Top 11 Test Case Management Tools [Latest 2023 Ranking]

Read this review and comparison of the top Test Case Management tools to select the best Test Case Management Software per your requirements:

In a day, Testers perform various activities, such as recording requirements, creating test cases, execution of test cases, document creation, requirement tracing, etc.

If all the activities are not managed and tracked, then things will become chaotic and can impact the deliverables as well. To avoid such situations, a test case tool plays a big role.

Test Case Management Tools

Understanding Test Case Management Tools

Test Management tool helps in managing all the testing related activities in one place. The market has both open source and paid tools available, which are very easy to use and are handy.

These tools help to reduce the manual testing efforts as writing the Test Cases on Excel and maintaining the complete data is very tedious. As the team grows it becomes difficult to manage, track, and maintain the traceability of all the data on the excel sheet, and that’s where the Test Case tool comes into the picture.

Nowadays, Automation plays a big role, hence the tool is expected to support the same. Tools should also support agile and continuous testing, followed by organizations.

Fact Check: The Test Management tool market will rise considerably during the predicted period 2021-2025. According to Markets and Markets, the global automation testing market size was $12.6 billion in 2019. It is expected to be $28.8 billion by 2024. Automation is growing very fast and is expected to be part of all the use case management tools. It is growing at a CAGR of 18% from 2019 to 2024.

Automation testing market

Pro Tip: While choosing a Test Management tool, one should keep in mind that the tool should manage the test cases in such an effective way that it reduces the manual efforts of the team, saves the cost, and efficiently tracks the test cases. Before finalizing, the tool users should try the trial version of the tool to get a good idea about them.

To choose the tool, consider factors such as the budget. The tool should be good at managing the data in terms of tracking and reporting. The tool chosen should have a support feature so that for any issue or any integration required, tickets can be raised, and issues can be resolved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) Can JIRA be used for test case management?

Answer: JIRA is a project tracking tool, but it can be configured to support the test management tools.

Q #2) What is test case management?

Answer: A test case management software is required where testing activities are required. It helps to manage testing activities such as requirements, test cases, test execution, tracking, and reporting.

Q #3) What is Testpad?

Answer: Testpad is a test plan tool that makes test case management easier and simpler.

Q #4) Is there any tool to write test cases?

Answer: There are several test management tools such as TestRail, PractiTest, QTest, Zephyr, etc. and are good for writing test cases.

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List of Top Test Case Management Tools

Here is the list of popular Test Case Tools:

  1. QACoverage
  2. Testiny
  3. Tuskr
  4. Doc Sheets
  5. TestCaseLab
  6. PlusQA
  7. TestRail
  8. Kualitee
  9. Test Collab
  10. TestLodge
  11. qTest
  12. QMetry Test Management
  13. Zephyr
  14. PractiTest
  15. Pivotal Tracker
  16. Hiptest
  17. Spira test
  18. QASE
  19. ReQtest

