40+ Best Database Testing Tools – Popular Data Testing Solutions

A Comprehensive List Of Data Testing Tools With Features And Comparison.

We have covered almost all categories of open source and commercial DB test tools – Test data generator tools, SQL-based tools, database load, and performance testing tools, UI enhanced tools, test data management tools, data privacy tools, DB unit testing tools, and many more.

The Database is a crucial element of any software system which lies at the backend to provide full support to the application to store and retrieve data from it. 

Database Testing Tools

Database instability may cause the system to behave in an unintended way. Apart from all, if the database gets crashed it makes the system totally useless.

So Database Testing is useful to find out such vulnerabilities in the database build. Why and how much it is important we will see in this article along with some tools to make this process automated.

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What Is Database Testing?

1) Basically Database we can say as a collection of interconnected files with some stored information

2) Database Testing involves testing of different layers in it such as UI layer, access layer, business layer and finally database

3) As per the typical definition, Database Testing is used for checking data integrity, data mapping and ACID properties of the database

4) Ultimately Database Testing helps to remove errors from the database and make the application stable and reliable with its quality

5) Database Testing process includes;

  • Preparing the environment
  • Running the test and checking results
  • Validate expected results
  • Report

6) Database Testing also includes two types of testing;

  • Black Box Testing:
    • Data Mapping
    • Verifying stored and retrieved data
    • Uses black box testing techniques such as equivalence partitioning and boundary value analysis
  • White Box Testing:
    • Testing database triggers and logical views
    • Validating data models and database schema
    • Checking referential integrity and database consistency
    • Use white box testing techniques such as statement coverage, decision coverage, condition coverage

7) Sometimes changes in database and testing available limited copies of databases may also cause the failure of the system hence tester needs to check for such ambiguities.

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List of the Best Database Testing Tools

Let’s review some database testing tools one by one in detail!!


#1) SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer

SolarWinds Database Testing Tools

  • SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer is a database management software that can perform SQL Query monitoring, analysis, and tuning.
  • It makes the use of machine learning for anomaly detection.
  • It provides support to cross-platform databases for the cloud as well as the on-premises environment.
  • You will get detailed data, real-time as well as historical.
  • It has an intuitive user interface.
  • It has an index and query tuning advisor to provide expert advice.

#2) DbVisualizer


DbVisualizer is a Universal Database tool that can be used to analyze, monitor, browse and administrate your databases.

  • Both Free and Pro edition available.
  • Like Toad DBVisualizer is used by database developers and administrators.
  • It is proprietary shareware that uses JDBC driver to test major databases such as DB2, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, SAP, etc.
  • It creates Entity-Relationship diagrams rapidly and easily.
  • The visualization modes supported include Hierarchic, Circular, Orthogonal, etc.

Cost: Both Free and Pro versions are available. All licenses are perpetual, cost starting from $197 (volume discounts apply). Free Pro license is offered to students and teachers with confirmed status. Fully functional 21-day DbVisualizer Pro evaluation offered for free.

Test Data Generator

#3) Data Factory

Data Factory

  • Data factory is a commercial database testing tool that works as a data generator and data manager for database testing.
  • This tool served with innovative and easy to use user interface and capable of managing complex data relationships.
  • This is most effective to handle queries with a large amount of data.
  • It provides ease of performing stress or load testing on the database.

Official Link: Data Factory

#4) MockupData

Mockup Data

  • MockupData also comes under the Test Data Generator category for commercial database testing tools.
  • You will just need to add columns of your table to check the results.
  • A lightweight tool that supports automatic and instant preview up to 10 records.
  • Rapidly generates a huge amount of data and examines multiple tables at a time for relationship along with foreign keys.
  • Generates CSV files and databases with realistic data.

Official Link: MockupData

#5) DTM Data Generator

DTM Data Generator

  • DTM Data Generator is a commercial tool for generating data rows and schema objects for database testing.
  • The fully customizable tool comprises 5 rules such as Data Row Generation, Tables Generation, Object Generations, Text File Generation and finally Clear rule.
  • Supports Load Testing, Usability Testing and Performance Testing on the database.
  • Able to create files using the SQL Insert statement and supports selective updates.

Official Link: DTM Data Generator

SQL-Based Tools

#6) SQL Server

SQL Server

  • SQL Server database tools are used to perform unit testing.
  • The commercial tool in which tests are being created in VB or C# projects.
  • Tests are created in two ways such as either by generating tests from the database using T-SQL script or you can add tests manually using templates.
  • While generating tests from a database project you can make use of SQL Server Object Explorer.

For a better understanding of the SQL Server Database, Unit Testing check the link given below.

