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Read this review and comparison of the top HR Software for small business and select the best Human Resources Information System software from this list:

Human Resources Information System (HRIS) software is a digital solution that allows us to manage and optimize daily human resources tasks.

For organizations, the tool plays a key role in helping the company to manage the overall HR goals. It helps managers and HR executives to allocate their time and resources more efficiently, thereby resulting in greater productivity and profitable efforts.

HR software can also expedite automation initiatives by automating manual tasks, organizing employee information, and developing data-driven reports.

It can do all this electronically and end the need for paper documents while at the same time, assist your staff with important tasks such as evaluating performance, updating employee information and, time tracking.

Best HRIS tools

HR Software

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In this tutorial, we will list down the best Human Resource software out there. We’ve rounded up the best free HRIS software, as well as the paid version to help you choose the ideal solution for your needs.

HR software

Fact Check: Between 2017 and 2022, we can expect the global core HR software market to grow at a CAGR of 8.8% from $6.47 billion to $9.89 billion – Markets and Markets.

HR Software Revenue Growth - Stats
HR software revenue growth by segment [2016-2023]
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Pro-Tip: A HR system is a multi-functional software. Therefore, you should be extremely careful before choosing one for your company. The main purpose of any HR software is to help you with the onboarding process, as well as planning and scheduling. Aside from that, a good HRIS solution must be mobile and user-friendly while also offering tools for recruitment and payroll.

However, the criteria for the best HRIS software can change based on what your organization really needs. Therefore, you must carefully consider your company’s goals and objectives and consider a solution that offers the most features you need at a reasonable price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) Why do companies use HR Information System (HRIS)?

Answer: A HRIS system software is basically an HR database application where we track information related to applicants and employees. It helps companies shift information from an employee file and transfer it into an HR database, help to HR deliver faster, and assist in efficient reporting.

Q #2) What features can we expect in HRIS software?

Answer: Every HR software specializes in a defined set of features and most of them offer a combination of the following features.

  • Employee Training Records
  • Employee Self Service
  • Manager Self Service
  • Performance Reviews and Compensation
  • Reporting
  • Payroll
  • Position Control
  • Applicant Tracking
  • Employee Information
  • Benefits Administration
  • Time and Attendance
  • Benefits Online Enrollment
  • Government Compliance Issues

Q #3) Who needs Human Resource Software?

Answer: Any company that wants to track a large number of employees efficiently needs HR software. An ideal HR tool rids you of paper records & spreadsheets and paves the path for automation. Usually, companies with more than 50 employees need the HR software market to manage employee processes and records effectively.

Q #4) What is the difference between HRMS Software Vs. HRIS Software?

Answer: HRIS as a system offers companies storage for information in the form of a database.

HRIS software often contains a series of inter-related databases. HRMS (Human Resource Management Software) is a more comprehensive HR tool offering several HR functions, such as payroll, benefits administration, performance analysis, and review, as well as recruiting and training.

As both these tools are so similar, it’s hard to distinguish them. Moreover, many HRIS systems offer all these features in one package thereby making matters more confusing. Hence, most of the HR tool vendors consider both these solutions more of the same.

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ADP Payroll LogoPapaya Global LogoRipplingDeel Logo
ADPPapaya GlobalRippling HRDeel
• Onboarding
• Applicant tracking
• Database management
• Onboarding
• Job posting
• BI Reporting
• Payroll Processing
• Benefits Management
• Policy management
• Invoice Automation
• Visa Support
• Tax Support
Price: $63 monthly
Trial version: No
Price: $20 Monthly
Trial version: Available
Price: $8 monthly
Trial version: No
Price: Starts at $49
Trial version: Free Demo Available
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List of Top HR Software

Here is the list of popular HRIS systems available in the market:

  1. ADP
  2. Bambee
  3. Papaya Global
  4. Deel
  5. Rippling HR
  6. Freshteam
  7. BambooHR
  8. Zenefits
  9. Bullhorn
  10. Workable
  11. HR Payroll Systems
  12. People
  13. Lanteria
  14. Kronos
  15. Jazz HR
  16. Namely
  17. Paycor

