Digivante Review: Digital Performance, Web and App Testing

Comprehensive Review Of Digivante Company Providing Digital Performance Analysis and Continuous Website and Application Testing Services:

Does your website or app have low conversion or retention rates? Are your users constantly facing an interruption in their journey, or worse cases, gets terminated by annoying and frustrating defects? Does your development team find that they do not have enough time to test? Is hiring dedicated internal QA staff proves to be very expensive? Are you yet again going to ‘push & pray’ for your next release?

Delivering 24 days of testing work in just 24 hours, Digivante’s cost-effective testing services with the extensive device, platform, and OS coverage is your cost-effective, time-efficient, and flexible solution to all these challenges.


Digivante: A Complete Review

Crowdsourced testing is one of the most rapidly emerging trends in the software testing industry as it provides fast, highly reliable, cost-effective, multiplatform testing services and as a result, we get a bug-free software.

Most importantly, it tests the product from a user-centric perspective and for this, the product is given to a diverse and professional QA user community for testing using a wide variety of real iOS and Android devices and browsers.

Every business wants to retain brand-loyal customers. But, for that, you not only need to make your user’s journey defect-free but you also need to optimize the customer experience.

So, how can you reduce the months of functional testing to just a few days? Or, how do you significantly increase your digital revenue in just a couple of weeks? Yes, it is possible through crowdsourced testing, and in this article, we are going to review one of the best crowdsource testing companies that deliver this service to many SMEs and large corporates globally, Digivante.

What Is Digivante?


Website: Digivante

Digivante is an information technology company that provides digital performance analysis and continuous website and application testing. It offers software testing services for real-world software tools and web applications utilizing a huge global team of quality assurance testers.

It exists to fix digital, one site, or an app at a time. The unique thing about Digivante is that it can deliver more testing services in a given timeframe than any other company. They can identify and provide evidence for all the issues that are affecting your site or app, quickly and cost-effectively.

They offer a comprehensive digital performance platform that aids companies in delivering exceptional customer experience and increase their revenues.

Headquarter: Cheltenham, England
Founded: 2011
Industry Sector: IT Services

Digivante’s Team: 55,000 fully trained professional testers and UX participants, spread across 149 countries, embracing around 440 device/browser combinations and timespans. Digivante offers its services 365*24*7.

Digivante’s Customers: Visa, Calvin Klein, WorldPay, Hilton, Met Office, All Makes 4×4, Audi UK, Project M Studios, Bang & Olufsen, ClamXAV, MedExpress, Figleaves, Inorbital, II Makiage, Historic Royal Palaces, Kuldea, Ruud Enterprise, Sparkol Limited, Quality Cottages, Yours Clothing, Simon Jersey, The Longest Stay, Strawberry Soup, Team Cooper, etc.

Services Offered by Digivante:

  • Accessibility Testing
  • Digital Revenue Calculator
  • Exploratory Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Live Monitoring Testing
  • Localization Testing
  • New Functionality Testing
  • Payment Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Post Implementation Testing
  • Proof of Concept
  • Regression Testing
  • Technical Website Audit
  • Test Automation
  • Usability Testing
  • Testing services for Digital Teams: Website optimization insights by the way of continual testing.
  • Testing services for Technical Teams: Real-world testing resource to support agile deployment strategies

Pricing: Digivante offers tailor-made solutions that range from £4K – £500K projects along with annual subscriptions ranging from £1K – £6K per month.

Company Portfolio

Key Clients: Gymshark, Calvin Klein, WorldPay, King’s College London, Met Office, Quality Cottages, Figleaves

Digivante clients

Testing Methodology At Digivante

Digivante’s testing methodology is unique, and this is what makes its services stand out in the market. They are aimed at solving the performance problems of websites and applications for businesses around the world. They first try to understand the requirements of each client and then provide them with a relevant solution.

Digivante’s services are used by customers in two key categories. First, to ensure that when you are launching a new release or a new website that it is working the day it goes out so that your customers get a great first impression.

Secondly, it is around conversion optimization in a live environment. Within the pre-launch testing, they do this by working on agile flows, ensuring that they can test at scale at short notice as the client’s processes are going through their different phases or stages.

