VideoProc Review: One-Stop Video Editing Tool in 2023

Comprehensive Review of VideoProc Tool. Learn About Specifications, Features, Pricing, Download, and Installation Steps in Detail:

VideoProc is the best One-Stop Video Editing Software to edit, convert, resize, and adjust largely or 4K videos, audios, and DVDs easily.

Be it related to entertainment, knowledge, IT, academics, sports, cooking, news, grooming, or any other domain you can think of, you get to see that the internet is loaded with tons of videos these days. Almost daily, we watch and share videos with our colleagues, family, and friends.

And thus, the industry has a growing scope and demand for video and content creators. However, to create useful, interesting, catchy, presentable, and high-quality videos, we need a good editing tool.

One-stop video editing tool for 4K Videos

VideoProc Review

There are some freeware tools available in the market, but they provide only limited functionality to edit your videos. And then, there are also other professional editing tools available that are too complex to learn and use. Thus, it becomes very difficult, especially for beginners to process and edit the videos using those tools.

So, are you confused about which video editing tool to go with?

Let us ease your worry and introduce you to one such video editing software that is very lightweight, easy to work with, and a powerful video editing utility. Yes, in this article, we are going to talk about VideoProc software, a pocket-friendly one-stop video editing solution for you that you can easily opt for, without any hassle.

If you are looking for a 4K Video converter or a 4K video editor, then VideoProc is the ultimate solution.

It is a comprehensive video editing software using which you can effortlessly and speedily edit, convert, resize, and adjust large/4K videos, audios, and DVDs. With the power of GPU acceleration, it lets you process videos at a fully accelerated speed without compromising with quality.

You can easily transform your large/HD/4K videos are taken from DJI, iPhone, Android, GoPro, camcorder, or other 4K cameras into a polished one by using features like cut, merge, crop, subtitle, effects, rotate, etc. It also offers a lot of advanced features like enhancing video, removing noise, making MKV, etc. to transform your video into a streamlined workflow. It also has built-in support for thousands of video and audio sites.

Let’s delve further into the VideoProc review and see what this tool offers!


About the Product:


VideoProc is a powerful and versatile video processing software to easily and quickly edit, transcode, cut, resize, trim, split, merge, convert and adjust large/4K videos/audios.

It lets you adjust video/audio codec, frame rates (30/60/120 fps), Group Of Pictures (GOP), change formats and compress huge-sized videos. This tool is empowered with Full Hardware Acceleration and Full GPU acceleration that gives this software high speed, without compromising with quality.

VideoProc is developed by a company called Digiarty.

About the company:


Digiarty is the world’s leading multimedia software provider of DVD/HD video conversion solutions, and DVD backup for Windows, Mac, and mobile users.

Headquarters are located in Chengdu, Sichuan Province and it was founded in the year 2006. Since then, it has delivered user-friendly and innovative multimedia applications to more than 9,000,000 users from 79 countries across the world.

Latest Version: VideoProc V3.6, released in April 2020.

Core Features:

  • Full GPU Acceleration/level-3 hardware acceleration to provide high-speed video processing.
  • Complete video toolbox with all basic and advanced editing functionalities like cut, crop, rotate, split, merge, subtitle, denoise, watermark, effects, make Mkv, A/V sync, adjust speed, stabilize shaky video, compress video size, video to GIF, etc.
  • Expert in processing large/4K/HD videos shot from any device.
  • High-speed strong conversion (video, audio, DVD, and Multi-track conversion) with countless supported formats and profiles. It can compress a large-sized video by 90% without compromising quality.
  • Built-in media downloader engine, supporting 1000+ audio/video/UGC (User-Generated Content) websites – YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc.
  • In-build recorder tool to record iOS/desktop screen; comes with various recording modes, utility tools, and green screen feature.

