10 BEST MOVEit ipswitch Alternatives And Competitors In 2023

This tutorial reviews and compares the top MOVEit ipswitch Alternatives and Competitors with pricing to help you select the best Alternative to MOVEit ipswitch per your requirement:

MOVEit MFT is a solution with flexible architecture and gives complete visibility and control of the file transfer activities. This flexible architecture lets the organizations choose the features according to their requirements.

MOVEit ipswitch

MOVEit Ipswitch Alternatives

There are three modules, MOVEit Transfer, MOVEit Automation, and MOVEit Cloud. To provide zero downtime, it has a Never Failover Manager.

MOVEit Transfer consolidates the file transfer activities to one system. It contains the features of security, file encryption, activity tracking, and centralized access controls.

MOVEit Automation is a solution that functions with MOVEit Transfer or FTP systems. It has advanced workflow automation capabilities.

MOVEit Cloud is an MFT-as-a-Service with capabilities of security and reliability. It is compliant with certified PCI and HIPAA. You will get the same advanced security controls as MOVEit Transfer.


  • For the secure end-user collaboration it has features for folder sharing with internal as well as external end-users.
  • It is easy to use and has a drag-and-drop interface.
  • MOVEit Mobile App is available for iOS and Android devices.
  • It offers flexibility with the deployment options, such as MFT-as-a-Service, public cloud, on-premise, or as a hybrid solution.
  • Its Mulesoft Connector will let you integrate the MFT capabilities with other applications of Mulesoft’s iPaaS solution.
  • It also offers the DMZ proxy server i.e. MOVEit Gateway for keeping the access information, sensitive data, and authentication behind the firewall.

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Fact Check: According to Global Market Insights, the MFT market size had exceeded USD 1 billion in 2019. It is expected to grow with a CAGR of 10% from 2020 to 2026.

MFT market size

Pro Tip: The factors that should be considered while choosing the MFT solution are daily file transfer volume, size of the files to be transferred, the sensitivity of data, regulatory requirements, and budget.

There are some potential impacts when you choose the MFT solution such as implementation time, downtime due to untrained users, etc. Hence you should be aware of these potential issues while choosing the solution. You should also try the product through its free trial before finalizing it.

Cons of MOVEit ipswitch MFT

As per customer reviews, we found that the MOVEit ipswitch has the following cons:

  • Absence of functionality to search or sort files according to date.
  • Initially, it is difficult to set up.
  • Not suitable for large implementations.
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List of the Top MOVEit ipswitch Alternatives

Here is the list of popular competitors of MOVEit ipswitch MFT:

  1. JSCAPE MFT Server (Recommended)
  2. ActiveBatch (Recommended)
  3. GoAnywhere MFT
  4. Globalscape EFT
  5. FileZilla
  6. Cleo Integration Platform
  7. Oracle MFT
  8. SRT Cornerstone
  9. IBM Aspera
  10. Titan FTP

MOVEit ipswitch Managed File Transfer

Tool NameBest forProtocolsDeployment OptionsFree Trial
MOVEit ipswitch MFTComplete visibility & control over file transfer.FTP, FTPS, SFTP, HTTP/S, SMTP/POP3, etc. MFT-as-a-service, public cloud, on-premise, & hybrid cloud.Available

Comparison of Top MOVEit ipswitch Competitors

Competitors_RankBest forProtocolsDeployment OptionsFree Trial
#1) JSCAPE MFT ServerAll-in-one file transfer solution.FTP/s, SFTP, SCP, OFTP2, etc. On-premises, hybrid environment, cloud, and SaaS/MFTaaSAvailable for 7 days.
#2) ActiveBatchAutomating the managed file transfer processes.SFTP, FTPS, web tunneling, & TSL/SSL. ---Demo available.
#3) GoAnywhere MFTSecure file transfer SFTP, FTPS, HTTPS, etc. Cloud-based, On-premise, & as MFTaaS hosted plan. Available
#4) Globalscape EFTThe capabilities of automation, collaboration, and analysis.HIPAA, HITECH, SOX, PCI DSS, CCPA, etc. On-premise, cloud, or hybrid configuration.Free trial available.
#5) FileZillaFree FTP solution. FTPS and SFTPOn-premise. Tool available for free.

Let us get to know more about the above-listed alternatives below.

#1) JSCAPE MFT Server (Recommended)

Best for all in one file transfer solution.


JSCAPE MFT Server is an easy-to-use application for centralizing all the file transfer processes. It is a platform-independent solution and supports all major file transfer protocols.

All the popular cloud storage providers such as Google Cloud and Dropbox are supported by this solution. You can use this solution as a hosted managed file transfer service, MFTExpress. It also supports the on-premise deployment option.


  • All the major file transfer protocols, such as FTP/S, SCP, AS2, SFTP, HTTP/S, OFTP2, WebDAV, and AFTP, are supported.
  • It supports unlimited concurrent connections.
  • Automated health checks and migration services are also available with the solution.
  • The data that is exchanged using the JSCAPE MFT Server internally as well as between the trading partners will be highly secure and compliant according to PCI DSS, SOX, HIPAA, and GLBA.

