How to ask for Promotion and Salary Raise in This Appraisal

It’s Appraisal time! Many companies conduct periodic reviews to give feedback on performance to their employees and to assist employees in developing their career.

This Appraisal period may be of six months or one year depending on company policies. Performance Appraisal is the right time to ask for your promotion as well as a salary raise.


Why Performance Appraisal?

To reward employees for their good work. The Appraisal will assist employees to develop in their career and enable them to reach their full potential.

The Performance Appraisal process involves discussion on the previous year employee achievements and identifying an area for improvement. This will help employees to develop clear performance objectives for the next review period.

In this article, I will concentrate more on “QA Performance Appraisal”. What are the skills and parameters used to judge and rate the QA Performance?

This article will help you in the following ways:

  • If you are a fresher and yet not faced any appraisal, you will get an exact idea of what is performance review and how to face it.
  • If you are an experienced Quality Assurance engineer then you will know “How to ask for a promotion and salary hike in your performance review”.
  • How to effectively summaries your hard work and responsibilities into a good impression in front of management.

In companies having yearly appraisal system, the Performance Appraisal process begins a month before the end of each financial year.

Performance review forms get distributed to every eligible employee with instructions on how to fill the form and to whom you need to send these filled forms. After that face-to-face review-meeting are scheduled with reviewers.

Following major activities get discussed in the Review Meeting:

  • The project you did in the previous year
  • Employees overall performance
  • Comments on performance ratings given by employee and reviewer
  • Employee feedback
  • Areas for improvements
  • Performance planning for the next year.

What Are The Criteria’s To Rate Employee Performance?

We are specifically speaking about QA performance appraisal, so here are the main parameters considered while rating software testers/QA persons.

Software Testing Skills:

Management Skills:

  • Effective Role Model
  • Team Motivation Skill
  • Estimation and scheduling ability
  • Ability to anticipate and address issues
  • Mentoring ability
  • Planning and Time Management Skill

Personal Skills:

  • Can work independently?
  • Team player
  • Self-learning
  • Discipline?
  • Willing to learn?
  • Takes initiative
  • Admit mistakes?
  • Grasping skill

Other Skills:

  • Communication (Written and Verbal)
  • Documentation Skill
  • Interviewing Skill (If applicable)
  • Training and Presentation Skill

Based on these parameters employee can give Self-rating from 1 to 10 for individual parameter and the overall rating as the average of all these ratings. Reviewer ratings will be there also in front of each skill and also the reviewer’s final rating.

Ratings are classified like:

Rating from 1-5: Poor performance
6: Need improvements
7: Meets position requirements
8-9: Exceeds position requirements
10: Exceptional! Exceed all requirements all the time.

In Performance Appraisal form employee needs to give feedback on his/her work till date. Also feedback on company culture, work process, and management style.

The employee feedback section is the best section to ask for a promotion or salary hike. Mention your overall and relevant QA experience and your ability to handle more challenging work assignments. This will create a solid base for management to decide the promotion and salary raise.

The reviewer will fill the “Employee Performance Planning for the next appraisal” section. In this section, he/she will address the improvement areas like technical and non-technical skills. Or other personal improvements.

The reviewer needs to mention some specific goals employee need to meet for the next appraisal. This will become the base objective for the next appraisal period.

This is the overall appraisal process. Now the key part is how and when to ask for promotion and salary raise?

Here are some key points you need to study before asking for a Promotion and pay rise:

#1) What are your previous year’s top Achievements?
You should be ready with the list of key projects you did in the past year. How was the overall quality of work in this period? Note down some examples, which will illustrate your contribution to company growth.

#2) Positive attitude:
Management like employees with a positive attitude. Management will think about your leadership qualities before promoting you.

#3) Your relationship with your boss and co-workers:
This is a crucial point. Make sure you don’t have any disputes between you and your boss or co-workers. You should be a fair team player.

#4) Any major work issue in the previous year?
You should be aware of project issues created by you. If these issues are major then think twice before asking for a promotion or pay raise. If the issues are minor and you were not directly responsible for those issues then you can have an explanation of these issues, if management raised these negative points in your Appraisal meeting.

Make sure you don’t blame any of your co-workers for any issue.

#5) Explain why you deserve a promotion:
You need solid work portfolio to explain this. Put forward your contribution to the company and how this helped to improve the company.

#6) Are you prepared to handle the challenges of senior-level positions?
Senior-level position means more responsibilities. You need to have both technical as well as management skills to handle such positions. Explain how you are the best fit for the new position.

#7) Be prepared to present the exact amount to be raised in your salary:
If management is ready to promote you then you might get this question: How much pay rise you expect? So do a little study of the current market salary range for your new position.

Come to some exact figures by doing the analysis of your current salary, the company’s previous salary hike records and your accomplishments for the appraisal period.

#8 ) Know the exact time for getting a pay rise:
If you got promotion in last performance appraisal then ask for a promotion in current appraisal only if you did some outstanding work. If the company is in some financial problems then wait until the company gets out of this situation. (But don’t wait too much ;-) )


In short, be professionals and specific. Ask for promotion and salary raise, otherwise, you will get nothing. Prove your hard work and responsibilities. Be prepared for any outcome. It may be positive or negative. You should be calm in your response and don’t forget to thank your boss and handshake at the end of the appraisal meeting.

