14 Best Online Computer Engineering Degree Programs (2023 List)

A Comprehensive List of The Best Online Computer Engineering Degree Programs With Comparison. Select The Right Course Based On Your Preferences:

Are you someone with an immense passion for computers? Do you like meddling with binaries and want to learn the art of turning 0’s and 1’s into legible information?

If you answered yes then a Computer Science Degree can be a great career path for you.

The current technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate. Many firms and industries are trying to one-up each other in terms of the advanced technology used. This indeed has exponentially increased the demand for a computer engineer.

Online Computer Engineering Degree

If you are someone with a penchant for computers then an online computer engineering degree can set you on a very lucrative journey of money and fulfillment.

What Does A Computer Engineer Do?

Computer Engineers are practically technological doctors. They diagnose technical issues and identify innovative solutions to solve them. They create the video games you play, the web application you use, or apply administrative and network security measures to protect data.

They are also artists who develop software solutions. Most of the popular software which we use in our day to day life like Facebook, Uber, and Tinder were all developed by computer engineers. They are the visionaries of the modern era in several ways.

Cost & Duration Of A Computer Engineering Degree

A Computer Science Course can take anywhere from around 1.5 years to 4 years to complete based on the university that you opt for your degree. The cost can also range from $3000 to $30000 in case of reputed institutions.

What Kind Of Computer Science Degree Is Best For You?

The field of computers is much broader than one can imagine. There is a list of electives to choose from. First, you need to understand which aspect of this particular field interests you. Analyze your own shortcomings and merits.

A bachelor’s degree in Computer Science can cover areas like programming languages, web & software development, networking, and building network security.

Consider whether you want to challenge yourself by delving into completely unknown territory or opt for something far more convenient that can help you set your foot in the desired career path.

What Is The Salary For A Computer Engineer?

Average Base Salary of Software Engineers

 [image source]

Salary is one of the prime reasons for the huge demand for Computer Engineering degrees. According to the recent data, the industry is about to experience a 20% increase in the number of job opportunities for computer engineers.

Computer engineers are required in every field and domain. Everyone from the healthcare sector to real estate is keen on having a bunch of talented computer engineers on their payroll.

A computer engineer in the United States can make anywhere around $60000 to $ 100000 per year. This indeed is a good amount to start your career.

Who Can Be A Computer Engineer?

Anybody with an interest in technology can be a computer engineer. Computer engineers are motivated by their own passion for the field. This is the field that has added individuals like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, on to the list of multi-millionaires.

You don’t have to be a genius in order to earn a computer science degree. There are courses that can mold even the most novice individual into a computer expert. If you are someone who easily tinkers with a computer then you can become a computer engineer.

There are several individuals who changed their career path to computer engineering mid-way. For such individuals, there are special courses that are specifically designed for their convenience. Basically, anyone with a sound technological mind can pursue a computer science degree successfully.

Requirements To Acquire A Computer Engineering Degree

The requirements for a computer science degree vary from one college to another. The common requirement, however, is to have a very strong academic background especially in the field of science, math, and physics. Students should have scored well in sub-topics like calculus, geometry, and algebra to enroll for an entrance test.

Most of the universities also look for relevant work experience in areas of programming and database. You need to have the appropriate skills and GPA of at least 2.0 and above to get into a worthy college.

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Best Online Computer Engineering Degrees

Some of the top universities known for their online computer science programs are listed below.

Comparison of the Top Online Computer Science Degree Programs

University NameLocationDurationBachelors Course Credit RequirementStyleFees (Full Course)URL
University Of IllinoisChampaign, IL4 Yrs120Asynchronous and Synchronous$15857UI
Oregon State UniversityCorvallis, OR4 Yrs99Asynchronous and Synchronous$12339/$25767OSU
University of FloridaGainesville, FL4 Yrs99Asynchronous and Synchronous$10000/$27000UF
Old Dominion UniversityNorfolk, VA4 Yrs98Asynchronous and Synchronous$9000/$27000ODU
Florida State UniversityTallahassee, FL4 Yrs97Asynchronous and Synchronous$9684/$25000FSU

#1) University of Illinois

University of Illinios

The department of computer science at this university is already deemed to be number one in the states. The moment you enter this university, a personal UI is assigned to you to ensure that the student is on the right path with his pursuit of the degree.

