10 Best Free Time Clock Software For Employee Time Tracking

Explore the List of the Best Free Time Clock Software that are available in the market:

Time clock Software is the system that is used by organizations to record the working hours of employees. It has functionalities of employee scheduling, leave management, task management, PTO, etc.

If we compare the Time Clock Software with the Time & Attendance Software and the Time Tracking Software then the only difference is the feature for Employee scheduling that is found in Time Clock tools. This feature will help businesses to manage employee’s shifts.

Best free Time Clock Software

Employee Time Clocking Software also provides security features to avoid time theft and buddy punching.

Apart from just tracking the time, these security features are also necessary to avoid loss. The research performed by TSheets says that one in two employees have admitted for the time theft and 16 % have admitted for the buddy punching.

Some Time Clock tools provide security features like Photo ID, Lockout periods, e-signature, or alerts for late clock-in, etc.

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TSheets has also done a survey for the GPS tracking feature of Time Clock Software. According to this research, this feature helps in improving accuracy and accountability.

The Below image will show you the details of the research:

Time Clock Software - Research

Pro Tip: While selecting the Time Clock Software, one should consider the number of employees to be tracked, currently using payroll system and its integration with the Time Clock Software, the information that you need to capture while tracking the time, and the number of managers & administrators who have access to time cards.
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List of the Best Time Clock Software

Enlisted below are the top Time Clock Apps that are used by most of the top organizations worldwide for managing employee time tracking.

Comparison of Top Time Clock Apps

 PlatformUsersFeaturesFree TrialPrice
Time Clock Wizard
Mobile Apps for iOS and Android devices.
Small, medium, & large organizations plus schools and non-profit organizations.Employee Scheduling,
Time tracking, Task Management, & Payroll Reporting.
30 days trial for all featuresFree plan
Value: $14.95/month, Pro: Starts at $29.95/month, Enterprise: $99.95/month.
Open Time Clock
Web-based.Any sized businesses.Face Recognition, GPS & MAP, Barcode RFID, Job Tracking, Shift Schedule, Absence PTO.Free plan for unlimited users.Free plan, Paid Plan: $25/month.
Web-basedSmall and Medium sized businesses.Time and Attendance, Geolocation and Geofencing, PTO, Leaves, & Vacation, Time Card Calculator, & many more.14 days for all plans.Nano:$15 /month Micro: $30 /month Milli: $50 /month
Kilo: $100 /month
Virtual Time Clock
Windows & Mac OS.Any sized company.Simple and easy to use. Onetime payment, & Flexible setup.AvailableBasic: $99 Pro: $ 195
Network: Visit Store. It is a onetime fee.
Easy Clocking
Web-based, iOS, and Android devices.--Fingerprint, Proximity card pin entry, geographical locations, Job Costing.--Get a quote

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#1) Time Clock Wizard

Best for small to large organizations.

Price: Time Clock Wizard offers four pricing plans. A free plan is available for small teams. Other three plans include Value ($14.95 per month), Pro (Starts at $29.95 per month), and Enterprise ($99.95 per month).

Time Clock Wizard

Time Clock Wizard is the online time clock which can perform the task of employee scheduling, time tracking, task management, and payroll reporting. The system has user permissions for every level like employees, Administrator, and Super Administrator. A mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices.


  • It can generate payroll reports based on the employee’s tracked time.
  • The tool can collect data for employee’s absence, late clock-ins, and work hours.
  • The system will allow you to schedule employees according to alternating work days, pay rates, and reimbursements.
  • It also provides the functionality of PTO Reports and Photo Capture.

Website: Time Clock Wizard

#2) Open Time Clock

Best for any sized businesses.

Price: Open Time Clock has a free plan for an unlimited number of users. Its paid plan will cost you $25 per month.

Open Time Clock

Open Time Clock is the system for tracking the employee’s time from anywhere. It includes functionalities like Face Recognition, GPS & Map, Job Tracking, and Shift scheduling, etc.