Suitable for: This tool is best for the users who:

  • Are looking for easy, quick, and stable software to do hassle-free video editing, processing, downloading, recording, converting, etc.
  • Want to process and edit large/4K/HD videos taken from cameras, iPhones, Android, DJIs, or any other devices.
  • Need a lightweight and user-friendly environment to edit videos without freezing and crashing.
  • Need more powerful video editing features than some freeware, and also cheap than some professional ones.
  • Are not professional at advanced software like Final Cut X, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, or Vegas.
  • Are looking for an easy-to-use and complimentary video editor for their professional software.

Pricing: It starts at $30 for a year’s license. Moreover, currently, they are offering a cool deal where you can Get the lifetime version at 50% off, and it will cost you $30 only for the lifetime license.

They offer a free trial as well.

Technical Specifications

Supported OSMac (Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6) or higher), Windows (Windows 7 or higher; 32 bit & 64 bit)
Supported GPUs for Hardware AccelerationNVIDIA, Intel, AMD
NVIDIA: NVIDIA® GeForce GT 630 or higher
Intel: Intel® HD Graphics 2000 or higher
AMD: AMD® Radeon HD 7700 series (HD 7790 (VCE 2.0)) or higher
Installation Size46.3 MB
Disk Space 200 MB free space required for installation
Processor1 GHz Intel® or AMD® processor (Minimum)
RAM1 GB (Recommended is 2 GB or above)

Official VideoProc Video

Below is an official video from VideoProc that takes you through a quick tutorial on how to edit 4K video smoothly on any computer:


Let’s review the features in detail.

(i) Full GPU Accelerated Video Editing

One of the most highlighting features of VideoProc is that it is the single full GPU accelerated video editing tool available in the market.


  • It offers level-3 (video encoding, decoding, and processing) hardware acceleration empowered by Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA GPUs which aids in delivering smooth and quick video editing and transcoding, ensuring output video quality as well.
  • Up to 47 times faster video processing than real-time processing with other video editing tools.
  • Optimizes video output file size (90% smaller than original).
  • On average, it lowers CPU usage to 40%.
  • 98% of the original image quality is preserved.
  • Works well with all the recent computers.

(ii) All-purpose video editing & processing functions

The tool offers all basic editing functions to polish your videos. It includes:

#1) Cut: Chop away unwanted segments from the video and rearrange it to get a more meaningful output video.

basic editing functions: cut

#2) Merge: You can join multiple videos, even from different devices or in different formats, and can create a single merged video. MKV Multi-track feature allows us to merge different tracks in one MKV file.

Merge feature

#3) Crop: Crop a video to eliminate unwanted portions, highlight the focal points, and change the aspect ratio to make the video compatible with your app and device.


#4) Subtitle: You can add or delete subtitles from videos. It allows you to choose from various languages for subtitles. You can also import subtitles from a hard drive/USB connected to your computer, or export subtitles from video, and can also search and import subtitles online for videos.

Subtitle Feature

#5) Effects: You can apply visual effects to your videos and make them more impactful. You can apply various filters, sharpen the edges, adjust the brightness, contrast, etc, and stylize your videos.


#6) Rotate and Flip: You can flip the video clockwise or anticlockwise as per your requirement.

Rotate and Flip

In addition to the basic video editing features, VideoProc’s 4K Video editor toolbox has a lot of other advanced features which include:

  • Stabilize Video: You can stabilize the wobbly videos taken from your phone or other devices.
  • Fix Fisheye: Remove the bad fisheye distortion from your video using this lens correction feature.
  • Remove Noise: Make your video smooth by deleting any unwanted background noise from it.
  • Make GIF: This feature allows us to extract images from videos.
  • Add Watermark: You can protect your videos by adding custom watermarks to that. It can be text, image, logo, or timecode.
  • Make MKV: Convert your video to MKV without any re-encoding. The new MKV file retains the original video quality, resolution, and other settings.
  • Create M3U8: Using this tool you can select a clip for exporting as M3U8. You can select single or multiple .ts files. You can set the segment duration as well.
  • Enhance Video: Synchronize audio with video output; regulate the playback speed and audio volume.

