15+ Best ALM Tools (Application Lifecycle Management Tools in 2021)

Comparison of the best open source free and Agile Application Lifecycle Management ALM Tools and Solutions in 2021:

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is nothing but the lifecycle management of a product. ALM is used in administrating a software application from its early phase until it is no longer used (Retired). Its main aim is to document and track the changes made to an application throughout its journey.

In order to track such application changes, there are several ALM tools that are available in the market.

Few tools automatically sort the files based on the changes made to the application and for the other tools, the team members will have to manually input the changes of the application.

application lifecycle management ALM tools

ALM is also considered as a subset of the project management tools. ALM tools provide a consistent environment for team’s collaboration between the development teams, testing teams, operations teams etc. These tools are used to automate the process of software development and delivery.

We need to concentrate on the below factors for selecting the best ALM tool for your project.

The Factors include:

  • Requirements of your team
  • Scalability of the solution
  • Pricing details

Note: Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is limited only to a few phases of requirements, design, coding, testing, configuration, Project and Change management. ALM is a wider perspective than SDLC and is also considered as a superset of SDLC.

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Review of the Top ALM Tools and Solutions

Below are our top picks for the best ALM tools:

  • Rommana ALM
  • Jama Software
  • SpiraTeam
  • Visure Solutions
  • JIRA + Confluence + Stash + Bamboo
  • Code Review Bundle
  • Version One
  • Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)
  • TFS by Microsoft
  • TeamForge by CollabNet
  • CA Agile Central (formerly Rally)
  • DevSuite by TechExcel

Let’s take a look at each ALM Solution in detail.

#1) Rommana ALM


Rommana ALM is a fully integrated set of tools and methodologies that supports all aspects of an application and product lifecycle. Rommana ALM was awarded a number of awards by independent research organizations.

These are The Best ALM Tool, The Best Requirement Tool, and The Best Cloud Solution. Rommana ALM is available both as Cloud subscription and in-premises installed. Some of the strengths of Rommana ALM are its intuitive user interface, the methodology guidance that helps project teams follow best practices, the comprehensiveness of coverage. Rommana ALM supports requirements and user stories management, use case management, test design, and management, issue management, change management, release management, sprint planning, collaboration management, project management, and document management.

All these features are offered at very low prices. Rommana ALM is sold in packages where you can purchase only the components your projects need and you can upgrade as your needs change. You may acquire Rommana packages for as low as $10/per user per month.

#2) Jama Software

Jama Software

Jama Software provides the leading platform for Requirements, Risk, and Test management. With Jama Connect and industry-focused services, teams building complex products, systems, and software improve cycle times, increase quality, reduce rework, and minimize effort proving compliance.

Jama Software’s growing customer base of more than 600 organizations includes companies representing the forefront of modern development in Autonomous vehicles, Healthcare, Financial Services, Industrial Manufacturing, Aerospace, and Defense.

Jama Connect was rated as the top Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tool for 2019 by TrustRadius. In particular, the reviewers praise the product’s purposeful collaboration, ease of adaptability, and live traceability.

#3) SpiraTeam

spiraTeam logo

SpiraTeam presents an absolute Application Lifecycle Management solution that is used in managing requirements, plans, tests, bugs, tasks and issues in a single environment.

  • SpiraTeam is used for requirements gathering, QA, testing, customizable reporting, making decisions, etc by teams of all sizes.
  • SpiraTeam supports agile project management methodologies like Scrum and Kanban
  • Using SpiraTeam we can create the manual test scripts, automate them and can also manage them.
  • SpiraTeam offers incorporated dashboards with important project metrics.

#4) Visure Solutions

Visure Solutions

Visure Solutions is a trusted specialized requirement ALM partner for companies of all sizes across safety-critical and business-critical industries. Visure offers an innovative and user-friendly Requirement ALM platform to implement efficient requirements lifecycle management.

