19 Best Free & Public DNS Servers List in 2023 [TESTED]

Do you want to know about the best free Public DNS servers? Read this review and compare to select the top free public DNS providers that translate web addresses into IP addresses:

Public Domain Name Servers (DNS) filter content on the network across all apps. The DNS apps have a content filtering feature that blocks fraudulent and adult content. Using these apps helps businesses and families to create a safe and reliable internet environment.

In this blog post, we will review the best public DNS apps. Some of the apps are free, while others charge a fee for advanced protection.

Let us begin!

Public DNS Servers

Best Free Public DNS Servers

Market Trends: DNS Service market size is worth more than about $438.8 in 2022. The market is expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.38 percent and reach $655 million by 2028.

The following graph shows the expected increase in the DNS service market between 2018 and 2026:

DNS Service market size

[image source]

Expert Advice: You can improve DNS server performance by using an alternate or secondary DNS server for lookups. You can download DNS benchmarks to compare the speeds of different public DNS.

FAQs About the Best DNS Servers

Q #1) What is a DNS Server?

Answer: DNS is the acronym for the domain name server. A server is a dedicated computer system that translates name requests or queries to Internet Protocol (IP) addresses.

Q #2) What does a DNS server do?

Answer: The DNS server contains a list of public IP addresses associated with hostnames. It translates web addresses such as abc.com into IP addresses that are in a numerical format. In addition, DNS apps can also filter adult content, phishing sites, advertisements, and malware.

Q #3) What are the main types of DNS servers?

Answer: The main types of DNS servers include primary and secondary servers. The primary DNS server is the preferred server, while the secondary DNS server is the alternate server. The two servers provide an extra layer of redundancy and maximize uptime.

Q #4) How does DNS work?

Answer: DNS works similarly to a phonebook in mapping numbers and names. The servers translate website names that users type into their browsers such as nytimes.com into internet addresses. The requests made by browsers to DNS systems are known as queries.

Q #5) Why use the public DNS Server?

Answer: Public DNS systems such as OpenDNS, Cloudflare, or Google DNS are better than the servers maintained by internet service providers. You should use public DNS servers as they offer maximum uptime, faster speeds, and increased security.

Q #6) What to consider when switching your DNS?

Answer: Key considerations when switching your DNS provider include reliability, security, availability, and price. You should also consider the global traffic management of the company. DNS providers with global network services benefit from optimized load balancing for maximum uptime.

Q #7) How can I find my DNS server?

Answer: To find your computer DNS server in Windows, hit the Win+R key and type CMD. Next, type ipconfig/all and look for the field address next to DNS Servers. For macOS, open System Preference from the Dock and click on Show All, and then Network. Next, click on the Advanced tab and then DNS.

You can also view your DNS server on your smartphone. Tap on the Wi-Fi icon and then click on the available network. You can see the network details of the selected network, including the DNS address.

Q #8) What does flushing a DNS do?

Answer: Flushing a DNS will clear your computer’s DNS and IP address record. This can help resolve internet connection and security issues.

Q #9) Why use different DNS Servers?

Answer: Using different DNS servers is recommended as it will result in a faster internet connection. In addition, it will protect your website against DNS-based attacks such as DNS hijacking, cache poisoning, DDoS attacks, and DNS tunneling.

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List of the Top Public DNS Servers

Some popularly known best and fastest DNS Servers list:

  1. Google Public DNS
  2. Quad9
  3. OpenDNS Home
  4. Cloudflare
  5. Comodo Secure DNS
  6. CleanBrowsing
  7. Alternate DNS
  8. AdGuard DNS
  9. Verisign
  10. OpenNIC
  11. Yandex DNS
  12. DNS.Watch
  13. Level3
  14. Oracle Dyn
  15. UncensoredDNS

Comparison Table of Top Fastest DNS Servers

Tool NameBest ForPrimary and Secondary DNSPriceRatings
Google Public DNSFast and free DNS resolution for free anywhere in the world. Primary DNS: | Secondary DNS:
Quad9 Safe and reliable internet access in mobile, desktop, and IoT devices for free.Primary DNS: | Secondary DNS:
OpenDNS Home Personal and Enterprise level web access and control.Primary DNS:| Secondary DNS:
Cloudflare Fast and reliable internet experience for families for free.Primary DNS:| Secondary DNS:
Comodo Secure DNS Secure internet for businesses and families with extra protection, visibility, and control on any device and from anywhere for free.Primary DNS: | Secondary DNS:

Detailed reviews:

#1) Google Public DNS

Primary DNS: | Secondary DNS:

Best for fast and free DNS resolution for free anywhere in the world. Safe and reliable internet access in mobile, desktop, and IoT devices for free.