Comparison of the Best HRIS Systems

Human Resource SoftwareFeaturesPriceBest ForRatings
ADPOnboarding, Applicant Tracking, employee Database, etc. It starts at $63 per month per employee. Dedicated HR and payroll solutions for companies of all sizes. 5/5
BambeeHR Auditing, Employee Training and Guidance, Payroll and tax assistance, onboarding. Starts at $99/month for 1-4 employeesAffordable Pricing plans and Dedicated HR support5/5
Papaya GlobalOnboarding, Payroll processing, BI report generation.Payroll plan starts at $20/employee/month.All-in-one HR management4.8/5
DeelAutomate HR Workflows,
Automate Invoicing,
Get Visa support globally.
Starts at $49, Free for companies with less than 200 employees. Managing EOR Employees and Contractors4.5/5
Rippling HRFor managing, payroll, benefits, apps, & devices of employees. Starts at $8 per month per user.Managing all employee operations. 5/5
FreshteamRecruiting, Onboarding, Employee information, etc. •Free plan
•The price starts at $1.20/employee/month.
Powerful and intuitive features.5/5
BambooHR•Single, secure database, with powerful, engaging reports.
•Full suite of automated onboarding tools.
•Time tracking, benefits tracking, and paid time off.
•Modern, mobile-ready applicant tracking.
•Latest tools for measuring engagement.
•Free Trial
•Contact Vendor
Medium to Large Companies who want a premium product and advanced features.5/5
Zenefits•Hiring and Onboarding
•Employee Management
•Time Off Tracking
•Business Intelligence
•Documentation Management
•Free Trial
•Essentials $8/ month per employee.
•Growth $14/ month per employee.
•Zen $21/ month per employee.
Affordable payroll platform for small companies.4.9/5
Bullhorn•Applicant Tracking
•Recruiting Agency
•Staffing Agency
•Free Demo
•Contact vendor for pricing.
Medium to large enterprises that want an advanced applicant tracking tool.4.7/5
Workable•Mobile-friendly application forms
•Email and calendar sync
•Interview kits and scorecards
•70+ third-party integrations
•Offer letters with e-signatures
•Free Trial
•Hire as needed $99-per-job-per-month subscription.
•Hire at scale Annual plan priced annually depending on a company's specific needs.
Robust applicant tracking system for small-medium businesses.4.6/5
HR Payroll Systems •Benefits Administration
•Performance Review
•Applicant Tracking
•Learning Management
•Free Search
•Contact vendor for pricing.
HR software platform for small businesses.4.5/5

Let us review these HRIS Software in detail:

#1) ADP

Best For dedicated HR and Payroll solutions for companies of all sizes.


ADP Workforce now gives you extensive features in HR, Payroll, Benefits, and Talent management, thereby giving all the tools you need for implementing efficient administration, best practices, and ensuring process efficiencies & support.


  • Onboarding
  • Applicant Tracking
  • Employee Database
  • Benefits Management
  • Employee Profiles


  • Free trial
  • $63/month per employee (+ $4 for every additional employee).
  • Contact vendor for Pricing: ADP

ADP pricing

[image source]

Verdict: ADP offers a robust HRIS topped with several premium talent, payroll, human capital management, and benefits features. The tool is optimized for clients nearly across every industry, thereby giving flexible plans for everyone.

Visit ADP Website >>

#2) Bambee

Best for Affordable Pricing plans and Dedicated HR support.


With Bambee, not only do you get a digital platform that automates all elements of your HR department but also assigns a dedicated HR manager to provide a more personalized level of HR support to small businesses.

The chat interface that allows employees to connect with HR professionals at any time is a highlight of Bambee’s HR software in our opinion.


  • HR Auditing
  • Employee Training and Guidance
  • Payroll and tax assistance
  • Secure file storage for documents related to HR
  • Intuitive Chat interface
  • Custom HR Policy Generation


  • $99/month FOR 1-4 employees
  • $199/month for 5-19 employees
  • $299/month for 20-49 employees
  • Custom plan for 50-500 employees

Verdict: From helping craft HR policies and managing employee onboarding to assisting with payroll, taxes, employee training, and relationship management, Bambee is an affordable alternative to streamlining your organization’s fundamental HR-related tasks.