Testing methodology at Digivante

#1) Methodology: Agile Approach

In terms of pre-launch testing, there are multiple stages. The first, and probably the most important is: the creation of a new website entirely or going through a re-platform. Making sure that after all those hours and all the resources that take going into building a new website, once it goes out, again, the customers are getting that fantastic experience from day one.

If you spend a lot of time and put a lot of resources into building something new, and then it goes live and it does not work, then it was all in vain.

Digivante’s methodology is all about testing before it goes live.

So, what they typically do is 6 to 8 weeks before the launch date, they launch the first cycle of functional testing, putting a huge number of testers, testing across real devices making sure that the journeys that are most important to a client, as well as the fringe journeys, are working and are not plagued by bugs that are ultimately going to stop your customers from converting when they come to the website.

Once launched, most companies will be releasing their product regularly, whether that is daily, weekly, or monthly. Every single time you are releasing something, it can create new issues both with the new functionality and with the existing one.

Digivante will test the new release before it goes live to make sure that the day it does go out, like with the re-platform, your customers and users are gets that experience they are expecting, and that they are ultimately able to convert on the site.

#2) Methodology: CRO

CRO is commonly perceived as something which helps to get footfall on your actual website. However, what happens when they actually get there is where Digivante comes in.

By testing the functionality, usability, and performance of your website in the live environment, Digivante can find all the issues that are plaguing your users and customer’s experience, so that they can use the site in a way that is effective and productive.

Digivante Services

After reviewing the company and its testing methodology, let’s go a step forward and review in detail the major services offered by Digivante.

#1) Functional Testing


If you are re-platforming or introducing new features on your website or app, then functional testing becomes crucial to ensure high conversion rates and digital performance.

What is covered under Functional Testing?

Functional testing concentrates on the navigation, and functionality of the site or app. Additionally, it includes a lot of other checks like servers, basic security, DBs, APIs, error handling, etc.


  • It offers fully managed functional testing to make sure that your software product is working as desired by its customers.
  • Digivante tailors the functional testing services as per your need. If you want large-scale testing or a specific part of your application to be tested, they offer a service specifically tailored to your requirements.
  • It can get a fully functional audit test completed in 72 hours.

#2) Digital Revenue Calculator


Suppose there is a critical bug on your application which is stopping a particular segment of users completing the purchase. This is damaging your sales, but you are not aware of this bug yet.

So, you need a tool that can analyze your conversion rates, sales pattern, and provide you with useful information continuously. By understanding which devices and browsers are performing lower than expected, Digivante can then focus on testing that specific platform to identify the reason for the lower than expected conversion rate.

What is covered within the Digital Revenue Calculator?

  • The digital revenue calculator makes use of google analytics data to examine the performance of champion and challenger devices as well as web browsers in specific segments (Android, Windows, Mac, etc.).
  • It investigates conversion rates (the number of conversions divided by the number of visitors), AOV (Average Order Value), CPC (Cost Per Conversion), bounce rates, etc. at each device level to discover quick win opportunities for your business. How the data is analyzed is not available through the standard GA tools and specifically highlights platforms that need investigation in more depth.


  • Identifies platforms that require investigation as to why they are converting lower than expected rates and focuses on testing efforts.
  • Helps in benchmarking your digital performance against market and industry leaders and increases revenue.

#3) Usability Testing


If you want to understand what your actual customers think then you need Usability testing. If you are releasing new functionality and want to ensure that it aligns with what your customers want or if you have a conversion problem that is not due to functional bugs then, reviewing the live environment with Usability can highlight why customers are abandoning the journey before converting.

What is covered under Usability Testing?

  • Digivante offers a usability testing service that helps you in uncovering user experience issues.
  • For example, no autofill functionality, lack of delivery information, difficulty finding the product, etc.
  • The product is tested after gaining an understanding of customer demographics and expectations.


  • Usability testing helps you to deliver great UX which in turn increases customer brand loyalty, conversions, and revenue.

#4) Regression Testing


Regression testing is very important in ensuring any code changes that will not, and are not, impacting any existing feature of the app or website.

