Top 10 Web Scraping Tools for Online Data Extraction

List of the Best free Web Scraping Software and Tools for extracting data online without coding:

What is Web Scraping?

Web scraping is a technique that is used to extract data from websites. It is also called as Web harvesting.

This extracted data is saved either in a local file to the computer or to the database. It is the process in which data is collected automatically for the web.


How is Web Scraping performed?

In order to scrape data from a website, software or a program is used. This program is called Scraper. This program sends a GET request to the website from which the data needs to be scrapped.

As a result of this request, an HTML document which will be analyzed by this program is received. Then it makes a search for your required data and makes the conversion in the required format.

There are two different methods for performing web scraping, one is accessing www via HTTP or a web browser and the second one is making use of bot or web crawler.

How is Web Scraping Performed?

Web Scraping is considered as bad or illegal but it not always bad. Many times government websites make data available for public use. It is also made available through API. However, as this work needs to be performed for a high data volume, Scrapers are used.

Uses of Web Scraping

Web Scraping is used for research work, sales, marketing, finance, e-commerce, etc. Many times, it is used to know more about your competitors.

The following image will show you the typical uses of web scraping and their percentage.

Uses of Web Scraping

Pro Tip: While selecting the tool for web scraping one should consider the output formats supported by the tool, its capability for scraping the modern websites (Example: support for Ajax controls), its pricing plans, and its automation and reporting capabilities.
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Best Web Scraping Tools for Data Scraping

Enlisted below are the top Web Scraping Tools that you should know.

Comparison of Top Web Scraping Tools

Web scraping toolsTaglineOutput FormatsUsersFree TrialPrice
Bright Data

bright data
Data collection made effortlessCSV, JSON, HTMLIndividuals and Small, Medium, Enterprise level BusinessesAvailable - 7-day free trial + 50% discount after free trial$13.5/GB
Pay as you go and custom plans available

Smartproxy Logo
Effortlessly scrape web data you needJSON, HTMLIndividuals and BusinessesAvailableLite: $50/month
Basic: $100/month
Standard: $280/month, $480/month

Nimble Logo
Gather Data EffortlesslyJSON, HTMLMedium-sized and enterprise-level businesses7-day trial quote bestThe price starts at $300/ month for the Essential plan

All-in-one proxy service with the best price in the market----Available$3 per 1 GB, pay as you go model.

We handle 2 billion API requests per month for over 1,000 businesses and developers around the worldTXT, HTML CSV, or Excel formatsSmall, medium, enterprise as well as individualsAvailable1000 free API calls
Then starts with $29 per month only.
(See Discount Below)
Web Scraper

Chrome extension: A free tool to scrape dynamic web pages.CSV or through API, Webhooks, Dropbox.--AvailableFree: Browser extension. Project: $50/month. Professional: $100/month. Business: $200/month. Scale: $300/month.

Web Scraping service platform that’s effortless.XML, XLS, CSV, & JSONEvery one.You can sign up for freeStarter Plan: Starts at $129/site for 50K records. Monthly Plan: Starts at $99/site. Enterprise Plan: (Get a quote)

A web scraping tool that is easy to use.JSON, Excel, and API.Executives, Data Scientists, software developers, business analysts, pricing analysts, consultants, marketing professionals etc.Free plan available.Free plan for everyone. Standard: $149 per month, Professional: $499 per month, & Enterprise: Get a quote.

Let’s see the detailed review of each tool on the list.

#1) Bright Data

Bright Data

Powered by an award-winning proxy network, Bright Data is the world’s #1 web data platform. It provides users with a cost-effective way to perform fast and stable public web data collection at scale and effortless conversion of unstructured data into structured one, while being fully transparent and compliant.

Bright Data’s Scraping Browser is the most powerful browser for scraping ever developed. Enjoy easy access to target websites with a browser for scraping web data. This browser also allows you to communicate with a website and interact with its HTML code to extract relevant data.

Scraping Browser works like other automated browsers and is controlled by common high-level APIs like Puppeteer Playwright and Selenium, but is the only browser with built-in website unblocking capabilities.