Comparison Table For Test Management Tools

ToolsOur RatingDeploymentUsersPriceFree TrialFeatures
QACoverageStar_rating_5_of_5Cloud-based and on-premiseSmall to large businesses for managing projects. It starts at $19 per user per month. 14 days. Requirements Management, Test Design, Test Execution, etc.
TestinyStar_rating_4.5_of_5Web-Based, Cloud, SaaSSmall & Midsize businesses.$17/user
First 3 users free.
30 daysTest Case Management, Reports, REST API, Integrations.
TuskrStar_rating_5_of_5Web Based, Cloud, SaaS.Small to Large businesses.Free for small teams, $9 monthly per user for teams more than 5. 30 daysTest Case Management, Test runs, Test Plans, Resource Optimisation, Progress Monitoring.
Doc SheetsStar_rating_5_of_5SaaS and on-premiseSmall to large businesses for managing projects.Quote60 daysRequirements Management, Test Case Management, Traceability, Project Management
TestCaseLabStar_rating_5_of_5Web Based, Cloud, SaaSSmall/ Mid-Size businesses and Large enterprises Basic: $48/month 30 daysTest cases, Test Plans,
Test Runs, Integrations
TestRailStar_rating_5_of_5Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS
Installed -Windows
Small to Large businesses $34/mo. per user
$351/yr. per user
14 daysTest case writing, Test plan, QA Reports,
KualiteeStar_rating_4.5_of_5Web-Based, Cloud, SaaSSmall to Large businesses $7/month per user 15 daysTemplate reusable, Test report creation, export data
TestLodgeStar_rating_4.5_of_5Web Based, Cloud, SaaSSmall BusinessBasic: $49/month 30 daysTest Plan, Test Suite, Test Run, Dashboard
qTestStar_rating_4_of_5Web-Based Small & Midsize businessesCurrent pricing details can be taken by contacting Tricentis.14 daysSupport processes Agile, DevOps, and BDD, which are in demand these days.
QMetryStar_rating_3.5_of_5Web-Based, Cloud, SaaSSmall to Large businesses $2500/year15 daysCustomized dashboard and reports, Integration with tools
ZephyrStar_rating_3.5_of_5Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS
Installed -Windows
Small to Large businesses $10/month 30 daysIntegration with other tools, Requirement based testing
PractiTestStar_rating_3.5_of_5Web-Based, Cloud, SaaSSmall to Large businesses Professional: $39/month14 daysTest Management/ Requirement Management, Traceability

Let’s go through the tools in detail:

#1) QACoverage

Best for project management.

QA Coverage

QACoverage is an agile collaboration platform that will help you with project management. It has functionalities to manage the software project life cycle. It will boost quality acceleration, help you with consolidating workflows and expand the visibility. It is the solution for requirements management, test design, test execution, ticket management, reporting modules, etc.


  • Test Design module will let you create manual test cases for different categories and test types.
  • It provides a facility to import a lot of test cases from excel spreadsheets.
  • You will be able to associate test data with pre-conditions & post-conditions and individual steps for test instructions with expected results.
  • It has features to monitor the completeness of requirements traceability.
  • It has a test case execution module with functionalities of monitoring progress, recording individual actual results for each step in a test case, etc.

Verdict: QACoverage is an all-in-one platform for managing the projects with requirements module, test design module, test execution module, ticket management module, agile module, reporting, and dashboard module. It will let you monitor test design progress.

Price: A free trial of 14 days is available for a cloud-based solution. A cloud-based solution has two plans, Test Case Manager ($19 per user per month) and Application Lifecycle Manager ($29 per user per month).

A self-managed solution is also available with two pricing plans, Test Case Manager ($99 per user per year) and Application Lifecycle Manager ($199 per user per year). The Perpetual License price starts at $299 per user.

Our Rating: 5

#2) Testiny

Best for test management and manual testing for small to mid-sized QA teams.


Testiny aims to make manual testing and test case management as seamless as possible. It is designed to be extremely responsive and very easy to use. It helps testers perform tests without adding bulky overhead to the testing process and manage test cases with ease.

Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at Testiny yourself.

Testiny is a new, straightforward test management tool built on the latest technologies, but much more than just a slimmed-down app.


  • Manage your test cases in a tree structure – intuitive and easy
  • Outstanding Test Case Editor
  • Amazing test case change-tracking in the history view
  • Easily create and handle your test cases, test runs, steps, preconditions, etc.
  • Powerful integration with other tools (e.g. Jira, …) to link requirements and defects
  • Instant updates – all browser sessions stay in sync.
  • Immediately see if a colleague has made changes, completed a test, etc.
  • Powerful REST API


  • Limited feature-set so far, but the tool is growing very fast.


  • Free for open-source projects and small teams with up to 3 people.
  • 30 day free trial with all features.
  • $17/€15 per user (first three are free)
  • Volume discounts for bigger teams.
  • Unlimited projects, test cases, and test runs.

Testiny Pricing

#3) Tuskr

Best for Test Management and Reporting.

Tuskr Dashboard

While evaluating Tuskr, you’ll find three things that stand out, its enterprise-class features, affordable pricing, and above all, ease of use. It has features that rival most of the big players in the test management space.

When it comes to pricing, it is the most economical solution, with a free plan for small teams and an affordable plan at $9 monthly per user for teams above five users. The biggest advantage of Tuskr is its easy learning curve, you can quickly onboard and start using it without spending a lot of time in training.


