Tenorshare ReiBoot Review: Fix iOS System Issues At One Place

A comprehensive review of the best iOS recovery and repair software, Tenorshare ReiBoot, for solving all your iPhone and iPad problems without compromising the stored data:

Does your iPhone give you problems now and then? Thus the screen gets stuck or you are unable to get out of the recovery mode?

There can be numerous errors, even with a new iPhone set. The best and safe way to deal with all these errors is to use an iOS system recovery software like the reliable Tenorshare ReiBoot system to make your recovery task easier.

iPhone may be the world’s best smartest phone out there, but even the perfect things have some flaws. You may be aware of some issues faced by iPhone users such as updates stuck, stuck on the Apple logo, screen freezing, boot problems, application stuck, stuck in recovery mode, and so on.

iPhone users face a lot of problems. Fixing these problems without any software to help you can be tricky and complex, especially when the home button is unresponsive. Most iPhone users prefer going to the factory resetting option, but there is a risk of losing data.

Tenorshare decided to solve this problem by introducing the Tenorshare ReiBoot iOS system recovery software. The basic purpose of this recovery software is to solve all iPhone problems without hassle.

Tenorshare ReiBoot Review

In this tutorial, we will give you a complete overview of all the extraordinary features that this Tenorshare ReiBoot iOS system recovery has to offer.

Tenorshare ReiBoot Review

Tenorshare ReiBoot software is undoubtedly the best iOS recovery and repair tool. This software was developed by Tenorshare with the sole purpose of providing iOS users with a simple yet reliable tool for solving all their iPhone and iPad problems without compromising their stored data.

Loaded with tons of smooth features, Tenorshare ReiBoot can help you resolve major issues such as updating problems to even simpler ones like being stuck on the start menu. The company also designed a similar version of ReiBoot for Android users.

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Scenarios Where You Need ReiBoot

ReiBoot has the power to deal with all the tricky situations faced by iPhone users. This top-class system can help you in repairing more than 150 iOS and iPad problems, including the following:

  • iPhone/iPad screen stuck problems including frozen screen, black screen, blue screen, mode recovery loop, connect to iTunes screen, and headphone mode stuck.
  • iOS Mode stuck issues such as stuck on recovery mode, stuck on DFU mode, stuck on zoom mode, stuck on shuffle mode, stuck on restore mode, and so on.
  • ReiBoot iOS bugs such as stuck on Apple Logo, the problem in starting iPhone, the phone is disabled, iPhone stuck on verifying update, charging trouble, etc.
  • It can also help you in updating your iPhone to iOS 15/16 Beta in just one click.

Tenorshare ReiBoot for iOS:

iOS System Repair

Tenorshare ReiBoot Features For iOS

Some impressive features of this multipurpose software include the following:

#1) iOS System Repair

It is impossible to avoid system repair, even if you have an iPhone. You may be faced with various situations where you might lose your data to improve the functioning of your iOS system. Tenorshare ReiBoot tool can fix around 150 iPhone technical errors to optimize the functionality of your iPhone device without the hassle and any loss of data.

Once your system is repaired, the device will reboot itself and your data will also remain protected within the device.

#2) Enter/Exit Recovery Mode (Free)

Often users struggle with their iPhone devices while putting them in recovery mode. Maybe the volume keys do not work or the home button got stuck. Instead of restoring your iPhone, try using Tenorshare ReiBoot. This software allows you to enter and exit iPhone recovery mode and that too in one single click. This feature is absolutely free in ReiBoot.

#3) Reset iOS Devices

ReiBoot also allows you to reset your iOS devices using two different modes of reset.

  • General Reset: This setting is for minor setbacks such as network problems, notifications issues, etc.
  • Factory Reset: This is an advanced ReiBoot feature and comes in handy when a user forgot his password or has disabled it or the system got stuck or crashes. It will factory reset your iPhone/iPad without a passcode or iTunes.

#4) Repair iPhone/iTunes Errors

Tenorshare ReiBoot was effectively designed to help users tackle down all the iPhone/iTunes errors. This is the most advanced feature of ReiBoot. It allows you to fix iTunes errors including connection timeout, downloading error, update and restore errors. Plus, it offers two options for repairing your iOS device.

These are:

  • Standard Repair: Fix common iOS system issues without losing your data.
  • Deep Repair: When you are unable to restore your device to using standard repairs, deep repairs can help you out. It has a high rate of success, but all your data will be erased.