Visure assists you throughout your ALM process by:

  • Helping to define and improve your requirements.
  • Enforcing the full traceability all the way down to test cases and source code.
  • Facilitate development and collaboration.
  • Help improve test management and risk management.
  • Help meet compliance/regulations.
  • Providing easy management dashboards and comprehensive reporting.

Visure Requirements ALM Platform integrates support for all parts of the ALM processes such as traceability management, risk management, test management, issue, and defect tracking, and change management, as well as requirements quality analysis, requirements versioning, and baselining, powerful reporting, and has standard compliance templates.

It assists all members of your team to communicate, collaborate and take corrective action more efficiently and effectively for overall reduced costs, better compliance, and improved time to market. Visure provides end-to-end traceability and visibility in your application lifecycle while easily providing templates aligned to industry standards.

Visure can easily improve your current system by migrating documents and information from MS Word/MS Excel or even from IBM DOORS and DOORS/NG and provides plug-ins for popular tools such as JIRA, Jama, Enterprise Architect, HP ALM, and other testing tools.

Visure’s customers include familiar names in leading industries such as Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, Autonomous vehicles, Medical Devices, Pharma, Railway, Industrial Manufacturing, and others.

Price: Visure Solutions offers a free 30-day trial that can be downloaded from their website. Perpetual and subscription licenses are available and can be used on-premises or cloud-based. Detailed pricing and demo can be found on the Visure Solutions website.

#5) JIRA + Confluence + Stash + Bamboo


By combining few products from Atlassian suite like JIRA Software, Confluence, Stash (Bitbucket Server) and Bamboo a competent and full-service ALM tool has been designed.

  • JIRA Software by Atlassian is used by the agile and development teams to plan, track the projects and their corresponding issues.
  • Confluence is a foremost collaboration tool that modernizes the teamwork through document management and knowledge management.
  • Bitbucket Server (Formerly Stash) is a Git-powered code repository that collaborates using requests and inline comments.
  • Bamboo Server is used by the professional teams for non-stop integration, programmed build & testing, deployment, and delivery.
  • The combination of the above 4 software gives a full-featured solution as an ALM tool.

=> You can visit the tool website here.

#6) VersionOne


Versionone is the world’s foremost, incorporated Agile PM solution and development software platform.

  • Versionone is exclusively designed to shore up agile and lean delivery processes of software.
  • Versionone is available in four packages like Team, Catalyst, Enterprise, and Ultimate.
  • The development teams that need a full ALM featured tool will go for the Enterprise or the Ultimate plans.
  • The enterprise plan is used to scale the agile practices to portfolio levels whereas the Ultimate Plan is used to optimize the practices of portfolio levels.

Free trial of this tool is available at Versionone

#7) Team Foundation Server (TFS)


Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server is an integrated suite of developer tools, build system, metrics, version control that are used by the specialized or qualified teams for organizing and running the projects

  • TFS offers a range of collaborative tools for software development which can be integrated with your current development environment.
  • By using TFS, rework on the software under development can be reduced by increasing its transparency which in turn results in shipping high-quality software products.
  • TFS operates as an essential point of contact for both process management and project management.

Visit TFS website: TFS for further details on pricing and other information.

#8) TeamForge

CollabNet TeamForge

CollabNet TeamForge is a prized, agile and open ALM platform for distributed teams to achieve continuous delivery, deliberate worth from SCM and DevOps schemes.

  • Using TeamForge one can implement any methodology or any tool in an observable environment that accelerates the development of the application and its respective delivery.
  • TeamForge focuses more or the security of the application throughout its lifecycle. For this reason, most of the financial institutions and government agencies use TeamForge as their platform.
  • TeamForge ALM offers the platform to integrate both Git and SVN without disturbing the code quality.
  • One can automate the workflows and processes of creating high-class applications at a momentum using TeamForge ALM.

For a free trial of this tool, visit: CollabNet TeamForge

#9) Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)


Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is proposed to offer IT departments a single platform or workflow for the complete process of application development.

  • Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is used by teams of all sizes to deliver elevated quality applications with better speed and quickness.
  • By using Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) the release rapidity of the application gets increased by maintaining the collaboration among the teams throughout the lifecycle.
  • Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is a consolidated management system that offers traceability and reporting of all the activities that are being carried out throughout the lifecycle of the application.

=> You can check the pricing details here: Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

#10) Code Review Bundle

code-review-bundle tool logo

Code Review Bundle is a set of perfect diff tools to help you understand the other programmer’s decisions and improve the project code quality until it gets feature-complete.

Code Review Bundle is irreplaceable in code review if you need:

  • create review requests
  • work in integration with Visual Studio
  • perform tasks in support with TFS, Subversion, Git, Mercurial, and Perforce
  • view added review comments from a file comparison document
  • highlight code regions with review comments
  • make code folding
  • perform files merging
  • assign multiple code authors to reviewed projects
  • flag defects in comments
  • make comment on binary files.

#11) CA Agile Central: (Formerly Rally)

CA Technologies

CA Technologies has acquired Rally Software and is now termed as CA Agile Central. CA Agile Central is used to develop and deliver precise software with high quality and speed with an efficient platform for agile solutions.

  • Rally software offers a web-based ALM platform that can be accessed from a browser like chrome or safari etc through an operating system like Windows or Linux.
  • This tool is mainly used by organizations of all sizes like small or medium or large-scale that develops the applications with agile methodology.
  • CA Agile Central is an enterprise-level platform used for scaling agile development methodologies in a project.
  • Using CA Agile central real-time project metrics like performance metrics, productivity, quality and openness of the applications can be measured.

For further queries or information on this tool, access: CA Technologies

#12) DevSuite


TechExcel introduces its integrated ALM suite DevSuite with a sophisticated modular ALM system and knowledge-centric ALM.

  • DevSuite offers a completely integrated ALM solution that is required for development, quality assurance, design and deployment of a software application.
  • DevSuite has expanded its support to portfolio management and project management of multiple projects.
  • DevSuite broadly manages all the characteristics of a development project like defect tracking, change requests, product implementation, etc. On the whole, it completely deals with the quality lifecycle.
  • DevSuite maintains a knowledge repository that incorporates the managing documents, digital assets, images, Wiki articles, etc.

Check out the website DevSuite for further information.

#13) Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management by IBM

IBM Rational CLM

IBM Rational CLM is an ALM system that includes a strong selection of ALM applications that are integrated with one another.

  • Rational CLM is a combination of IBM Rational Team Concert, IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation and IBM Rational Quality Manager which makes it a complete ALM solution.
  • The integration of the above products with RCLM delivers requirement management, real-time project planning, quality management, change management, lifecycle traceability, etc.
  • IBM Rational Team Concert is used to plan, manage and trace the project work.
  • IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation is used to manage requirements like defining, analyzing and managing them.
  • IBM Rational Quality Manager is used in developing, executing and reporting the test plan.

Access the tool’s website here: IBM Rational CLM

#14) Micro Focus Connect

Micro Focus

Micro Focus acquired Serena Software which is the foremost provider of ALM solution and Borland Connect which is an open ALM solution.

  • Micro Focus is a comprehensive enterprise software company that helps its customers to build, control and secure their software applications with innovative technologies.
  • Serena Software adds its potential in software development, business process, change management to Micro Focus and makes its ALM solutions better.
  • Micro Focus Connect (Formerly Borland Connect) is used to achieve the impending software delivery from the team by improving their efficiency.
  • Micro Focus Connect is the collective source of facts that help in development activities by providing integrated reports of all software assets.

Explore the site Micro Focus Connect for a free trial and more features on MicroFocus.

#15) AccuRev


AccuRev is a software configuration management tool used in software or product development, acquired by Micro Focus. AccuRev was formerly known as “Borland AccuRev”.

