30+ Tested Web Tools And Services In 2023 for Small Business

We Present Our Review of 30+ Best Web Tools and Services for Your Small Business and Projects: Wen Design, Development, and Marketing Tools and Services

If you have a business or a project that you want to develop, or if you want to start one from scratch, then using the correct web tools and services is a must for getting a competitive edge.

In today’s mechanized world, the internet has made everything very easy. There are tens of thousands of web tools and services, unlimited computer power, staff on-demand, cloud computing, and so on to get what we need.

Let’s Look At Some Of The Most Popular Web Tools And Services In Detail!!

30+ Most Popular Web Tools and Services

Web Tools And Services

A great idea combined with all of these (many solutions are free or they have a very small cost compared to years ago) can bring you the next Facebook, Google, YouTube, or Waze.

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Given below is the list of the Top Web Tools and Services that are available in the market.

#1) Domain.com

domain name generator

Domain.com is a platform I would recommend for businesses and casual users alike, basically anyone who seeks website building, domain registration, and web hosting services. The platform is perhaps best known for domain registration. You can go to the Domain.com platform to find, buy, and register a unique domain name for your website.

Why do I recommend it? – The domain name, for the first year at least, is absolutely free if you subscribe to any of its web hosting plans. The plans themselves are really affordable and offer 99.9% uptime along with unlimited storage and scalable bandwidth. Depending on what plan you choose, you’ll be able to host unlimited websites using Domain.com.

Domain.com has also recently partnered up with Web.com to offer website building services to its users. You get a gallery full of ready-made templates to experiment with and a drag-and-drop website builder to make the job of designing a unique website simple.

#2) Creative TIM – Premium Bootstrap Themes and Templates

Creative Tim

At Creative Tim, web designers and web developers will find awesome UI Kits, Templates, and Dashboards built on top of Bootstrap, Vue.js, React, Angular, Node.js, and Laravel. Use these fully coded UI Tools to build web and mobile apps, and thereby save a lot of time.

Why Do I Like It? – With over 750,000 creatives using its tools, Creative Tim is a major and highly respected player in the industry. Its products are not only used by freelancers and developers, but also by huge companies like the famous Microsoft, Vodafone, Amazon, NASA, Cisco, IBM, plus many others.

Creative Tim is highly involved in giving back to the communities. They sponsor schools, universities, and hackathons and they are a part of the events where they can teach people how to become better developers, designers, and entrepreneurs.

If you have any upcoming projects or if you are interested in all the premium products, then you should check the 6 bundles that are offered by them at very special prices, with over 70% discounts. Pricing ranges from Free to $249.

Check out their website to find products that match your requirements!!

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#3) Brizy – Innovative Site Builder


Built for ease of use from day one, Brizy is the most powerful visual page builder on the market. No need to write a single line of code or have any coding or designer skills.

Why is it my recommendation? – As it has tons of features (real-time editing, drag-and-drop, content tools, and tens of others) and a super-friendly and intuitive interface, anybody can use Brizy to create a super website in 1-2 hours, just by using clicks and drags.

Premium features on other websites are free on Brizy i.e. visual contact forms, sliders from any block, and saved & global blocks.

Brizy can be used as a WordPress plugin or you can use Brizy on the Cloud platform. They provide hosting and domain setups and everything you need here is included in the Brizy PRO plan.

Create a new website for your project today with the Brizy free website builder!!

#4) Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands transformed the logo market by making the design simple. Now with minimal cost and instant results (less than 30 seconds), anybody can create anything from a logo to presentations, and even an entire corporate identity. No need to have any designer skills or special knowledge to get yourself a gorgeous design.

Why do I recommend it? – The powerful AI-driven online platform is super simple to use and the interface is friendly and intuitive.

For Example, To design a logo, you only need to write down the desired name, make a few selections based on your requirements, and Tailor Brands will soon show you tens of gorgeous logos that you can use in your projects. You only pay when you find something suitable.

The designs that Tailor Brands will deliver are exceptional, and you cannot tell if a logo was made by a professional designer or by a computer.

Use Tailor Brands for logos, presentations, brand identity, and much more.

#5) 48HoursLogo – Affordable Logos Done Fast


Whenever you need a brilliant logo design made by a real designer, go to 48hourslogo and start a contest where multiple designers will compete on your project.

Why Do I Like it? – Launching a logo design contest is super simple, with a couple of minutes being good to go.  There are 3 intuitive stages before getting your hands on the final design.

You have the qualifying stage where the contest is open to all registered designers and you start receiving designs, and right after that is the design revision stage where you have to pick 3 finalists, and in the final stage, after you select the contest winner, you will closely work with him on finalizing the design.

Small changes and tweaks can be requested at this stage.

Get a new logo from 48hourslogo where real designers will compete for you.

#6) Codester


Codester is the most popular and fast-growing marketplace for web designers and web developers where they will find thousands of premium PHP scripts, codes, app templates, themes, plugins, graphics, and much more. Everything you need is there.

Always check the Flash Sale section where hugely discounted items are being sold.

#7) NameQL


Looking for a new website name with a .com domain? We recommend NameQL that will help you save a lot of time by combining the name ideas with the .com availability.

