10+ HR Consulting Firms And Services For Small Businesses

This is an in-depth review and comparison of the Best HR consulting firms and services. Have a closer look and choose the best one for your company:

When we look at the level of competition pertaining to almost every industry, a question comes up to mind, “What is the formula for success?”

An apt answer to this question is- Sustainable success is achieved when you always keep in mind the following points:

  • Always try to transform your working practices with the latest techniques.
  • Digital transformation is a need in the present scenario. You can not compete in the international market with outdated working models.
  • You should make efforts to attract the best talents to work for your organization.
  • Employee benefits (Direct as well as Indirect) play an important role in attracting the desired talent. Your workforce should feel taken care of.
  • Time to time training sessions for the teams and leaders can make a huge long-term impact.
  • You should also work on achieving certain pre-set goals or purposes, other than just focusing on maximizing the profits.

Top HR Consulting Firms

HR Consulting Firms Review

There are HR and payroll services providers who offer expert help to guide you on how to step up the path to success.

The HR services save much of your time and money. They help you grab the best talent, handle complex tasks like payrolls and taxes, and much more.

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In this article, we will give you a list of the best HR companies and will discuss their services, so that you can do a quick study to decide which one is the best for your company.

Pro-Tip: A well-established HR services company, which helps in attracting the finest talent and supports you in making your workforce more efficient and skilled, will always be the best choice for an organization of any size.
Fact Check: According to Market Research Future, the Global Core HR Software Market is expected to grow at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 9% from the year 2017 to 2023. The market is expected to reach $11 Billion by the year 2023.

HR Software Market

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) What are the HR services?

Answer: Human Resource Services or HR services are those which take control of the processes of recruitment, hiring, training, development, managing employee benefits and company culture, and the things alike.

Q #2) What HR skills are most in-demand?

Answer: An HR professional must have the following skills:

Q #3) What is HR job salary?

Answer: According to Salary.com, the salary of an HR manager in the United States of America typically ranges between $95,024 and $119,647.

Q #4) What kind of company is Accenture?

Answer: Accenture is one of the Fortune 500 companies. Founded in 1989 in Dublin, Ireland, Accenture is now one of the best HR services providers in the world. It helps its clients in making business strategies, which can take them towards the path of sustainable growth.

They give you proper guidance on how to reduce the operating costs and minimize revenue leakage.

Q #5) What are the pros of outsourcing HR in 2022?

Answer: Outsourcing HR services in 2022 can benefit you in the following ways:

  • They will give you solid advice on how to transform your business with time.
  • They will guide you on how to keep the business running in a situation like that of a pandemic.
  • They will help you grab the best talents for your company.
  • They will take control of complex procedures like payrolls and taxes.
  • They will help you give the most appropriate package of benefits to your employees.

Q #6) Can you outsource HR to a small business?

Answer: Yes, an HR service can prove highly beneficial for businesses of any size. A small business will benefit from outsourcing HR services in the following ways:

  • It will save much of your time by taking up the tasks of recruitment, training, and even payrolls.
  • It will help you find the best talent, which will eventually lead to the growth of your business.
  • It will guide you on how to scale and help you in decision making, to make your business able to compete in the global market.
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List of Top HR Consulting Firms

Here is the list of popular HR services/companies for small businesses:

  1. Bambee
  2. Gusto
  3. Accenture
  4. Bain & Company
  5. Astron Solutions
  6. Active Strategy
  7. Baker HR
  8. Aon
  9. Boston Consulting Group
  10. Deloitte Consulting LLP
  11. Korn Ferry
  12. McKinsey & Company

Comparing Some Top HR Services

Company's NameBest forFounded inRatingsWebsite
BambeeHelping streamline HR activities for small businesses.20165/5 starsVisit
GustoDirect access to certified HR professionals.20114.5/5Visit
AccentureCreating climate awareness19895/5 starsVisit
Bain & CompanyAssistance in making business strategies19735/5 starsVisit
Astron SolutionsBeing a complete HR solution at affordable prices. 19994.8/5 starsVisit
Active StrategyHelping you set up a purpose/goal to be achieved20124.8/5 starsVisit
Baker HRHR services for small businesses. 19974.7/5 starsVisit

Detailed Reviews:

#1) Bambee

Bambee Logo

Founded in 2016, Bambee is a great HR consulting firm that we would strongly recommend to small businesses with less than 500 employees. You get access to a dedicated HR manager immediately after signing up with them. This manager will make sure all crucial aspects pertaining to your organization’s daily HR-related processes are taken care of with utmost effectiveness and efficiency.

Although headquartered in Los Angeles, Bambee’s services can be acquired throughout all 50 states across the USA. The company currently helps small businesses from 20 different industries streamline their HR department and is guaranteed to do the same for you as well.

Founded: 2016
Employees: 300
Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA
Location: USA
Estimated Revenue: $7.8 Million

Services Offered:

  • Simplify employee onboarding and termination.
  • Help manage taxes at the federal, state, and local levels.
  • Automated staff training and development
  • Perform comprehensive HR audits annually.