  • It is easy to use.
  • It has functionalities for Barcode RFID, Webcam Photo, GPS & Map, and Face Recognition.
  • It includes the features of Job tracking, Absence PTO, and shift scheduling.

Website: Open Time Clock

#3) ClockIt 

Best for small and medium-sized businesses.

Price: ClockIt has four pricing plans i.e. Nano ($15 per month for 10 users), Micro ($30 per month for 20 users), Milli ($50 per month for 50 users), and Kilo ($100 per month for 100 users). All these plans will cost you for the teams. A free trial is also available for 14 days for all the plans.

Clock It

ClockIt is a web-based time clock which can be used with Kiosks, Slack, and Bio-metric time and attendance machines. Mobile apps are also available. It has functions for time and attendance tracking. It provides features like dynamic reports, time card calculator, and attendance audit.


  • It has dynamic reports.
  • It includes functions for PTO, Leaves, and Vacations.
  • It has features for Geo-location and Geo-fencing.
  • It helps in shift planning and shift scheduling.
  • It has a Manager Dashboard.

Website: ClockIt

#4) Virtual Time Clock

Best for any sized company.

Price: Virtual TimeClock has three editions i.e. Basic ($99 for 3 users & 1 computer), Pro ($195 for unlimited users & 1 computer), and Network (Visit store. It is for unlimited users and multiple computers).

Virtual Time Clock

Virtual TimeClock is an employee time clock software for Windows and Mac OS. It can be used on Windows Tablet as well. It is a one-time purchase software. It provides three editions i.e. Basic, Pro, and Network. Network edition has more advanced features like recording time at multiple locations.


  • Simplified Time card management.
  • It has a clean and consistent interface.
  • Network edition provides the feature of a clock in & clock out for each workstation.
  • Managers and Administrators can get information about the employee’s arrival and current activity from their computer with Network edition.

Website: Virtual Time Clock

#5) Easy Clocking

Best for its fast data collection capabilities.

Price: Get a quote.

Easy Clocking

Easy Clocking is the provider of the employee time clocks and time & attendance software which are based on fingerprint, RFID, and Biometric. It will give you real-time access to the data from anywhere. It includes features like scheduling, Job costing, time off management, powerful reporting & analytics, etc.


  • Various options for Employee time clocks like Fingerprint, Proximity card pin entry, PC as well as the mobile clock in.
  • Mobile clock in with geographical locations.
  • It has time off management.
  • It provides scheduling features for groups, individuals, and for recurring schedules.
  • Job Costing features will help you to identify the labor costs related to projects.

Website: Easy Clocking

#6) When I Work

Best for small, medium, and large businesses.

Price: When I Work is free for 75 employees. It has three pricing plans i.e. Scheduling Basic, Scheduling Pro, and Enterprise. Scheduling Basic will cost you $1.50 per user per month. Scheduling Pro is for $2.25 per user per month. Contact them to get a quote for the Enterprise plan.

When I Work

When I Work is the software for time clock and employee scheduling. It is free for small teams. It can be used in different industries like retail, hotels, healthcare, technology, and colleges. It provides a mobile app for iOS and Android devices.


  • It allows you to set fixed time intervals.
  • For payrolls, it can be integrated with QuickBooks, ADP and many others.
  • The tool will send notifications to clock out.
  • It has many more features like Payroll accuracy and Geo-fencing.

Website: When I Work

#7) TSheets

Best for small, medium, and large size businesses.

Price: A free trial is available for the software. It is free for one user. For small businesses with 2 to 99 users, TSheets Time clock will cost you $4 per user per month. For enterprises with more than 100 users, it will cost you $4 per user per month.


TSheets is a web-based employee time clock software. It has features for detailed reporting, scheduling, payroll & invoicing, a mobile app with GPS, and overtime alerts.


  • Time tracking on mobiles.
  • GPS tracking is available.
  • It provides seamless integration with Quickbooks or payroll systems.
  • Easy clock-in and clock-out.
  • Photo capture and face recognition.

Website: TSheets Time clock

#8) TimeCamp

Best for all business sizes.

