How to Transfer Apps From Android to Android Phone [2023]

A simple guide to help you understand the multiple effective ways to answer the question – How to Transfer Apps from Android to Android phone quickly:

Switching to a new Android phone can be very enticing. However, transferring all your apps and data from the old to the new Android phone can be very exhausting. Android smartphones offer a stunning level of customization. You can design your own home screen and download apps outside of the Play Store.

If you have changed your phone and want to transfer apps to a new phone from your old one, you can easily do it. You will not have to re-download the app on your new device.

In this article, we are going to tell you how to transfer apps from Android to Android in various ways. The steps may vary depending on your Android version and device manufacturer. So, let’s start finding ways to transfer apps from Android to Android.

How to Transfer Apps From Android to Android Phone

How To Transfer Apps From Android To Android

Wondering how to transfer my apps to my new phone. There are various ways to transfer apps from Android to Android:

Backup and Restore Features for Android

Many people have the habit of taking backup for everything. Hence, transferring apps from Android to Android is easy using the backup.

Here’s how you can use Android’s backup and restore feature to transfer your apps:

#1) Go to Settings.

#2) Tap on System or About Phone.


#3) Select Backup and restore


#4) Tap on Mobile Device.

mobile device

#5) Tap on Backup.


#6) Start setting up your new phone.

#7) Follow the instructions until it asks you if you want to restore data from another device.

#8) Select Yes.

#9) Select the device you want to restore data from.


[image source]

#10) Tap on Copy Your Data.

#11) Connect both your phones to the same WiFi network.

#12) Select Android Phone when asked whether you want to restore data from Cloud or Android phones.

#13) Follow the instructions.

#14) Tap on Restore.

#15) Select the apps you want to restore.

#16) Let it restore your apps in the background while you complete the setup of your new phone.

Backup and Restore With Google Drive

You can transfer your apps from your old Android phone to a new one with Google Drive.

Here’s how:

#1) Open your Google Drive app.

google drive app

#2) Tap on the three horizontal lines for the menu.

#3) Select Backups.


#4) Make sure your backup is on. If not, tap on Backup Settings, select Turn On, and tap on Backup Now.


#5) Wait for the backup to be complete.

#6) Open your new Android device.

#7) Start setup and follow the instructions.

#8) Tap on A backup from the cloud option on the Bring your data from the page.


[image source]

#9) Sign in to the same Google account

#10) Tap on I agree

#11) Select an available backup on the Choose a backup to restore page

#12) Select what you want to restore

#13) Tap on restore

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How to Transfer Apps from One Phone to Another with NFC

Near Field Communication, or NFC is a technology for a small range of networks of 4cm or less. It establishes a wireless communication network between two Android devices to help them communicate with each other and share data.

However, to use it you need a phone with integrated NFC hardware that also supports Android beam. If your phones have an NFC feature, you can transfer your data by the following steps:

Check your phone for NFC support:

#1) Go to Settings.

#2) Tap on Wireless and Networks or Connection and Sharing.

#3) Depending on your Android and phone version, you will either see NFC or More.

#4) If you see more, tap on it to find NFC.

#5) Slide the bar beside NFC and Beam on.

android wifi

[image source]

Transfer Apps to New Android Phones with NFC

  • Turn on both devices and unlock them.
  • Make sure NFC and Beam are enabled.
  • Open the app page in Google Play you want to transfer.
  • Press the device back to back with each other.
  • You will hear a sound when they establish the NFC connection.
  • A message of touch to beam will appear on your screen
  • Touch the item you want to transfer


[image source]

How to Transfer Apps With Bluetooth

For a long time, Bluetooth has been the only way to transfer data from one phone to another. However, transferring apps is not the same as transferring photos, videos, or files, for that matter. You will need to convert your app into an APK file before sending it to another phone.

#1) Turn on the Bluetooth on your new phone.

#2) Open the Google Play Store on your old Android phone.

play store

#3) Find and Install APK Extractor.

APK Extractor

#4) Open APK Extractor, and you will see a list of all apps on it.

#5) Tap on the three dots beside the app you want to share.

#6) Tap on Share.


#7) From the options, find and tap on Bluetooth.