The list of editing features does not end here. There are a lot of other useful editing functions as well which this software offers, for example:

  • Trim a video: You can cut the unwanted start or end of a video.
  • 3D to 2D: Using this option, you can convert a 3D video into a 2D format, and enjoy watching any 3D movie on a 2D screen.
  • Snapshot: This feature allows you to capture video snapshots. You can customize the start and end time and picture count.
  • Split: Split a single video into multiple segments.

(iii) Expert in Processing Large/4K/HD videos shot from various devices

Be it a video taken from your smartphone, action cam, drone, camera, camcorder, monitor unit, tablet, PC, or any 4K camera, VideoProc processes all types of large-sized and multi-format media files including:

  • large-sized videos like 4K/HD/Ultra-HD videos,
  • 30/60/120/240 fps videos,
  • slow-mo videos, 3D, 360° VR videos, and more in any format –MKV, MP4, M2TS, HEVC, H.264, etc.

You can load multiple video files to the application to process them. Each file, even as big as 8GB 4K video file gets analyzed by this tool very quickly and you will be displayed with all the important parameters, editing & processing options about the video in the user interface.

(iv) Strong Conversion

VideoProc is the only editing tool available in the market with really powerful conversion features.

Strong Conversion

It has a quality-oriented high-speed media converter that offers:

#1) Video Converter:

  • Supporting 350+ input codecs and 400+ output formats, the flawless 4K capable video converter caters to all your video conversion needs, including complicated transcoding.
  • It also supports batch transcoding.
  • All popular video formats are supported for conversion. For Example, H264 to H265 (HEVC), MKV to iPhone/MP4, AVI to YouTube, 3D to 2D, etc.
  • Multiple profiles for conversion: The video converter tool offers various profiles like General Profile (convert to MPEG4, H.264, WebM, etc.), Music Profile (convert to MP3, MP4, iPhone Ringtone, etc.), Web Video Profile (make compatible to Facebook, YouTube, etc.), HD Video Profile (TS, AVCHD, MKV, and MPEG HD), DVD Profile, etc. to make the video compatible with the target format as per your need.
  • Downscale and upscale feature: Upscale a 720p/1080p to a 4K/UHD video and enjoy watching it without blurs on a 4K TV, downscale a 4K video to 720p/1080p to fit a 2K monitor.
  • Auto copy: Superfast auto copy mode for video passthrough without re-encoding.
  • Adjust Quality: It gives you control to finetune the converted video.
  • World-class video compression – It compresses a large-sized video by 90% without compromising with quality.

#2) Audio Converter and Extractor: Do hassle-free audio conversion between various formats like MP3, AAC, PCM, FLAC, AC3, OGG, WAV, etc.

  • Convert audio with 5.1 surround sound.
  • Extract audio from video
  • Convert audio to audio, or convert video to audio. Does fast copy from source to target format without any loss in quality.

#3) DVD converter: VideoProc provides the fastest ever DVD conversion.

  • Quickly convert any feature-length DVD to popularly used MP4, or highly compressed HEVC, MKV, or any other formats used on iPhone, iPad, Android, HDTV, etc.
  • Copy DVD with a 1:1 ratio while preserving the original quality.
  • Also supports (Disney) 99-title DVDs, Damaged DVDs, TV series DVDs, workout DVDs, etc.
  • Just like the video converter, the DVD converter also has various output profiles to choose from.

#4) Multi-track converter: Convert videos to MKV with various Video/Audio/Subtitle Tracks.

(v) Built-in Media Downloader Engine supporting 1000+ video/audio websites

It has a built-in media downloader engine that is compatible with any popular UGC site you can think of. It supports more than 1000 online audio-video sites including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Dailymotion, Twitch, SoundCloud, Vimeo, MetaCafe, Break, Vevo, etc.

Built-in Media Downloader Engine

  • Download the videos from online sites and convert them into various formats – MP3, MP4, MOV, AVI, etc., using a GPU accelerated media converter.
  • Supports 370+ input formats and 420+ output formats.
  • Record live streams of news, games, etc.
  • Batch download videos
  • Enable the proxy server to download content anywhere.