Official Link: SQL Server

#7) SQL Test

SQL Test

  • SQL Test uses an open-source tSQLt framework, views, stored procedures and functions.
  • This tool stores database object in a separate schema and if changes occur there no need for the clean-up process.
  • Allows to run unit tests for SQL Server databases.

Official Link: SQL Test

#8) tSQLt


  • tSQLt is specifically designed as a commercial database unit testing framework dedicated to Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Uses T-SQL script to write unit tests that can run automatically.
  • Tests are grouped in a schema and output can be generated in XML format or plain text.
  • Also, helps identify ambiguous tables and stored procedures with code isolation.

Official Link: tSQLt

#9) Oracle SQL Developer

Oracle SQL Developer

  • Oracle SQL Developer works in a similar fashion as that of SQL Developer.
  • It is a database testing tool used for Oracle Cloud database.
  • Oracle components include Oracle Web Agent and work with IBM DB2, Microsoft Access, MySQL, Sybase, and Teradata.
  • A proprietary tool that supports cross-platform and provides IDE to run SQL in Oracle Databases.

Official Link: Oracle SQL Developer

#10) NoSQLUnit


  • NoSQLUnit is used for performing Unit Testing on NoSQL databases.
  • It is an open-source tool served as a JUnit extension that is used for testing Java application that is built on NoSQL databases.
  • Manages NoSQL Server’s lifecycle and consists of two groups of JUnit rules and two of Annotations.
  • JUnit group used to start and stop database servers and uses two start-up modes such as Embedded Mode and Managed Mode, Second group JUnit rule for supported engines and connection to the NoSQL database.
  • The first group of the annotation is to populate databases with data set files and the second annotation is an optional one.

Official Link: NoSQLUnit

#11) NoSQLMap


  • NoSQLMap is an open-source tool based on Python and used to map configuration issues, ambiguities, attacks on sensitive data, etc. from NoSQL databases.
  • Presently the tool is used for processing MongoDB and provides support for some NoSQL based platforms such as CouchDB, Redis, and Cassandra.
  • The main purpose of this tool is to perform Penetration Testing on MongoDB for preventing it from network attacks.
  • Scans subnets and IPs and provides brute force password cracking recovery for MongoDB and CouchDB.

Official Link: NoSQLMap

#12) SeLite


  • SeLite is a combination of Selenium and SQLite and known as Selenium extension.
  • Provides support for several tasks such as improving interfaces, enhancing syntax and APIs to perform the development process efficiently.
  • It provides DB-driven navigation and defects that can be identified as early as possible.
  • This is an open-source tool specifically used for SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL.

Official Link: SeLite

#13) SQLMap


  • SQLMap is an open-source tool for SQLite, MySQL, SQL Server, DB2 and PostgreSQL.
  • It is used for performing Penetration Testing to automate the process of detection and exploitation of malicious SQL statements.
  • Possesses features like a powerful detection engine and a wider range of switches on the underlying system.
  • Supports additional features like arbitrary commands, establishes an out-of-band stateful TCP connection, users privilege escalation.

Official Link: SQLMap

Oracle Database Load Testing Tools

RDBMS Level Testing Tools

#14) SLOB


  • The SLOB stands for Silly Little Oracle Benchmark developed by Kevin Closson.
  • This free tool makes use of simple database operations to perform load testing on the database.
  • It either tests logical memory or physical memory and random single-block reads.
  • It uses Pl/SQL and REDO logging I/O.

Official Link: SLOB

IO Subsystem Testing Tools

#15) Orion


  • Orion is abbreviation used for Oracle IO Numbers, the tool is developed by proprietary and developed by Oracle itself.
  • Now it is considered as part of Oracle DB Distribution and it is basically used to test Oracle Databases for IO load testing.
  • Makes use of some system callused by database kernel to operate data.

For a detailed overview please refer below link.

Official Link: Orion

#16) Iometer


  • Iometer is an IO subsystem testing tool for specifically single and/or cluster systems.
  • Formerly it was developed by Intel but at present maintained by Open source community i.e., Open Source Development Lab (OSDL).
  • This tool supports operating systems like Windows and Linux.

Official Link: Iometer

DB Based Level Testing Tools

#17) HammerDB


  • HammerDB is an open-source tool for database load testing.
  • It is used as a Benchmarking tool for SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, Oracle.
  • Supports Activity Replay Functionality for Oracle Database.
  • It is based on industry standards like TPC-C and TPC-H Benchmarks.

Official Link: HammerDB

#18) Swingbench


  • Swingbench is a free tool from Dominic Giles (Oracle UK) to perform load and stress testing on Oracle database.
  • It is also used as Benchmark Testing consists of 4 types of benchmarks such as OrderEntry, SalesHistory, CallingCircles, and StressTest.
  • CallingCircle generates SQL for online Telco application.
  • A tool consisting of a load generator, cluster, and coordinator.
  • Stress Testing is performed using simple Insert, Update, Delete statements.

