Top 10+ Best SAP Testing Tools (SAP Automation Tools)

Review of the best SAP Automation Testing Tools:

Being a QA tester of any software application/component means a tester with some common basic skills of testing. Either its web testing, product testing or SAP testing.

All the application basic testing skills are same, with the same concept and perception of providing a bug-free application. 

So,  SAP tester is not someone with too many additional skills, but one with good knowledge of SAP projects.

The positive thing with a SAP QA person is that the functional knowledge during the study of SAP project acquired in a company can be utilized in the SAP project in another company.

While a normal QA can hardly get a similar project in different companies. And they need to start with a requirement study from scratch.

SAP Testing Tools

In methodologies, strategies, planning and stages of testing, SAP testing is not different from normal application testing.

For SAP Automation Testing,  SAP testing too requires tools for better test coverage,  test efficiency, reduce time span in testing and best productivity for customer satisfaction.


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Most Popular Automation SAP Testing Tools

Here we go.

#1) HP Quick Test Professional (QTP)UFT

HP Quick Test Professional

Description: QTP automation tool, which is also known as UFT,  is one of the most popular tools in the market. It supports many environments and SAP is one of them.

Its excellent features and user-friendly quality have made it a great choice for SAP testing.

No extra expertise is required for SAP testing with QTP. It can be tested like any other application. All should know QTP very well.

Official website available here.

=> Want to learn HP Quick Test Professional (QTP)? We have a detailed series of tutorials you can check here.

#2) eCATT


Description: eCATT is a software testing tool used to automate test scenarios. It is created by SAP to enable testing in SAP UI for windows and JAVA. We can say eCATT is a replacement of CATT with better features for new developments.

Official website available here.



Description: SAP-developed TAO, which stands for Test Acceleration and Optimization. This tool helps in increasing the speed of automated test cases for end-to-end scenarios. It runs well with QC and QTP to ease the process of testing. It is easy to integrate it with SAP solutions manager for maintenance of test cases and components.

Official website here.

#4) Tricentis Tosca

Tricentis Tosca

Description: Tricentis Tosca is the solution to all challenges for SAP including help in fulfilling all government standards and regulations. It provides support in managing test cases with a reduced cost in the most effective manner.

The tool has a system to import data and components from the SAP solution manager and convert them into required automated test cases in the given environment.

Using this tool one can reduce the number of test cases by 50%. At the same time, the business risk coverage can be increased by 85%.

Official website available here.

#5) Selenium


Description: As most of the applications are web-based applications in SAP. And Selenium is one of the best web testing frameworks which is an open source too. Hence it is considerable for SAP testing with very supportive web driver. Selenium with a framework like TestNG works good for functional testing of SAP web application.

Official website available here.

#6) SilkTest


Description: Silktest has certification to support SAP for best quality deliveries in minimum cost. SilkTest workbench integration is very popular with SAP eCATT and SAP GUI in SAP users for HTML technology-based products.

It allows them to manage the testing from scratch to finish of complex SAP business processes with the strong and inbuilt approach.

Official website available here

#7)  TestComplete


Description: Test complete is a great and popular automation tool in the IT industry. To a great extent, it is also good for automating SAP applications.

Still, for complete access of extended properties of the application, some support like add-ons or workaround may be required.

Official website available here.

Like other applications SAP too requires performance testing to determine the performance, strength, flexibility and fastness of the application.

Best SAP Performance Testing Tools

#8) JMeter


Description: Jmeter tool is a well known free tool used for performance testing, which includes Load as well as stress testing. It tests, static as well as dynamic resources.

To check the performance and incoming traffic of SAP business intelligence application, Jmeter is one of the best choices. JMeter popularity is increasing day by day, even in SAP users because of its great benefits and user-friendliness.

Official website available here.

#9) Open STA

Open STA

Description: OpenSTA tool is also an open source option for load testing for SAP users.

However, there might be some issues which need to be handled for dynamic content with OpenSTA while load testing. If the user is expertise in OpenSTA then things can be easy and good for SAP application testing.

Official website available here.

#10) Load runner

Load runner

Description: Where Load runner is one of the best load testing tools. For SAP GUI testing, it has certain drawbacks, complexities, and limitations of scaling the test. Still, it is the only option for GUI load testing of SAP applications.

SAP users are extensively using and recommending it. And the reason must be its easiness in handling dynamic contents of SAP application.

Official website available here.

#11) IBM Rational Performance Tester

IBM Rational Performance tester

Description: IBM Rational Robot is an automation tool and component of the  Rational Suite Test studio. It is used for GUI automated testing of SAP R3 applications.

IBM Rational Performance tester tool is the extension of SAP solutions which enhance the scalability and performance testing of SAP applications.

Official website available here.

Other SAP management tools:

#12) SAP Quality Center:

SAP Quality Center

Description: SAP Quality center is a web-based HP test management tool. Quality center this tool also includes various testing activities of manual testing, automation testing, and business processes.

This tool is an extension of the SAP solution manager with testing qualities. Hence SAP QC is a great test management tool for SAP users.

Official website from here.

#13) ISTA (Infosys SAP Test Automation Accelerator) and ACCORD:

ISTA (Infosys SAP Test Automation Accelerator) and ACCORD

Description: Infosys Test Automation Accelerator is like an add-on to improve and speed up the automation of functional, regressing and performance testing. This gives an end to end automation test of multiple technology applications.

ISTA allows testing in the very early stage of the life cycle, even when the blueprint of SAP project is developed. It also provides an inbuilt set of standard scenarios and components of automation in SAP, which can be customized as per requirements by the business users.

Official website available here.

#14) WATIR:


Description: Watir is an excellent open source tool for automating web browsers. It supports all web applications irrespective of their technology. The tool belongs to Ruby Libraries and can be used for SAP testing too. This tool is also great with the backend or data-driven testing capabilities.

Official website available here.


The above SAP Testing Tools tools must be expensive and need expert hands to use them. But, the manual testing has its limitations for complex IT projects like SAP, mainly in investment terms.

The choice of tool for SAP testing should be your idea on the basis of unique objective, the workflow of the particular business process and technologies used.

Before considering the tool for any project, give enough time to know the ins and outs of the project. Then finalize the tool as per the budget, team expertise/experience and technologies used in it.

As automation success very much depends on the right selection of the testing tool.


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