Top 10 BEST Recruiting Software to Simplify Hiring Process in 2021

The Best Recruiting Software to manage all your recruitment and hiring process in 2021:

Recruiting software is an application that performs the task of job postings, reviewing of resumes, interview management, and management of the hiring processes.

By supporting the creation of offer letter and e-signature, this software helps in eliminating paperwork to a great extent. The recruitment software helps in hiring the top talent by offering powerful search functionality and integration with the social media.

Recruiting Software

Tip: While selecting the Recruiting software, you must consider your company size and the industry in which you want to manage this process. Also consider recruiting strategy like social media or video interviewing. Considering these specific needs will help you in finding the right software with required features at the right cost!

These hiring software are connected with social media to help you find the top talent. The graph given below will show you the facts about recruitment through social media.


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The recruitment software will help you to find the right person from the huge talent pool. Finding the right person at the right time will give you a better ROI. Analytics in HR has explained it through the below graph. This image itself explains ‘why it is important to use Recruiting software?’


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Recruiting software is most commonly used by talent acquisition professionals, recruiters, and hiring managers. Applicant Tracking System, CRM, and interviewing software are the three main types of recruiting tools.

While selecting a recruiting software, one should look for features like tasks automation, Job board integration, management of passive candidates, Onboarding, Applicant Tracking System, Intelligent Resume Parsing, and Recruiting & Talent analytics.

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Review of the Most Popular Recruiting Software

Enlisted below are the most commonly used recruitment management software that is available in the market.

Let’s Explore!!

Comparison Of Best Recruitment Software

ProductOur RatingsBusiness TypeBest ForPrice

Manatal Logo
5 StarsSmall to large
Complete ATS
with AI features
and CRM.
14-day free trial (no credit card required).
Two pricing plans at $15 and $35 /user/month. Logo
5 StarsSmall to large businesses. Optimizing the recruiting processes. It starts at $8 per seat per month.
Breezy HR

Breezy HR Logo
5 StarsSmall to large businesses.Interface and pipeline management.Free,
Startup: $143/month,
Business: $399/month.
Pro: Get a quote.

5 StarsSmall, Medium, & Large.Streamlined Recruitment Process26-50 Applicants: $4000 per year.
2501-5000 Applicants: $100000 per year

5 StarsSmall, Medium, & Large.ATS and CRM system.Starts at $99 per user per month

4.7 starsSmall, Medium, & Large.Integration with LinkedIn and its reporting capabilities.Starter, Professional, & Enterprise plan.
Price will be in the range of $300 to $3000

4.5 starsMedium and Large.Reporting capabilitiesFor 20-25 employees: $6000 per year.
More than 10000 employees price may be more than $25000 per year.

4.2 starsSmall, Medium, & Large.Reporting capabilities.For 51-100 employees: $6000 per year.

Here is a detailed review of these tools:

#1) Manatal

Best for: Its ease of use, AI features, and CRM tools. Most well-rounded ATS.

Manatal Pricing: It offers two pricing plans, annual as well as monthly plans starting at $15 and $35 /user/month.


Manatal is the top cloud-based recruiting software for corporate HR and recruitment agencies. Its platform offers a unique blend of core ATS tools and new innovative AI-powered features. Its design and functionalities are on track to make it the most complete set of recruitment solutions.

From candidate sourcing all the way to onboarding and beyond, Manatal provides a variety of tools that streamline your recruitment processes and enhance collaboration. This goes for internal communication just as much as external third-parties such as hiring managers, vendors, or clients.

Its unique features set Manatal apart in this niche, features like the social media enrichment of candidate profiles, and AI-driven features like the candidate recommendations and scoring.

All these tools coupled together allow for a more holistic view of candidates and increased efficiency on a number of tasks such as candidates screening. While other solutions seem to maintain complicated and non-intuitive interfaces, Manatal is the complete opposite. Its platform is optimized for a smooth and modern user experience.


  • All core ATS tools
  • Social media enrichment of candidate profiles
  • AI recommendation and candidate scoring
  • Resume parser
  • Automatic posting on job boards
  • Customizable career page
  • CRM tools
  • Onboarding tools
  • Collaboration tools
  • Advanced search tools
  • Reporting suite
  • Referral management
  • Duplicate management system
  • Progressive mobile app
  • API


Best for optimizing the recruiting processes. Pricing: offers the solution with four pricing plans, Basic ($8/seat/month), Standard ($10/seat/month), Pro ($16/seat/month), and Enterprise (Get a quote). A free trial is available for the tool. offers an employee management system that can track the talent pipeline and engage employees. It provides the functionalities of the recruitment pipeline, onboarding process, employee wellbeing, and development & learning.

