Top 12 Talent Management Software Systems in 2023 (Reviews)

Best Talent Management System (TMS)

Talent management is important for organizations. Aligning human resource with the overall business strategy is a critical element for the success of a company.

This integration has become even more important in the wake of changing workforce demographics, globalization, and talent shortages.

Managing the key human resource requirements should be a critical part of your overall business strategy. HR departments can have an easier time managing key talent using talent management software.

In this article, we will explain what talent management is and discuss some of the talent management software that can help you to manage your employees effectively.


What Is Talent Management?

Talent management is a part of human resource management. The term refers to meeting the required human capital needs of an organization.

This process involves a series of tasks that can be grouped into the following five categories:

  • Planning: Creating a workforce plan by identifying the positions to be filled and developing key roles and job descriptions accordingly.
  • Attracting: Using traditional and digital media to attract prospects for different positions.
  • Selecting: Hiring the best person after conducting written tests and interviews.
  • HR Development: Developing skills to match positions through orientation programs, continuous training, counseling, coaching, etc.
  • Retaining: Creating incentives to retain employees.

A talent manager needs to focus on different areas such as creating employee-friendly policies and becoming the best place to work for in the region. The manager needs to focus on the roles of the employees and create a succession plan.

Talent management activities form a part of strategic workforce planning. A talent manager needs to visualize the organizational requirements and create a process that results in the most productive workforce.

In short, talent management is the process of utilizing human resources to create business value. The process makes it possible for companies to achieve above-average performance targets.

Key Components of Talent Management

Talent management is the process of hiring and managing employees to ensure that an organization’s needs are met.

The activity involves certain key components that impact the effectiveness of the process:

Definition of Vision, Mission, and Values – The foremost component of talent management software is the development of a strategic framework that prioritizes different tasks. The component helps in prioritizing different programs. It involves focusing on factors that will tie the organizational goals with human resource management goals.

Creating a Roadmap for Attracting and Retaining Talent – The second main component of talent management is creating a tactical plan for having the right mix of people in the workforce. The skills, diversity, and competencies of the team are focused on ensuring innovation and high work performance.

Assessment of Talent Gap – Assessing the talent gap is another key component of talent management. A talent manager should be able to identify an organization’s HR needs and what must be done to meet them.

Creating a Talent Succession Plan – A talent succession plan should be based on the vision, values, and goals of an organization. The succession plan should take account of the capabilities that are required to meet the demands of the job.

Measure the Perception of Workforce – Talent management is about making sure that the employees are happy with the policies and tasks. For this, it’s important that a talent manager gets feedback from employees.

The perception assessment should be taken to make sure that employees are satisfied with the work and feel a part of the workforce. This is important to realize the return on the most important investment of a company – human resources.

Employee Motivation Plan – Based on the employee assessment, a talent manager needs to create an employee motivation plan. The motivation plan should include tasks that can make the employees feel committed and motivated to work for the company. Higher employee motivation leads to improved productivity and reduced turnover.

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Creating Successful Profiles – Companies should use employee profiles to better manage the employees. A large number of companies have defined competency models. The competency models should be present for all levels of the organization.

Also known as the success profiles, competency models help in managing talents. They clarify the traits that are associated with success or failure in a job. Moreover, the models include personal attributes such as the desire to excel, career advancement, and discipline.

The model also consists of knowledge and experience that can help to improve job performance.

A Focus on Workplace Diversity – Talent management should also be based on workplace diversity. A talent manager needs to create an all-inclusive strategy where everyone has an equal chance to excel in the field irrespective of race, color, gender, and religion.

What is the Purpose of Talent Management?

The aim of talent management is to capture the right talent for a given position. The activity aims at identifying different challenges in terms of managing employees.

Talent management is all about attracting the best talent for the organization. The objective of talent management is to provide opportunities for employees to excel in their career. Here are some of the other goals of a talent management process.

  • Ensuring employee engagement and motivation.
  • Retaining top talent
  • Best business performance
  • Client satisfaction due to efficient customer service.

What is Talent Management Software?

Talent managers can make use of technology for improved outcome. Talent management software refers to an integrated suite that focuses on different components of managing human resource management.

Using a talent management system, talent managers will save time and effort in managing employees. The system automates certain processes. The software can be used to streamline different processes from the time that the employees are selected to the time they retire.

With a good talent management system, talent managers will be able to keep a track of employees within the organization. They can use the software to track data at different points of the employee life cycle.

Talent managers can sift through the information that is available in the talent management system. They can develop employee training programs and create succession plans.

Talent management software can be used by the human resource manager to track and ensure that every employee has the right skills. By using talent management software, talent managers can identify and remove obstacles that hinder employee development.

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The software can also allow greater synergy between HR managers, departmental managers, and supervisors.

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Top Talent Management Software Systems (Pricing and Reviews)

Enlisted below are the most popular Talent Management Software that is available in the market.

