10 Best Free Employee Timesheet Apps in 2019

List of the Best Timesheet Apps with Features and Comparison.

Timesheet app is an application which is used to track the time spent on projects or tasks.

Users can enter the start and end time of tasks. It can be a detailed breakdown of time spent on different tasks. This information is used for project costing, client billing, payroll, time tracking, and job estimation.

Different methods of time tracking are used by employees at the workplace, like using a time tracking application, paper or spreadsheet, punch cards, biometrics, or POS.


Manual time tracking or time tracking with paper & spreadsheets have a 50% chance of time theft. There is also a possibility that the employees may not enter the time spent on emails, meetings, etc.

Time Track Survey

[image source]

According to the survey performed by Harvard Review Business, 40% of the employees have never tracked the time spent on reading or writing emails. Similarly, many can’t record the time during meetings as shown in the above image.

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The below image will show the percentage of accuracy with different timesheet filling habits.

percentage of accuracy with different timesheet filling habits

In order to avoid all these inaccuracies, you should use the timesheet app, which will track the time spent on multiple tasks, count billable hours, help with invoices, or track PTO, etc. These applications can be used on iOS and Android devices to fill in the timesheets and track the time.

Employee timesheet software must have the features of real-time monitoring, billing, invoicing, detailed reporting, ease of use, and support for multiple platforms. Using the timesheet app has several benefits like labor management, simplified payroll process, client invoicing, team accountability, and efficient use of employee’s time for projects and tasks.

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Pro Tip: While selecting the Timesheet app you should consider the type of tracking (manual or automatic), its features and functionalities, support for mobile devices, integration options available, etc.


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List of the Top Employee Timesheet Apps

Enlisted below are the top Timesheet Software that are available in the market.

Comparison of the Best Timesheet Software

Timesheet appsBest forType of TrackingFeaturesPlatformFree TrialPrice
Freelancers, Small businesses, & Enterprises.Manual and AutomaticManual, punch, and custom time entry in the timesheet.
PTO tracking PIN-based entry.
Alerts and reminders
Laptop, iPhone, & Android mobile devices.
Any device.
AvailableSelf-employed: Free Small Business: $4/month/user.
Enterprise: $4/month/user.
TeamsManual & AutomaticStreamlines timesheet collection process.
Suitable for monthly & hourly employees.
Useful for HR & Payroll, client billing, and project status reporting.
Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, and Android.--Free
Individuals and TeamsManual and Automatic.Automatic calculation for overtime, total hours, and breaks.
Tracks paid & unpaid breaks and missed shifts & clock-outs.
Real-time view of labor cost.
Any device14 daysBasic: Free
Essentials: $16/month
Plus: $40/month
Enterprise: $80/month
Individuals & Teams.Manual & AutomaticMobile apps for time tracking.
Time capture for clients, projects, or tasks.
Expenses tracking.
Mobile stopwatch.
Mobile app for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.30 daysStarter: $9/user/month.
Team: $12/user/month.
Premier: $24/user/month.
Enterprise: Get a quote.
Small, medium, and large businesses.Automatic.Timesheet for day, weeks, or months.
Timesheet can be exported and sent to payroll providers.
Scheduled vs actual comparison for working hours.
Web-based, Android, iPad, and iPhone.--Essentials: Free
Schedule Pro: $2/team member/month
Attendance Pro: $2/team member/month
Schedule & Attendance Pro: $3/team member/month

#1) TSheets Timesheet App

Best for Freelancers, Small businesses, & Enterprises.

Price: TSheets is free for a single user or individuals. For small businesses with a team of 2 to 99 employees, it will cost $4 per user per month. Here the base fee will be $16 per month. For enterprises, it will cost $4 per user per month plus the base fee of $80 per month.


TSheets is an employee timesheet software. It works on Android and iOS devices. It has a feature of on-site time tracking. It follows manual as well as automatic time tracking. It includes features of job scheduling and PIN-based entry for timesheets.


  • It allows manual, punch, and custom time entry in the timesheet.
  • TSheets works on any device.
  • 4-digit PIN entry for timesheets.
  • It tracks PTO.
  • Automatic reminders for the clock in and clock out.
  • It also provides alerts for overtime.

Website: TSheets

#2) Clockify

Best for teams to manage payroll and paid hours.

Price: Free


Clockify is a free timesheet app. It is an online application which will allow employees to fill timesheets. This application works in a browser. It has the functionalities for calculating payroll and billable hours.


  • It will help in streamlining the timesheet collection process.
  • Suitable for monthly and hourly employees.
  • Clockify timesheet data can be used for HR and Payroll, client billing, project status reporting, and governance activity costing.

Website: Clockify

#3) Homebase

Best for Individuals and Teams.

Price: Homebase offers four pricing plans i.e. Basic (Free), Essentials ($16 per month), Plus ($40 per month), and Enterprise ($80 per month).


Homebase is the timesheet application with the features of scheduling, time clock, timesheets, and team communication. These online timesheets will compare the scheduled hours. Homebase timesheets can be exported to popular payroll providers.