  • Easily create test cases with its WYSWYG editor where you can directly insert tables, copy-paste images, and bulk edit.
  • Tuskr also allows you to add custom fields based on your project requirements.
  • Once you have created test cases, you can assign them based on the number of test cases or the effort required.
  • You can create a custom dashboard based on the user requirements, it also has unique burndown charts that let you monitor progress.
  • It can integrate more than 400 applications seamlessly using webhooks.


  • Free for less than 5 users.
  • Basic plan starts at $9 monthly per user.
  • Advanced plan starts at $12 monthly per user.

Tuskr Pricing

#4) Doc Sheets

Doc Sheets is like a spreadsheet application to manage your test case and is designed to handle large amounts of data.


You can easily keep track of all the test data using DocSheets’ built-in tools for organizing and tracking changes to test cases. If requirements or other artifact changes, it is easy to synchronize changes with test cases to avoid errors and inconsistencies in the test cases. DocSheets also allows the reuse of test cases to save time.

Using reporting and analysis tools for test data can facilitate monitoring progress or detecting problems with the testing process. Team collaboration tools let the teams stay on the same page throughout the testing process.

You can take your testing process to a new level with DocSheets traceability tools. A high-performance, scalable SaaS solution for managing test cases and projects, Doc Sheets, helps you efficiently plan and execute your tests.

#5) TestCaseLab

Best for manual testers to manage test cases and bugs in one place as a bug tracker can be integrated with this tool.


TestCaseLab management tool is very intuitive to use, which makes users comfortable to work on. It helps users to organize projects, test cases, test suites, test runs very easily. The best part is that it allows users to create unlimited projects and users in the tool. We can easily integrate it with any Project Management tool.


  • Test cases
  • Test plans
  • Test runs
  • Integrations


  • Basic: $48/month for 500 test cases/Unlimited Projects/Unlimited Users
  • Essential: $99/month for 1000 test cases/Unlimited Projects/Unlimited Users
  • Advanced: $149/month for 3000 test cases/Unlimited Projects/Unlimited Users
  • Ultimate: $199/month for 9000 test cases/Unlimited Projects/Unlimited Users


Free trial for 30 days is available for all the plans in which the user can:

  • Access all the features
  • Add unlimited users
  • Able to reach out to support team

Our Rating: 5

Website: Testcaselab

#6) PlusQA

Best for managing test cases and representing the testing progress in graphical forms through the Dashboard.


PlusQA tool provides all the data in one place, which makes it more effective and demanding. Test case creation, execution, bugs found, tracking of bugs all in one tool makes it easier for the user to access and work.


  • Test cases give user access to write, edit, and execute test cases.
  • Allow users to raise and track a bug. Also, let the user prioritize the bugs in the tool itself.
  • Allow users to manage real devices in the Device Lab feature where users can add and edit the devices.
  • Allow users to manage the android and IOS application builds.
  • A Dashboard allows users to get information in visual form to have a better understanding for improving the application.

Price: For pricing details, users need to get in touch with PlusQA through their website.

Our Rating: 5

Website: PlusQA

#7) TestRail

Best for built-in and custom templates which are one of the best features for TestRail.


TestRail has a centralized test management process which helps testers, developers, and other stakeholders to access the QA related data very conveniently. It manages and tracks the data effectively.


  • Test case writing features allow the user to record all the required data such as pre-conditions, test data, expected and the actual result, etc.
  • The test plan allows the user to organize all the test plans in one place only.
  • QA Reports feature allows the user to check the testing progress status from these reports.
  • TestRail can be integrated with bug tracker tools.
  • QA Software features allow the user to sort and prioritize test cases. Status dashboard and detailed reporting are part of this feature only.


  • Test case creation takes time, and the feature to upload the test cases directly to the tool would have been a benefit.


  • $34/month per user (on TestRail own server)
  • $351/year per user (TestRail can be installed on a user’s private server)


A free trial of the tool is available for 14 days.

Our Rating: 5

Website: TestRail

#8) Kualitee

Best for tracking the test cases very effectively so that the tester does not have to put in the effort again and again. It is best for manual as well as automation testing.