Comparison Table of Talent Management Software

Talent Management SoftwareBest ForPriceSuitable for Business Size Employee management and tracking the talent pipeline.It starts at $8/user/month for annual billing.Small to large businesses.
InsperityFull-Service HR Management for Businesses of all types.Contact to get custom quote.Small to large enterprises.
BambeeCompliance-ready Employee Onboarding and Termination.Starts at $99/monthSmall and mid-sized enterprises
ClearCompanyApplicant tracking system and compliant onboarding.Quote-basedSmall and medium size business.
Zoho RecruitAn integrated solution for applicant tracking and hiring.Free for single recruiter; Standard $25 per user per month; Enterprise $50 per user per month.Small size business.
iCIMS Talent AcquisitionRecruitment, on-boarding, and applicant tracking.Contact to get a quote.Small and medium size business.
Oracle HCM CloudAI-based recruitment and selection.$8 per employee per month.Medium size business.
TalentSoftRecruiting, sourcing international talent, and internal employee development.Contact to get a quote.Small size business.

Let’s review each software in detail.

#1) provides employee management software that has functionalities to track your talent pipeline and engage employees. It provides visibility into employees’ day-to-day performance. It helps you with managing the performance review process. Employees can submit their vacation requests and will get a notification on approval.

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Recruiting pipeline will help you to manage & optimize your employees recruiting processes. It will streamline internal planning & coordination with hiring managers. You will be able to easily track the candidate’s record.


  • Recruiting pipeline
  • Onboarding Process
  • Employee wellbeing
  • Leave requests
  • Performance reviews

Best for employee management and tracking the talent pipeline.

#2) Insperity

Best for full-service HR Management for businesses of all types.


With Insperity, you get a comprehensive full-service HR platform that streamlines and simplifies all aspects of an organization’s talent management process. From handling employee benefits to risk and payroll management, businesses of all types can benefit a lot with Insperity by their side.

Insperity is home to highly-skilled seasoned HR professionals who are always at your service. They offer personalized guidance and tools to assist you in recruiting the right talent for your firm. They also provide the hired talent with training to boost their performance.

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We especially like how Insperity shoulders the burden of daily administration and compliance associated with employee benefits. As such, you can provide your employees with access to benefits from dental, medical, vision, and accident insurance without a hassle.


  • Talent Sourcing and Recruitment
  • HR Admin and Payroll Management
  • Employer Liability management with regard to compensation coverage, liability insurance, etc.
  • Real-time support for HR-related compliance.
  • Centralized Platform to manage all aspects of HR.

#3) Bambee

Best for Compliance-ready Employee Onboarding and Termination. 


Bambee is a talent management software that particularly caters to the needs of small businesses. Bambee’s services are ideal for companies who wish to streamline their onboarding and termination process while complying with labor regulations. 

Bambee offers managers unique report cards, which allow them to track employee performance. They can then directly convey their praise or feedback to the employee via an open communication channel. Employees too get a platform to voice their honest opinions. Besides this, Bambee also helps with training employees on crucial subjects of sexual harassment, ethics, etc. 


  • Employee Coaching and Guidance
  • Assistance with Employee Onboarding and Training
  • HR Problem solving
  • Crafting Custom HR Policies
  • Guided Payroll Management

#4) ClearCompany

Best for Applicant tracking system and compliant onboarding.

ClearCompany offers you a solution that helps you manage a talent throughout their time with your organization. You get a comprehensive applicant tracking system to find and hire the right talent for the job. The software also takes care of everything necessary to ensure smooth onboarding of an employee.

The software takes care of everything from documentation to ensuring compliance on your behalf. The platform also arms HR leaders and managers with a ton of social recognition tools, which if used appropriately can help boost employee morale and productivity. Add to that, you get a visual analytics dashboard that lets you asses your employee’s performance over time.


  • Applicant Tracking
  • Automating Workflows
  • Employee Engagement
  • Performance Management
  • Analytical Dashboard.

#5) Zoho Recruit

Best for An integrated solution for applicant tracking and hiring.

Price: Free for a single recruiter; Standard $25 per user per month; Enterprise $50 per user per month.

Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is a full workflow solution for recruiters.

The software boasts of features that help talent managers to organize, monitor, and streamline the hiring process. It compiles hiring data including interviews, resumes, and notes. The information is presented in a single place that makes it easy for managing data related to employees.

It can integrate with different apps such as Outlook, Zoho CRM, Google Apps, and others.


  • Candidate database
  • Candidate Matching
  • Advanced Search
  • Resume parser
  • Post to job sites

#6) TalentSoft


TalentSoft is a great talent management application that helps to meet the different needs of the talent manager. The software features components for managing different talent management components such as recruiting, performance, compensation, training, and workforce planning.

The software is particularly suitable for managing international employees. It can also scale up or down based on the needs of the organization.