Visit Bambee Website >>

#3) Papaya Global

Best for All-in-one HR management.

Papaya Global

Papaya provides HR managers with all the tools they need to manage their day-to-day duties in an effective and efficient manner under one roof. You get greater visibility over your entire workforce from Papaya Global’s visual dashboard. You can view and manage the workforce directly from this dashboard.


  • Automated Onboarding
  • Self-service employee portal
  • Payroll Management and Processing
  • Generate BI reports
  • Integrate easily with other HR and payroll tools.


  • Payroll Plan: $20 per employee per month
  • Employer of Record Plan: $650 per employee per month.
  • Free demo also available

Verdict: With Papaya Global, you get a digital portal that allows you to connect with employees whenever you want. You can view important employee details, make requests and perform a whole host of other HR-related functions with just a few clicks using Papaya Global.

Visit Papaya Global Website >>

#4) Deel

Best for Managing EOR Employees and Contractors.

Deel HR

Deel is an HR platform that comes jam-packed with tools necessary for companies to expand their presence globally.

The software basically allows companies to hire and pay employees as well as contractors globally without having to establish legal entities in the engine. The software comes with built-in compliance tools to ensure companies aren’t violating region-specific laws when onboarding.


  • Automate HR Workflows
  • Automate Invoicing
  • Get Visa support globally
  • Run payroll in 90+ countries


  • Deel For contractors starts at $49
  • Deel for EOR Employees Starts at $599
  • Free for companies with less than 200 employees.

Verdict: Deel is a great software, especially for companies who want to scale globally. It streamlines hiring, payroll, and other HR-related processes necessary to manage a global workforce.

Visit Deel Website >>

#5) Rippling HR

Best for managing all employee operations.

Rippling HR

Rippling HR is an all-in-one employee management platform that contains the HR products such as Payroll, Benefits, Time & Attendance, and Talent Management. It can be integrated with more than 400 apps.

With this solution, you will get a unified employee database and capabilities of customizable reports & graphs and customizable fields & alerts. Its custom reports and graphs functionality will help you generate reports as per your needs such as employee turnover, app usage, finance, etc. Rippling also offers a mobile app.


  • Rippling has features for document management for digitally sending, signing, and storing all documents.
  • It has features for automating the onboarding of new employees.
  • It has features for process automation, task management, and custom reports.


  • Starts at $8 per month per user.
  • A demo will be available on request.

Verdict: Rippling HR provides one platform to help you with managing your data and operations from onboarding to offboarding.

Visit Rippling HR Website >>

#6) Freshteam

Best for powerful and intuitive features that will modernize the HR processes.


Freshteam is an HR software that offers functionalities for recruiting, onboarding, etc. With this system, all your employees’ data and files will get stored securely. It has capabilities for tracking and reporting time-off & absence. Its mobile app makes the system accessible anywhere, anytime. It is available for iOS as well as Android devices.


  • Freshteam offers an applicant tracking system.
  • It gives paperless onboarding and offboarding.
  • The secure employee information system can capture vital employee information, enable employee self-service, and can auto-generate sleek org charts.
  • It makes time-off management easier.

Price: You can try the platform for free for 21 days. Freshteam offers a free plan with basic HR functionalities for small businesses. There are three more pricing plans, Growth ($1.20 per employee per month), Pro ($2.40 per employee per month), and Enterprise ($4.80 per employee per month).

Verdict: Freshteam is a simple and affordable HR software. It offers 24*7 free email and 24*5 chat & call support. It helps with powerful recruitment automation and data-backed HR decision-making.

Visit Freshteam Website >>

#7) BambooHR

Best For medium to large companies who want a premium product and advanced features.