Kualitee is a powerful tool with several features. Along with Test Management, it has Project Management, Defect Management features, third-party integrations, etc. Everything i.e. Projects, Test cases, Tasks, Defects, Requirement all can be managed under one roof only.


  • Allow users to create test case templates that can be reused.
  • Allow users to attach screenshots or links so that all the necessary information can be provided.
  • Allow users to create test reports as per his/her requirement to show such as status and coverage of the test, etc.
  • Allow user to export data in a format which they want (Excel, Word, CSV)


  • Few features respond a bit slow.

Price: $7/month per user with unlimited Projects.


A 15-days trial can be availed by signing up on the website.

Our Rating: 4.5

Website: Kualitee

#9) Test Collab

Best for all size organizations.


This tool is very user friendly and can be integrated with Bug Tracker and Automation tools. It follows agile methodology, tracks the time, manages the requirements & test cases, and tests plans in a very effective way.


  • Test cases can be categorized and managed in one place.
  • Test execution report shows all the data of Executed/Passed/Failed cases in graphical formats.
  • Custom Reports can be created.
  • Issues can be reported in the integrated bug tracker.
  • Requirements can be linked with test cases.


  • If a user wants to create his/her reporting template, then that cannot be done as the user has to choose from the ones which Test Collab has.


  • Free: $0/month–200 Test cases/400 executed Test Cases/3 Users
  • Startups: $25 per user/month–Unlimited Test cases/Unlimited executions, Unlimited Projects/Hosted Version
  • Enterprise: Need to get in touch with Test Collab through their site.
  • It provides – Everything unlimited/Custom Contracts/Premium Support/Hosted/Self Hosted option in Enterprise.


Free trials can be availed for the tool.

Our Rating: 4.5

Website: TestCollab

#10) TestLodge

Best for small and medium-sized companies.


It is highly recommended for beginners, as it has all the basic essential features and is easy to use with a simple interface. All the reports can be downloaded in PDF format and are in a proper sequence. This tool is integrated with Trello which raises a bug itself in the tool when any test case fails.


  • Test Plans can be created using the templates.
  • Test Suite can be created by importing test cases via excel.
  • In Test Run, this tool helps to identify the cases to be marked pass, fail, not run.
  • This tool is flexible enough to work with long-established project management tools as well as with agile methodologies.
  • The dashboard helps to view the testing progress in graphical form, and also reports required can be extracted from the tool.


  • A bug cannot be related to test cases.


  • Premium: $199/month: 1500 test plans/10,000 Test Cases/3000 Test Runs/Unlimited Users and Test Suites
  • Plus: $99/month: 500 Test Plans/3000 Test Cases/1000 Test Runs/ Unlimited Users and Test Suites
  • Basic: $49/month: 150 Test Plans/600 Test Cases/300 Test Runs/ Unlimited Users and Test Suites
  • Personal: $24/month: 50 Test Plans/200 Test Cases/100 Test Runs/ Unlimited Users and Test Suites

Offers Yearly plan as well with the saving of 10% on the above prices.


30-days free trial for the tool can be availed.

Our Rating: 4.5

Website: TestLodge

#11) qTest

Best for small to large-scale companies.


qTest test case management tool is used to create and run the test cases and to manage the test run. It has the capability to create the defect document automatically. By following the latest trend, it supports agile testing tools.


  • Manages test execution. It can create test plans very easily, which can be reused.
  • Test cases can be scheduled, and test automation can be run.
  • This tool can be integrated with tools like JIRA, which makes it easy and faster to use.
  • Support processes Agile, DevOps, and BDD, which are in demand these days.


  • qTest insights are not that intuitive to use.

Price: qTest pricing is based on the type of licenses as named or concurrent. Current pricing details can be taken by contacting Tricentis.

Our Rating: 4

Website: Tricentis

#12) QMetry Test Management

Best for companies of all sizes.

QMetry test Management

QMetry tool is one of the best management tools, integration with JIRA makes it more productive. Test Cases can be managed or categorized in a way that can be reused for another test run. Another great feature is the Jenkin plugin to import the results.