Simply write down the name you like and in less than 1 second the platform will show you .com available domain names, including name variations that most of the time will help you get a great name for your next website.

#8) SeekVisa


Some of the most talented web designers and developers live in Australia. Seekvisa can help you on your journey to Australia. They are Migration Agents and Immigration Lawyers based in Melbourne specializing in ENS 186 visas, RSMS 187 visas, and TSS 482 Visa.

#9) MobiLoud


Publishers are now getting up to 90% of traffic from mobile. Native mobile apps give them a powerful channel they own, along with the ability to turn casual visitors into loyal app users.

Why Do I Like It? – MobiLoud is a solution for WordPress-based publishers to convert their sites into native mobile apps for iOS and Android. In a few weeks, you’ll get a mobile app worthy of a top publisher at a fraction of the cost of traditional development i.e. without touching any code.

It’ll be easy to manage and be packed with features like push notifications, advertising, and analytics integrations i.e. all you need to grow, engage, understand and monetize your audience through ads and subscriptions.

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#10) Total WordPress Theme

Total Theme

Total is a complete WordPress theme that is loaded with powerful and easy-to-use page builders that will make your life extremely easy, with over 80 build modules, 40 premade demos that can be imported with 1 click, and 500 styling options, and much more.

There are already 38,000 happy customers using Total for their projects.

Check it out!!

#11) RankMath

Rank Math

I recommend RankMath, a revolutionary WordPress SEO plugin that will remove your website in minutes, without the normal headaches that other SEO solutions are providing. RankMath was built from scratch to deliver performance while keeping the ease of use to a maximum level.

Configure it in a few minutes and right after, you will have an autonomous SEO solution that will help your website rank higher.

#12) Schema


I recommend Schema as it is a lightning-fast, effective and super-friendly SEO WordPress theme that includes all the features and options that you need to build a gorgeous and creative website. No need to have any special skills to fully configure Schema to be a perfect fit for your project.

Keep in mind that Schema works excellently with any page builder, so it is extremely easy to change the design of the theme as needed.

Get it right now!!

#13) WebResourcesDepot


The website is a popular provider of high-quality free bootstrap themes and UI kits for startups.

Being dedicated to this niche, WebResourcesDepot is focused on delivering outstanding products that will help entrepreneurs and freelancers start their own businesses in no time.

#14) ArchitectUI Dashboard Vue PRO

ArchitectUI Dashboard

I like ArchitectUI, which is a powerful, complete, and great-looking dashboard that features modular stylesheet architecture that will be easy to customize and exclude the components that you’re not going to use in your app.

Also, ArchitectUI Vue Pro features 9 different dashboard page designs, 9 different color schemes for Bootstrap-based elements, and multiple styles for the header and sidebar components.

The personal license is $49 i.e. a one-time fee and includes 6 months of free support and updates.

#15) Format – Free Website Template Using Bootstrap For Portfolio


The format is a gorgeous, pixel-perfect, and lightning-fast free website portfolio that is a perfect fit for designers, freelancers, agencies, web studios, and much more.

Download the free Format and configure it to be a perfect fit for your portfolio.

#16) Raptor


Raptor is a free HTML web hosting website template that you should check out.

Why Do I Like It? – This professional, contemporary, and neatly designed and developed tool is a pack full of quality assets. It might be a free item but the level of expertise it brings to the table is close to even with premium products.

#17) Email Template Builder

Unlayer - Email template builder

UI layer is the most popular email template builder on the market for SaaS and CRM. Without any programming skills or previous experience, you will be embedded in your web application so that your clients can create gorgeous emails and landing pages directly from the app.

It is super-easy to use and the content will look great on all devices.

#18) Newsletter Templates

Newsletter Templates

MailMunch is one of the most popular drag-and-drop emails and WYSIWYG builders on the market that is loaded with beautifully designed newsletter templates that will immediately grab attention.

Use the fastest-growing email marketing platform where no coding or special knowledge is required to send awesome newsletter templates to your customers.

#19) actiTIME


actiTIME is a solution that provides a convenient way to manage project scope, assign tasks, track time and analyze your business performance based on the collected data. Used by thousands of companies, including Fortune 500 huge corporations like Accenture, Xerox, Philips, and many others, actiTIME is a perfect fit for all kinds of needs.

Try all the features of the actiTIME Online timesheet for free for 30 days!!

#20) 8b Website Builder

8b Website Builder

8b is the most futuristic, innovative, and simple-to-use website builder in 2022. Create fast, mobile-ready, and Google-friendly websites in minutes, without any special skills or even without writing a single line of code.

Why Do I Recommend It? – The interface is lightning fast, which has been a pleasure to use, and the platform is loaded with tons of features and options which will make your new website look great.

Create a website with 8b now!!

#21) ContentSnare – Get Content From Your Clients


Content Snare is a content collection tool that automates the content gathering process to save you hours of your precious time on every project. Forget the normal hassle and the tons of emails that you are sending to customers to get the content. This platform is efficient and super simple to use.