  • AccuRev is an SCM system that is used to tackle distributed or complex or parallel development environments to pick up the pace of development processes.
  • Using AccuRev the developers can graphically design their development process or workflow through which they can dynamically manage the in-progress or pending tasks.
  • AccuRev also offers a fully-integrated Agile ALM system “AgileCycle” which comprises SCM, build management and release management tools.
  • Using AccuRev one can minimize the errors by efficiently broadcasting the changes.

To learn more about this tool, you can visit: AccuRev

#16) Release Dynamix [RDx]

Panaya logo

Release Dynamix is an Enterprise Agile Delivery platform, providing real-time insights into risk & quality to ensure safe software releases into production. With RDx the IT managers can see the status and risk across the delivery of many demand streams, sync complex, dispersed IT organizations around requirements continuously and intelligently factor scope, time and quality.

  • With solutions for Portfolio, Value Stream, Requirements and Release management, IT can manage the changing priorities and keep enterprise applications relevant in shorter release cycles to meet the continuously evolving needs of the business.
  • Designed for Enterprise IT, organizations can choose to work in various delivery modes with support for hybrid frameworks such as Water “agile” fall, Kanban, SAFe.
  • With Real-Time Risk analysis, IT managers can be more proactive and factor in real-time insights and gain multidimensional views into impact and risk for data-based decision making to ensure ready for go-live.
  • As a SaaS solution that is easy to use, RDx enables quick onboarding for both business and tech users to gain the maximum value from the solution investment.

Visit Release Dynamix [RDx] website here.

#17) StarTeam


StarTeam is an ALM solution and a revision control system that deals with requirements, files, and tasks that are used in the development process of software.

  • StarTeam was first acquired by Borland and then by Micro Focus.
  • StarTeam is a tough and scalable platform for maintaining the whole software delivery process across multiple teams and various methodologies.
  • StarTeam is used as an Enterprise change management system that unites the distributed development teams to quicken the software delivery process.
  • Using StarTeam we can track the changes, increase the cross-project data visibility, data warehouse the ample data, etc.

Free trial of this tool is available at: StarTeam

#18) ThoughtWorks


ThoughtWorks is a worldwide organizer of enterprise-level agile development products and services.

  • A combination of few tools (Mingle + Go + Gauge) from ThoughtWorks studios results in an adaptive approach for the Agile ALM project management solution.
  • Mingle is an Agile Project management product that facilitates all sizes of companies to put agile systems into practice like defining the objectives of an organization, tracking the progress of plans, efficient problem solving, etc.
  • Go is an Agile release management solution that supports open source continuous delivery servers for modeling the complex workflows and dependency management.
  • Gauge is a simple, reconcile and collaborative open-source test automation tool used to write the test cases in business language. This is possible because of its pluggable architecture.

For a free trial of this tool, visit: ThoughtWorks

#19) Seapine Software

Seapine Software

Seapine Software is a foremost provider of ALM solutions that is acquired by Perforce Company which is a leader in source code management and version control.

  • Seapine Software is a suite of tools that are used in requirements management, software configuration management, issue tracking, test case management, and testing, etc to provide traceability, automating the workflow and visibility of the project.
  • All the above tools used together with results in the delivery of high-quality software products.
  • Seapine Software has flexible ALM solutions that support during all phases of software development.
  • Seapine Software, when combined with the Perforce portfolio deals with enterprise-level, needs like predictability, auditability, and traceability of the product development process.

For further queries or information on this tool, access: Seapine Software

#20) Aldon


Aldon is a business element from Rocket Software which develops and supports SCM for enterprise ALM.

  • Rocket Aldon ALM software makes things easier and automates all characteristics of the software development process like routing the change requests to deployment release and updates.
  • Using Rocket Aldon we can reduce the errors, support collaboration, facilitate productivity, etc.
  • Before releasing any software or product, Rocket Aldon ensures that it is tested properly, documented and passed through all the phases of the promotion process.
  • Rocket Aldon ALM software keeps track of all the required documents, approvals and authorizations.
  • Customers can implement the best practices defined by CMMI, COBIT, etc. using Rocket Aldon ALM.

Visit Rocket software website: Aldon for further details.