The platform will give you visibility into the day-to-day performance of employees. This will help you to get assured about the success of the employee from the first day. Its collaboration features will let you communicate with managers and their direct reports.

The tool will help you to engage the talent creatively. It has the feature of automatic reminders that will make it easier to stay on top of potential candidates.


  • provides the features for the recruiting pipeline that will let you manage and optimize the employee recruiting process. This helps with streamlining internal planning and coordination with hiring managers. It keeps the record of each stage of candidates that will make it easier to track them in the process.
  • Onboarding of new employees will be easier with the help of
  • It provides the facility of leave requests.
  • has features to handle meetings and will help you with performance reviews.
  • will allow you to create your workflows.

#3) Breezy HR

Best for its interface and pipeline management features.

Breezy HR Pricing: Breezy HR offers annual as well as monthly pricing plans. There are four pricing plans, Free, Startup ($143 per month), Business ($399), and Pro (Get a quote). All these prices are for annual billing plans. A free trial is available for the product.

Breezy HR

Breezy HR is an end-to-end recruiting software. It provides the features and functionalities to help you with attracting and hiring employees. It will let you build and optimize your hiring process.

Breezy HR will provide actionable insights for each particular aspect of the recruiting process.  This will help you with making more informed decisions and improving the process.

It has a visual drag-and-drop interface. The tool will give you a bird’s eye view of the candidate’s pipeline. You can customize the pipelines for different roles. The tool will allow you to automate communication, tasks, scheduling, and follow-ups.


  • Breezy HR has features for automating candidate emails, SMS messages, scheduling, and interview management.
  • It provides team collaboration features to help you make collaborative hiring decisions in real-time.
  • In just a single click, you can advertise your jobs on over 50 job boards.
  • It has a candidate database and sourcing extension that will help you to become pursuing top talent.
  • You will be able to build a career portal.

#4) Jobvite

Best For Streamlined recruitment process.

Price: Pricing details are not provided by the company. As per the reviews available online, the price for the tool will be $4000 per year for 26 to 50 applicants. For 2501 to 5000 applicants, the price will be $100000 per year.


Jobvite is a recruitment management software that deals with insourcing, hiring, and onboarding the top talent.

It provides the solution from recruitment marketing to new hire engagement. Jobvite provides seven solutions to help you in the recruitment process i.e. Jobvite Hire, Jobvite Engage, Jobvite Onboard, Jobvite Brand, Jobvite Video, Mobile Hiring Team App, and Jobvite Text.

Jobvite is suitable for any business type, i.e. small, medium, and large.


  • Jobvite Hire is an Applicant Tracking System.
  • Jobvite Engage will help you in creating talent pools and in social campaigns.
  • Jobvite Onboard: Jobvite provides a mobile-friendly Onboarding portal.
  • Jobvite Brand will help you to build or update your career website.
  • Jobvite Video will help in the screening of candidates.
  • Mobile App is available for iOS and Android devices.
  • With Jobvite Text, you can send text messages to active and passive candidates.


  • Heavy UI.
  • Emails sent from Jobvite sometimes deliver as Spam.

Website: Jobvite

#5) Bullhorn

Best For System is best as an ATS and CRM system.

Price: For Bullhorn ATS and CRM, there are four pricing plans, Team, Corporate, Enterprise, and Enterprise Plus. Pricing details for these plans are not mentioned. You can request a pricing quote.

As per the reviews available online, the price for the tool starts at $99 per user per month.


Bullhorn is a hiring software that helps in automating the recruitment process. It helps in improving the placement rate of up to 43%.

Its predictive intelligence will give an intelligent insight into the candidate’s activity. It provides many useful features like SMS and Mass Mailing. Bullhorn is suitable for any business type, i.e. small, medium, and large.


  • Bullhorn provides a solution for automating the middle and backend solutions.
  • Online solutions for middle and backend tasks will allow you to access the records anytime anywhere.
  • Onboarding solution is specially made for Staffing firms. It eliminates paperwork and manual data entry.
  • Closed-loop VMS integration available.
  • Google Chrome extension will allow you to add candidate information without leaving the job board.
  • LinkedIn Recruiter Integration.