To enroll in this university, the students are first required to complete 300 level entrance tests during their first semester. The students must also have two semesters worth of experience in Java Programming, Calculus, and Statistics.

A minimum of 2.0 GPA is also required to get into this prestigious university.

Course OfferedCredit RequiredStyleFeesGPA
BS in Computer Science120Asynchronous and Synchronous$158572

URL: University Of Illinois

#2) Oregon State University

Oregon State University

The program offered by Oregon State University is an intensive one-year academic venture with four different start terms by making it very convenient for busy, working students.

The program is normally designed towards individuals who already have a bachelor’s degree although no computer science experience is essential.

OSU tasks its students with the completion of 60 total credits with each credit costing around $487. Their courses are perfect for students who want to learn computer programming, mobile, and web development.

Course OfferedCredit RequiredStyleFeesGPA
BS in Computer Science99Asynchronous and Synchronous$12339/$227612

URL: Oregon State University

#3) University Of Florida

University of Florida

The degree by the University of Florida is perfect for those students who want to learn what it takes to be a successful computer engineer. The university with its robust program covers all the crucial aspects of computer engineering studies.

The alumni from this university have already gone out to make successful careers for themselves in the field of insurance, technology, real estate, eCommerce, etc.

Students are also consistently connected with internship programs to gain real-world experience.

Course OfferedCredit RequiredStyleFeesGPA
BS in Computer Science99Asynchronous and Synchronous$10000/$270002

URL: University Of Florida

#4) Old Dominion University

Old_Dominion University

Old Dominion prides itself by offering hands-on laboratory experience to its students. They offer BSCS, which is a program that is mathematically and scientifically advanced in nature. Here, the students have to do rigorous work to prove their mettle to the prospective employees.

It is ranked as one of the best providers of online computer degrees in the United States. What is even more fascinating is that its course is not only advanced but also very affordable to needy students with a passion for computer science.

Course OfferedCredit RequiredStyleFeesGPA
BS in Computer Science98Asynchronous or Synchronous$9000/$270002

URL: Old Dominion University

#5) Florida State University

Florida State University

FSU’s online computer engineering degree course is for those who love a challenge. It has an extensive program that imbues its students with knowledge on computing, networking, hardware, and systems design.

Upon completion of the degree, the students are proficient with programming languages such as C++ and Java. If a student has transferred to this university with an associate’s degree then he can complete the degree within a short span of 2 years.

FSU’s intricately designed curriculum has given many skilled and intelligent computer engineers to the United States and its reputation keeps shining with every alumnus that passes out of their dome.

Course OfferedCredit RequiredStyleFeesGPA
BS in Computer Science97Asynchronous and Synchronous$9684/$250002

URL: Florida State University

#6) Dakota State University

Dakota State

Dakota State University isn’t bothered about teaching its students programming languages and conventional engineering jargon. It tasks its students with solving the most recent problems that are faced in the computing world.

You need to be really sharp to successfully complete their advanced course. If you do succeed, then you will be equipped with the appropriate knowledge to tackle any computing challenge.

DSU has professors who have Ph.D.s in the field of security and networking. It also offers its students an additional 4+1 solution to accelerate their degrees and pushes them to pursue an MS degree.

Course OfferedStyleCredit RequiredFeesGPA
BS in Computer ScienceAsynchronous96$5665/$105752

URL: Dakota State University

#7) Regent University


Regent University has earned a lot of accolades since the time it came into existence. It has been recognized by the US World and News report in the list of Top Five affordable private Christian universities.

The academic quality provided by Regent is unmatched in the industry.

Almost the entire faculty of Regent University hold a terminal degree. The university teaches students about advanced computational problems and the ways to solve them with a Christian perspective.

It pushes its students to explore ideas related to computer science and technology. The course is very short and can be completed within an intensive 8-week program.

Course OfferedCredit RequiredStyleFeesGPA
BS in Computer Science90Asynchronous$127262

URL: Regent University

#8) Fort Hays State University

Fort Hays State University

Fort Hays University teaches its students to create software and analyze software related problems. It also delves deeper into the subject matter of networks, information security system, and electronic media.