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Price: $99/month FOR 1-4 employees, $199/month for 5-19 employees, $299/month for 20-49 employees, Custom plan for 50-500 employees.

#2) Gusto


Gusto is an HR outsourcing company that outshines many of its contemporaries by offering sophisticated complete HR management software. This tool is capable of automating almost all core aspects pertaining to a typical HR professional’s duties. This includes the streamlining of functions like hiring and onboarding to automate all core elements of payroll.

In addition to the easy-to-use tool, Gusto users also benefit from getting direct access to certified HR professionals. You can avail of their insights to remain compliant with existing HR laws. These HR professionals can be easily reached via phone or email.

Founded: 2011
Employee Size: 1001-5000
Headquarters: San Francisco, California, USA
Estimated Revenue: $290 million

Services Offered:

  • Automatically file payroll taxes
  • Hiring and onboarding assistance
  • HR consulting
  • Help offer employees the right benefits.

Price: Simple Plan: $6/month per person, Plus Plan: $12/month per person, Custom premium plan also available. Contractor Only plan: $6/month per person.

#3) Accenture


Accenture is an HR solutions providing firm, which helps your business in attaining sustainable growth. This company works for the betterment of the environment, by taking up projects like removing tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and more.

Founded in: 1989
Employees: 624,000
Headquarters: Dublin, Ireland
Locations: Offices in 50 countries across the globe.
Estimated Annual Revenue: $44.33 Billion

Services offered:

  • Provides access to intelligent global business service operations so that you can get tasks done more quickly.
  • Tools and guidance to help you reduce operating costs, minimize revenue leakage and get forecasts about capital availability.
  • AI-based insights to help you make better decisions.
  • Data management and governance training.

Pricing Information: Contact directly for the pricing information.

Website: Accenture

#4) Bain & Company


Bain & Company provides you with various tools and a guiding platform to help your business flourish. They also offer training for different skills, which can make your workforce more efficient.

Founded in: 1973
Employees: More than 11,000
Headquarters: Boston, United States of America.
Locations: 63 offices in 38 countries.
Estimated Annual Revenue: $4.5 Billion

Services Offered:

  • They offer you tools to build better relationships with your customers.
  • They offer training for various technical and soft skills.
  • You can get guidance on how to reduce manufacturing costs and much more.
  • They help you set up just the right prices for your products and make better business strategies.

Pricing Information: Contact directly for prices.

Website: Bain & Company

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#5) Astron Solutions


Astron Solutions offers you HR Consulting and Talent Management solutions.

They give you service that lets you give ‘Total Rewards Compensation’ to your employees, lets you make improvements in your organization by setting up surveys and getting to know what your employees want.

Founded in: 1999
Headquarters: New York, United States of America.
Estimated Annual Revenue: Around $5 Million.

Services Offered:

  • Lets you compensate your employees in the form of salary, base pay, commissions, bonuses, and equity benefits.
  • Give benefits to your employees, like health insurance and retirement plans.
  • Tools to recognize high-performing employees so that they can be rewarded.
  • ‘Flare Talent Management’ program lets you create job description templates, estimate the payroll costs, and much more.

Pricing Information: Contact directly for prices.

Website: Astron Solutions

#6) Active Strategy

active st

Active Strategy is a 9 years old consulting and training company, which provides its services to some big names like Volkswagen, Oracle, Whirlpool, Fiat, Samsung, and a lot more.

The company aims at helping you realize your real potential and develop your skills through proper guidance and training programs.

Founded in: 2012
Headquarters: Wroc?aw, Dolno?l?skie, Poland.
Estimated Annual Revenue: $5 Million

Services offered:

  • Get access to a variety of training programs.
  • Get guidance and advice for increasing your competency.
  • Helps in improving the efficiency of the managers and the leaders.
  • Get assistance from industry experts for accomplishing your projects.

Pricing information: Contact directly for prices.

Website: Active Strategy

#7) Baker HR


Baker HR provides HR consulting services for small businesses. Their services help you in the process of talent management, recruitment, performance management, training skills, giving employee benefits, and much more.

Founded in: 1997
Headquarters: Concord, North Carolina, USA.
Estimated Annual Revenue: $953,000

Services offered:

  • Helps you post jobs, review applications, screens candidates, create offer letters, and much more.
  • Partners with you to work on employee benefits, so that you can attract the best talents.
  • Helps you make a good online reputation.
  • Administers your payrolls and taxation process.
  • Gives you guidance on how to improve employees’ performance, gives training for improving managerial skills, and much more.

Pricing information: Contact directly for prices.

Website: Baker HR

#8) Aon


Aon is an HR services company, which aims at aiding you in making better business decisions and helps you attract the best talents, and extract the most out of your employees.

Founded in: 1982, in Chicago, Illinois, USA.
Employees: More than 50,000
Headquarters: London, UK
Locations: Offices located in 97 countries.
Estimated Annual Revenue: $10 Billion

Services offered:

  • Helps you in giving access to various benefits to your employees.
  • Help make better business decisions with the help of data-driven insights.
  • Undertakes programs to make companies more responsible and aware of climate changes.
  • Get help from advanced analytics, experienced and expert people from Aon.