Why Do I Like It? – Every plan includes a powerful and easy-to-use drag and drops request builder, request tab & section templates, file & image uploads, client instructions, and much more.

Pricing starts at $24 / mo which is billed annually and can be used for unlimited requests and unlimited clients. 2 team members are included in this plan.

Start your free trial today!!

#22) Work Examiner

Work Examiner

I like WorkExaminer, it is the most effective and popular internet monitoring software that can be used to improve productivity and efficiency, prevent data theft, and much more. No need to have any special knowledge to fully use this powerful software.

Start a 30-day FREE trial with WorkExaminer and see this software in action!!

#23) Logaster


With millions of created logos so far, Logaster is one of the most popular logo generators on the market, which is highly appreciated for delivering unique logos to customers.

Why Do I Like It? – The platform is super simple to use, in just a few minutes you will get hundreds of logo designs to choose from. You pay only after you find what you like the most.

Give it a try and don’t forget that Logaster is also great for creating your brand identity.

#24) WrapPixel


WrapPixel is proposing a huge deal i.e. a Mega Bundle that is offered with an 80% discount from the normal price. It includes over 45 unique dashboards, 11 admins templates, 130 customized plugins, 6,500 UI Components and pages, 3,000 premium font icons, and much more.

You can only get all of that for only $79 i.e. single use.

#25) Pixpa


Pixpa is a very popular website builder that can be used with 0 programming skills and previous experience, to create a website, store, blog, and client gallery i.e. all in one place.

Why Do I Like It? – It includes gorgeous templates to start with and a lightning-fast interface that is highly enjoyable to use. You can sign up for free!!

#26) WordPress Maintenance Service


SteadyWP is a professional and popular WordPress maintenance service where experts will handle your website’s daily backups, security, updates, and much more.

Forget about all these tasks and just focus on growing your business.

#27) HelpJet


HelpJet builds knowledge base software for SaaS companies to reduce their support workload and improve customer satisfaction dramatically.

Why do I like it? – Setup in just 60 seconds even without having any programming skills or special knowledge. It’s super simple to use.

Start your free HelpJet trial today!!

#28) WordPress Forum Theme

WordPress Forum Theme

Ever wanted to easily add one or more forums to your WordPress website? Now it is possible with ForumPress, a bbPress forum theme for WordPress that works and looks amazing. The design is remarkable and looks great on any device.

Create your own forums and host discussions with ForumPress!!

#29) Gorgias Top Shopify App

Gorgias top shopify app

Gorgias is a one-stop-shop for customer support. Collect customer conversations from every channel (email, chat, phone, etc.) into one dashboard and streamline your tickets.

With the deep Shopify Plus integration, you can view order details for a customer, refund, cancel, or duplicate orders without leaving the app. Use templates, automation, rules, and macros to cut support time, etc.

Your support team will be more productive and your customers will love you.

#30) InvoiceBerry


InvoiceBerry is a popular, strong, and super simple invoicing software that can be used to create and send fully customized, gorgeous invoices in less than 60 seconds, track expenses, create reports, manage clients, track payments, and much more.

Sign up for the free trial now and no credit card is required.

#31) Goodiewebsite


Goodiewebsite is a popular platform that connects designers, agencies, and developers directly with web developers.

I like it because it’s a perfect fit for small and local business owners who are looking to amplify their online presence, for designers who are looking for a reliable web development partner, for 1-10 pages websites, email templates, and much more.

Starting today!!

#32) Freelance Invoice

Bonsai Invoicing

With over 100,000 happy freelancers using Bonsai, this is by far the most popular freelance invoice dedicated software. Freelancers are using it to send smart invoices with integrated payments, to build invoices from contracts or proposals, and much more.

Try Bonsai for free and see it in action!!

#33) RumbleTalk


With RumbleTalk anybody can add a fully hosted online chat to any website. I recommend this tool as it only takes 2 minutes to set up your own group or expert chat with or without a paywall. No need to write a single line of code or have any special skills.

Start with the free plan and upgrade when required.

#34) Fotor


Fotor is an all-in-one visual content tool that will help you edit and create awesome designs in just minutes. It is loaded with a variety of templates, features, and options that will make your pictures look remarkable and indeed make your life easy.

Everybody is using Fotor for their projects, you should try it too!!

#35) FreelanceLogoDesign


FreelanceLogoDesign is a powerful solution that lets 3 logo designers compete on your logo design project. Get 6 custom logos in 60 minutes or less and choose the logo that you like most. The results are outstanding.

Starting now for $19.

#36) Rhodos


The Rhodos WordPress theme is a clean and minimalist multi-purpose web solution app that is used for business and corporate websites.

It doesn’t require too much effort to customize the theme, thanks to its full compatibility with the Elementor page builder. You can also work with a series of pre-made inner pages to show off your services and main tasks.


In this article, we tested and reviewed over 30 different web tools and services that will heavily help you and your goals.

There are premium Bootstrap themes and templates, innovative and super-simple use of website builders, logo and branding creators, web development tools and services, and much more.

If you need anything here, drop us an email and let us know what we should include in order to have a complete and better showcase for you. We will be happy to hear from you.

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