Google Public DNS

Google DNS is one of the best DNS lookup service providers. It offers a fast and reliable internet connection. The DNS service supports a lot of advanced features, such as DNS over UDP and TLS support. In addition, it supports DNS over HTTPS (DoH) for a reliable connection.

Detailed online tutorials are available to set up the DNS. Users can ask experts about advanced configuring by posting on dedicated Google DNS forums.


  • Secure and complex DNS Lookups.
  • DNS over UDP support.
  • TCP and TLS (DoT) support.
  • DNS over HTTPS (DoH) support.


  • The IPV6 configuration provides flexibility.
  • Supports legacy and modern DNS lookups, including UDP, DoT, and DoH.
  • Issue Tracker to help resolve queries.
  • Detailed YouTube tutorial.
  • Online forums for discussing Google DNS related issues.


  • Not suitable for high volume DNS resolution
  • Lacks programmable and authoritative access

Verdict: Google DNS is simply the best DNS service provider. It offers a solid package for connecting to the net. The service is free with no restrictions for personal and enterprise users.

Price: Free

Website: Google DNS

#2) Quad9

Primary DNS: | Secondary DNS:

Best for safe and reliable internet access on mobile, desktop, and IoT devices for free.


Quad9 is another great DNS service for personal and enterprise usage. A fast connection is possible all over the world due to the 150 resolver clusters located in 90 countries.

The DNS app boasts 100 million average daily blocks and 20+ intelligence providers for a secure connection. It continuously updates the list of threats to ensure protection against the latest spyware, malware, ransomware, and botnets.


  • Recursive service for security.
  • Privacy protection with GDPR compatibility.
  • Blocks malicious hosts.
  • 20+ threat intelligence providers.
  • 150 resolver clusters in 90+ countries.


  • Easy to set up.
  • No contract or sign is required.
  • Personal data is not collected.
  • WiFi and router configuration.
  • Basic Malware protection.


  • Lack of advanced security protection.
  • The online tutorial is not detailed.

Verdict: Quad9 offers a good value package for secure and safe internet access. But the service is mainly geared toward European users.

Price: Free

Website: Quad9

#3) OpenDNS Home

Primary DNS:| Secondary DNS:

Best for Personal and Enterprise level web access and control.


OpenDNS Home offers a suite of DNS services that results in a fast and reliable internet experience. The free service provides 100 percent uptime. It also offers a web filtering service that blocks malicious websites.

The free DNS service offers email support to set it up on any device. The commercial plan has advanced protection and control of internet activity. Detailed online instructions are provided for setting up DNS on Windows, Macs, routers, and many other devices.



  • Malware, ransomware, and phishing protection.
  • Peer partnership results in faster performance.
  • Parental control and content filtering.
  • Add protection to every device.
  • The Enterprise version offers enhanced security.


  • Security protection is only offered on the Enterprise version.
  • Poor customer support.

Verdict: OpenDNS Home is easy to set up and configure. The free app is great for families to create a safe internet experience. The Enterprise version is also affordable for most businesses.


  • Consumer: Free
  • Enterprise Protection: Contact for a custom quote

Website: OpenDNS Home

#4) Cloudflare DNS

Primary DNS: | Secondary DNS:

Best for a fast and reliable internet experience for families for free.


Cloudflare DNS is a partnership between APNIC and Cloudflare. The service provides one of the fastest public DNS services. DNSPerf has ranked the service as the fastest in the world and is better than Google Public DNS and VeriSign DNS.

Businesses and individuals can both use Cloudflare DNS. The company offers complete privacy protection as IP addresses are not logged. These services are offered on both mobile and desktop devices.


  • DNS over HTTPS (DoH).
  • Mobile App Support with Warp.
  • IP4 and IPV6 connections.


  • Fastest DNS performance.
  • IPV4 and IPV6 connections offer flexibility.
  • Offer complete privacy due to the no-log policy.
  • Basic internet security due to DNS over HTTPS support (DoH).
  • Mobile support offered – iOS and Android.


  • Lacks the ad-blocking feature.
  • No malware protection.

Verdict: Cloudflare is one of the fastest DNS service providers. But it lacks security protection, as there is no protection against malware and phishing sites. In addition, an ad-blocking feature is not offered.

Price: Free

Website: Cloudflare

#5) Comodo Secure DNS

Primary DNS: | Secondary DNS:

Best for secure internet for businesses and families with extra protection, visibility, and control on any device and from anywhere for free.


Comodo Secure DNS provides free protection from malicious and fraudulent websites. The fast access makes it one of the best DNS servers for gaming.

The DNS service has strong first-layer protection. It also offers on and off-network enforcement of content protection policies. The service is great for personal and business use. This free DNS service supports fast enterprise-level deployment.