Official Link: Swingbench

#19) Simora


  • Simora is a commercial tool without additional Oracle licensing for performing load testing on Oracle Databases.
  • Captures actual application workload and provides feature-rich playback engine.
  • It removes synchronization bottlenecks from playback and modifying SQL sta.tements.
  • Reduces the need to store the entire production database on the test system.

Official Link: Simora

#20) Oracle Real Application Testing

Oracle Real Application Testing

  • This option by Oracle supports real-world testing, particularly on Oracle databases.
  • It just captures production workload and system changes and helps to reduce system instability issues.
  • It comprises two components such as Database Replay and SQL Performance Analyzer.
  • The database can be used to test system changes associated with the network, storage, operating system upgrade and migration, system upgrades and hardware migration, etc.
  • SQL Performance Analyzer can be used for analyzing database upgrade, schema changes, changes in database initialization parameters.

Official Link: Oracle Real Application Testing

UI Enhanced Tools

#21) Toad


  • Toad is a proprietary software application from Dell designed for database developers and administrators.
  • This application is for both relational and non-relational databases using SQL.
  • Toad supports several database environments designed by Amazon, Apache, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP etc.
  • Toad has 7 unique productivity-enhancing editions for Oracle databases.

Official Link: Toad

#22) SQLite


  • SQLite is designed as a relational database management system written in C.
  • It is not a client-server database engine and can be used as embedded database software for a web browser.
  • It is an open-source application that does not have separate server processes.
  • It is an in-process, compact library with the tradeoff between speed and memory usage.

Official Link: SQLite

Test Data Management Tool

#23) IBM InfoSphereOptim Test Data Management

IBM InfoSphereOptim Test Data Management

  • This particular proprietary tool is used to automate the test data management process.
  • Consists of some predefined workflows to support continuous testing and Agile Software Development.
  • This application helps to reduce costs and speed up the application delivery process.
  • Reduces iterations of testing life cycles and provides protection to sensitive data.
  • Provides testing solutions for performing functional, integration, regression and load testing on the database through Rational Test Workbench.

Official Link: IBM InfoSphereOptim Test Data Management

Data Privacy Tool

#24) IBM InfoSphereOptim Data Privacy

IBM InfoSphereOptim Data Privacy

  • This is also a proprietary tool is to perform the de-identification process on confidential data.
  • It hides data dynamically and statistically across both production and non-production environments.
  • It has some predefined privacy rules to improve data protection.
  • Stores data privacy rules and policies in a centralized repository.

Official Link: IBM InfoSphereOptim Data Privacy

Database Load Testing Tools

#25) Empirixe-TEST Suite

Empirixe-TEST Suite

  • Empirix e-TEST suite is has been acquired by Oracle from Empirix.
  • The proprietary tool had been used to perform Load and/or Functional Testing on Oracle databases.
  • It validates the scalability along with functionality for the application under test.
  • Acquisition with the Empirix e-Test suite may be proven effective to deliver the application with improved quality.
  • provides ease of implementing application lifecycle that involves steps from development, testing up to the deployment of the application.

Official Link: Empirix e- TEST

#26) WebLoad


  • WebLoad by RadViewSoftware is a proprietary tool that supports Oracle forms load testing.
  • Load scenarios are easily recorded and executed and help to identify a performance bottleneck.
  • This tool uses AuraPlayer to automate functional and load testing of Oracle forms.
  • Supports multiple sessions of Oracle forms and utilizes a minimum amount of memory.
  • For performing successful execution of test scenarios WebLoad extracts data from Oracle Forms Server and calculates the response time.

Official Link: WebLoad

Database Unit Testing Tools

#27) DbFit


  • DbFit is an open-source database testing tool for performing unit and integration testing for database.
  • It supports several databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, PostgreSQL, MySQL etc.
  • It is a part of FitNesse and manages stored procedures and custom procedures.
  • Accomplishes database testing either through Java or .NET and runs from the command line.

Official Link: DbFit

#28) DbUnit


  • DbUnit is an open-source tool and known as JUnit extension.
  • It is used for Unit Testing of the database object.
  • Exports and imports data into a database to and from XML datasets and can work on large databases.
  • DbUnit does not perform any additional clean-up as it performs CLEAN-INSERT operation initially.
  • Helps Data Exploration and connects relational and multidimensional databases.