#8) Tap on the name of your new phone on the Bluetooth devices list to transfer the app.

#9) Wait for the transfer to complete.

PhoneTrans App to Transfer Data from Android to Android

Still, wondering how to transfer apps from one phone to another without hassle? PhoneTrans is an app that allows you to transfer apps from any phone to any OS easily.

It is a premium app that offers subscriptions. Its 3-month subscription will cost you $29.99. Its one-year subscription costs $35.99 and at $45.99, you can get its lifetime subscription. It also offers a free download and 60-day money back.

Here’s how you can use your laptop to transfer apps from one phone to another:

#1) Download and install PhoneTrans

#2) Open The App.

#3) Click on App Transfer.

#4) Select Apps.

#5) Click on Start Transfer.

app transfer

#6) Connect both your devices.


#7) Select the brand of your phone.

select brand - How to Transfer Apps from Android to Android

#8) Allow USB Debugging and USB transfer.

mi play

#9) Select Apps for transfer.

#10) Click on Transfer Now.

Ways to Transfer Apps Between Devices with AirDroid

One of the easiest ways to transfer apps from Android to Android is AirDroid Personal. It is a mobile management and file transfer app that you can access from your Google Play Store.

Here’s how to transfer apps to new phones with this app:

#1) Open Google Play Store and install AirDroid Personal on both phones.

airdroid - How to Transfer Apps from Android to Android

#2) Signup on your old phone and use the same details to log in on your new one.

sign up

#3) Go to My Devices and connect both phones.

my devices

#4) On your old phone, tap on the attachment icon.

#5) Select the App.

accounts and backup

#6) Tap on the Apps you want to transfer.

#7) Tap on Send.

Transfer Apps to New Android Phone With Smart Switch for Samsung

If you are a Samsung user, you can use its Smart Switch feature to transfer apps from one Samsung phone to another. Here are different ways to use Smart Switch.

With Wireless Connection

#1) Go to Settings on your new Samsung phone.

#2) Tap on Accounts and Backup.

accounts and backup - How to Transfer Apps from Android to Android

#3) Select Bring Data from Old Phone.


#4) Select Smart Switch.

#5) Tap on Recieve Data.


#6) Select Wireless.

get connected

#7) Under Select, a Source, tap on Galaxy/Android.

Select a source

[image source]

#8) Now launch Smart Switch on your old device.

#9) Select Send Data.

#10) Tap on Wireless.

#11) Last, follow the instructions on the screen of your new device to transfer apps.

With USB Cable

#1) Connect the USB cable to your old Samsung phone.

cable - How to Transfer Apps from Android to Android

#2) Plugin that cable into the Samsung USB connector.

#3) Now plug the connector to your new Samsung phone.

#4) Open Smart Switch on your old phone.

#5) Follow the prompts to transfer apps.

With an SD Card

To use this option, either connect your phone to the USB storage device or insert the SD card containing the apps you want to transfer. Then follow the prompts to complete the transfer.

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FAQs on Transfer Apps Between Devices

Q #1) How do I transfer all my apps to a new phone?

Answer: You can use the Backup and Restore option to transfer all your apps to a new phone. Or, you can use apps like APK extractor and AirDroid as well.

Q #2) How can I transfer apps from Android to Android wirelessly?

Answer: You can use Smart Switch to transfer apps wirelessly. However, it only works with Samsung devices. You can use Backup and Restore for other Android phones.

Q #3) How do I transfer my apps to another phone via Bluetooth?

Answer: You can use APK Extractor to transfer your apps to another phone through Bluetooth.

Q #4) Do smart switch transfer apps?

Answer: Yes, you can transfer apps with Smart Switch along with call logs, contacts, photos, videos, messages, etc.

Q #5) Does Smart Switch Take everything off your old phone?

Answer: Smart Switch doesn’t delete anything from your old device. Once the transfer is complete, the data will exist on both phones.

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Now you know several ways of transferring your apps from your old Android device to the new one. Some methods like Smart Switch have limitations on devices you can use them with. Some are a little complicated to use.

You can pick a method you would like to transfer your apps and other data from your old device to a new one.