Hope this article will help you to climb your career ladder efficiently and will add some professionalism in your career.

If you have a good or bad experience in your previous appraisals then don’t forget to share your experience with our readers. Other’s can learn something from your experience. After all this site is for growing in your career by sharing each other’s thoughts!

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  1. Good article.. Learn much in this website.
    actually most of tester in Taiwan are not important for company. It’s hard to ask for promotion and salary raise. this is my experience in TW.

  2. I felt the articels clearly tells how one should prepare himself from problems which exist at that particular time ..As everyone should throughly prepare themselves, because the mind doesnot work at that moment and the people around you are so dominating and clever that they dont allow you to made your mind in the positive growth ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    However , my jotting this points in the back of the mind helps a person to cope with the pressure at the time of appraisal

  3. Hi My Name is Prathosh
    I have been working in a MNC Bpo company
    Even i had lots of bad exp in my appraisal
    I Worked Harder But I Didnt get the credit for it
    and I Been Rated as Below expectation.
    It hurts Sometimes But That Is the exp
    I Learnt And Now I am Confident This appraisal
    I Will Demand Since i have contributed a lot
    to company,If they say No I Will Make a Move
    I am Confident
    a Person can be cheated Only he is not aware of what is what
    Once he realises what is what
    No Body can cheat Him
    Thank god i came to know what is what
    I Hope everything happens to me positively
    Take care friends
    Dont trust Anybody,Be careful.

  4. Tomorrow will be my annual appraisal day,will be my 2nd appraisal,i got some ideas to to fill my form and analys my self in a ways of SWOT

  5. Hello vijay

    Its glad to view your articles . Knowing how to tackle for promotion and further hike issues.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this information .

  6. Hello to All,

    I would like to say thanks to author of this article,

    I have completed an year in my company, I had asked about appraisal the time of 6 months completed, they said we don’t have projects wait till get the project, so i have been waiting since 1 year about project and appraisal but they don’t bring any projects, So again I’m planning to ask about appraisal, let me know how to ask appraisal with out any contribution to company, even i want to shift this company,they had 2 years bond from me so I should be her for more one year, pls……… suggest me how to approach,
    thanks in advance,

  7. Hello to All,

    I would like to say thanks to author of this article,

    I have completed an year in my company, I had asked about appraisal the time of 6 months completed, they said we don’t have projects wait till get the project, so i have been waiting since 1 year about project and appraisal but they don’t bring any projects, So again I’m planning to ask about appraisal, let me know how to ask appraisal with out any contribution to company, even i want to shift this company,they had 2 years bond from me so I should be her for more one year, pls……… suggest me how to approach,
    thanks in advance,

  8. According to the rules and regulation, it is passed one year for my probation period,
    though no talk about the appraisal has been done with me, either by HR or by the team lead.
    Product got developed but not sold as per companies expection. Comapny laid off the resources. I got shifted in other project. coz my performance was excellent and still m having excellent perfomance. Please let me know how to ask for appraisal.

  9. Hi friends,

    I need help!

    This month i have Appraisal meeting and performance is very good.this time i want promotion as Sr.Test Engineer.

    what should i have to fill in form so that i can get it easily!

  10. Can you please help me to write in the “Employee feedback section” to ask for promotion and increment in salary. As my appraisal is under process.

  11. Hi,

    I need some suggestion on one situation during appraisal period.

    I did well in my last project. Client shares feedback with us where my overall performance was “Extra Ordinary”.
    My manager, team member’s feedback was positive
    But my appraisal was not that much good compare to my other team members.
    I asked for this, they said, this is one of the best appraisal where I knew this is not (because I knew the salary hike of other members).

    How should I reply to this situation?

    Thanks in advance.

  12. hello,

    the two month ago i had an attend appraisal meeting ,that time i didn’t ask any thing about appraisal ,what happens you know?the only an explain everything about for me.what you scored in customer place your performance. they told above 95+ we designed a grade we given 25% hike from my salary.i have been working past three year in this company. i’m not getting hike because i have a communication problem.

  13. Yes its true, you have to ask without that its very rare that you get something, this year did mistake had not mentioned for promotion. Got BEST rating but not promotion. So asked for hike and promotion, you deserve that :)

  14. A great read, extremely informative. I think it hard enough getting a raise in the current climate without knowing all there is to know in regard to why you deserve a promotion.

    You can’t just go in an ask without having concrete to show how well you have done and that you have the skills to take on a new role.

    However, i also think it’s important to keep in mind, the ‘market value’ of your work. For example, there is no point in asking for $50,000 a year if the area you work in tops out at $35,000.

    So knowing the current state of the market and how much business are willing to pay for skills is valuable.

  15. Amazing article !! i specially like the research about the company because that exactly gives you the valid range when you answer “what are your salary expectation?” so thanks a lot for helping us by giving us such a informative post and i am sure i am going to bookmark this.Thank You.


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