Official Link: DbUnit

#29) SQLUnit


  • SQLUnit is a Unit Testing Framework for Regression and Unit Testing of database stored procedures.
  • It is an open-source framework written in Java and based on the JUnit unit testing framework.
  • It comes with XML language to generate a test suite and combines out of Java test specifications into XML.
  • Also, converts test specifications generated in XML into JDBC calls to interact with databases.

Official Link: SQLUnit

#30) NDBUnit


  • NDBUnit is an open-source tool to enhance repeatability of database unit tests and hosted by GitHub.
  • It allows performing unit tests either after or before test execution and compiled against .NET.
  • It is written in C# and extracts combined concepts from DbUnit into the .NET platform.
  • It supports database environments such as SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite, etc.

Official Link: NDBUnit

#31) DB Test Driven

DB Test Driven

  • DB Test Driven is an open-source database unit testing framework basically for test-driven development.
  • It has the capability of directly installing into the database and uses SQL features.
  • Supports continuous and constant integration capabilities with build servers.
  • Code coverage functionality is also supported through SQL Server.
  • Supported database environments by these frameworks are SQL Server 2008 and higher along with express edition, Oracle, and Netezza.

Official Link: DB Test Driven

#32) Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professional

Visual Studio

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Database Professionals is a proprietary framework for performing database unit testing.
  • It automatically generates SQL scripts for unit testing of stored procedures, triggers, and functions.
  • Comprises DB Pro that contains a collection of pre-defined test conditions for performing validations, these conditions can be easily re-configured as per your concern.
  • DB Pro uses the Data-Generation feature to set the state of the database that helps to populate the database with state-specified before running tests.

For more info please visit the link given below.

Official Link: Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professional

Other Additional Tools

Apart from this categorization, there are some other applications that are popular as database testing tools and frameworks so far, let us have to look them too.

#33) Micro Focus Unified Functional Testing (UFT): Micro Focus UFT is used to perform database validation. It is a proprietary application that helps to identify defects occurred in stored procedures, corrupted data, and incorrect data.

#34) SmarBearTestComplete: This commercial tool provides multiple ways to test databases with complex data, important and critical functionalities, stored procedures, etc. Also useful for functional testing and data verification.

#35) AETG: This is a commercial web service that uses the requirement model to generate test cases. It also uses combinational design techniques to define a set of minimal test cases to review all pairwise interactions.

#36) Turbodata: Turbodata software can generate test data with foreign keys with automated resolution. Allows the use of Select, Update, and Delete SQL commands and supports multiple sequential files and relational databases. This tool comes with never expiring a free trial version with full version control and comprises Grid Data Editor, SQL Builder, etc.

#37) Database Benchmark: This is an open-source tool for performing stress testing on a database that contains a large volume of data. Graphic visualization and reporting options are advanced features of this tool. It generates a large amount of test data using either sequential or random key selection.

#38) DatatectDatatect is also developed by Banner Software that generates realistic test data in various ways. It is commercial software available with a free trial. Generates test data to ASCII flat files or RDBMS (Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, etc.). Currently, version 1.6 of this tool is the most popular and widely used

#39) utPLSQL: This is an open-source tool for Unit Testing of Oracle’s PL/SQL-based application. It is designed by Steven Feuerstein by using the Extreme Programming lightweight development methodology.

#40) TESTit: TESTit is a commercial application for calculating calibration errors and generating electronic reports. It reduces data entry efforts and utilizes Oracle and
SQL Server

#41) DTM DB Stress: It is an open-source tool for performing Stress Testing and Load Testing on the database. It is also be used for scalability and performance checking of an application.

#42) TestingWhiz: Testing Whiz is designed as codeless architecture that helps to perform automated database testing efficiently. It comes with the enterprise edition which a paid service and the second one is a free community edition.

#43) Navicat: Navicat is a commercial application designed as database administration tools (Well-known as GUI for MySQL) and facilitates database management. Manages data in MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, MariaDB, SQLite, etc.

#44) Micro Focus: Mercury Interactive with Oracle launches a new tool that helps to perform load testing on databases. This may be a commercial tool (LoadRunner 7.5) with the availability of LoadRunner by Mercury Interactive and can be used for testing Internet-based Oracle Applications.

Considering this significant number of tools we can say that database testing had been performed widely so far and the need for the same causes innovated and improved testing tools in a timely manner. In the future, the list would be grown up and updated but till now these are some widely used tools for the testing database.

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The database is the backbone of each and every efficient software application. The crashing database may lead to system failure, to avoid this need to perform database testing in a fully precise way. The use of automated database testing tools had been proven beneficial for this purpose.

Some databases might have a huge amount of data which may become a tedious task for the testers to perform tests but the use of tools made this task easy and fast. You can use tools for performing several types of testing on a database that ultimately leads towards a powerful, efficient and robust software system to be established.

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