8 BEST USB Security Software for Mac [Data Leakage & Theft]

For maximum security of your Mac device from data leakage and data theft, opt for the best USB Security Software for Mac from this exclusive list:

Digital transformation of businesses has undoubtedly increased efficiency in operations. Businesses can save much of their time, costs, and other resources, and have seen splendid growth by adopting digital methods of operations. But this comes with another challenge for businesses. Cyber crimes are increasing day by day.

As per a report by Legaljobs, more than 60% of businesses faced phishing attacks in 2019, every 32 seconds, a cyber attack takes place and .doc and .dot are found to be the most malicious email attachments.

These statistics compel people connected with digital operations to look for ways to eradicate these problems.

If you are using a macOS device, then you must go for USB Security Software for Mac, in order to protect your data from any kind of data leakage or data theft.

Mac USB Security Software – A Complete Review

Top USB Security Software For Mac

USB security software offers you some highly beneficial tools including:

  • Automated, scheduled scanning.
  • On-demand search for known threats on your device.
  • Password protection and two-factor authentication.
  • Analytical tools
  • Tools to monitor all activities.
  • Integration with other applications and more.

usb security for mac

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In this article, you will find a researched list of the best security software for Mac devices, along with their detailed reviews, comparisons, market trends, and more. Have a look at the details to find the best one for your business.

Market Trends: According to a report by Maximize Market Research, the Security Software market had an estimated value of $18.17 billion in the year 2021, which is expected to grow at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 13.9% over the years 2022 to 2029 and reach a net worth of $51.47 billion by the year 2029.

If we look at the regional analysis, North America contributes to having the largest share of the market, followed by Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and Africa.

security market

What is USB Security Software

A USB Security Software is an application that protects your device (Mac, Windows, etc.) from any kind of threats that could enter by inserting a USB device into your system.

The threats can be in the form of malware, ransomware, viruses, data breaches, etc., and can be extremely harmful if not looked after. Thus, USB Security Software offers you tools for monitoring your device, scanning for harmful threats, stopping any malicious activity, and more.

What is USB Encryption?

USB encryption refers to encrypting your USB device and the data stored in it so that no unauthorized party can access it without the decryption key.

What factors to consider when choosing USB encryption software?

The factors that must be on your checklist while choosing a USB encryption software are as follows:

  • Continuous monitoring and scanning of your device to detect threats in real-time.
  • Sending you automated alerts.
  • 256-bit encryption of your data.
  • Offers you tools for setting access controls.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) Do Macs have built-in security?

Answer: Yes, Macs do have built-in security features. But, for advanced features, you need to look for software that can protect your important data from getting attacked by malware or viruses, and other threats.

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Q #2) What is the best security program for a Mac?

Answer: For a macOS device, there are multiple security software available.

The top 5 best ones are as under:

  1. Endpoint Protector Mac USB Security
  2. Digital Guardian
  3. Code42
  4. USB Block-Data Leak Prevention
  5. NinjaOne

Q #3) What is Endpoint Protector Mac?

Answer: Endpoint Protector is the best security software for Mac. It is an all-in-one platform that offers your Mac device security from data leakage and data theft.

This software offers you some powerful, advanced features including USB monitoring, scanning for sensitive data transfers, data encryption, and much more.

Q #4) What does the Digital Guardian do?

Answer: Digital Guardian is a popular and trusted software for USB security for Mac devices. This scalable platform can be used by businesses of all sizes and is highly recommended for large enterprises. Real-time analytics, integrations, and advanced security features make the platform highly useful.

Q #5) How does Digital Guardian DLP work?

Answer: Digital Guardian keeps track of all business activities and blocks suspicious ones. Plus, you will get alerts if any suspicious activity is traced by the software.

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Q #6) What is USB security software?

Answer: USB security software is a platform that helps you in protecting your device from various threats, including ransomware, data leakage, viruses, and more. These applications also provide you with real-time alerts and analytics, so as to take appropriate actions on time.

Q #7) What is the best USB antivirus for Mac?

Answer: There are a number of USB antivirus available in the industry for your Mac devices. The top 3 are Endpoint Protector, Digital Guardian, and Code42.

These powerful applications offer you tools for setting automation, permission controls, 24/7 monitoring of your devices, scanning for detecting threats, and more.

Q #8) How to install USB Security Software?

Answer: If you want to install USB Security Software, for example, Endpoint Protector Mac USB Security, and you see this notification that says that System Extension is Blocked, as follows:

extension blocked

Then you must follow these steps:

  1. Go to System Preferences.
  2. Select Security & Privacy.
  3. Click on “General” then click on the Lock icon located on the bottom left to allow changes.
  4. Select the Allow option.
  5. Your macOS device may then ask you to restart your device.

