11 Best Writing Degree Programs For Bachelor’s In 2023

An exclusive review of Online Creative Writing Degrees to help the professional writers select the Best Writing Degree Program:

Writing is an evergreen field of creativity with its uses ranging from industry-related works to beyond the so-called ‘reality’.

The professional writing degrees have now become so advanced that only imagination is of no use to the writer, rather with imagination, a developed technique to communicate that imagination is what is required of the writer.

Top Writing Degree Programs for Bachelor’s in 2021.

Online Creative Writing Degrees For Bachelor’s

If one wants to be a writer, then he/she needs to decide what kind of writing career he/she wants. There are many types of writing degrees.

A person with a creative mind is more likely to get attracted to the imaginative forms of writing like fiction, fantasy, drama, etc, and should enroll in creative writing degrees. A lover of theater and ‘action’ or a person who uses more actions and fewer words to convey a thought is more likely to be a playwright or a screenwriter.

A person who knows the world better than ‘spellings and words’ will be a gifted technical writer working on Advertisements, PRs, copy-writing and should go for technical writing degrees.

An individual who knows to write, but is interested in subjects other than the literature would probably be found writing Scientific articles, DIY hacks, Research papers, etc, and should go for professional writing degrees.

Even online degrees for writers are more than just ‘available’ in today’s modern era and people who like to study from their homes or work while studying can choose from the various online writing degrees available.

In short, writing doesn’t depend upon the time you take to write 100 words or the number of words you know from the dictionary. Writing depends on all the things other than writing itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) What is a writing course?

Answer: College writing majors are designed to equip learners with various skills and techniques of the art of writing while making them learn about literature and history.

Q #2) Is Writing a good career?

Answer: Writing can be a great full-time as well as a part-time career. It helps an individual in being independent. The salaries of writers are quite good and there is a lot of work for writers, especially in the digital marketing sector.

Q #3) What degree is best to become a writer?

Answer: Usually a Bachelor’s degree in English/Creative writing or even online creative writing degrees are best for the professional field. A writer has to learn as life goes by, but college writing classes can help to enhance the skills.

Q #4) What is the average salary for a writer?

Answer: According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary of a writer is $61,240.

Q #5) Will writing a book make you rich?

Answer: Never. Most writers only get 7% to 10% of the royalties. If you want to make money, then you should choose a different profession. Careers for writing degrees will only bring you money when you LOVE the art of writing and communicating.

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List Of Top Writing Degree Programs For Writers

  1. Online Creative Writing Degree – South New Hampshire University
  2. Creative Writing Degree – University of Houston Downtown
  3. Online English Creative Writing Degree – University of Central Florida
  4. Online Bachelor of Arts in English – Arizona State University
  5. Online Creative Writing Specialization – University of IOWA
  6. Online Writing Degree – Regent University
  7. Online Communication Studies Degree – University of Maryland Global Campus
  8. Online Technical and Professional Writing Degree – Indiana University East
  9. Creative Writing Specialization – Robert Morris University
  10. Creative Writing Major – The New School
  11. Online Writing Degree – University of Illinois Springfield

Comparison Of The Best Online Writing Degrees

Course NameTypePricingSpecialty
Online Creative Writing Degree- South New Hampshire University Cloud-Based Video lectures and assignments.$320/creditIndustry-certified standards of writing.
Online English Creative Writing Degree- University of Central FloridaCloud-Based Video lectures and assignments.$180/credit for In-State
$715/credit for Out-of-State.
Communicative Writing Techniques.
Online Technical and Professional Writing Degree- Indiana University East Cloud-Based Video lectures and assignments.$235/credit for In-State
$340/credit for Out-of-State.
Technical and Professional Writing
Creative Writing Major- The New School Class-room structure.$1700/creditOut-of-the-box learning methods.
Online Writing Degree- University of Illinois Springfield.Cloud-Based Video lectures and assignments.$313/credit for In-$631/credit for Out-of-State.State.Academic Writing

#1) Online Creative Writing Degree: South New Hampshire University

Best for Potential full-time Authors, Poets & Screenwriters.