  • On and off-network protection.
  • First layer protection.
  • Threat analysis.
  • Enterprise-wide deployment.


  • Free for up to 300,000 DNS requests each month.
  • Premium version supports Internet IP, IP block, and subnet policies.
  • DNS Traffic encryption for the pro version.
  • IP based visibility and monitoring in the Platinum package.
  • Web filtering is for up to 80+ categories.


  • The paid version is a bit pricey.
  • No advertisement block feature.

Verdict: Comodo Secure DNS is one of the best and fast DNS servers. It supports all devices, including tablets, IoT devices, laptops, and desktops. If you are looking for the best DNS servers near me, you should strongly consider Comodo Secure DNS.


  • Gold: Free
  • Platinum: Contact for a custom quote.

Comdo Pricing

Website: Comodo Secure DNS

#6) CleanBrowsing

Primary DNS: | Secondary DNS:

Best for families to create a clean and safe internet browsing experience.


CleanBrowsing is one of the best free DNS services. The service allows parents to create a safe browsing experience for their kids. Free filters block content for all apps and browsers. Parents can block or allow specific content. They can also control access times and monitor activity.


  • Null response on fraudulent domain queries.
  • NXDOMAIN response.
  • Secure DNS resolution.
  • IPV4 and IPV6 connections.
  • Customize access.

Verdict: CleanBrowsing provides free and reliable DNS services to create a safe and family-friendly internet experience at home.

Price: Free

Website: CleanBrowsing

#7) Alternate DNS

Primary DNS: | Secondary DNS:

Best for families for protection against phishing and malware sites for free.

Alternate DNS

Alternate DNS is primarily a DNS lookup service provider. It also allows fast and secure internet connection through ad blocking and malware protection features. You can use the service to browse the net without intrusive ads. The service provider maintains a comprehensive list of known fraudulent and phishing sites.


  • Block ads.
  • Protects against fraudulent sites.
  • IPV6 connection (2602:fcbc::ad & 2602:fcbc:2::ad).

Verdict: Alternate DNS offers a reliable and fast service. It is compatible with all types of browsers and devices.

Price: Free

Website: Alternate DNS

#8) AdGuard DNS

Primary DNS: | Secondary DNS:

Best for families with safe, reliable, and less intrusive internet access for free.


AdGuard is a free service that provides a safe and secure connection. The DNS can block ads when browsing the net. In addition, it is best for families as it blocks adult content. The service works for both apps and web browsers. It blocks intrusive content while maintaining the appearance and functionality of the site.


  • Ad-block feature.
  • Block adult content.
  • Compatible with apps and browsers.
  • Protects against phishing websites.

Verdict: AdGuard is a solid DNS service provider. It has an inbuilt adblocker that allows convenient internet access.

Price: Free

Website: AdGuard

#9) Verisign

Primary DNS: | Secondary DNS:

Best for a safe and reliable connection to the internet for free.


Verisign is a free public DNS that offers reliable services. The service provider offers high security and reliable connections. It owns 13 authoritative servers that form the backbone of its services. The servers offer fast and stable connections to customers all over the world.


  • Over 13 DNS servers.
  • 150+ million domain names.
  • Private connection.

Verdict: Verisign is a free public DNS that is run by the customers. Users can submit a site that will be updated across the internet after verification. This is possible since Verisign has direct access to the internet backbone.

Price: Free

Website: Verisign

#10) OpenNIC

Primary DNS: | Secondary DNS:

Best for unrestricted internet access by circumventing internet censorship globally for free.


OpenNIC is a fast, uncensored DNS provider. It is primarily used for unrestricted internet access. The nonprofit company is run by a network of volunteers who provide server resources. Users are provided a list of servers that are closest to their location.


  • Uncensored access to the net.
  • Global servers.

Verdict: OpenNIC provides an uncensored and reliable internet connection. But it does not have security features for protection against fraudulent websites. So, it is essential to download a browser extension or antivirus software to block trackers, malware, and ads.

Price: Free

Website: OpenNIC

#11) Yandex DNS

Basic Primary DNS: | Secondary DNS:
Safe Primary DNS: | Secondary DNS:
Family Primary DNS: | Secondary DNS:

Best for safe and reliable internet access for individuals in Russia and eastern Europe.


Yandex is a reliable and fast DNS. It protects fraudulent and malware websites. In addition, it filters adult content, providing a safe web browsing experience. The service also protects against botnets and control servers.


  • Filters adult content.
  • Protection against malware.
  • Malware protection.
  • Bot protection.

Verdict: Yandex provides excellent protection from viruses and phishing sites. It offers adequate protection for both families and businesses.


  • Free for up to one million queries from VMs every month.
  • Cost of $0.3205 per user-created DNS zone per month.