  • Immediately accessible
  • Built-in and fully-automated unblocking capabilities based on Bright Data’s Web Unlocker
  • Puppeteer (Node.js), Playwright (Python) and Selenium compatible
  • Works for any scale of project
  • 100% success rate
  • Results in CSV, HTML, JSON
  • Synchronous or asynchronous requests
  • 72+ million real-peer Residential IPs


  • Bypass the toughest website blocks: CAPTCHA solving, browser fingerprinting, automatic retries, selecting headers, cookies, & Javascript rendering
  • High scalability
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 7-day free trial + 50% discount on selected plans
  • Access web data from any country, any language, and any device.

#2) Smartproxy

Price: Smartproxy has a flexible plan for their APIs, depending on the amount of requests you need. Their monthly subscription costs vary from $50 to $480 for smaller, up to 400K requests, plans that you can subscribe to on their dash. For businesses that require more scalability, Smartproxy offers enterprise plans depending on their use case, target, and project scope.

Those using proxies for data collection, can spend as little as $12.5 per GB for residential proxies. The smallest subscription plan for the fixed amount of 8 GBs per month is $80.



  • 100% success rate
  • Results in HTML or JSON
  • Easy integration
  • Synchronous or asynchronous requests
  • Advanced anti-bot protection
  • Proxy integration
  • 195+ IP locations
  • Browser-like fingerprints


  • High scalability
  • 24/7 customer support
  • One-month free trial
  • API playground

#3) Nimble

Pricing: Discover our flexible pricing plans, starting at $300/month for Essential, $700/month for Advanced, $1100/month for Professional, and $4000/month for Enterprise, each tailored to meet your business needs. Choose the plan that fits you best and sign up for a simple KYC to start a 7-day trial to elevate your business today!


With Nimble, you can effortlessly collect data from anywhere on the web using fully automated web data pipelines, powered by cutting-edge AI models for lightning-fast results. Enjoy a fully managed, end-to-end data collection solution that requires no hosting or coding skills from users.

Nimble allows you to easily gather raw, structured data from any public data source with its intuitive APIs that cut data collection time in half. Plus, our solution seamlessly delivers data directly to your Google Cloud or Amazon S3 account – simply grant pipeline permission and enter your bucket details. Get started with Nimble and streamline your data collection process today!


  • E-commerce API
  • Gather accurate structured data
  • Fully automated web data pipeline
  • Delivers data in batches, synchronously, and asynchronously.
  • Deliver data directly to any storage


  • Unlimited access to public web data sources
  • Zero maintenance
  • Fast and easy
  • Access web data from any country, any language, and any device.

#4) Asocks

Price: $3 per 1 GB, pay as you go model.


Asocks offers reliable residential proxies that cover over 150 locations around the world. They use their own proxy infrastructure, thus you can rest assured that your chosen IP won’t be banned during web scraping.

The solutions Asocks provides boasts 99% success rate. It managed to further impress us by exhibiting excellent response speed as well. You can get a custom solution from Asocks based on your specific requirements. Currently, Asocks features over 7 million IPs. Their IP pool is expanding with a new proxy location being added frequently.


  • Free ASN Targeting
  • 24/7 Support
  • Automatic IP Rotation
  • Expanding IP Pool
  • Residential and Mobile LTE Proxy


  • Worldwide coverage
  • 99% successful connection rate
  • High response speed
  • Clean IPs

#5) Scraper API

Price: 1000 API calls are free. There are four pricing plans i.e. Hobby ($29 per month), Startup ($99 per month), Business ($249 per month), and Enterprise (Get a quote).

Scraper API

Scraper API will help you to build scalable Web Scrapers. It can be easily integrated. Just a GET request and a URL is required. More advanced Use cases are also provided in the documentation. There are geo-located rotating proxies to route the request through these proxies.


  • It can be integrated easily.
  • It can also automate CAPTCHA.
  • JavaScript rendered pages can also be scrapped.
  • It will never get blocked with IP bans and CAPTCHA.


  • Completely customizable
  • It is fast and reliable.

Price: (We have a Discount Code For You!)

  • 1000 free API calls
  • Then starts at $29 per month only.

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Discount Code: softwaretestinghelp

#6) Web Scraper

Price: Web Scraper browser extension is free for use. There are four more pricing plans i.e. Project ($50 per month), Professional ($100 per month), Business ($200 per month), and Scale (Starts from $300 per month).