Online Creative Writing Degree: South New Hampshire University

The Online Creative Writing Degree program of South New Hampshire University focuses on academic finesse as well as career guidance. The learner can take a usual Bachelorette degree-track or choose a specialization after the First year. The Specializations include Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry, and Screenwriting.

Each of these credits includes an overall assessment through traditional and classical methods of teaching as well as prepares the student for industry-related standards.

In short, SNHU’s online writing degree knows that ‘man has to earn’, and so its syllabus includes the requirements of how well your writing supports your earning. The course also includes advanced writing workshops and a compulsory ‘chance’ for the students to get published in the University Journal called ‘The Penmen Review’.

Start Date: Registration by February 27 and classes will start from the 1st of March 2021.
Schedule: Self-paced cloud-based learning with yearly credits to complete.
Type: Video lectures and online assignments provided on the University’s cloud-based systems.
Duration: 3 years with a total of 120 credits.
Pricing: $320/credit.

Website: South New Hampshire University

#2) Creative Writing Degree: University of Houston Downtown

Best for Film-theorists, Art Critiques, Literary Critiques & Non-fiction writers.

Creative Writing Degree: University of Houston Downtown

The Creative Writing concentration of the University of Houston Downtown offers a great opportunity for writers who want a successful writing career in the field of non-fiction writing.

Most people think that creative writers only have fiction-writing careers, but even critiques, theorists, essayists, etc come under the umbrella of creative writing.

This writing course grants in-depth learning in the fields of literary histories and complex English manuscripts, while organizing occasional advanced-level workshops in poetry, fiction, short story and other styles of writing.

Start date: The start of the freshman year is the 1st of June 2021.
Schedule: Regular Classes with each term divided into 30 hrs.
Type: Classroom studies.
Duration: 4 years B.A. in English.
Pricing: $4430 for Texas residents, $12182 for Non-Texas nationals, and $12227 for International Students (per term).

Website: University of Houston Downtown

#3) Online English Creative Writing Degree: University of Central Florida

Best for Copywriters, Journalists & Technical Writers.

Online English Creative Writing Degree: University of Central Florida

The Online Creative Writing course of UCF majorly focuses upon industry-related norms and teaching. This creative writing course builds the foundation of efficient communication in every field that requires written information or agendas.

The students can grow their writing careers in Advertising, Law, and Journalism while having an independent writing career of their own as an Author.

If the student doesn’t completely understand the field or has some confusion in choosing elective credits, then the UCF Connect Centre also lets the student enquire about the studies with a professional success coach or, in other words, an individual who has grown a career out of the specific writing course.

Start date: January 11, 2021.
Schedule: Self-Paced
Type: Online Cloud-Based classes.
Duration: 4-year-B.A.divided into 120 hrs.
Pricing: $180/per credit hour for national students, $715 for International students.

Website: University of Central Florida

#4) Online Bachelor of Arts in English: Arizona State University

Best for Academic Researchers.

Online Bachelor of Arts in English: Arizona State University

The writing course taught by Arizona State University is not a ‘full-blown’ writing course. It is more of a Bachelors’s degree than a professional course. This online writing course doesn’t necessarily focus on the marketing or employment side of the field, rather it focuses on the academic side of a writing career.

Although a student can of course develop a writing career after the course, the teachings are generalized in a way to develop a scientific thought so that the advancement to an ‘M.A’ degree and further a Ph.D. might be fruitful for the learner. Overall, it is great for a student who has a long way to go.

Start date: March 3, 2021
Schedule: Self-Paced 39 Classes.
Type: Cloud-Based video lectures and assignments.
Duration: . 3 years/ 120 hrs.
Pricing: $11800/yr for residents and $14052/yr for non-residents.

Website: Arizona State University

#5) Online Creative Writing Specialization: University of IOWA

Best for Authors & Playwrights.