BambooHR collects and organizes all the information you need throughout an employee’s entire life cycle in the company. With advanced features such as people analytics, onboarding processing, compensation, and benefits management, the tool gives you all you need to manage all your staff effectively.

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  • Single and secure database with powerful engaging reports.
  • A full suite of automated onboarding tools.
  • Simple, self-service time tracking, paid time off, and benefits tracking.
  • Modern, mobile-ready applicant tracking.
  • Latest tools for measuring engagement.


  • Free trial
  • Contact Vendor

Verdict: Although a little expensive when compared to others – BambooHR’s solid features and intuitive UI puts it a notch above all the other HR tools.

Website: BambooHR

#8) Zenefits

Best For affordable payroll platform for small companies.


It’s hard to find a solution that offers you all the necessary HR features but doesn’t cost you a lot. Zenefits provides small businesses with the perfect set of tools to scale as their business grows and keep their workforce happy and productive.


  • Hiring and Onboarding
  • Employee Management
  • Time Off Tracking
  • Business Intelligence
  • Documentation Management


  • Zen $21/ month per employee
  • Growth $14/ month per employee
  • Essentials $8/ month per employee

Zenefits - Pricing

Verdict: Catering to all your HR needs at an affordable cost, Zenefits is an all-round HR platform that provides users with several add-on services.

Website: Zenefits

#9) Bullhorn

Best For medium to large enterprises that want an advanced applicant tracking tool.


Bullhorn is a neat applicant tracking system offering several features for employee recruitment and staffing. Despite specializing in HR and recruitment, it also gives its users additional features for CRM, including sales and account management.


  • Applicant Tracking
  • Recruiting
  • Recruiting Agency
  • Staffing Agency


  • Free Demo
  • Contact vendor for pricing

Bullhorn Pricing

Verdict: With incredible Staffing & Recruiting features and intuitive controls, Bullhorn offers one of the best applicant tracking software for medium to large enterprises.

Website: Bullhorn

#10) Workable

Best For robust applicant tracking system for small-medium businesses.


Workable offers a robust, customizable, user-friendly solution for customers of all levels. It gives small to medium enterprises an intuitive applicant tracking and recruiting process tool with several amazing functions.

You can easily review and track a candidate’s profile and process the candidates under a job requisition through a central location.


  • Mobile-friendly application forms
  • Email and calendar sync
  • Interview kits and scorecards
  • 70+ third-party integrations
  • Offer letters with e-signatures


  • Free Trial
  • Hire as needed $99-per-job-per-month subscription.
  • Hire at scale Annual plan is priced annually depending on a company’s specific needs.

Workable Pricing

Verdict: Workable offers access to small-medium businesses a large pool of premium job boards along with a wide set of applicant tracking (AT) features, thereby helping them hire better candidates more efficiently.

Website: Workable

#11) HR Payroll Systems

Best For HR software platform for small businesses.

HR Payroll Systems

HR Payroll Systems simplifies and optimizes human resources management for small companies. It works well with your machine and helps you manage the business operations efficiently while keeping your employees happy and increasing productivity.


  • Benefits Administration
  • Performance Review
  • Applicant Tracking
  • Learning Management

Price: Contact Vendor

Verdict: From benefits management to applicant tracking, the HR payroll system is the perfect platform to find an HR solution that fits all your needs.

Website: HR Payroll Systems

#12) People

Best For small to midsize companies.

People HR

People offers HR administration solutions aimed at small and mid-sized companies. The company specializes in delivering constructive and insightful graphic reports, giving users excessive guidance for HR processes, and engaging them through high-impact tasks.

The solution transforms mundane HR processes into engaging and fun processes, thereby enabling aspiring HR professionals to play a more prominent role in their companies.


  • Workforce Management
  • 360 Degree Feedback
  • Applicant Tracking
  • Human Resource
  • Performance Appraisal


People HR Pricing

Verdict: People is a smart, intuitive, and fun HR software for ambitious HR professionals.

Website: People

#13) Lanteria

Best For medium-sized to large businesses.


LanteriaHR gives users a wide range of employee management features, thereby making employee management efficient and easy. Using this tool, you can set up career paths for employees and match them with organizational goals.

