How To Create Windows 10 Recovery USB: Top Tools

Explore the methods to understand How to Create Windows 10 Recovery USB. Also, review the top tools to Create Windows 10 Recovery Disk:

Losing data while booting a different version of Windows or resetting the system is a common issue faced by most users. But there is yet another risk while resetting your system, and that is the risk of losing your Windows environment.

It takes a lot of time to get the same settings that you were using before the system reset, and this is the reason that people often look for ways to restore the Windows environment.

Create Windows 10 Recovery USB

How to Create Windows 10 Recovery USB

One way we can restore the Windows environment is by backing up the data from the storage devices and recovering the entire working environment using the recovery devices. In this article, we will discuss how to create Windows 10 Recovery USB and how to Recover Windows Environment.

Method 1: Creating a Recovery Drive

Windows provides its users with a feature that allows them to easily create a recovery Drive on the system, after which they can use the recovery drive to recover the environment. There are several programs available that can help you create Windows 10 recovery USB. So let’s discuss them in the below section.

To create a recovery drive on Windows 10, follow the steps listed below.

  • Press the Windows button from the keyboard and then search for “Control Panel”. Then click on it as displayed in the image below.

Control Panel

  • Control Panel will open, search for ”Recovery” and then click on “Recovery”.


  • A window will open, click on “Create a recovery drive“.

recovery drive

  • A window will now open, checklist on the label “Back up system files to the recovery drive”. Then click on “Next” as displayed in the image below.


  • Again click on “Next“.

Again click Next

  • On the next window, click on “Create“.

create 1

  • The process will initiate as displayed in the image below.


When the process is completed, your pen drive will be turned into Windows 10 recovery drive.

Method 2: Using A Recovery Drive

Once the recovery drive is created, then you can use that recovery drive to recover data on the system.

Follow the steps listed below to recover data:

In case of system failure, connect the recovery drive to your system and turn on the system. The system will automatically recover the environment from the drive, and if it doesn’t, then a blue screen will appear with three options.

  • Click on “Troubleshoot” as displayed in the image below.


  • Click on “Recover from a drive“.


The same methods can be followed to create and use Windows 7 recovery USB.

Errors While Creating Recovery Drive

While creating a recovery drive, there can be various errors that users can face, and some common fixes might fix these errors.

The causes of such errors are mainly either the faulty drive or system permissions.

#1) Change Drive

The first fix is to change the drive and make sure that the drive you have must have enough space. Prefer using a pen drive for this purpose rather than an external hard disk.

#2) Enable Reagentc

Make sure that Reagentc is enabled in your system because if reagentc is disabled in your system, then you won’t be able to make a recovery drive.

Use installation media for Windows 10 recovery USB download.

Follow the steps listed below to check the status of your recovery drive:

  • Press ‘’Windows + R’’ on your keyboard and type cmd. Click on ‘’OK’’.


  • A window will open, type “reagent/info” and press Enter. The result will be shown as displayed in the image below.


Make sure that Windows RE status is enabled.

Tools To Create Recovery USB

#1) EaseUSTodo Backup

EaseUS is a leading company that provides its users with features to easily recover and secure their data. The software has features that make it the best pick for creating Windows 10 recovery drive.

This software helps you to regularly update the backup of your data, so your data is not lost because of system failure or any other reason. It also helps in recovering data easily on Windows-based computers.

Pricing: $19.95/month

Website: EaseUS

#2) Disk Drill Data Recovery

Disk Drill is a widely used software that allows users to recover deleted files and all other forms of data, like messages from HDD, USB, and other forms of storage devices. It is very useful in creating Windows recovery USB.

Pricing: $89 (lifetime license)

Website: Disk Drill Data Recovery

#3) Recuva

Recuva has made it easier for users to recover deleted files and create recovery drives, and with its smooth and advanced working, it has gained a reputable amount of user base for itself.

Pricing: $19.95/year

Website: Recuva


AOMEI provides users with the easy recovery feature and also offers user-friendly UI, which makes the tool easier to use. Also, the tool has numerous features and a simple interface that helps the user in easy navigation and efficiently uses the features.


  • Professional version $49.95
  • Workstation edition $59.95
  • Server edition $199
  • Technician edition $559.20
  • Technician Plus edition $899.10

Website: AOMEI

#5) Hiren’sBootCD PE x64

Hiren’sBootCD is an initiative that started with an aim of providing users with seamless support in encountering various errors faced by them during system failure.

Hiren’s Boot CD is a disk that comprises various free and legal programs which can boot the system and fix errors.

Pricing: Free (but as donation users can provide mirror hosting for ISO files)


#6) Ultimate Boot CD

Just like Hiren’s boot CD, the Ultimate Boot CD is a collection of various Freeware and shareware programs that users can use to fix errors in their device and utilize their device to maximum potential.

The Ultimate Boot CD consists of various programs which can make your work easier.

Pricing: $7.95-10 + Shipping charges

Website: Ultimate Boot CD

#7) Knoppix

Knoppix is an organization that works with freelance developers and develops programs that allow users to fix various errors on their systems and create a recovery drive for the same. Knoppix provides high-quality software and fixes which can make your working much easier.

Pricing: Free

Website: Knoppix

#8) WondershareRecoverit

WondershareRecoverit allows users to create a recovery drive and recover data from various damaged and corrupted devices. It has attained a larger database based on its exemplary services.


  • Essential $69.99
  • Standard $79.99
  • Premium $99.99

Website: Recoverit

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) Can I create Windows 10 Recovery USB from another computer?

Answer: Yes, if you want to recover the working environment of a different computer, then you can make a recovery.

Q #2) How do I repair Windows 10 with USB?

Answer: By following simple procedures, we can easily repair Windows 10 with a USB:

  • Open Control Panel and look for Recovery.
  • Now click on Create a Recovery Drive.
  • Follow the simple steps, and then your recovery drive will be created.

Now you can use this recovery drive to retrieve data whenever required.

Q #3) Can you download Windows 10 recovery USB?

Answer: Yes, you can download installation media, which will allow you to create a recovery drive; this can be also be done by downloading another program that allows you to create Windows 10 recovery download in a drive.

Q #4) Is Windows 10 Recovery USB bootable?

Answer: Yes, Windows recovery Disk allows users to access various repair and fix features. We can also use it as a bootable device if needed.

Q #5) How do I create a bootable Window 10 USB device?

Answer: There are various programs and software which allow you to create a bootable device; one of them is installation media.

Follow the steps listed below to create a bootable drive in it:

  • Download installation media from the Microsoft website.
  • Install it on your system and plug in the website.
  • Installation media will download the ISO file on your system.


It is always a cautious decision to keep recovery and backup drive ready, as it doesn’t let you lose your working environment along with your data. Users should make sure that they always keep cloud storage and physical storage of their data that can be easily accessible when needed.

If you ever face a system failure issue, you might lose all your data, and therefore, it is always wise to create recovery drives. So in this article, we discussed various recovery drive programs and learned how to create a Windows 10 recovery disk.