#21) Polarion


Polarion is an integrated platform that facilitates organizations to automate and optimize the development processes across various projects. Polarion Software was acquired by Siemens PLM Software.

  • Polarion ALM is used to attain manufacturing brilliance by defining, building, testing and managing the multifaceted software in a browser-based solution or in the cloud platform.
  • Important features of Polarion ALM are unified development, Change and configuration management, collaboration and Compliance, test and quality management etc.
  • Polarion supports development processes across various development operations like Agile, Waterfall and Hybrid.
  • Polarion supports innovative problem-solving techniques for distributed teams.

For additional information on Polarion, access: Polarion

#22) Tuleap


Tuleap is a PM system that is used for managing applications lifecycles, designing projects, IT services management, etc.

  • Tuleap Open ALM is an open-source and free suite for the Agile management and software development process.
  • Tuleap facilitates developers, project managers, customers, quality teams, and product owners, etc to collaborate on their respective projects.
  • Tuleap provides a powerful tool to track issues or risks or requests etc.
  • Tuleap offers an on-line protected area for document storage which avoids the duplication and version tracking of documents.
  • Every team can customize this tool as per their need and can work on the same.

The online trial of Tuleap is available at Tuleap.

#23) Aligned Elements

Aligned elements

‘Aligned elements’ is the Medical Device ALM that is used by Medical Device experts in creating, managing and tracing the Design History Files.

  • Aligned Elements is used in creating quality products with brilliance in the rigid documentation.
  • Aligned Elements helps its clients in manufacturing regulatory products with low costs in a short span.
  • Using this tool, one can trace all the integrated design control items like requirements, risks, reviews, validation and verification tests in a single application.
  • Aligned Elements tracks all the changes made to every design item throughout the lifecycle and generates a sequential audit trail of the whole design history file.

Free trial of aligned elements tool can be accessed here: Aligned elements

#24) Swift ALM

Swift ALM

Swift ALM is a collaborative proposal for project management, program management, SDLC and Process Governance.

  • Swift ALM is a simple web-based project tool used for agile, waterfall and hybrid methodologies.
  • Swift ALM has an extremely configurable and supple application structural design that can support up to thousands of users.
  • This tool is used to set-up the processes, projects, resources and control access to the features by planning better.
  • Swift ALM is used for the requirement, change, issue, risk, test, defect, and document management.
  • Swift ALM summarizes the best practices of an organization into a template so that they are reusable for future projects.

30 day free trial of Swift ALM and other details are available at Swift ALM

#25) Vision Flow


VisionFlow is the single logical platform that supports all the phases of a project lifecycle like development & maintenance and also extends its support to customers.

  • VisionFlow is considered as an ALM due to its supportive features starting from an Idea till execution and also during the maintenance phase.
  • VisionFlow supports Lean and Agile methodologies.
  • VisionFlow supports a multi-channel Help Desk module to manage and solve the tickets raised by the users.
  • The main advantage of VisionFlow when compared with its competitors is its adaptable incorporation of Email communication.

For further details on VisionFlow and its free trial, access: VisionFlow

#26) Favro

Favro Logo

Favro is an agile tool that can be used to adapt to rapid changes such as changes in goals, priorities, or team members, etc. For the application lifecycle management, it offers four building blocks, Cards, Boards, Collections, and Relations. These building blocks are easily learnable.

You can create tasks or content through Cards. Boards will help the teams to display cards in various ways like Kanban, Timeline, etc. Collections is an aggregated view of all the boards on a single screen. Relations will show you the interaction and navigation between horizontal teams and vertical levels of your company.

Favro has team & planning boards, sheets & databases, roadmaps & scheduling, and docs & wiki. It can be used by newbies, team leaders, or CEOs.


In this article, we have included a refined list of the best ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) Tools and solutions.

Based on the project’s requirement, organization needs, costing, etc the desired ALM tool can be selected. After going through all the features of the tool and other details, one can select their required tool from the above list and continue to work on it.

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