(vi) Powerful Screen Recorder

This is an amazing feature, especially for gamers, educators, sports lovers, and life enthusiasts. The tool offers a screen recorder component using which you can easily record desktop/iOS screens to capture gameplay, webinars, meetings, streaming video, presentations, etc., and later create vlogs, tool reviews, podcasts, screencasts, video instructions and distribute it to your audience.

Powerful Screen Recorder

  • 3 recording modes: Voiceover, record video from webcam, or record both & make picture-in-picture videos.
  • Resizable window: It selects the area on the screen you want to record.
  • Utility tools: Add or highlights content during recording.
  • Green screen/Chroma Key Feature: This is a special feature that allows you to delete the original background from the webcam and replace it with another digital background.

Green screen/Chroma Key Feature


Let us review the pricing of this tool. There is no free version available for VideoProc, but they offer a free trial limited to processing 5-min media files, and it has only basic features.

For the licensed version, a pricing review is given below:

For Windows:

  • $30 for a One-year License/1 PC
  • $58 for Lifetime Family License/up to 5 PCs
  • Currently, VideoProc is giving a special offer to get a lifetime Version at 60% off. So, it will cost you only $30 for a lifetime license per PC. This includes a free lifetime upgrade and full GPU accelerated.
  • If you are interested to get a volume license for business purposes, you may need to contact the VideoProc sales team for pricing details.

For Mac:

  • Pricing for Mac is the same as the pricing for Windows.

So, overall, it’s a pocket-friendly tool, especially the lifetime version is worth buy.

VideoProc Download And Installation

The installation of this tool is simple and quick. It took me not more than 5 minutes to set up the tool.

=> Download VideoProc on your Windows or Mac machine. In this article, we have explained the installation process on Windows.

Installation steps on Windows are as follows:

#1) You will get the exe file downloaded to your computer. The size would be 47MB.

exe file downloaded

#2) Double-click on the exe file. It will open the installation wizard. Click on the ‘Install’ button.


#3) It will start installing the tool.


#4) Once the installation gets completed, you will see a success message in the wizard. Now, click on the ‘Launch’ button to open the software.


#5) Upon launching the software, you will be presented with a prompt screen to buy the tool. If you have already purchased the license, you can directly enter the licensed email and registration code to activate the full licensed version. If you currently wish to continue with the trial version, you can click on ‘Remind me Later.

screen to buy the tool

#6) Let’s enter the registration code and Licensed Email (the one that you have used for purchase) and activate the full version.


#7) Once you will click on Activate, the tool will first automatically detect the hardware info. In our case, it’s Intel HD Graphics 520. If you are okay with the information, you can click on the ‘Next’ button. Else, you can click on ‘Recheck’ once.

automatically detect the hardware info

#8) Click on ‘Process Video with hardware acceleration, if you are all okay with the hardware info detected.

Process Video with hardware acceleration

#9) And yes, it’s done! You are all set to start using VideoProc.

set to start using VideoProc

Getting Started With VideoProc

VideoProc has four main components – Video, DVD, Downloader, and Recorder.

VideoProc has four main components

#1) Video Processing: This component contains a complete video editing toolbox to edit, convert, and compress large/4k/HD videos at a perfect size-to-quality ratio.

1. Video Processing:

#2) DVD conversion and backup: This is a toolbox to digitize DVDs to various popular formats like MKV, MP3, MP4, etc.

2. DVD conversion and backup

It also lets you edit and convert DVDs to fit your device and media websites.

#3) Video Downloader: It can download video/audio content from YouTube, Facebook, and other popular UGC sites and save them in the desired format and resolutions.

3. Video Downloader

#4) Video Recorder: This is a tool to capture video from your computer’s screen or webcam.

Video Recorder

It includes features like green screen/chroma key, highlight, draw, type, set format, etc. It also allows recording screens of multiple monitors at the same time.

