotely accessible from anywhere.
  • Active@ Disk Image has scripting support, which makes the backup process much more simplified and quick.
  • This tool uses an image encryption technology that allows users to make images secure and compressed.
  • The tool allows you to set scheduled backups, making it easier to back up recent files.


  • Cloud storage
  • Supports scripting


  • Unsatisfactory customer support

Verdict: This tool is handy as it focuses mainly on data backup and imaging, making it much easier to work with this application. Active@ Disk Image has an interactive UI that allows users to create backups easily, and the prices for this tool are low, so it can turn out to be a great choice.


  • Standard
    • Personal $39
    • Business $49
    • Enterprise $2595
  • Professional
    • Personal $69
    • Business $99
    • Enterprise $5199

Website: Active@ Disk Image

#9) Iperius Backup

Best for managing cloud backup.


This tool has various features, which make it easier for users to manage disk imaging and data restoration. These features furthermore enhance the working efficiency of the user. Also, Iperius Backup allows the sync with numerous cloud storage to secure your data efficiently.


  • Iperius Backup provides cloud backup, allowing users to share files via FTP (File Transfer Protocol).
  • The tool also offers hard disk cloning and instant restoration feature, which makes working faster.
  • This tool allows sync with various cloud storage services like Amazon s3, Google drive, etc.
  • It provides incremental backup to Network-attached storage and opens the VSS file (Virtual shadow copy service).
  • This tool provides all backup-related updates and notifications in email notifications.


  • Compatible with various cloud storage
  • File sharing via FTP


  • Not user-friendly User Interface

Verdict: This tool is handy as it has various features to advance the working procedure, but there are other tools with even better features.


  • Desktop €59
  • Essential €69
  • Advanced €219
  • Full €299

Website: Iperius Backup

#10) Minitool Partition Wizard

Best for disk partition management purposes.


Minitool Partition Wizard has various features that provide users control of partition management of the device, making it easier to convert the filesystem. This tool has various other excellent features, making it the top pick in the list.


  • Minitool Partition Wizard has an interactive UI which makes it navigable and user-friendly.
  • The tool allows users to migrate operating systems within devices easily.
  • The recovery feature of the tool allows users to recover lost partitions efficiently.
  • It provides WinPE bootable media, allowing users to fix boot users of the device.
  • This tool allows users to convert the file system to work efficiently and manage space.


  • Provides WinPE bootable media
  • Convert file systems


  • It does not support dynamic disk management

Verdict: Minitool Partition Wizard has good features and comes at a cheap price, but it is more focused on disk partitions. So, if you want a data imaging-oriented tool, you can look out for other tools.


  • Pro: $59
  • Pro platinum : $109
  • $159 (Lifetime upgrades+5 PC license)

Website: Minitool Partition Wizard

#11) SmartDeploy

Best for enterprise and beginner use, as it has an easy-to-manage dashboard.


This tool is enhanced with amazing features like Data Migration, which makes it easy to manage and share data. Also, the application provides various advanced services that allow users to work efficiently. The best thing about this tool is the excellent customer support provided by the company, which allows users to resolve their queries and concern quickly.


  • SmartDeploy has an interactive dashboard that allows users to work efficiently with various provided services.
  • This tool provides a computer imaging feature that makes it easier to clone a device quickly.
  • The tool has a multicast feature which makes the implementation of imaging easier.
  • It allows users to quickly work with dropbox, drive, and one drive.
  • It also allows users to integrate their backup with remote script implementation easily.


  • Cloud storage sync.
  • Multicast feature for large scale cloning.


  • Lack of Documentation

Verdict: SmartDeploy has various features but is expensive compared to other tools. So, if the budget is not an issue for your company, this tool is a great pick.

Pricing: Starting at $960/year (Ask for a quote)

Website: SmartDeploy

#12) FOG

Best for people who are looking for a free-to-use open-source application as this is free disk imaging software.

fog project

The tool allows users to customize its source code as per the requirements because this is an open-source tool, and is embedded with various features, which make it easier to work with the application. Also, it has an interactive UI (User Interface) which makes it easier to navigate through various features of the application easily.


  • FOG is an open-source tool, which allows users to customize the application as per their requirements.
  • The tool also allows users to access their data backups and images remotely.
  • FOG is compatible with all operating systems, making it widely usable.
  • This tool also creates hardware-independent images, making it easier for the users to work efficiently.


  • Open-source
  • Hardware independent imaging


  • Complex to use

Verdict: The tool is free to use and is, therefore, a good choice for individual usage. But if you are looking for more reliable and secure options, you can look for other products on the list.

Pricing: Free

Website: FOG

#13) Barracuda Intronis Backup

Best for customized features and paying specifically for required features only.


This hard drive imaging software has various embedded features, making it easier for users to manage backup and imaging processes. Some crucial techniques are integrated into the system: physical imaging and BMR (Bare Metal Restore). The tool also allows users to work with virtual imaging and manage it most efficiently.

Barracuda Intronis Backup can be integrated with advanced services like RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) And PSA (Professional Service Automation), making it easier to manage backups.


  • Barracuda Intronis Backup allows you to manage your backups most efficiently, and it also generates reports of the process.
  • The tool provides users with the feature to create file and folder backups.
  • It also allows users to create SQL server backup, ensuring that your database data remains safe.
  • Barracuda Intronis Backupsets up a local recovery database that allows you to recover files when needed.
  • It provides the best customer satisfaction.
  • The software also uses an advanced Hyper-V replication process.


  • Hyper-V replication
  • SQL Server backup


  • Timeout errors

Verdict: The drive imaging software is equipped with various features that make it easier for users to manage their backup. Also, it has advanced features that allow users to integrate the required features efficiently.

Pricing: Each customer gets a customized quote

Website: Barracuda Intronis Backup

#14) R-Drive Image

Best for individual use rather than business or enterprise users.

R-Drive Image

R-Drive Image has various features which enable users to work efficiently on operations related to imaging and restoration. The tool allows users to manage the partitions easily and restore imaging, which is very useful when the system image gets corrupted.

The most efficient feature of this tool is that it enables disk to disk copy, which allows users to copy disk images from one disk to another directly.


  • R-Drive Image provides users with advanced drive imaging features, making it easier to replicate disk byte by byte.
  • The tool also offers an image restoration feature, making it easier to restore deleted or corrupted images.
  • The tool has a schedule backup feature that allows users to schedule backups automatically.
  • R-Drive Image supports multiple filesystems, making it easier to image various files.
  • It also provides an efficient virtual drive connection, making it easier to access drive anywhere.
  • The application also supports a variety of partition schemes.


  • Compatible with multiple filesystems
  • Schedule backups


  • Slow and expensive

Verdict: R-Drive Image is a good tool that comes with various features to enhance your imaging process. But there are other tools on the list too that offer more reliable features. So, it is a decent tool to go with, but you can always look out for other options on the list.

Pricing: $44.95

Website: R-Drive Image


Disk imaging software has made it easier for users to manage their backups and enhance data privacy. Various companies and enterprises need to ensure that their data is backed up in the most efficient and professional way and this is where disk images software comes into place.

So, in this article, we have discussed various disk imaging tools thoroughly. Among those tools, Acronis cyber security and Ease US backup are the best disk image software that you can use for data backup and partition management.

Research Process:

  • We spent a total of 30 hours researching and writing this article. And we did this so that you can get summarized and insightful information on the best disk imaging tools.
  • Total apps researched – 26
  • Total apps shortlisted – 14
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