  • This timesheet application tracks missed shifts, missed clock-outs, and missed breaks.
  • Tracking of paid and unpaid breaks.
  • It will help you to know about the labor cost in real time.
  • It performs an automatic calculation of the time for total hours, overtime, and breaks.

Website: Homebase

#4) ClickTime

Best for Individuals & Teams.

Price: ClickTime offers a free trial for 30 days for all the plans. It has four pricing plans i.e. Starter ($9 per user per month), Team ($12 per user per month), Premier ($24 per user per month), and Enterprise (Get a quote).


ClickTime is the employee timesheet app. ClickTime timesheets are available on mobiles with a view and edit option. The mobile app will allow you to capture the picture of receipts.


  • Time tracking through mobile apps.
  • Capturing of time for clients, projects, and tasks.
  • Expenses tracking.
  • Mobile stopwatch.

Website: ClickTime

#5) ZoomShift

Best for hourly employees.

Price: ZoomShift offers four editions for the pricing i.e. Essentials (Free), Schedule Pro ($2 per team member per month), Attendance Pro ($2 per team member per month), and Schedule & Attendance Pro ($3 per team member per month).


ZoomShift is an online timesheet app with features like time tracking on phone, GPS tracking, and payroll. Its free plan is suitable for small businesses. It sends automatic reminders to employees for the clock in. Timesheets exported from ZoomShift can be directly sent to the payroll provider.


  • Timesheets are available on the basis day, week, and months.
  • It can be exported.
  • It will show you a detailed comparison for scheduled vs actual working hours as shown in the below image.

ZoomShift Feature

Website: ZoomShift

#6) Timesheet.io

Best for freelancers, individual professionals, and contract workers.

Price: Timesheet has three pricing plans i.e. Basic (Free), Plus ($5 per month), and Pro ($10 per user per month). Timesheet offers a free trial of 30 days for the Pro Plan.


Timesheet is the mobile time tracking application with features like Mobile tracker, reports, project management, and customizable invoices.


  • Timesheet app will help you with billing through customizable invoices.
  • It can be exported to Excel and CSV formats.
  • Reports and statistics.

Website: Timesheet.io

#7) Time Recording

Best for Android devices.

Time Recording

Time Recording is the timesheet app with the functionalities like check in and check out task assignment, and daily notes. It allows you to view the timesheets for the day, week, or month. It is available for Android devices. It follows an automatic type of tracking.


  • For the reports and backup, it can be integrated with Google Drive, DropBox, and OwnCloud.
  • It has functionalities for task assignment.
  • It provides detailed notes.
  • It allows you to export the reports in Excel or HTML formats.

Website: Time Recording

#8) TimeCamp

Best for any sized businesses.

Price: TimeCamp is free for individuals. It offers three more plans i.e. Basic ($5.25 per user per month), Pro ($7.50 per user per month), and Enterprise (Starts at $450).


TimeCamp is the time tracking software with features like productivity monitoring, attendance tracking, project management, team management, and invoicing. Its mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices.


  • TimeCamp offers features for day timesheet and week timesheet.
  • Week timesheet has features like graphical timesheet and real-time time tracking.
  • TimeCamp can be integrated with your favorite tool. It also provides an API to create your own integrations.

Website: TimeCamp

#9) Hubstaff

Best for remote teams.

Price: Hubstaff is free for a single user. It has two more plans i.e. Basic ($5 per user per month) and Premium ($10 per user per month).


Hubstaff is a time tracking software which provides online timesheets. This employee timesheet software will help you with the administrative work using time tracking, billing, and payroll functionalities. It follows manual as well as the automatic type of tracking.


  • Manual as well as automatic time entry.
  • Timesheet app is available for Mac, Linux, Windows, iOS, Android, and Chrome.
  • Task creation is allowed by breaking down the projects. This feature will help you with more accurate timesheets.
  • Hubstaff has features for scheduling, employee monitoring, GPS tracking, and Payroll.

Website: Hubstaff

#10) Toggl

Best for agencies, teams, and small businesses.

Price: Toggl offers a free trial for 30 days. Its Basic plan is free. It offers three more plans i.e. Starter ($9 per user per month), Premium ($18 per user per month), and Enterprise (Custom pricing).


Toggl provides online timesheet software. It follows manual as well as the automatic type of tracking. Toggl time tracking software will provide you the time breakdown for projects, tasks, and clients. It can be used as a desktop app, mobile app, or as a chrome extension.


  • Employee timesheets can be easily exported.
  • It will provide valuable perspectives for your daily projects and tasks.
  • Toggle will provide elegant and insightful time reports.

Website: Toggl


We have reviewed and compared the top timesheet apps in this article.

TSheets is an employee timesheet software with PIN-based entry. Clockify is the completely free timesheet app for teams. Homebase is the timesheet application with features like time clock and team communication.

ClickTime is the employee timesheet app for individuals and teams. ZoomShift is the best online timesheet app for hourly employees. Time Recording timesheet app is best for android devices.

Hubstaff time tracking software provides online timesheets. TSheets, Homebase, and ClickTime offer a free trial. TSheets, Homebase, and ZoomShift offer a free plan either for individuals or with basic features.

Hope you will find this article helpful in selecting the right Timesheet App!!


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