Let’s explore the VideoProc tools more and see how well they work.

Downloading Video and Music from YouTube/Vimeo/other UGC websites

We used VideoProc downloader to download a video from YouTube.

(i) Open the downloader and click on ‘Add Video’ to paste a URL copied from YouTube.

Add video

(ii) Click on ‘Paste URL & Analyze’ option.

Paste URL & Analyze’

(iii) It took less than a minute for VideoProc to analyze the video and present all the details as seen below. You can select amongst various formats in which you want to save the video with you.

select amongst various formats

select amongst various formats

(iv) As you can see in the below image that the video is saved on the computer.

video is saved

(v) VideoProc downloader also allows you to download videos from ‘My watch later playlist. This is a cool feature.

An amazing thing we found with the downloader is that you can directly log in to your YouTube or Vimeo account from VideoProc and can download content from your private video and Watch later playlist:

Editing and Processing Videos

(i) Go to the video processing toolbox and load the video you want to edit.

My watch later playlist

(ii) Start editing once a video gets loaded.

Start editing once a video gets loaded.

Start editing

We tried applying some effects to enhance the video, added a watermark, and cut the video length. All of this could be done very easily. And, all this was done fast.

The best thing is that you get the original vs preview view side by side, so it’s very easy to compare the views and check the editing output.

original vs preview view

There are so many other video editing functions available as well that you can explore with this tool.

VideoProc: Pros and Cons

Having done enough hands-on with the tool, let’s try to summarize its pros & cons.


  • Quick and easy installation. Takes no more than 5 minutes to get started.
  • Outstanding customer support. They resolve your queries and issues very promptly.
  • Very intuitive user interface and is easy to handle. Side by side comparison of the original view vs. the edited preview is really helpful.
  • Non-professionals in this field can also easily use this software. It’s very easy to learn.
  • All 4 toolboxes – Video, Recorder, DVD, and Downloader work amazingly.
  • All popular video resolutions, video formats, audio formats, and DVD formats are supported.
  • Editing features are very customizable.
    • For example, in the snapshot feature, you can freely set the number of pictures as per the total video time. Or, the video conversion tool where you can control the quality to fine-tune your output. There are so many other instances as well where you can customize the use of features.
  • It supports more than 1000 online video and audio sharing websites. Any popular site you can think of is supported by VideoProc.
  • Log in directly to your Vimeo or YouTube account from VideoProc and you can download content from your private video and Watch a later playlist.
  • Supports all popular devices including Apple, Google, Microsoft, Sony, Samsung, Amazon, and many others.
  • The lifetime license cost is a good buy. It is surprisingly cheap.
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee is promised if the customer is not satisfied with the product.
  • Super-fast and simple functional controls – like instant video merge that saves a lot of time & effort.
  • It gives you standard and high-quality video outputs.
  • Allows separate video and audio downloads
  • Full GPU acceleration – 100% utilization of graphics card with brilliant speed.
  • Gives a very good performance when decoding videos.


  • Currently, the tool does not work on Linux.
  • The free trial only allows a 5-min media file and it has only basic features. It would be great if advanced features could also be included in the free trial so that users can get a full feel of the product before purchasing.
  • They could add a few more features to this tool like collaboration, social sharing, media overlay, brand overlay, audio tools, etc.


We found VideoProc as the lightest, fast, and easy-to-use video editing software at a very reasonable price. The unique selling point of this tool is its full GPU acceleration feature which gives it a lightning-fast speed of processing video, without compromising with quality.

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It is a highly useful and recommended tool for content creators, whether they are experienced or beginners. It provides lots of basic and advanced editing features helping them to generate polished videos in just a few minutes!

Other smart features of this tool like screen recorder, video downloader, audio/video/DVD/multitrack converter with in-built support to numerous input-output formats, and more than a thousand UGC websites are like the cherry on the cake.

The license price of this tool is also worth the money, especially since the lifetime version is a budget deal.