Verdict: JSCAPE offers a unified solution for all your file transfer services and processes. It is easy to use and supports all major file transfer protocols. It provides 24*7 support through phone, email, and portal. The solution will give you a highly secure method to exchange data.

Price: You can get a quote for this comprehensive solution. There will be predictable pricing and no complex licensing.

#2) ActiveBatch (Recommended)

Best for automating the managed file transfer processes.


ActiveBatch is a workload automation platform that will let you automate the managed file transfer processes. It increases efficiency and improves SLAs through the functionalities like parallel transfer, automatic restarts, and built-in checks. To help you exchange the data securely between business partners, it supports Open PGP.


  • ActiveBatch Workload Automation platform provides Integrated Jobs Library. It contains a lot of pre-built actions for the most common file operations.
  • It offers other business and IT process operations like data warehousing and ETL steps that tie together end-to-end MFT workflows.
  • It provides a facility to share connection information among workflows on-premises or in the cloud
  • It provides in-depth views and performs real-time monitoring.
  • To encrypt the sensitive data, ActiveBatch supports file transfer protocols like SFTP, web tunneling, and TSL/SSL.

Verdict: ActiveBatch workload automation platform will help you with managing scheduled and ad hoc file transfers over various use cases and technologies. It provides the reports and audit trails to make the data exchange between business partners compliant with HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR, and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX).

Price: You can get a quote for pricing details. The price will be based on the number of servers.

#3) GoAnywhere MFT

Best for secure file transfer with support for multiple platforms, protocols, and encryption standards.


GoAnywhere MFT is a solution for streamlining the exchange of data among systems, trading partners, customers, and employees. It has extensive security settings and gives you centralized control over the file transfer. It has capabilities for processing the information from files in XML, EDI, CSV, and JSON databases.


  • GoAnywhere’s centralized interface will help you with translating and moving X12, XML, and EDIFACT files between locations. The software moves and transfers them quickly and securely.
  • It contains the functionalities for batch file transfer automation.
  • Its enterprise-level security features protect files from internal as well as external risks.
  • Its cloud connectors will help you easily connect to external cloud as well as web applications.

Verdict: GoAnywhere is an enterprise secure file transfer software that will protect your data and comply with regulations and standards. It can be integrated with other applications like Salesforce and SharePoint.

Price: You can get a quote for pricing details of Premium or Enterprise plan. A free trial is available. It also has plans for getting started as well as specialized plans.

Website: GoAnywhere MFT

#4) Globalscape EFT

Best for the capabilities of automation, collaboration, and analysis.

Globalscape EFT

Globalscape offers a managed file transfer software, i.e. EFT (Enhanced File Transfer platform). It is a comprehensive and user-friendly solution. It provides the tools to automate, collaborate, and analyze. The solution is available in three options, EFT Arcus, EFT Enterprise, and EFT Express. EFT Arcus is a SaaS solution that provides agility and elasticity. EFT Enterprise and EFT Express are on-premise solutions.


  • Globalscape EFT provides the features of built-in regulatory compliance, workflow automation, folder monitoring, two-factor authentication, and reporting.
  • It encrypts data at rest and data in transit.
  • EFT Enterprise has capabilities for the complex and mission-critical file transfer requirements.
  • EFT Express offers more security than the FTP Server Integration.

Verdict: Globalscape’s managed file transfer platform will provide security and compliance through powerful tools. You will get high-availability deployment options with this solution. With its built-in regulatory compliance, your transferred data will meet the compliance standards such as HIPAA, SOX, HITECH, PCI DSS, CCPA, etc.

Price: EFT Express is available in four bundles, Core, Basic, Pro, and Custom. You can get a quote for pricing details. A free trial is available for the platform.

Website: Globalscape EFT

#5) FileZilla

Best for free FTP solution.


FileZilla is a free and open-source FTP solution. Along with the FTP it supports FTPS and SFTP. FileZilla Pro is the solution for professional users that supports cloud storage protocols such as Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft Azure Blob, etc. FileZilla supports Windows, Linux, Mac, BSD, etc.


  • FileZilla has features of a powerful site manager & transfer queue, network configuration wizard, and synchronized directory browsing.
  • It provides the facility for remote file editing and remote file search.
  • It contains functionality to resume and transfer the large file.
  • It provides the facilities like filename filters, directory comparison, bookmarks, etc.

Verdict: FileZilla is easy to use and has a tabbed user interface. It is available in multiple languages. FileZilla Pro is made for professional users and contains all the functionalities of FileZilla as well as the support for cloud storage protocols.

Price: Free.

Website: FileZilla

#6) Cleo Integration

Best for end-to-end integration capabilities.

Cleo Integration

CIC Private Cloud for MFT will provide secure access control through LDAP, authorization, authentication, encryption, and certificate management. It supports API-driven configurations. Cleo MFT software provides robust data movement, automation, and maintain compliance.