Once this is done, you will need to enable Full Disk Access. Follow these steps, to do so:

  1. Go to the Apple Menu.
  2. Select System Preferences.
  3. Go to Security & Privacy.
  4. Click on ‘Privacy’ then click on the Full Disk Access section in the sidebar.
  5. Click on the Lock icon.
  6. Enter the admin password.
  7. Add Endpoint Protector.

Then you can follow the simple installation procedure, in order to get Endpoint Protector installed in your Mac operating system.

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List of the BEST USB Security Software for Mac

Best USB Security Software to prevent data leakage and data theft:

  1. Endpoint Protector Mac USB Security (Recommended)
  2. Digital Guardian
  3. Code42
  4. USB Block-Data Leak Prevention
  5. NinjaOne
  6. Avast
  7. Avira
  8. CurrentWare

Comparing the Top Mac USB Security Software

Tool NameBest forSuitable forFree TrialTop Benefits
Endpoint Protector Mac USB SecurityAn all-in-one platform for security from data leakage and data theftMid to large sized businessesAvailable for 30 days. • Easy to use
• Continuous monitoring and scanning tools
Digital GuardianA scalable cloud based platform. Mid to large sized businesses. Not available•  Real-time analytics
• Integrations and scalability
Code42Powerful security features. Mid to large sized businessesAvailable for 4 weeks• Useful automations
• 360° visibility
USB Block-Data Leak PreventionA simple security software for freelancers, small businessesSmall to mid sized businesses. Not available• Affordable
• Easy to use
NinjaOneEase of use and constant innovations. Mid to large sized businesses. Not available• Intuitive, time-savvy
• Useful integrations

Detailed Reviews:

#1) Endpoint Protector Mac USB Security (Recommended)

Best for being an all-in-one platform for security from leakage and data theft.

Endpoint Protector

Endpoint Protector Mac USB Security is the best security software for Mac. It can be deployed on Cloud (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform) or as a virtual appliance. The platform helps organizations address regulations like GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and CCPA.

Founded in 2004, Endpoint Protector Mac USB Security is an intuitive, user-friendly all-in-one platform for protection from leakage and data theft. The continuous monitoring and scanning of your device and your data make the software highly useful.


  • Device control features include USB monitoring, lockdown, and more to save your device from data theft and data loss.
  • Content-Aware Protection feature: It allows you to define what sensitive content is for your business, then scans your data transfers and takes appropriate actions.
  • The enforced encryption feature allows you to encrypt, manage and secure your data inside USB storage devices.
  • The Data Loss Prevention feature for data at rest allows you to create policies for sensitive content, then the software scans your data and deletes/encrypts the sensitive data.


  • Supports Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems.
  • Common Criteria EAL2 Certified.
  • Free trial for 30 days.
  • Easy to use.


  • The customer support service is slow.

How Endpoint Protector works:

#1) Device Control Feature:

device control

As you can see in the picture, the Endpoint Protector Mac USB Security offers you a dashboard to choose from various security options, located at the left, including Device Control, Content Aware Protection, eDiscovery, Blacklists & Whitelists, Enforced Encryption, and more.

If you choose the Device Control feature, it allows you to set permissions on your device, where you can give access permissions, read-only access, and more.

dash board

#2) Content-aware protection feature

This feature lets you view the number of files transferred or blocked. For this feature, set a piece of policy information through which the system can detect sensitive files and take the appropriate action.


You can set policy information indicating the sensitive content and set rules for what has to be done with sensitive data.

Verdict: Endpoint Protector Mac USB Security is a highly recommended platform. Some of the biggest brands, like Philips, Samsung, eBay, and Maruti Suzuki are its clients.

The software is suitable for businesses of all sizes. With Endpoint Protector, you get 24/7 customer support, a 30-day free trial, ease of use, and a powerful set of features.

Price: There is a 30-day free trial. Contact us directly to get a customized pricing plan.

#2) Digital Guardian

Best for being a scalable, cloud-based platform.

Digital Guardian

Digital Guardian is an AWS-powered, cloud-based, one of the best USB security software to prevent data leakage and data theft. The company provides its services around the globe and has offices in the US, UK, and Japan.

Digital Guardian has been named a Leader in The Radicati Group Data Loss Prevention Market Quadrant and has won the SC Media 2020 Trust Award for being the best DLP solution.

The software offers some very powerful features and assures you of no-compromise security for your systems and your data.


  • Data visibility tools, including locating sensitive data, detecting risks, and more.
  • Tools for finding, classifying, and protecting IP.
  • Insider threat protection tools include real-time analytics, flexible controls, and more.
  • Protect your sensitive data in Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint Online and OneDrive
  • Protects against ransomware and monitors the actions of each user.