Price: TimeCamp has four pricing plans i.e. Solo (Free), Basic ($5.25 per user per month), Pro ($7.50 per user per month), and Enterprise (Starts at $450 per month). The Solo plan is free forever.


TimeCamp is a time tracking software. It supports manual as well as automatic time tracking. It has features for the billable time, invoicing, attendance & time off, and time management.


  • It performs attendance and absence analysis.
  • Invoices with professional appearance and notification when it gets read by the clients.
  • It provides a Graphical time sheet.

Website: TimeCamp

#9) Homebase

Best for any business size.

Price: A free trial is available for 14 days. The Basic plan is free for one location and an unlimited number of users. Essentials plan will cost you $16 per month, Plus plan will cost you $40 per month and the Enterprise plan will cost you $80 per month.


Homebase provides cloud-based time clock which can be used on any browser, tablet, and phone. It avoids the need to remember the usernames and passwords through a PIN-based entry. It provides many features like offline mode and GPS tracking.


  • It can track paid and unpaid breaks.
  • The system will show real-time data for labor cost.
  • It supports GPS-based clock-in.
  • It can work in offline mode too.

Website: Homebase

#10) On The Clock

Best for all business sizes.

Price: A free trial is available for 30 days. You can also request a live demo. On The Clock is free for two employees. The price starts at $2.50 per employee. As the number of employees gets increased, the cost will get reduced.

On The Clock

On The Clock is the web-based employee time clock application which can accurately track employee hours, time and PTO. It has features like PTO tracking and Geofencing. It can be used on desktop, tablet, and mobiles. A mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices.


  • It can be integrated with the payroll systems.
  • It provides features for Payroll and project reporting.
  • It is available on mobile as well as online.
  • It has GPS tracking and Geofencing features.

Website: On The Clock

#11) Time Clock Hub

Best for small, medium, and large companies.

Price: Time Clock Hub offers a free trial for 30 days. For three users, Time Clock Hub has a free plan. Starter plan will cost you $15 per month for an unlimited number of users. The Premium plan will cost you $20 per month plus $2 per user.

Time Clock Hub

Time Clock Hub is a web-based employee time clock. It has features of advanced online scheduling and payroll reporting. It allows you to customize the job codes and set multiple office locations. It also includes features for reimbursement reports and task management.


  • It helps in calculating expenses such as reimbursements, overtime, and Paid Time Off.
  • It provides an efficient employee scheduler.
  • The system allows you to assign clocking restrictions like assigning a specific IP address etc.
  • It includes features for GPS tracking, Overtime setting, and photo capture as well.

Website: Time Clock Hub

#12) Tanda (iOS)

Best for iPhone and iPad users.

Price: Free


Tanda is an employee time tracker for tracking attendance. It is an application for iOS devices.


  • Time off management.
  • Timesheet approving.
  • It has features for Leave management, employee scheduling, and employee onboarding.

Website: Tanda (iOS)

#13) ExakTime

Best for construction, landscaping, transportation, or field related markets.

Price: Get a quote.


ExakTime is a cloud-based TimeClock app. It can track the time, attendance, and location through Mobile Time Tracking feature. It provides more features like Job Costing, Elapsed Time, and Field Notes.


  • FaceFront biometrics.
  • It has GPS tracking through the Mobile app.
  • Mobile Time Cards will give visibility to the total work time, regular time, and information about overtime.
  • Equipment Tracking will allow you to track the equipment by the employee name.
  • Simple Mobile Forms will avoid the paperwork.

Website: ExakTime


We have seen the top time clock software along with their reviews, and comparison. Time Clock Wizard, Open clock, When I Work, TSheets, TimeCamp, Homebase, On The Clock, and Time Clock Hub offer a free plan. Virtual Time Clock offers pricing plans with a onetime fee.

Out of the top five, Time Clock Wizard has quoted the least prices for its monthly plans.

ClockIt is best for small and medium-sized businesses. Tanda is best for iOS users and Virtual TimeClock supports Windows and Mac OS.

Hope this article will help you in selecting the right Time Clock Software!

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