IBM Rational Quality Manager (RQM) Integration with Rational Functional Tester (RFT)

In this tutorial, we will look in detail at IBM Rational Quality Manager (RQM) integration with Rational Functional Tester (RFT).

IBM Rational Quality Manager is the Test Management solution that is a part of the IBM Rational CLM. It offers the capability to create Test Plans, Test Cases, and Test Scripts.

It also offers manual execution of test cases by default out of the box, with defect tracking well integrated as part of IBM’s Rational Collaborative Life Cycle Management platform (CLM).

It enables you to integrate and run automated tests created with other testing tools like IBM Rational Functional Tester, Selenium, HP QTP etc. 

IBM Rational Quality Manager (RQM) Integration with Rational Functional Tester

IBM RQM integration with RFT

IBM Rational Functional Tester is an automated functional and regression testing tool that provides automated and data-driven testing capabilities for GUI and Web-based applications. It supports applications based on Java, Dot NET, SAP, and Siebel.

On the windows platform, RFT provides complete recording, playback, and execution capabilities. The resulting script is in JAVA for JAVA users/testers OR Visual Basic Dot Net if the testers use Visual Studio Dot NET.

RFT comes built in with an Eclipse where testers can record, playback and execute scripts created by JAVA.

This article will focus on using IBM RQM and integration with IBM RFT for Java based applications.

Installing Rational Functional Tester v8.6

Please refer to this URL for complete instructions on installing RFT v8.6.

Once the RFT is installed you will get to see the RQM Integration Adapter installed along with it.

RQM Integration Adapter

Configure the RQM adapter

The RQM adapter needs to be configured in order to be used with the RFT. To start the configuration, click on Configure Adapter and enter the information as per your RQM installation.

Configure Adapter

Click on Start Adapter and you should see the message in the Adapter Console TAB as Connected.

Start Adapter

Minimize the screen and do not close it during the entire integration process.

Sample Script recorded using RFT

The screen below shows a sample RFT script created using the recording feature.

(Note: Click on any image for an enlarged view)

sample RFT script

The above script will be used for integration with RQM Test Case.

Creating a Test Case in RQM

Create a test case called Place Order and click OK

Place Order

Remember to Save the changes after creating the Test Case.

Save the changes

Import the RFT script into RQM

By default, Manual Test Scripts can be linked directly to the Test Cases created in RQM. In order to link the RFT script to the Test Case created above, you will need to import the script created by recording in RFT into RQM.

To import the RFT script in RQM, click on Construction -> Import – Test Scripts


Test Scripts

Click on Select Adapter.

Select Adapter

The started RQM adapter is displayed.

Click Next.

In Step 2 enter the RFT Eclipse Workspace path followed by the RFT project. This is usually the path entered while launching RFT to record any scripts.

RFT Eclipse Workspace path

Click on the Go button. You will now be able to select the automated script created by the recording capability of RFT.

automated script

Click Finish.

Select the script and click on the Import button to complete the importing of the script into RQM.

Import button

After the import is completed the script type is shown as Rational Functional Tester

Rational Functional Tester

Link the automated test script to the test case:

Browse to open the Test Case created previously. In RQM select Construction Browse Test Case. Click on the Place Order test case and go to the Test Script section.

Select Add Test Script.

Add Test Script

Select the check box next to the script created by the Rational Functional Tester and click on Add and Close. Don’t Forget to Save.

Add and Close

Select the Test Script you just imported and click on Run. The test script will run as playback and the test result will be imported into RQM.

click on Run

click on Run 1

The results are now displayed. Click on Show result to view the log files generated from execution.

Show result

The resulting log files are also imported into RQM as shown.

resulting log files


In this article, we have seen

  • How to install IBM Rational Functional Tester
  • How to configure IBM Rational Quality Manager adapter for IBM Rational Functional Tester integration
  • How to import IBM Rational Functional Tester scripts into IBM Rational Quality Manager
  • How to execute IBM Rational Functional Tester scripts from Rational Quality Manager Test Case

About the author: This hands-on tutorial is written by Niranjan. He is having 20+ years of experience in IT mainly with a focus on ALM improvements.

In my next article, I will show how RQM is integrated with another popular automated testing tool called Selenium.

Post your queries/comments below.

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