10 Best Background Check Services For A Perfect Hire in 2023

Review of the Best Background Check Service Provider Companies for Employment Check:

Background check service helps you in knowing the information about a person.

These services can provide information about a person’s address, educational information, relatives, criminal records, driving records, and much more.

It can be used for various purposes like for performing an employee background check, tenant or room-mate verification, address lookup, Phone number lookup, people search, etc.

Background Check Services

Pro Tip: To use the background check service as an employment screening service, it should be FCRA compliant. Other factors to consider while selecting these services are the time it is going to take for collecting the information, price, accuracy of the data, and the customer service provided by them.

Background Check Companies

There are many Employment Background Checking companies available, using which you can perform the background screening of any candidate.

Just by entering the name, these online background checking websites provide you instant information about various factors like bankruptcies, sex offenses, civil legal judgments, criminal records, address history, marriage records, and much more.

Using the below graph, HireRight has best explained the benefits of employment check.

Benefits of Background check services

Some of the best background check sites are not FCRA compliant.

As a pre-employment screening software, companies should go with the background checking services which are FCRA compliant. Background screening services that are not FCRA compliant may give you quick results but sometimes provide incomplete information.

Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is a federal law which supervises the consumer reporting agencies for their methods of collecting information and managing them.

As per MRA investigations, a background check for employment is necessary. The below graph will show you the necessity for that.

Results of Background Check

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List and Comparison of Background Screening Companies

ProductPriceElectronic Consent FormBest ForCustomer ServiceEmployment ScreeningFCRA Compliance
TransUnion ShareAble For Hires

TransUnion ShareAble
Basic: $35,
Plus: $50,
Pro: $60.
NoSmall businesses who need to screen fast.Phone and email.Can useConsumer reporting agency.

Basic: $29.99
Standard: $54.99
Premium: $79.99
YesSmall BusinessesPhone, email, & live chat.Can useConsumer reporting agency.
US Search

Background Check: $39.95,
People Search Report: $2.45.
-Detailed and accurate results.-Cannot useNot a consumer reporting agency

Basic ($29.95), Better ($49.95),
Premium ($64.95).
NoUser-friendly and easy to use.Phone, email, & live chat.Can Use--
Instant Checkmate

One month: $22.86,
3 months: $14.86,
6 months: $9.86
-Reports in chronological order. -Cannot useNot a consumer reporting agency

Reviews of the Best Background Check

Enlisted below are the best background check sites that are most commonly used in almost all organizations worldwide.

Let’s Explore!!

#1) TransUnion ShareAble For Hires

Best For Small businesses needing to screen someone quickly.

Price: Free to sign-up. No membership fees. Pay per use with a selection of screening packages. Background Check Basic is $35, Background Check Plus is $50, and for just $10 more you can get the Background Check Pro from ShareAble for Hires.

TransUnion ShareAble Dashboard

This online employee screening service is designed specifically for small businesses that need a simple and easy way to run employment background checks and hire people quickly.

With ShareAble for Hires, you get access to credit, criminal, and ID verification information in a matter of minutes.  The entire process is done online and can be on your mobile device.  Employers get reports delivered from TransUnion, a trusted company with over 40 years of experience in the credit reporting industry.

This is much faster than traditional employment background checks, which can take weeks to complete accompanied by a lengthy credentialing process. Just because reports from ShareAble for Hires are designed to comply with the FCRA and state consumer reporting laws, you’re able to make more confident hiring decisions.


  • Immediate access to powerful screening tools.
  • Fast delivery of reports.
  • Compliance filters designed to comply with FCRA.
  • Reliable reports sent directly to you from TransUnion.

Cons: None

#2) GoodHire

Best for small businesses.

Price: In order to check the records in lower volumes, GoodHire offers three pricing plans, Basic ($29.99 each), Standard ($54.99 each), and Premium ($79.99 each). To check records in higher volumes, you can contact the company to get a pricing quote. Many Add-ons are available at an additional cost.


GoodHire provides the background screening services to companies for pre-employment and employment. It provides a configurable screening platform. GoodHire can perform the screening for criminal records, drugs, international checks, and healthcare.


  • With Motor Vehicle Records Check, You can check the information about the driver’s license.
  • Criminal Record Search.
  • Identity Checks is for SSN Trace and Associated Counties.
  • GoodHire is scalable to complex business processes.


  • Search functionality is not that good.

Website: GoodHire

#3) US Search

Best for detailed and accurate reports.

Price: As per the reviews available online, US Search will cost you $39.95 for Background Checking. Its monthly subscription is available at $19.95. People Search Report is for $2.45.

US Search

US Search will help you to find the current address, address history, phone numbers, and criminal checks etc. The company recommends that the reports provided by it should not be used for employment decisions or for tenant screening as US Search is not a Consumer Reporting Agency.


  • The system allows you to search by Name, Address, and by Phone number.
  • The system provides the services for Property Records, Public Records, background services and many others too.
  • You can find people from anywhere in the US.
  • Email search is available.
  • Social Network Search is also available.