What is covered under Regression Testing?

Digivante’s regression testing makes sure that all existing functionality is not compromised by new releases. This is achieved by testing all core journeys with test cases, all of which is evidenced and can cover as many platforms as required.


Digivante delivers days and weeks work of regression testing in just a few hours.

#5) Accessibility Testing


  • Accessibility testing helps you to identify issues that are stopping disabled users from accessing certain features when they are using your website.
  • Also, you need to be compliant by WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) 2.1 guidelines, to protect your business from any legal compliance issue.

What is covered under Accessibility Testing?

The baseline requirements laid down in WCAG 2.1 guidelines including color contrast, screen reader capability, etc. as offered by Digivante.


  • Accessibility testing helps your business to avoid any costly legal compliance issue.
  • It protects and promotes your brand.
  • It will ensure that you are maximizing conversions from your disabled customers.
  • By improving accessibility, you can make the experience better for all users.
  • Digivante has accessibility trained testers who will make sure that your application or website meets WCAG 2.1 standards.

Here is a Video On Digivante:

Benefits Of Using Digivante Services

#1) Testing is carried out by a wide community:

  • Your application or website is tested by QA communities and UX professionals with a wide range of experience and breadth of locations (149 countries).
  • Thus, you get so many different points of view which help in identifying some of those real niche issues. This makes Digivante different from other crowdsourced testing service providers.

#2) Defects are cross-checked by an internal team before passing on to the client:

  • The tests are passed to the entire community of testers out there and these testers are vetted before they join.
  • Furthermore, all the defects reported by the testers are first reviewed by Digivante’ s internal team consisting of all experienced testers who filter out the volume of defects so that the client gets only the usable volume of bugs.
  • The internal QA is a big value addition that gives the clients ability to have something actionable very quickly.

#3) Performance managed community of testers:

  • Rather than sending a QA project to a crowd of people, there is another level that ensures a high-quality testing community. The performance of the testers is managed, so they must go through rigorous steps to even get onto the tests in the first place.
  • There is an expectation of the quality of defects testers find which includes an understanding of the scope, following specific instructions for the tests, and the quality of their language and how well are they articulating the defect.

#4) The highly involved process of testing:

  • The client will be involved throughout the different stages of testing.
  • Digivante’s team put the test scope together with the client and keep you updated on progress throughout the test execution.
  • This gives the client a clear understanding of where the test is in the process and makes sure that the right thing is being tested, and the right value is being delivered.

#5) High testing speed accelerates sprint execution:

  • Once you complete developing features in sprint 1, Digivante gets day’s worth of testing work, done in 72 hours, even over the weekend and get your defects identified, categorized and prioritized with steps to recreate & videos ready for the next sprint so that you can feed those defects straight back into your sprint pattern.
  • This means you can compress that time to roll out those features more quickly and with more confidence.

#6) Matching worldwide demographics:

  • There is a wide range of demographics within Digivante’s testing community concerning location, age, ethnicity, and gender.

#7) Agile Testing:

  • The best thing is that they offer agile testing.
  • This is important because most companies are currently following agile methodology in building their software products and thus the testing services provided by Digivante stay in sync with the client’s methodology and sprint patterns.

#8) Full reporting platform:

  • Digivante will give you access to their portal on which you can easily access all defects that have been found; the details of the issue, device coverage, videos of the defect being created, demographic of the testers, their location, age, etc.

#9) An amazing platform for testers to get projects and make some good money:

  • On one hand, it offers world-class testing services to its clients, and on the other hand, it also provides a great opportunity to the testers and UX professionals community to qualify as a tester for Digivante and then work on various projects, gain knowledge and get paid.


Digivante’s testing services are essential in keeping your digital business quick, user-friendly, and fully functional. With Digivante, you can optimize your customer’s experience and in turn, increase brand loyalty and online revenue.

Digivante’s BugFinders testing community is also a good company for freelance software testers who can join, work from home, and earn income.

=> Want to join as a functional freelance tester? You can join here as a tester.

Or interested in their user experience, website, and app testing services instead?

=> You can Book a Digivante Services Demo here to discuss your website and app testing needs.