Students are tasked with completion of around 120 credit hours with 65 credit hours dedicated to major coursework. The course is divided into two categories:

Required Coursework

  • Database Design
  • Programming
  • Front end development
  • Back end development

Major Coursework

  • Data Software
  • Structure engineering

By the end of the course, the students of this university can apply to top companies such as Cisco, Google, Facebook, etc.

Course OfferedCredit RequiredStyleFeesGPA
BS in Computer Science88Asynchronous$128522

URL: Fort Hays State University

#9) Regis University


The students of Regis University learn how to design, implement and analyze key computational programs in the challenging environments. RU has over 400 students who are enrolled in their courses. It is also military friendly.

Graduates who pass out from this university can earn a starting salary of around $56000 per annum. Regis also offers its students with additional programs such as certificates for E-security and Information Systems.

Course OfferedCredit RequiredStyleFeesGPA
BS in Computer Science87Asynchronous $128522

URL: Regis University

#10) Lewis University

Lewis University

Lewis University has computer science programs that are designed on the basis of their Catholic lineage. Skills such as software writing, designing & creating computer networks, developing CyberSecurity tasks, programming languages and data science are all taught in this university.

LU offers a prior learning assessment credit that can be applied towards your degree to save time and money. LU is also recognized by the US news and world report’s top tier colleges.

Course OfferedCredit RequiredFeesStyleGPA
BS in Computer Science85$14310Asynchronous and Synchronous2

URL: Lewis University

#11) Troy University


Troy University allows its students to test their skills with technology in the purview of business. It is ideal for both working and non-working students. TU’s students have access to a teaching program that is dynamic and advanced.

The students also have their own computer science club which indeed makes the learning process a fun-filled one. Add to that is their internship program that really prepares the students to face real-world problems. it is one of the comprehensive university programs in the states.

Course OfferedCredit RequiredStyleFeesGPA
BS in Computer Science85Asynchronous $150122

URL: Troy University

#12) Baker College

Baker College

Baker College offers its students with courses that are designed by renowned industry professionals. It provides students with options such as computer programming, mobile application, and database technologies.

Baker College also encourages its students to get some social skills that may come in handy while landing a job.

Course OfferedCredit RequiredFeesStyleGPA
BS in Applied Computer Science71$13000Asynchronous2

URL: Baker College

#13) University Of Maryland College

University of Maryland

The courses offered by Maryland College include over 90 remote degrees, certificates, and specializations, including two remote CyberSecurity degrees.

Distance learners have the option of taking asynchronous classes which are powered by the LEO platform. It provides its students with 10 start dates, thereby enabling the learners to start their progress at their own pace.

Here, the students learn to design, implement, maintain and empower corporate networks. It follows the 120 credit system program.

Along with this program, the students learn Linux system design, and more about interconnecting Cisco devices with added advanced course work like digital forensics, network security, Cisco and Microsoft.

Course OfferedCredit RequiredFeesStyleGPA
BS in Applied Computer Science120$35180Asynchronous and Synchronous2

URL: University Of Maryland College

#14) George Mason University

George Mason University

George Mason’s curriculum complies with the National Institute of Science and Technology.  The students can complete the online courses through an asynchronous class facilitated by blackboard learning.

The credit plan ranges from 120 to 126 and requires completion of at least 8 classes. Students here learn about cybercrime, forensics, Data Networking, and Security.

The program only accepts students from Lord Fairfax Community college or Northern Virginia community college. The student needs to be at least 25 years of age and have a GPA of a minimum of 2.0.

Course OfferedCredit RequiredFeesStyleGPA
BS in Applied Computer Science120-126$15000Asynchronous 2

URL: George Mason University


The demand for computer engineers is growing and will reach a peak in the year 2023. For those aspiring to be a computer engineer, this is a good time to delve into the lucrative field of computer science.

Many universities in the states are already providing robust courses that are not only affordable but also very convenient for those who also have a job.

With the necessary requirements of a minimum GPA, one can easily get into the university of his/her choice to pursue an online computer engineering degree.

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As for our recommendation, Florida State University provides online computer engineering courses that cover all its verticals and provides placements with some of the prestigious companies in the country.

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