  • Online talent management
  • Cloud, Web, SaaS deployment
  • Learning Management System
  • Compensation Management
  • Performance Tracking
  • Recruitment Management
  • Succession Planning

Multilingual support – Over 25 languages are supported.

Best for Recruiting, sourcing international talent, and internal employee development.

Website: TalentSoft

#7) iCIMS Talent Acquisition


iCIMA Talent Acquisition is an intuitive and flexible solution for talent management. The software comes with a range of features that make it a complete solution for hiring and managing employees. It features career site search, social media distribution, and even career site search engine optimization.

It comes with features and tools that can help recruiters to efficiently perform their tasks. Highlights of the employee management software include Mobile and AI engagement, candidate relationship management, application tracking, offer management, and employees onboarding solution.


  • Interview management
  • Internal human resource management
  • Background screening
  • Employee assessment
  • Job Requisition
  • Jobs board integration
  • Social media integration

Best for: Recruitment, on-boarding, and applicant tracking.

Website: iCIMS

#8) ADP Workforce


ADP Workforce has a lot of interesting features that help talent managers to better manage employees. The software makes use of AI to find out data based on location. The real-time accurate information allows managers to make timely decisions.

Talent management module features posting on a custom career site or social networks. The software can also automate the process of managing compensation. It consists of customizable workflows and built-in templates. Talent managers can create compensation strategies and allocate bonuses and raises based on merit.


  • Payroll and tax management.
  • HR management
  • Time and labor tracking
  • Recruiting, performance management, compensation management.
  • Benefits management – Affordable Care Act (ACA), COBRA, etc.

Best for: HR Management, payroll, talent management.

Website: ADP Workforce

#9) Oracle HCM Cloud

Price: Talent Management Module – $8 per month per employee with a minimum of 1000 employees.


HCM is another flexible tool for managing employees. The software facilitates talent review and succession planning. Using the software helps in performance management, workforce compensation, goal management, and career development.

The talent management software boasts of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) functionality. Virtual reality and digital assistants help talent managers to simplify the task of managing employees within the organization.


  • Workforce rewards
  • Workforce management
  • Competition tab
  • Attendance management
  • Employee self-service

Best for: AI-based recruitment and selection

Website: Oracle HCM Cloud

#10) UltiPro


UltiPro is a comprehensive talent management solution. It comes with unique predictive analytics tools that let talent managers identify top performers. The managers can chart professional growth and create plans for employee retention and across the workforce.


  • Position management
  • System administration
  • Compensation management
  • Career development
  • Predictive analytics tools
  • Performance management
  • Succession management

Best for: Managing the complete talent management lifecycle.

Website: UltiPro

#11) Saba TMS


Saba is a comprehensive talent management package. It helps talent managers to assess requirements and fill skill gaps. Key highlights of the software include talent dashboards, candidate assessment, talent benchmarking, KPI management, and career planning.

Using the software can also help in budgeting for employee compensation. The budget module handles automated workflows, multi-currency, and multi-national employees.


  • Learning and development
  • Performance management
  • Employee engagement insights.
  • Recruitment planning
  • Compensation management
  • Succession planning
  • Strategic workflow modeling.

Best for: Real-time performance monitoring and employee engagement.

Website: Saba

#12) Cornerstone OnDemand

Cornerstone OnDemand

Cornerstone OnDemand is a flexible talent management software with integrated cloud-based performance management. The software has different components for recruitment, employee development, and human resource task management. This talent management app is great for all industries and sizes.


  • Recruiting module
  • Learning module
  • Performance module
  • Social integration
  • Succession Plan

Best for: Employee life cycle management

Website: CornerStoneOne

#13) Paylocity


Paylocity is a good talent management solution that is suitable for small business owners. It can easily integrate with different third-party apps.


  • Applicant tracking
  • Compensation management
  • Performance journaling
  • Online surveys to recruit talent

Best for: Payroll and HR management of small businesses.

Website: Paylocity

#14) IBM Talent Management

Price: $5,000 per month.

IBM Talent Management

IBM Talent Management software is best for large companies that want a comprehensive talent management solution. There are many different modules for each of the talent management.

IBM Watson AI-Powered recruitment helps organizations to improve the efficiency of recruitment assessment and selection. The software also includes a module for talent development and management. You can fast track employee development with AI-based assessment modules.


  • Employee life-cycle management
  • Applicant tracking
  • Recruitment management
  • AI-powered talent management

Best for: Enterprise looking for a comprehensive talent management solution.

Website: IBM Talent Management


Talent managers can streamline the process of recruitment managing employees using technology. Large enterprises should use IBM Talent Management or Oracle HCM Cloud.

Small and mid-sized companies can select TalentSoft, Zoho Recruit, and iCIMS Talent Acquisition. Saba offers a comprehensive talent management solution.

While selecting talent management software, make sure that you compare the price and features. In the end, the selection will depend on the needs of the business and the budget.

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