Website: Bullhorn

#6) Lever

Best For integration with LinkedIn and its reporting capabilities.

Price: Lever provides three pricing plans Starter, Professional, and Enterprise. Pricing details for these plans are not mentioned by the company. The price will be based on the plan you have selected and the number of employees. As per the online reviews available, the price will be in the range of $300 to $3000.


Lever recruitment Software will help you in sourcing, interviewing and hiring the top talent.

Lever provides three solutions to help you in the recruitment process, Lever Hire, Lever Nurture, and Lever Analytics. The system can be integrated with many tools. Lever tool is suitable for any business type, i.e. small, medium, and large.


  • Lever Hire is a combination of the applicant tracking system and CRM.
  • Drag-and-drop interface for interview scheduling.
  • Lever Nurture is an intelligent sourcing automation software.
  • Lever Nurture will provide you powerful analytics to track and optimize the campaigns.
  • Lever Analytics will allow you to customize every report.

Website: Lever

#7) Greenhouse

Best For good reporting capabilities.

Price: There are three pricing plans, Core, Pro, and Enterprise.

Pricing for these plans is not mentioned by the company. As per the internet reviews, the price may be up to $6000 per year for 20 to 25 people. For large companies with more than 10000 employees, the price may be more than $25000 per year.


Greenhouse, Applicant Tracking and Recruiting tool will help you in optimizing the recruitment process. Mobile App is available for iOS and Android devices. Greenhouse is suitable for Medium and Large Businesses.


  • Pipeline view for any role.
  • Collaboration with the hiring teams.
  • Scorecard with key attributes will help the interviewer in assessing the candidate’s performance.
  • Customizable email templates.
  • You can customize the career pages and job boards.

Cons: Absence of functionality of creating the questionnaires for interviews.

Website: Greenhouse

#8) iCIMS

Best For Reporting capabilities and the system is customizable.

Price: iCIMS doesn’t provide any information on pricing for the product. As per the reviews available online, the product price will be $6000 per year for 51 to 100 employees. For more than 5000 employees, the price will be $140000 per year.


iCIMS provides a solution for Offer Management, Applicant Tracking, CRM, and Employee Onboarding. The system stores the candidate data in a single database.

The ATS will allow you to send the targeted emails for retaining and enhancing the engagement. It helps in maintaining relationships too. iCIMS is suitable for any business type, i.e. small, medium, and large.


  • For creating the talent pool, iCIMS Connect can be used with any ATS or HCM.
  • As an Applicant Tracking System, it provides the features of Assessments, Resumes Parsing and Searching, Interview Scheduling, and Candidate Tracking.
  • It provides the Workflow Management and Job Board Posting features.
  • The system has features for Interview management.


  • Sometimes navigation through the system is difficult.
  • Learning curve

Website: iCIMS

#9) Jazz HR

Best For: A streamlined process of candidate screening.

Price: JazzHR has three pricing plans, Hero ($39 per month), Plus ($199 per month), and Pro ($309 per month). The demo will be provided on request.


JazzHR is an applicant tracking system and recruitment software which helps in the entire recruiting process through features and functionalities like Job posting and digitization of the offer process.

The system supports Free and Premium Job postings and Social Job Sharing. It provides HRIS integration and using this system, resumes can be uploaded in bulk. JazzHR is suitable for small and medium businesses.


  • The system provides Candidate Evaluation Templates.
  • It includes a Mobile-friendly Job Board.
  • Integration with LinkedIn.
  • Auto sending of emails.
  • The system allows Gmail and Outlook Calendar to sync.
  • Integration with Skills and Coding Test and Video Interview.


  • UI needs improvement.
  • Email sending functionality also needs improvement.

Website: JazzHR

#10) Recruiterbox

Best For Applicant Tracking and Managing the recruitment process.

Price: Recruiterbox has three plans, Starter, Pro, and Pro Plus.

The price for these plans is not mentioned by the company. As per the reviews, the price for the Starter plan is $199 per month, for Pro plan, it is $279 per month, and for Pro Plus plan it is $309 per month. A free trial is available for 14 days.


Recruiterbox is an Applicant Tracking System and Recruitment software. The system helps in building an attractive career site. With this system, you will get all the information like discussions with the candidates, shared evaluations, or attached documents in one place.

All the applications will be saved in one place, regardless of where they are coming from i.e. emails, job-boards, or career pages. Recruiter box is suitable for small and mid-size businesses.