#5) Downgrade iOS Beta to Published Version directly

You have upgraded your iPhone to the latest iOS 14 Beta version, but after a thorough experience of this version; you want your iPhone back to its original version. You will encounter various problems using iTunes to downgrade iOS Beta. ReiBoot permits you to downgrade your iOS to its published version and will also create a backup for your data.

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How To Use Tenorshare ReiBoot iPhone

The software is pretty simple to use, and a few clicks can help you get your iPhone back to a working state in no time. After downloading the Tenorshare ReiBoot software to your Mac or Windows, follow some simple steps to resolve your iPhone issues.

Steps To Repair System Issues

Step 1: Connect your iDevice to the PC or Mac and click on the “Repair Operating System” button to start system repairs.

Step 2: The software will download your phone firmware package on Mac.

Step 3: After the firmware package is downloaded, click on the “Start Repair” to proceed.

Step 4: Once the repair process is completed, your iOS device will automatically reboot, while also securing your data.

Tenorshare ReiBoot for iOS system repair:

ReiBoot for iOS system repair

Steps To Enter/Exit Recovery Mode

Step 1: Connect your device to your computer.

Step 2: Click on the “Enter Recovery Mode” and your phone will enter the recovery mode within minutes.

Step 3: If your iPhone is stuck on the recovery mode, go to the “Exit Recovery Mode” option. After a few seconds, your device will come out of the recovery mode loop.

Tenorshare ReiBoot enter/exit recovery mode:

 ReiBoot enter/exit recovery mode.

Steps To Factory Reset iPhone

Step 1: Connect your device to ReiBoot on your PC or Mac.

Step 2: Click on the “Factory Reset” option to completely reset your device.

Step 3: Choose “Download” to install a firmware package to reset your device.

Step 4: After downloading the firmware, click on “Start Reset” to proceed ahead.

Step 5: Wait till the software resets your phone.

Tenorshare ReiBoot factory reset option for iPhone:

Tenorshare ReiBoot factory reset option for iPhone.

Why Choose Tenorshare ReiBoot

Tenorshare ReiBoot can help you in many ways. Having this software frees you from presenting your iDevice now and then to improve its performance. Tenorshare ReiBoot stands out among other software like Dr. Phone and iMyFone due to its high demand and comprehensive features, affordable price, and high customer rating.

#1) Easy To Use

Users require software that is pretty simple to use, and Tenorshare ReiBoot is just the right tool for both beginners and experts. Tackling down iPhone issues can be complex, but with the straightforward interface provided by ReiBoot, you can revive your iPhone quickly. You will feel comfortable while using all the tools provided within the software.

#2) Affordable Price

The trial version is free to use but to utilize the full features of ReiBoot you need to go for a premium version of ReiBoot pro-iPhone. The best part is you get tons of benefits in a very reasonable price range. If you will compare the price of ReiBoot with other iOS system recovery software such as Dr. Phone or iMyFone, you will find it the most cost-effective among others.

Dr. Phone sells for $99.95 for iOS, $79.95 for Android, and $139.95 for both platforms. Whereas iMyFone costs $49.95/for PC and $396.95 for all devices. But Tenorshare ReiBoot offers more flexibility in terms of pricing.

It has three different plans:

  • $29.95 for monthly use.
  • $35.95 for yearly use.
  • $59.95 for lifetime use.

#3) Powerful Features

As compared to Dr. Phone, Tenorshare ReiBoot is much more powerful, and all the features are as simple as they could be. Where Dr. Phone is complex and advanced and is compatible with iPhone 4 and later models, Tenorshare ReiBoot has a simple UI and UX interface and is compatible with all models of iPhones, even the iPhone 3G.

Moreover, with other recovery software such as Dr. Phone and iMyFone, all your data may get lost while recovering the system, but with ReiBoot your data is always well-protected. Along with ReiBoot, it also has additional software such as iPhone data recovery, Android data recovery, tune-up iOS, Windows Boot Genius, and fix iTunes errors and syncing problems.

#4) High Customer Rating

The success of any software depends on its positive customer ratings. Customers gave the software a 4.2 rating based on all the features the software has to offer. As compared to Dr. Phone that received a rating of 4.1 from customers due to its complex features.

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Fix all your iOS issues with just one software and that is Tenorshare ReiBoot software. It is a powerful iOS system recovery tool that is compatible with all iPhone, iPod, and iPad devices. The company launched a pro ReiBoot version, which even supports the latest iOS 13 and other iPhone models.

In short, the software is perfect for dealing with all kinds of problems you are facing with your iDevices and that too at a very reasonable price.

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