Top 15 SOA Testing Tools For Testers

The Best SOA Testing Tools:

SOA or the service Oriented architecture is in demand these days due to the changing business needs. The scope of SOA Testing is huge and mainly involves testing interfaces without GUI’s like web services, ESB’s and process models.

We have several tools available in the market with different features which support SOA testing. Please read below to get an idea of some of the most used SOA testing tools.

Soa Testing Tools

Best  SOA Testing Tools

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1) Parasoft SOAtest

Parasoft Logo

SOAtest from Parasoft is one of the leading tools for SOA testing. This tool eases the automation and maintenance of test cases. Testing can be automatically generated by passing any WSDL, WADL, UDDI, WSIL and many other platforms and ensures to achieve 100% coverage.

Official Website: Parasoft SOAtest



This tool provides a lot of benefits when used for SOA testing. It supports 100% automation across all layers of SOA based application. It’s point and click graphical interface helps a user in easily creating and maintaining test cases.

Eliminates test resource dependency as it has the capability to simulate the behavior of services and be available to a user on demand basis. It also ensures the quality and integrity of SOA is kept intact.

Official Website: iTKO LISA

3) SoapSonar

Soapsonar Logo

SoapSonar is definitely one of the tools you should keep in your review list if you are looking for easing your SOA testing.Tool supports testing various types of message format(HTML,REST,SOAP etc) and various protocols like HTTP(s),FTP(s),EMS etc.

Official Website: SoapSonar

4) SOArite

Soarite Logo

A Tool from Runzyme which is mainly for testers. This lets user setup and test workflows quickly. Workflows can be created for testing web services, REST services, Http Services, Database, JMS, and TCP. Creation of workflow can be done by simple drag and drop mechanism.

Official Website: SOArite


Soap UI Logo

This tool doesn’t need much explanation. If you have been into API or service testing, this is definitely the most used tool and you will be aware of this. It supports several protocols like SOAP, HTTP, JMS. SOAP UI is the open source version, but you will get several upgraded new products from Smartbear like SOAP UI NG.

Official Website: SOAP UI

6) IBM’s Rational Service Tester

Its code free concept makes it a unique tool and also a simple to use tool for all testers. Tests can be created without writing any type of codes. Overall it also reduces the total test execution time. Another important feature is it allows you to create tests to validate either a single web service or a group of web services.

Official Website: IBM’s Rational Service Tester

7) IBM’s Rational Integration Tester

IBM Green Hat, which is now known as Rational Integration tester is used for functional and performance tests for SOA messaging systems. It is easy to use because it doesn’t require scripting, and creates reusable stubs which make testing possible even if one component is missing. This lets the user perform validating by importing WSDL’s and then run tests.

Official Website: IBM’s Rational Integration Tester

8) Worksoft Certify for SOA

Another tool like IBM Rational Service tester which supports scriptless testing. Also works on multiple environments like Java, SAP,.NET, and mainframe. This lets you test business process by validating both web services and end user application. Allows simulation of both messages and response.

Tracking of changes due to revision in services is easy using this tool because this automatically identifies the changes to XML and SOAP.

Official Website: Worksoft Certify for SOA


This is an SOA testing tool which helps mostly in Unit testing. Supports multiple languages like SOAP, HTTP, JMS. This allows users to create and monitor SOA events easily. Overall it’s an easy to use a tool.

Official Website: QUASAR

10) TestMaker

This is one the excellent open source tool which allows a user to install on the desktop and can run tests on grid or cloud, identify issues along with root cause and provide remediation.Supports easy migration from QTP.

Official Website: TestMaker

11) SOA Cleaner

This is a very simple but powerful Web Services, REST and WCF testing tool. This tool can be used both by QA and by developers for dev testing. Doesn’t require any installation and also supports load testing. Allows running tests through a command line.

One good thing is they have a free version available. So, this forms one of the good options if you are looking for the free version and fewer features.

Official Website: SOA Cleaner

12) AdventNet QEngine

This is mainly a functional testing tool but very well supports SOAP Web Services testing. A good tool that helps identify bottlenecks in the code quickly.Since this also allows performance and load testing, a user can run performance checks and then do a load test to find out whether scaling horizontally(adding more servers) or vertically (adding high-quality servers)will be better.

Official Website: AdventNet QEngine

13) Mindreef SOAPscope

Mindreef SOAPscope‘s multiple tools can be used for performing different types of checks on SOA. Tools include SOAPscope Server which can be used to verify the quality of SOA’s.

SOAPscope Tester lets the user perform load test and SOAPscope developer allows diagnosis of web services.

Official Website: Mindreef SOAPscope

14) Testing whiz

This Tool allows for functional and non-functional testing for web services. This supports verifying the overall process of web services interaction over methods and interfaces by providing WSDL through HTTP.

Also allows web services health check, security testing, and compliance testing. It’s also integrated with different types of bug tracking and test management tools like Mantis, FogBugz, Jira, HP QC, TestLink.

Official Website: Testing whiz

15) HP Unified Functional Testing

HP Service Test, a known tool from HP got recently renamed as UFT. This tool now offers a complete package for automation testing as it is a merger of QTP and HP service test. This comes with a very handy GUI and allows a creation of reusable components and many other test automation features.

Official Website: HP Unified Functional Testing

16) Matador QA system

This is an automated test tool which supports testing web services. It is very easy to learn and use. It can be used to test any complex integration, finds out issues and also identifies exact error location. This comes with an excellent customizable reporting feature.

Official Website: Matador QA system

17) Mozilla Firefox add in

This add-in helps the user access a number of services UDDI registries without even requiring any installation. The current limitation is this can only handle XML schemas.

Official Website: Mozilla Firefox add in

18) Apache Jmeter

When we talk about API’s or SOA test, we cannot forget this open source tool JMeter from Apache. It’s a 100% Java application mainly used for performance testing of different types of servers and protocols like HTTP, SOAP, and REST.

This tool can be used to measure performance under different load types by simulating loads on a single server or group of servers. Also, has excellent GUI which eases test case building.

Official Website: Apache Jmeter

19) WebInject

WebInject is a free tool used for testing web applications and web services. This can be used to test components involving HTTP interfaces. Its service level monitoring feature helps to monitor real-time test execution.This is done by collecting the HTTP response times. This supports integration with several network monitoring tools like Nagios, MRTG (Multi Router Traffic Grapher).

Official Website: WebInject

20) Storm

This is an open source tool for SOA testing. This lets user test web services written either in.NET or Java.Supports testing multiple web services from one UI.

Official Website: Storm


Hope this article gave our readers a good insight on the available SOA tools. Please let us know if you are aware of any good tool which has been missed out from the list.


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