  • Job Board Postings.
  • Create the job once and it will get updated everywhere i.e. career page, social media, and search engines.
  • Candidate tracking.
  • Assigning responsibilities.
  • Creation of customizable application form.


  • Mobile support needs to be improved.
  • Sometimes the system doesn’t work correctly with PDF files.

Website: Recruiterbox

#11) JobDiva

Best For Search with ‘Years of experience’. Also, it is a good Applicant Tracking System.

Price: The price for the product is not mentioned by the company. But as per the reviews available online, the price starts at $200 per month. You can request for the demo of the product.


JobDiva provides the solution of CRM, ATS, and solutions for back-office processes and VMS Synchronization.

With the candidate portal, you can provide candidates with the tools to create and update the resumes, upload documents, and the platform through which they can easily apply for the job. JobDiva provides a simple data-rich interface to enter and maintain Job Requisitions.

JobDiva is suitable for any business type.


  • Resume aggregation from the largest possible pool of relevant talent.
  • The system allows you to search the talent by ‘Years of experience’.
  • The system will allow you to access Outlook or any IMAP-Compliant Email Servers.
  • JobDiva Calendar can be synced with your Outlook or Smartphones so that recruiting activities, interviews, and hiring dates will automatically get updated in the calendar.
  • Automatic Resume Parsing and File Creation.

Cons: Reporting functionality is not that good.

Website: JobDiva

#12) SmartRecruiters

Best For collaboration features.

Price: SmartRecruiters can be used for free to hire up to 10 roles. The price of the tool starts at $10000 per year. The price will be decided based on the number of employees and the customized bundle of the product.


SmartRecruiters is a recruitment software which will help you in hiring processes, Applicant tracking, collaborative hiring, and recruitment marketing. It is a cloud-based hiring software which can be accessed from anywhere anytime.

SmartRecruiter is suitable for any business type, i.e. small, medium, and large.


  • The system has complete CRM and Sourcing capabilities.
  • With the help of this system, you can build an attractive career site that will be compatible with mobiles.
  • Collaboration features help the hiring team.
  • Send the offer and manage the signature through the system.
  • You can schedule follow-up interviews.
  • Integration with social media.

Cons: Search functionality is limited to predefined options.

Website: SmartRecruiters

#13) PeopleFluent

Best For its applicant tracking capabilities.
Price: Pricing information is not provided by the company.


PeopleFluent is a cloud-based solution for recruiting and talent management. It also provides a solution for compensation management.

It provides three products, PeopleFluent Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, and Learning. PeopleFluent Talent Acquisition is to help you with Recruitment and Onboarding. PeopleFluent is suitable for any business type, i.e. small, medium, and enterprise.


  • The system has built-in video and collaboration tools.
  • Generate offer letters.
  • Performance management.
  • The tool helps in assessment tests and candidate matching.
  • It has integration with social recruiting tools.


  • Filters are not that good.
  • Tracking is a little difficult.

Website: PeopleFluent

#14z) Zoho Recruit

Best For Recruitment Automation.

Zoho Recruit Pricing: It has three pricing plans i.e. Standard ($25 per user per month), Professional ($50 per user per month), and Enterprise ($75 per user per month). A free trial is available for 15 days.

Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is an applicant tracking system catering to multiple hurdles faced by recruiters. With complete solutions for both in-house recruiters and staffing agencies, Zoho Recruit helps you source, track, and hire the best candidates, without any juggling required across different media.

Customize every aspect of your workday and automate tasks like sending emails,
updating interview status, and more. Get reports and analytics at your fingertips and plan better hiring strategies.


  • Source quickly with Source Boosters.
  • Employee referral forums for stronger teams.
  • Create powerful career sites.
  • Design Pre-screening Assessments.
  • Collaborate with your hiring team.
  • Parse Resumes, set up Resume inbox and format them.
  • Track growth with recruitment analytics.
  • Recruitment automation with workflows and blueprints.
  • Candidate Interview stage tracking with hiring pipeline.
  • Powerful AI Recruitment features.
  • Improve candidate experience.


While concluding we can say that Jobvite provides a streamlined recruitment process.

Bullhorn is best as an ATS and CRM system. Lever is well integrated with LinkedIn. JazzHR is best for candidate screening. JobDiva provides powerful search capabilities. SmartRecruiters provides good collaboration features.

Lever, Greenhouse, and iCIMS have good reporting capabilities. Recruiterbox and PeopleFluent have good applicant tracking capabilities.

Hope this article will help you in finding the right Software.

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