Pricing Information: Contact directly for the prices.

Website: Aon

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#9) Boston Consulting Group


BCG or Boston Consulting Group is one of the best HR companies, which has worked for companies like Mercedes Benz, Bank of Montreal, and many more.

BCG gives HR consultancy services, including aiding the companies in price management, making better business strategies to compete in the global market, and much more.

Founded In: 1963
Employees: 22,000
Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts, USA.
Locations: Offices in over 90 cities in over 50 countries.
Estimated Annual Revenue: $8.6 Billion

Services offered:

  • Helps you in improving your performance by letting you give a purpose to your work.
  • Gives your data-driven customer insights to help you make better decisions.
  • Helps MNCs in making better strategies to compete in the global market.
  • Assists the manufacturing firms in deciding what to produce, where to produce and how to produce.

Pricing Information: Contact directly for prices.

Website: Boston Consulting Group

#10) Deloitte Consulting LLP


Deloitte Consulting LLP is perhaps the oldest HR services provider. Having experience of over 175 years itself tells about the quality of services that you would get with Deloitte.

Deloitte has offices all over the world to help you in solving the complexities of your business, achieve your goals, and succeed.

Founded in: 1845
Employees: 330,000
Headquarters: New York, USA
Locations: Offices located in over 140 countries worldwide.
Estimated Annual Revenue: $50.2 Billion

Services offered:

  • Their team assists you in adapting to changes and technological innovations.
  • Helps in financial planning and forecasting and making strategies
  • Get access to research, analytics, and industry insights by Deloitte.
  • Helps you transform into a digital enterprise to unlock business value.

Pricing Information: Contact directly for prices.

Website: Deloitte Consulting LLP

#11) Korn Ferry

korn ferry

Korn Ferry is one of the best HR consulting firms, which assists you in transforming your enterprise into one which runs on a bold purpose, is customer-centric, where leaders are efficient and inspiring and the workforce is supported.

Founded in: 1969, in Los Angeles, USA.
Employees: 8198
Headquarters: Los Angeles, California, USA.
Locations: 111 offices, located in 53 countries from all over the world.
Annual Revenue: $1,810 Million

Services offered:

  • Making a business strategy and assists you in realizing how to work on it.
  • Find the best talent for your enterprise, by supporting you in the job of designing, sourcing, hiring, and onboarding process.
  • Development and training of the leaders
  • Pay total rewards to your employees, thus shaping your culture and reputation.

Pricing Information: Contact directly for the pricing information.

Website: Korn Ferry

#12) McKinsey & Company


McKinsey & Company is an online HR services provider. It aims at assisting enterprises in succeeding, by helping them transform with time, and works on making them aware of the climatic effects they make.

Founded in: 1926
Employees: 30,000
Headquarters: New York, USA.
Locations: Offices located in 130+ cities in 65+ countries.
Estimated Annual Revenue: $10.5 Billion

Services offered:

  • A team of experts that trains the leaders on how to adapt and transform with the changes, like that of a pandemic.
  • Deploy the best-in-class thinking, unlock the full potential of operations, and much more.
  • Make business strategies with the help of data-driven insights
  • Works on making businesses more environmentally friendly and aware of climate changes.

Pricing Information: Contact directly for prices.

Website: McKinsey & Company

Other Notable Tools

#13) Mercer

Mercer providers HR services for small businesses. It renders services for delivering benefits to your employees, helps make your teams future-ready, gives you insights into data collected on the experience of your employees, and much more.

Pricing information: Contact directly for prices.

Website: Mercer

#14) HR Resolutions

HR Resolutions offer HR shared services. You can access their services through a call or on-site, however, you want. They help you hire the best available talents for your company and work on their development.

This affordable HR services provider is over 30 years old in the industry, which extends its services to people living in Harrisburg, Lancaster, and York, PA.

Pricing information: Contact directly for prices.

Website: HR Resolutions

#15) EY

EY is a highly recommended HR services provider. It helps organizations in adapting to changes like digital transformation, training the workforce, helps in the process of internal audit, provides cyber security, risk compliance, and much more.

Pricing information: Contact directly for prices.

Website: EY


In this world of cutthroat competition everywhere, an experienced and expert advisor or guide can make you able to sustain yourself in the market and achieve success.

We studied HR services, the best services providers, and the services that they offer. We can now conclude that:

  • Boston Consulting Group has worked with companies like Mercedes Benz, Bank of Montreal, and many more. They have helped Mercedes owners decide the purpose of their operations, reducing Carbon emissions, in a plan called Ambition 2039. And this has worked a lot in their favor.
  • HR consulting companies like Accenture work to create awareness about the climate changes that happen due to a company’s operation.
  • An HR service may prove to be costly in the short run, but in the long run, it will always pay you back, much more than you actually spend on it.

Research Process:

  • Time is taken to research this article: We spent 10 hours researching and writing this article so you can get a useful summarized list of tools with a comparison of each for your quick review.
  • Total tools researched online: 18
  • Top tools shortlisted for review: 13
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