Website: Yandex

#12) DNS.Watch

Primary DNS: | Secondary DNS:

Best for unrestricted and free internet access for European users.


DNS. Watch is a fast and reliable DNS server based in Germany. It offers the best speeds for individuals residing in Western Europe. The server relies on donations, so it has no commercial incentive to store or sell personal data.


  • Fast European servers.
  • No Log policy.

Verdict: DNS. Watch is a good overall DNS service considering that it is free. But it lacks basic security features since there is no malware or ad protection.

Price: Free

Website: DNS.Watch

#13) Level 3

Primary DNS: | Secondary DNS:

Best for personal and business users to access the internet backbone for free.


Level 3 provides public DNS for free. The company offers fast servers for browsing with good security features. It will automatically route to the nearest server. Most servers are shown as Verizon DNS servers, but that is not technically the case.


  • Public DNS.
  • Level 3 Communication.
  • US servers.

Verdict: Level 3 is not as big as some other DNS providers such as Google. But the infrastructure and services are reliable.

Price: Free

Website: Level 3

#14) Oracle Dyn

Primary DNS: | Secondary DNS:

Best for personal and business users to manage website DNS records.

Oracle DNS

Oracle Dyn has servers located in four geographically diverse areas. It provides support for multiple DNS record types. Acquired by Oracle in 2016, Dyn DNS is one of the fastest global networks that is available as a managed DNS and secondary DNS for a reliable connection.


  • Supports 9 DNS record types.
  • Servers in 4 locations.
  • Record and zone control.
  • 750,000 Queries per Month.

Verdict: Oracle Dyn offers solid enterprise-level performance. But many people complain about the high cost and poor customer service.


  • $55 per year
  • Trial: Yes | 7 days

Website: Oracle Dyn

#15) UncensoredDNS

Primary DNS: | Secondary DNS:

Best for fast, uncensored internet access in Europe and the US for free.

Uncensored DNS

Uncensored DNS is a free, fast, and secure service. It has one server in the US and three servers in Europe. The DNS service providers do not log or store data, ensuring complete privacy. But it also has ample security features such as ad-blocking and malware protection.


  • No log policy.
  • Shared hostname.
  • URL cloaking redirection.
  • Dynamic DNS support.

Verdict: UncensoredDNS is a fast DNS server with high privacy protection. But it lacks an advanced website filtering feature to block phishing and adult sites.

Price: Free

Website: UncensoredDNS

Notable Mentions

#16) Neustar Security Services

Primary DNS: | Secondary DNS:

Best for families and businesses for a safe internet browsing experience with advanced threat protection for free.

Newstar DNS provides a safe and reliable internet experience by offering a range of customizable filtering options. You can select from three different filters, including threat protection to block malware, family protection to block adult content, and unfiltered protection for unfiltered safe internet access.

Price: Free

Website: Neustar Security Services

#17) GreenTeamDNS

Primary DNS: | Secondary DNS:

Best for online security to protect against malware and adult content for free.

GreeTeanDNS is a free DNS service provider. The DNS is suitable for both home and office use. It comes pre-configured to block phishing sites, malware, adult content, and advertisements. You can also customize the filters by selecting custom websites.

Price: Free

Website: GreenTeamDNS

#18) SafeDNS

Primary DNS: | Secondary DNS:

Best for Internet security and web content filtering for home, nonprofit, education, or business use.

SafeDNS offers a good value-for-money plan. It boasts of AI-powered web filtering technology for safe blocking. The free DNS plan blocks malware. If you want advanced features such as blocking tracks and ads, go for the paid plan. It lacks privacy features and logs personal data, including IP addresses.


  • Basic: Free
  • Business: $150 to $600 per year
  • Education: $300 per year
  • Nonprofit: $150 per year
  • Home: $19.95 per year
  • Trial: Yes | 15 days

Website: SafeDNS

#19) Hurricane Electric

Primary DNS: | Secondary DNS (IPV6): 2001:470:20::2

Best for large-scale websites, reseller networks, and eCommerce websites.

Hurricane Electric provides dedicated servers that are known for stability. It offers IP4 and IP6 DNS globally. The internet service provider also offers network apps, internet transit, hosting service, and data center colocation. The company has servers in two locations in Ferment, California.


  • Starter Virtual Host: $9.95 per month
  • Enhanced Virtual Host: $24.95 per month
  • Professional Virtual Host: $59.95 per month
  • Enterprise Virtual Host: $299.95 a month
  • Trial: No

Website: Hurricane Electric


The best free DNS servers include Google Public DNS, Quad9, and OpenDNS Home. UncensoredDNS, Neustar Public DNS, and GreenTeamDNS are recommended for uncensored access to the internet for free.

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If you are looking for the best free DNS for gaming, you should consider Cloudflare public DNS and Comodo Secure DNS.

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