  • Test cases and requirements are managed using versions. Test cases can be linked or can be mapped with another user story.
  • Automation test case execution does not require filling in the result manually, it will be captured automatically.
  • Testers can personalize the dashboards and reports.
  • The tool can be integrated with JIRA. Multiple JIRA projects can be integrated with QMetry projects.


  • Integration with JIRA does not let create Epic or Subtask when issues are being added from QMetry.

Price: $2500/year: Up to 10 users

Qmetry Test management_Pricing

15-days free trial facility can be availed by the user.

Our Rating: 3.5

Website: QMetry

#13) Zephyr

Best for businesses of all sizes.


Zephyr is one of the most used Test case management tool. It supports continuous testing i.e. agile and helps not only to increase the productivity of the team but also the quality of testing and make releases faster than expected.

Zephyr has 3 options available while deployment, i.e. Zephyr for JIRA Cloud/Server or Data Center.


  • Requirement based testing
  • Creation, planning, and execution of test cases.
  • Test script reviews
  • Dashboard to review testing progress or testing metrics based on testing activities performed on individual projects.
  • Automation
  • Integration with other tools.


  • The format of test cases is not customizable.
  • All the test cases and results cannot be exported in a single file.

Price: $10/month: Zephyr for JIRA


A free trial period of 30 days can be availed.

Our Rating: 3.5

Website: Zephyr

#14) PractiTest

Best for its unique feature for hierarchical filter trees are best to be used.


This Test Design tool includes everything like Planning, Managing, Controlling, Tracking, Reporting, and sharing in one platform. But its major focus is on testing. It helps to create the test suites very easily and has the ability to customize the fields and filters to sort the data.

It manages all the test runs and bugs raised on one platform. Reusable test suites/steps can be formed and edited/refined anytime.


  • Test Management/ Requirement Management -Manages the complete testing process.
  • Traceability
  • Bug Tracker
  • Rest APIs

Cons: PractiTest does not support on-premises, it only has a SaaS solution.


  • Professional: $39/month/User
  • Enterprise: $49/month/user
  • Unlimited: PractiTest can be contacted for the same.


A 14-days free trial can be availed for this tool.

Our Rating: 3.5

Website: PractiTest

#15) Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal tracker helps to manage the projects smartly. It let the user prioritize the tasks, track the status, and manages the workflow. It helps to manage the team and support scrum. It helps to get the velocity calculated for the sprint. It lets the user know in which stage exactly the project is.

Website: Pivotal Tracker

#16) Hiptest

Hiptest is now known as “Cucumber Studio”. This is an open-source tool that is available for a free trial of 30 days. It helps the user to learn in production. Agile test management can be done which gives complete visibility to all the stakeholders for the testing activities being performed and their results.

Website: Hiptest

#17) Spira Test

Spira Test manages all the QA activities in one place with complete traceability. Test case management includes reviewing the test cases, test coverage of requirements, and data-driven testing.

Rest features include requirement management, bug tracking, and reporting.

Website: SpiraTest

#18) QASE

It is an open-source, cloud-based test management tool that is used by QA and development both. It is useful for managing test plans, test cases, and manual test execution. It has a quick support team that responds in 30 minutes.

Website: Qase

#19) ReQtest

ReQtest is a web-based application that can be used by small, medium businesses as well as enterprises. Main features include test case management, requirement management, execution, and tracking of the project.

A free trial can be availed for 10 days for ReQtest.

Website: ReQtest


Several Test Management tools are available in the market. Every tool has pros and cons and can be chosen based on the kind of requirement and the budget user has. The test case management software helps to deliver complex projects easily as it tracks and keeps records of all the activities and hence speeds up the processes.

QACoverage, TestCaseLab, PlusQA, TestRail, and Kualitee are our top recommended solutions. TestRail is also a good test case documentation tool based on its intuitive and easily understandable behavior. The best part of TestRail is that it works for both traditional and agile processes.

QMetry and PractiTest are also the popular tools that come in the top list and can be a great choice for managing testing activities.

Research Process:

  • Time taken to research and write this article: 26 Hours
  • Total tools researched online: 30
  • Top tools shortlisted for review: 15
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