  • Easy deployment
  • Get real-time analytics
  • Scalability


  • High costs

How Digital Guardian works:

Digital Guardian works in the background and monitors each action of the workers. For example, if a person tries to send a piece of important information to anyone, he has to give a justification and he will be notified that his action has been recorded.


If a person tries to send an email containing an attached file to an external source, his action will be immediately blocked and reported. Even if someone tries to copy-paste any important data, his action will be blocked and recorded.

Plus, you get reports giving you insights about all the actions taken with the important data of your company.

guardian reports

Verdict: Digital Guardian has been ranked as the number 1 solution for IP protection by Gartner. The software is highly recommended for enterprise-scale businesses with complex security requirements.

Digital Guardian offers its services to different industries, including businesses, education, energy, financial services, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and technology.

Price: Contact directly to get a price quote.

Website: Digital Guardian

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#3) Code42

Best for powerful features.

Code42 - USB Security Software for Mac

Code42 is a 20-year-old USB Security Software for Mac. The software can track activities across computers, email, and the cloud, and detect file exposure and events that can cause business threats and require proper investigation and control.

This powerful software keeps an eye on all the files and automatically informs you about the important files and the employees who exhibit risky behavior.


  • Tools for enhanced monitoring of the departing employees.
  • Visibility tools for data movements including file sharing, cloud sync, email attachments, and more.
  • Direct integrations that help in detecting file shares and exfiltration across computer devices, cloud, and email.
  • Analyzes past data activities in order to check for any anomalies.


  • Powerful security features.
  • Useful automation.
  • Integration with Microsoft Azure, CyberArk, Box, and more applications.
  • 360° visibility, in just one click.
  • Free trial for 4 weeks.


  • Steep learning curve at the beginning.

Verdict: Code42 renders its services to many industries, including the Federal Government, Software Tech, Life Sciences, Business Services, and Manufacturing.

Trusted by 15+ most valuable brands in the world, Code42 is an award-winning and highly recommended application for preventing data leakage and data theft.

Price: There is a free trial for 4 weeks. Contact us directly to get a price quote.

Website: Code42

#4) USB Block-Data Leak Prevention

Best for being a simple security software for freelancers and small businesses.

usb block data leak prevention

USB Block-Data Leak Prevention is recommended as one of the best USB security software to prevent data leakage and data theft.

The software is well-suited to protect your personal MacOS device from any external threats. Though the software lacks some advanced protection features required for complex business needs, it can be highly useful for small businesses.


  • Supports English, French, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, and Traditional Chinese languages.
  • Prevents any unauthorized access to your Mac operating system. USB authorization is protected through a password.
  • Allows you to block network and Bluetooth access.
  • Allows you to lock apps, supports Touch ID, and more.


  • Runs natively on Apple Silicon.
  • Affordable.
  • Suitable for personal use.


  • Not suitable for large-sized businesses.

Verdict: USB Block-Data Leak Prevention has some useful tools for the security of your macOS device. Plus, it is affordable and easy to use.

Anyone can just download the application from the Mac App Store and start using it. USB Block-Data Leak Prevention is compatible with macOS 10.8 or later.

Price: $14.99

Website: USB Block-Data Leak Prevention

#5) NinjaOne

Best for ease of use and constant innovation.

ninjaOne - USB Security Software for Mac

Built to make businesses more agile, NinjaOne is an easy-to-use, simple USB security software with an intuitive UI/UX. The constant innovation and technical advancements delivered by the platform make it highly useful for businesses of all sizes.

NinjaOne was founded in 2013 and has more than 7,000 clients from 83+ countries, including Honda, Oak Street Health, and many more. Using this application, all of your devices and users can be monitored, managed, and supported.


  • Monitor Windows as well as Mac workstations and laptops.
  • 360° visibility and tools to detect missing patches.
  • Automation tools for identifying, containing, and mitigating threats.
  • Lets you store, share, and use passwords.


  • Intuitive design
  • Time savvy
  • No maintenance fees
  • Free onboarding and training
  • Cost efficient
  • A number of integrations are available


  • Becomes a bit complex at times.

Verdict: NinjaOne is an award-winning, scalable, and one of the best USB security software to prevent data leakage and data theft.

They deliver 100% free support, training, and onboarding. I must say that the customer support is very nice. We would recommend the software to large enterprises.

Price: Contact directly to get a price quote.

Website: NinjaOne

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#6) Avast

Best for being an easy-to-use and cost-effective platform.


Avast is a popular security platform for macOS devices. It has more than 435 million monthly active users and claims to block over 1.5 billion cyber attacks each month.

The platform is powerful and easy to use. It offers you 6 layers of security, blocks distractions and interruptions, safeguards for your home network, and much more. This 34-year-old platform is cost-effective, mobile-friendly, easy to install, offers a free trial, and gives you powerful protection tools.