Cons: The system doesn’t provide the information in chronological order.

Website: US Search

#4) HireRight

Best for its user-friendliness and easy to use.

Price: There are three pricing plans i.e. Basic ($29.95), Better ($49.95), and Premium ($64.95).


HireRight provides best background check for employment. Drug testing, Form I-9, and E-Verify are also offered by HireRight. It provides many services like identity checks, global screening, and criminal background verification.


HireRight can provide services for:

  • Criminal Background checking.
  • Identity Checks and Verifications.
  • Screening for Drug and Health.
  • Extended Workforce screening.
  • It also provides the services to check driving records.

Cons: No cons to explain.

Website: HireRight

#5) Instant Checkmate

Best for Arranging reports in chronological order. It provides comprehensive reports as well.

Price: The website doesn’t provide any pricing information. As per the reviews available online, the price is $22.86 for a one-month membership, $14.86 for 3-months membership, and $9.86 for 6-months membership. Premium Reports are available at $19.99 per report. A 5-day trial is available for $1.

Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is a public records search service. It can be used to reconnect with family members, to know more about neighbors, or to find lost friends. It helps in knowing about the unknown callers through a mobile App which is available for iOS and Android devices.

Instant Checkmate is not a consumer reporting agency as per FCRA so it should not be used for employment decisions.


  • Unlimited Standard Reports.
  • Search Using First and Last name.
  • You can know about an unknown caller.
  • Search using an Email address.
  • Search using location or address.


  • Buying option is not available for individual reports.

Website: Instant Checkmate

#6) Backgroundchecks.com

Best for – It checks hundreds of databases to find the information. This system is good for companies which require subscription-based options.

Price: For Single Search, Background screening will cost you $29.95 each. For three searches, the price will be $70 for all. For 5 Searches, the cost will be $100 for all.

For 10 Searches, it will cost you $180 and for 25 searches, the price will be $375. Large organizations, with the requirement of more than 50 searches per month, can contact the company for the customized pricing package.


Through Backgroundchecks.com you will be able to access driving records, credit reports, resume verification, and drug screening, etc. This website is for checking the background of employees as well as for personal background checks.

Backgroundchecks.com has solutions for Staffing Companies, Church & Religious Organizations, Hourly Employee Screening, Hospitals & Healthcare Organizations, and many other domains.


  • Court searches from 50 US states for criminal records.
  • It contains Terrorist Watchlist Check.
  • It will also contain SSN Validation.
  • It checks against Sex Offender Registry.
  • You will get role-specific reports or verifications e.g. driving records.


  • There is no facility to search by address or phone number.

Website: Backgroundchecks.com

#7) eNannySource

Best for screening of household employees.

Price: Free trial is available for 30 days. For one month access, the price will be $49.85. For three months, the cost will be $119.85. For six months, the cost will be $150.


eNannySource provides background verification services which are FCRA compliant.

It can check Country court records and National database. Most of the times, this service is used for the background check of household employees. This service is mainly for hiring a nanny. It will help you with your child safety.


  • Instant messaging through live chat.
  • The eNanny email will allow contacting by keeping your contact information confidential.
  • Powerful search functionality.
  • It provides a featured profile listing.


  • Can use only for household employees.

Website: eNannySource

#8) TruthFinder

Best for accurate results.

Price: The price for one-month subscription is less than $30. The price for three-month subscription will be less than $26.


TruthFinder will help you to search public records. In order to perform background verification, it checks police records, civil judgments, contact information, social media, and many other factors.


  • Reports can include information about birth and death records, relatives, contact information, criminal & arrest records, traffic records, education, job, and much more information.
  • It has reverse phone lookup.
  • This service will help you to reconnect with your family, friends etc.


  • Pricing packages are not flexible.

Website: TruthFinder

#9) PeopleFinders

Best for providing accurate results and their subscription plans are the best ones.

Price: PeopleFinders Premium membership is at $29.95 per month. For the first month, it is $9.95. Basic membership is available at $24.95 per month. It is also available at $9.95 for the first month.


PeopleFinders will help you with People search, background check, criminal records, and public records etc.


  • It has reverse phone lookup.
  • It performs fast and accurate people search.
  • You can get background details from any phone, tablet, or desktop.
  • For criminal records, it checks with the nationwide database of criminal records.

Cons: As per the reviews available online, it doesn’t include social media information in the reports.

Website: PeopleFinders


While concluding the article, we can say background check services can also be called reference check software.

GoodHire is best for small businesses and can be used for pre-employment screening. Instant Checkmate provides the reports in chronological order. US Search is best for detailed and accurate results.

PeopleFinders, and TruthFinder are best for accurate results. eNannySource is for the background check of household employees. GoodHire and eNannySource are the FCRA-compliant services and GoodHire can be used as an employment screening software. HireRight also provides background check sites for employment.

eNannySource offers a free trial for 30 days. Intelius has affordable pricing plans.

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I hope you will find this article helpful in knowing the best service provider companies for pre-employment.

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