Online Creative Writing Specialization: University Of IOWA

The Online Creative Writing Specialization of the University of IOWA comes under the online Bachelor of Applied Studies degree. As the name suggests, this online creative writing course is typically ‘applied’.

This writing course primarily focuses upon ‘what you write’ and ‘how you write it’. Literary histories, arguments are omitted (most of it) for the practical part.

The syllabus draws upon the technique of Novel writing, story writing, poem writing, etc. This writing course is best for an imaginative and creative writer who doesn’t want to waste time sitting in classrooms or ‘running in the hallways’. At your own comfort, you can take your classes.

Start date: Any-time registration.
Schedule: Self-paced 120 hours
Type: Cloud-Based video lectures and assignments with occasional Zoom meetings.
Duration: 4 years.
Pricing: The fee is revealed after the registration process is complete.

Website: University Of IOWA

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#6) Online Writing Degree: Regent University

Best for Part-time writing professionals and budding writers.

Online Writing Degree: Regent University

The self-paced online writing course of Regent University is a comfortable and gullible program offering everything that a person new to the world of writing needs. This writing course might help learners develop intuitions about the career they want to pursue.

This writing degree has many credits for both the non-fiction and fiction genres. This writing course also has a screenwriting credit to study. Among all this, a poetry credit also gathers some attention. Overall, it is not a core-writing syllabus, but it shares ‘something of everything’.

Start date: January 11, 2021.
Schedule: Self-paced 120 hours of credit.
Type: Cloud-Based video lectures and assignments.
Duration: 4 years
Pricing: $395/credit hour for full-time and $450/credit hour for part-time.

Website: Regent University

#7) Online Communication Studies Degree: University of Maryland Global Campus

Best for Public relations, Mass Communication & Journalism.

University of Maryland Global Campus

The Bachelor of Communication Studies program designed by the University of Maryland is a beautiful example of Course-architecture. This online writing course is helpful for anyone who wants to be a: Journalist, PR Agent, Advertising Professional, or even an independent industry-writer.

This technical writing degree discovers the areas where a creative person ‘fumbles’ so to say, but, this is the area where one finds most of the ‘dough’.

This online writing degree enables a writer to be equipped with all the tools required for effective and technical communication whether ethical, legal, or even corporate.

Some examples of exercises done during this online technical writing degree are:

  • Write a speech for a hypothetical executive and organization.
  • Write news articles in various journalistic styles.
  • Write a comprehensive public relations plan and create messages targeting specific audiences.

Start date: Jan 13, 2021
Schedule: Self-Paced
Type: Cloud-Based video lectures and assignments
Duration: Same as Bachelors in the USA.
Pricing: $300/credit for In-state students and $499/credit for Out-of-state students.

Website: University of Maryland Global Campus

#8) Online Technical And Professional Writing Degree: Indiana University East

Best for Any type of Technical Writing.

Online Technical And Professional Writing Degree: Indiana University East

This online technical writing course at Indiana University East is designed to teach all the aspects of technical writing to the enrolled students. Be it scientific writing, copy-writing, information development, medical or engineering writing, and even editorial – this technical writing course teaches everything that’s relevant today.

There are very few programs that focus purely on the technical side of a writing career and this writing degree is one of them. Although it does not specialize the student in any particular genre, from the perspective of a stable career this writing course sweeps off the fallen leaves from your career path.

Start date: February 8, 2021
Schedule: Self-Paced (120 hours of credit)
Type: Cloud-Based Video lectures and assignments.
Duration: Same as Regular B.A. in the USA.
Pricing: $235/credit for In-State and $340/credit for Out-of-state.

Website: Indiana University East

#9) Creative Writing Specialization: Robert Morris University

Best for Academic writers, and Students who aspire to become Professors, Researchers, etc.

Robert Morris University

Robert Morris University is a reputed institution and its Degree Programs rank high among the ‘Top University Courses Lists’. Similarly, the writing degree offered by this university is considered to be ‘in-demand’ among writing professionals.