  • Blocks Viruses, Spyware, Trojans, and other Malware in real-time.
  • Scan your Mac device for hidden threats.
  • Sends you alerts about phishing websites, blocks unsafe downloads, stops dangerous email attachments, and prevents intrusive web tracking.
  • Requires a Mac running macOS 10.11 (El Capitan) or later with at least 750 MB of disk space.


  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Available for PC, Android, iOS, and Mac devices.
  • The free version is available.


  • Face some interrupting ads even with the paid plan.

Verdict: We would highly recommend Avast to freelancers, as well as small and medium-sized businesses. The platform is affordable and easy to use. Millions of users currently use the free version offered by Avast from all over the world.

Price: A free version is available. Prices start at $36.99 per year.

Website: Avast

#7) Avira

Best for being a powerful and scalable security platform for Mac devices.

Avira - USB Security Software for Mac

Avira is free antivirus software for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. It is a trusted and award-winning platform that offers simple tools to protect your computer.

Real-time scanning, site blocking, configurations, and other highly useful security features make this software a highly popular one. Advanced privacy features help in protecting your sensitive business data.

The software is scalable and offers real-time security as well as privacy and fast speed to your system.


  • Real-time scanning tools for each and every file accessed by your system.
  • Look for known viruses and malware in your system.
  • This prevents any third-party companies from monitoring what you do.
  • Blocks harmful websites.
  • Automation tools for scans and updates.
  • Requires macOS 10.15 Catalina or higher to run.

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  • Fast and light operations
  • Powerful automation
  • Useful free version
  • A free trial is also available
  • A 60-day money-back guarantee for annual subscriptions and a 14-day money-back guarantee on the first monthly subscription.


  • The free version gives you interrupting ads and the paid version is costly.

Verdict: The automation tools offered by the software are praiseworthy. With more than 80 million users from more than 150 countries, Avira is undoubtedly a trusted and recommended platform.

The platform claims that it blocks over 900 million threats within 100 days, prevents an average of over 23 million phishing attempts per month, and has 1000+ patents worldwide. We recommend the software for businesses of all sizes, as well as for personal use.

Price: Avira offers a free trial as well as a free version. Paid plans start at $9.99 per month.

Website: Avira

#8) CurrentWare

Best for offering different modules for different security requirements.

CurrentWare - USB Security Software for Mac

CurrentWare is one of the best USB Security Software to Prevent Data Leakage and Data Theft. The platform offers you 4 modules for different purposes, including Computer Monitoring, Web Filtering, Data Theft Prevention, and PC Power Manager. You can choose one as per your requirements or use all if needed.

CurrentWare is over 17 years old in the business of providing security to Mac operating systems and currently is delivering its services for 100,000+ active CurrentWare licenses. The company aims to deliver simplicity, affordability, and hospitality.


  • Tools for managing the productivity and security of remote workers.
  • It can be installed on-premises or on your own self-managed cloud server.
  • Advanced monitoring tools.
  • Automated reports, email alerts, two-factor authentication, and many more features.


  • Easy to use and can be installed in minutes.
  • 14 day free trial.
  • Tools for advanced visibility and monitoring of the entire workforce.

Verdict: CurrentWare is trusted by companies like NASA, AXA, Panasonic, and many more. This scalable platform is suitable for businesses of all sizes. The main plus point is that you can choose the most suitable module out of all four offered by them, or choose an all-in-one option.

CurrentWare is quite user-friendly. The customer service is also nice. Everyone can use the software, you do not need proper technical knowledge to use it.

Price: CurrentWare offers a free trial for 14 days. Prices for paid plans start at $3.99 per license per month.

Website: CurrentWare


Cyber security has become a big concern in today’s times. You must look for authentic USB Security Software to Prevent Data Leakage and Data Theft.

Some of the best USB Security Software for Macs are Endpoint Protector Mac USB Security, Digital Guardian, Code42, USB Block-Data Leak Prevention, NinjaOne, Avast, Avira, and CurrentWare.

All of this software offers you powerful, advanced solutions for the security of your Mac device, including real-time scans, malware detection, blocking of harmful websites, reporting, alerting, encryption, monitoring, and many more features.

We recommend Endpoint Protector, Digital Guardian, Code42, NinjaOne, Avira, and CurrentWare to businesses of large sizes. USB Block-Data Leak Prevention, Avira, and Avast are suitable for small to medium-sized business needs.

Research Process:

  • Time Taken to Research this Article: We spent 20 hours researching and writing this article so you can get a useful summarized list of tools with a comparison of each for your quick review.
  • Total Tools Researched Online: 16
  • Top Tools Shortlisted for Review: 8
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