30 Top Website Link Verification Testing Tools

This is your list of top Website Link Verification Testing Tools. See which is a fit for your needs.

Whether you own a professional website or just have a personal website, you wouldn’t want your sites to have broken links. To verify for broken links, site availability, we have lot of tools in the market which does an easy check and makes our life easy.

In this article, I have summarised some 30 top tools which can be used for Website Link Verification Testing. Different tools provide different features and work on different platform. Some tools can be accessed online while some requires installation.

Website Link Verification Testing Tools

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30 Best Website Link Verification Testing Tools

#1) W3C Link Checker:

An online Open Source tool which lets a user validate links, CSS style sheets, check for objects if any referenced in web page. This utility is one of the validator tools provided by W3C.Definitely a good one to go for since this is free.

Download Link: W3C Link Checker

#2) Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool:

Screaming Frog Website Link Verification testing Tool

SEO Spider by Screaming frog is an excellent tool if you are looking for checking broken links for a medium to large sites. It comes as a desktop application which are very easy to install and can work on any PC, Mac or Linux machines…The main checking done by this tool is from SEO perspective.

Download Link: Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool

#3) Online Website Link Checker:

An open Source online tool which checks for broken links. This tool allows User with a feature to set the maximum number of pages to be searched. Users can also define the depth which means if the tool should just search source page or all the pages.

Download Link: Online Website Link Checker

#4) Dead Link Checker:

It’s a free broken link checker. Tool supports checking through multiple sites at one go and also has feature of auto check where a user can schedule website check using dead link checker and once the process completes, the tool automatically sends a report.

Download Link: Dead Link Checker

#5) Website Pulse:

Website Pulse’s Link Check verifies the URL availability, downloads the complete HTML content, and checks the availability of all the internal components and of all links present on the page. It also provides features for Website test, Web Page test and HTTP Headers test.

Download Link: Website Pulse

#6) Cyber Spyder Link Test

This tool is used to verify for broken URL’s on a website. This works well on site of all sizes ranging from personal websites to very large sites with numerous links. This is one of the cheapest tools available in the market for Web Link Verification.

Download Link: Cyber Spyder Link Test

#7) Sortsite:

Sortsite is a desktop application for Mac OS X and Windows. This works on a single click and checks for accessibility, broken links, compatibility, SEO, privacy, web standards, and usability. It’s a very fast tool and tests all the pages available in the site.

Download Link: Sortsite

#8) Online Broken Link Checker:

An Online tool which scans the website for broken links, supports validation for both internal and external URL’s, it lets user know the error location, and it can scan an unlimited number of pages.

Download Link: Online Broken Link Checker

#9) Xenu’s link sleuth:

This tool checks Web sites for broken links. It allows Link verification on “normal” links, images, frames, plug-ins, backgrounds, local image maps, style sheets, scripts and java applets. It provides features for rechecking broken links, easy report generation which can be mailed to users.

Download Link: Xenu’s link sleuth

#10) Free Link Checker

Free Link Checker is a desktop freeware tool that does broken link check. The program includes HTML links spider and broken link analyzer. Free Link Checker provides various settings for broken link check, displaying invalid links report, tracking progress, setting up authentication (username and password) and proxy.

Download Link: Free Link Checker

#11) Site24X7

Site24X7 features 4 validation tools, server header tool which checks server headers and verify the HTTP status codes, Link Checker which checks for Broken Links, Code Cleaner which Cleanup HTML code and optimize a webpage, and HTML Code validator which Validate the HTML code in your domain based on W3C standards

Download Link: Site24X7

#12) Link Scan

LinkScan™ is an industrial-strength link checking and website management tool. It is compatible with UNIX and Microsoft Windows operating systems with Perl Version 5 or later installed and it is designed to be compatible with any HTTP 1.0 or HTTP 1.1 compliant web server.

Download Link: Link Scan

#13) Pingdom tools

Pingdom’s Website monitoring tools help end-users analyze the load speed of the websites and learn how to make them faster. The Tool examines all parts of a web page, checks for website conformance to performance best practices from Google Page Speed. Lets User test from multiple locations and also trace performance history.

Download Link: Pingdom tools

#14) HERA

HERA is a web accessibility tool that traverses through each page to identify the error.

The check is done using the WCAG guidelines. If an error is found, it then performs some manual checks, highlights the problematic areas, and provides user with a two-view report (one the normal page and other the HTML Source Code with the highlights). This helps end-users know the problem and do a quick fix to resolve the issue.