The writing course offers a generalized curriculum in writing and the students are expected to complete a seminal work (like a full-length Novel etc) at the end of the course.

The course is apt for students who are trying to enter into the academic realm of writing via research, critique, or even essay-writing. Apart from the technical aspect, this writing degree also offers an imaginative approach towards creative writing with workshops on play-writing, short-story writing, etc.

Start date: January 11, 2021.
Schedule: 120 hours of credits divided into terms.
Type: Class-room lectures.
Duration: Same as regular B.A. in the USA.
Pricing: Not Disclosed.

Website: Robert Morris University

#10) Creative Writing Major: The New School

Best for Any-type of writer.

Creative Writing Major- The New School

The Creative Writing major at The New School is a unique course. This creative writing course offers a non-traditional course curriculum, which does match with any other curriculum in the world, or at least in the States.

The curriculum supports a multidisciplinary approach to studies and all the classical patterns in learning are ignored. This prepares the students for the ever-changing world and teaches them what is relevant and contemporary.

Almost half of the schedule is based on learning from real-time authors and writers through workshops and learning how they live with the skills they have. The course ends with a capstone project which lets the students analyze their degree experience and act upon it.

Start date: January 2, 2021
Schedule: Regular 120 hours of credits divided into terms.
Type: Classroom studies.
Duration: Same as Regular B.A. in the USA.
Pricing: $1700/ credit

Website: The New School

#11) Online Writing Degree: University of Illinois Springfield

Best for Academics, Researchers, and Technical writers.

University of Illinois Springfield

The English and Modern Languages school of the University of Illinois Springfield offers a full-time online Bachelor of arts in the English Language.

The course is mainly focused on the linguistic part of the language with an introduction to forms of creative writing, many of the credits devote a part of the curriculum to professional writing as well.

This writing course is best for students who are trying to be linguists, academics, or researchers in the language. This writing degree could also suit translators.

Start date: January 29, 2021.
Schedule: Self-Paced with 120 hours of credit divided into terms.
Type: Cloud-based video lectures and assignments.
Duration: Same as regular B.A. in the USA.
Pricing: $313 for residents and $631 for non-residents.

Website: University of Illinois Springfield


An excellent beginning is of absolute value while choosing a career path. This review of different types of writing degrees helps a learner to understand which path to walk upon. While choosing a writing degree and investing money in it, it is necessary to keep in mind ‘The things you don’t need to learn’.

When the student knows what not to learn, it is easy to decide upon further investments. Education, nowadays, is a one-time investment and students cannot afford to waste money on it (especially in the States). The above review brings out subtle points that you need to keep in mind while applying for admission.

For technical writers, speed is more important than imagination. Technical writers already know the format and norms of the work they do, they just have to fit-in the content. While pursuing the art of technical writing, it is necessary to understand the value of time.

Technical content like PR, Journalism, etc., depend upon ‘What’s next’ rather than ‘What was’. A good technical writer will always keep this in mind. The list of various writing degrees also features some universities that focus on technical and industry-related writing.

For Academic Writers or Writers who prepare research, or write about scientific topics – it is necessary to choose a degree that draws upon a rationale of clear thought. Academic writing is the art of disseminating complex writing and works to simple-minded audiences.

In this age, when the reader doesn’t have much time to read, a worthy academic writer would always write ‘Simple and Clear’, which would be clear enough for a drowsy person who reads your work while going to bed. This review of writing degree programs also features some writing degrees that focus upon this school of thought.

For creative writers who want to be Authors or Storytellers – only patience will help. This review might help you with choosing a good learning platform but it is in the womb of patience that creative ideas are born.

Our Research

  • We have researched through 32 writing degree programs both online and offline, and we selected these for the reader’s consideration.
  • We also reviewed the various yearly and all-time lists of the ‘Best Writing Degrees’.
  • With the advancement of technology and the ongoing COVID pandemic, online writing degree programs have become more popular among students. That’s why we have added the best online writing degrees available.
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