  • Cleo MFT software provides the standard integration features for creating natural extensions and deploying infrastructure as code.
  • CIC Private Cloud for MFT provides antivirus and content scanning through ICAP.
  • It is a solution with features of APIs for designing and instrumenting automated data flows.
  • It provides highly reliable file transfer.

Verdict: Cleo MFT Software is built for enterprise deployment and offers limitless scalability. You will get complete adaptability through this solution. It will let you move the data within your current business process and greater infrastructure.

Price: You can get a quote for pricing details.

Website: Cleo Integration Platform

#7) Oracle MFT

Best for protection to unsecured files against inadvertent access during the end-to-end transfer of files.


Oracle MFT is a platform for securely exchanging and managing files inter departments and with external partners. It protects unsecured files against inadvertent access during the end-to-end transmission of files.


  • Oracle MFT contains built-in extensive reporting capabilities.
  • It provides the features of highly available WebLogic clusters, full end-to-end audit trails, etc.
  • It has capabilities of embedded FTP & secure FTP servers, and end-to-end SOA Suite & B2B integration, etc.

Verdict: Oracle MFT will provide standardize security for web and FTP users. Its extensive reporting capabilities will let you know the status of the file transfer. Its cloud-based user interface is easy to use.

Price: You can get a quote for pricing details. Oracle Managed File Transfer Named user and perpetual license cost is $600.

Website: Oracle MFT

#8) SRT Cornerstone

Best for providing high availability and fail-over solution that eliminates the downtime.

SRT Cornerstone

SRT Cornerstone MFT is a solution with SFTP servers for file transfers and provides high availability and failover. Its advanced automation capabilities will improve productivity. To automate processes, notifications, etc. it has a library of events and conditions. It supports on-premise, in the cloud, or hybrid deployments.


  • SRT Cornerstone provides the security features of advanced encryption methods, secure protocols, and perimeter security.
  • It provides high availability through failover and load balancing capabilities.
  • It supports bi-directional file sharing and collaboration from all applications.
  • It will let you stick to strict compliance regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI Compliance, etc.

Verdict: SRT Cornerstone MFT eliminates the downtime and provides high availability. It has advanced automation capabilities that will help you improve productivity.

Price: SRT Cornerstone has three pricing plans, Small Implementation (starts at $16500), Medium Implementation (starts at $23,800), and Large Implementation (starts at $47500).

Website: SRT Cornerstone

#9) IBM Aspera

Best for fast file transfer and streaming solutions.


IBM Aspera is a solution for transferring files at the maximum speed. It is built on the IBM FASP protocol. It can transfer data of any size regardless of the distance. The backup and replication of big data repositories will be performed at high speed.


  • IBM Aspera has capabilities for migrating and replicating the huge data repositories and archives among on-premise data centers as well as any leading cloud.
  • For the secure transferring of data anywhere, it has features of big data transport & sync, large-file sending & sharing, and transfer automation & management.
  • You will be able to build highly scalable workflows to run on-premise, in the cloud, or hybrid.
  • The use of blockchain technology adds a layer of security to the asset exchange.

Verdict: IBM Aspera provides fast file transfer and streaming solutions. The tool provides 100 times faster speed as compared to FTP and HTTP. While it maximizes the available bandwidth, doesn’t impact the other network.

Price: A free trial of IBM Aspera is available for 30 days. You can get a quote for pricing details.

Website: IBM Aspera

#10) Titan FTP Server

Best for simplicity and ease of use.

Titan FTP Server

Titan FTP Server is a powerful SFTP server that supports the Windows platform. It can be available as Titan FTP Server in Azure with three convenient configurations, Titan FTP Server with On-premise license, Titan FTP Server in AWS with pay as you go policy. It has more than 20000 servers installed worldwide.


  • Titan FTP Server has advanced security features.
  • It has capabilities of Zlib compression, file integrity checking, and events automation.
  • It has an optional web interface.
  • It can work with Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

Verdict: Titan FTP is an FTP and SFTP Server application that supports Windows 10 Pro, 2012, 2016, and 2018. It is easy to install as well as use. It offers a user-friendly web interface that makes accessing files easier for work from home users.

Price: Titan FTP Server has three pricing plans, Enterprise + WebUI ($1999.95), Enterprise Edition ($1249.95), and Professional Edition ($4599.95). A free trial is available to download.

Website: Titan FTP


MOVEit MFT is a trusted and proven platform. It is getting used by a huge number of organizations but as per the customer reviews; the tool has some disadvantages, such as the initial difficulty with setup. Some customers found that it is not suitable for large implementations. Also, it lacks in providing the facilities like search by date.

Hence we have reviewed the top MOVEit MFT Alternatives in this article.

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JSCAPE MFT Server, ActiveBatch, GoAnywhere MFT, Globalscape EFT, FileZilla are our top recommended MOVEit ipswitch Alternatives. We hope this detailed comparison and review article will help you with finding the right solution for your business.

Research Process:

  • Time taken to research and write this article: 26 Hours.
  • Total tools researched online: 28
  • Top tools shortlisted for review: 10
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