#15) Web Link Validator

Web Link Validator Website Link Verification testing Tool

Web Link Validator is a powerful link checker and site management tool for webmasters to check links for accuracy and availability, find broken links and links containing syntactic errors. This Tool is a real help for anyone who wants to maintain the quality of their web sites. This improves potential customer’s website experience by keeping track of broken links and checking the accuracy of HTML code

Download Link: Web Link Validator

#16) Link Tiger

Link Tiger Website Link Verification testing Tool

Link Tiger hunts websites for broken links and generates broken link reports. This tool doesn’t require any downloads and allows for a website scan 24X7. This tool comes with excellent on-screen visualization and reporting features. LinkTiger not only finds broken links in WebPages but also checks for broken links in any PDF, CSS, FLASH, JavaScript or MS Office document on your website

Download Link: Link Tiger

 #17) Link Checker Pro

Link Checker Pro is the leading solution for website analysis and the detection of broken and other problem links. Major features include extremely fast operation, support for all major protocols (including HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP), the ability to create a graphical representation of the website, export of data into a number of different formats, and being fully configurable. It provides an easy to use interface and is robust to deal with websites containing 100,000 links or more.

Download Link: Link Checker Pro

#18) Wummel -Link checker

LinkChecker is a free, GPL licensed website validator. It allows recursive and multithreaded checking and site crawling. It can be run using a command line, a UI Client or a web interface.

Download Link: Wummel -Link checker

#19) HTML Validator pro

An Online Tool which allows for html validation, spell check, broken link verification and JavaScript linter. Multiple checks can be done together, say the tool can be used to verify for broken links and spell check in the same run.

Download Link: HTML Validator pro

#20) Weblight Illumit

WebLight is more than a fast link checker that can test large websites. It is a website maintenance tool that helps you efficiently maintain high quality websites. It does a quick analysis of sites with thousands of links. It reviews all the link, css and markup problems on the site, categorizes and filters problems.

Download Link: Weblight Illumit

#21) Website Cleanup

Website Cleanup.com allows for an online check of website to find broken links, html validation errors, mega tag contents and web page size which usually impacts the load time.

Download Link: Website Cleanup

#22) Jenu Link Checker

Jenu is a link checker for Websites built using Java. This can basically run with any JDK 1.3 runtime. This is hosted and available for download from sourceforge.

Download Link: Jenu Link Checker

#23) Link Verify

A Link Checker which runs in Java Supported Browser. This basically checks for set of hypertext files and validates all the references to external resources are working or not. In case of HTML it checks for embedded images and hyperlinks, in addition it also checks for style sheets. When run through browser, the tool has access only to the files available in that server, so to have full control of all files, the tool should be installed on local systems.

Download Link: Link Verify

#24) ht://Check

ht://Check is one of the first web tools which makes possible to perform site-wide accessibility checks it is more than a link checker. It’s a console application written for GNU/Linux systems in C++ and derived from the best search engine available on the Internet for free: ht://Dig. It is very useful for Webmasters who want to control and monitor their Websites, in order to discover unexpected broken links.

Download Link: ht://Check

#25) Alert LinkRunner

This is an easy to use link validation tool which allows for checking the site on internet or local from the hard drive, this comes with an excellent reporting & email feature. Tool allows for checks to be scheduled which makes end users job a lot easy.

Download Link: Alert LinkRunner

#26) Internet Supervision -URL checker

Internet Supervision as the name implies, is a tool used to monitor the availability of a website. It also supervises the performance and indicates if an issue is seen, so that user can take quick action to resolve and bring the site back up again. In addition, it also monitors from security point of view to nail down cyber attacks, if any.

Download Link: Internet Supervision -URL checker

#27) Check My Links:

It’s a Google chrome extension which allows for checking broken links, Check My Links’ quickly finds all the links on a web page, and checks each one for you. It highlights which ones are valid and which ones are broken, simple as that

Download Link: Check My Links 1, Check My Links 2.

#28) Web Accessibility Checker:

AChecker is used to evaluate HTML content for accessibility problems by entering the location of a web page, uploading an html file, or by pasting the complete HTML source code from a Web page. It identifies 3 types of problem-known problem, likely problems and potential problems.

Download Link: Web Accessibility Checker

#29) Link Page Generator

Automatic link management program which has three functions: List links in database in html format, add links to database using browser and optionally check for bad links (by cron job)

Download Link: Link Page Generator

#30) Truwex Online

Website Accessibility tool that checks website’s accessibility against Section 508, WCAG 1.0 and WCAG 2.0 standards.

Download Link: Truwex Online


The above list gives you an idea on the available Website Link Verification Testing Tools; however some analysis would be required to know the tool that would suit your requirement. Hope this list helps you with your search for an appropriate web link verification tool.

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