At the same time, you can create evaluation & review forms, carry out in-depth performance reviews, engage with different talent pools, and visualize & align goals through graphical dashboards.


  • 360 Degree Feedback
  • Compensation Management
  • Custom Rating Scales
  • Customizable Templates
  • Individual Development Plans


  • Free Trial
  • Contact vendor for pricing

Verdict: Lanteria is an excellent HR solution for efficient end-to-end talent management; however, the tool’s cost makes it more suitable for medium to large enterprises.

Website: Lanteria

#14) Kronos

Best For small to midsize businesses (SMBs)


Kronos combines human capital management (HCM) and workforce management by giving every HR department useful talent management capabilities. The solution is optimal for businesses of all sizes and offers several premium features, that most tools don’t.

You can enjoy features for employee record management, acquisition management, payroll, people analytics, onboarding, scheduling, talent acquisition management, and performance management.


  • Applicant Tracking
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Benefits Administration
  • Employee Engagement
  • Employee Scheduling


  • Free Trial
  • Contact vendor

Verdict: Kronos offers users affordable human resources (HR) software armed to the teeth with several advanced features, giving businesses a robust and powerful yet convenient HR tool.

Website: Kronos

#15) Jazz HR

Best For small to medium-sized businesses looking for the right recruitment solutions.


JazzHR is a rising HR tool in the market that attracts several new customers. The powerful HR tool has an intuitive interface and can completely replace the laborious manual tasks your HR staff has to contend with. You can use a combination of spreadsheets and email to streamline your entire hiring process.

With JazzHR, recruiters and hiring managers can create a fast-working and scalable recruitment process that helps them capture the best talent in the market.


  • Applicant Tracking
  • Job Board
  • Recruiting
  • Talent Management


  • Free trial
  • Hero$39/moon an annual plan
  • Plus$219/moon an annual plan
  • Pro$329/moon an annual plan

JazzHR Pricing

Verdict: With an intuitive design and several useful features, JazzHR offers excellent recruitment affordable, easy, and scalable recruitment workflow for small-to-medium sized business.

Website: JazzHR

#16) Namely

Best For small to medium-sized businesses looking for a cloud-based HR solution.


We have seen several online HR tools before. However, most of them are barebones and we rarely see a solution worth considering. Namely breaks this trend with an amazing HR tool of its own that is suited not only for small businesses but midsized ones too.

With Namely, you can enjoy fast and efficient payroll and benefits management. Supported by an intuitive design and user interface (UI), the feature-rich functionality of the software sets it apart from all the other online HR tools.


  • 360 Degree Feedback
  • Benefits Management
  • Employee Database
  • Employee Profiles
  • Compensation Management


  • Free demo
  • Contact vendor for pricing

Verdict: Namely frees its users from tedious configuration and gives us an all-round online HR tool customized for both small and mid-sized businesses.

Website: Namely

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#17) Paycor

Best For medium-sized and small businesses.


Payroll management is not easy, especially if you are managing hundreds of employees on a low budget. Paycor streamlines payroll management for your business, thereby helping you focus on your core business strategy and growth.

It automates manual work for your HR and payroll while providing you with an intuitive interface at each step of the process.


  • Human resources management
  • Employment screening
  • Time clock software
  • Onboarding
  • Payroll and tax compliance


  • Free Demo
  • Contact vendor for pricing

Verdict: Designed for small and medium businesses, Paycor offers you a comprehensive recruitment and payroll solution.

Website: Paycor


A company’s staff is a great asset for any organization and the companies need reliable HR software to manage them effectively. As HR software solutions serve several functions, you must research every solution in detail to find the perfect match.

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Depending on your needs, your preference for an HR solution can change. Overall, offers the best features for HR software, but it is suitable only for those companies who are willing to pay the top dollar to get the best in the market.

Likewise, smaller companies who want scalable yet affordable solutions can rely on HRIS system software such as If you only need an applicant tracking system, you can either go for advanced options such as or look for affordable applicant tracking systems like

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