Web Scraper

Web Scraper provides web data extraction services to everyone. It provides a cloud-based platform to access the scraped data. It can extract data from modern and dynamic websites. It provides a simple interface and no coding skills will be required.

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  • Data extraction from websites with categories and sub-categories, pagination, and product pages.
  • Data extraction can be done for a website built on the JavaScript framework.
  • Tailoring of data extraction according to different site structures.


  • Coding is not required.
  • Cloud Web Scraper
  • Scraped data is accessible through API, Webhooks or Dropbox.

Website: Web Scraper

#7) Grepsr

Price: Grepsr offers three pricing plans i.e. Starter Plan (Starts at $129 per site), Monthly Plan (Starts at $99 per site), and Enterprise Plan (Get a quote).


Grepsr provides a web scraping service platform. This platform will help you to capture the data, normalize it, and put that data your system. This platform is for everyone right from marketers to investors.


  • It can provide pricing, categories, inventory, and other crucial information.
  • Cleaning of financial and market data.
  • It will help you with monitoring of the distribution chain.
  • It will also help you with News and Content aggregation.
  • It will help you in powering your application.


  • Supports multiple output format.
  • Email delivery
  • You will get unlimited bandwidth.

Website: Grepsr

#8) ParseHub

Price: You can pay on a monthly as well as quarterly. Here we are mentioning monthly plans. There are four plans. There is a free plan for everyone and the other three plans include Standard ($149 per month), Professional ($499 per month), and Enterprise (Get a quote).


ParseHub provides an easy to use web scraping tool. It can perform data extraction from multiple pages. It can interact with AJAX, forms, dropdown, etc. It has an easy to use interface.


  • Data can be extracted from any website for research work.
  • Data extraction to know more about the products, their prices, images, and reviews.
  • Data aggregation from multiple websites.
  • Web scraping for industry, marketing, and competitors analysis.
  • REST API for building mobile and web apps.


  • Desktop app.
  • Easy to use interface.

Website: ParseHub

#9) Scraper (Chrome Extension)

Price: Free


Scraper is the Google Chrome extension for extracting data from web pages. It is simple, easy, and fast.


  • Quickly gets data from webpages to spreadsheets.
  • Simple tool.


  • A perfect tool for online research.
  • Easy to use.

Website: Scraper

#10) Scrapy Python Web Scraper

Price: Free

Scrapy Python Web Scraper

Scrapy provides an open-source platform for data extraction. It is a collaborative framework. It is written in Python. It is easily extensible and portable. It supports Windows, Linux, Mac, and BSD.


  • Scrapy will help you to build your own web spiders.
  • Developed web spiders can be deployed to Scrapy cloud or to your own servers.
  • It supports Windows, Mac, Linux, and BSD.

Pros: It is easily extensible.

Website: Scrapy

#11) Mozenda

Price: Mozenda offers three pricing plans i.e. Project ($250 per month for one user), Professional ($350 per month for 2 users), and Enterprise ($450 per month for 3 users). You can get a quote for managed services.


Mozenda provides services for Data Harvesting and Data Wrangling. The services are available on-premises as well as in the cloud. It can prepare data for strategy, growth, finance, research, marketing, operations, and sales.


  • It performs simultaneous processing, hence it works faster.
  • Data scraping for websites from different geographical locations.
  • Data collection and agents can be controlled through API.
  • You will get email notifications.
  • Templates for agent building.


  • Cloud-based as well as an on-premises solution for Web data scraping.
  • Images and files downloading.
  • Rich in features API.

Website: Mozenda


Price: There are three pricing plans i.e. Essential ($299 per month), Essential Annual ($1999 annual), and Premium Plans (Contac company). offers the services of web data scraping, preparing that data, integrating it, and providing insights. will help you with many sectors like retail & manufacturing, finance & insurance, machine learning, risk management, product, strategy & sales, and more solutions for data journalism and academic research.


  • Downloading of images and file.
  • It has linked extractors.
  • It provides many other features like URL generators, automated pagination, and scheduling.
  • It has more features like Data reports, portal sharing, and price monitoring.


  • Daily or monthly reports facility.
  • Coding not required.
  • APIs.



Price: Dexi offers three pricing plans i.e. Standard ($119 per month), Professional ($399 per month), and Corporate ($699 per month). The prices will be less when paid annually.

Dexi is the provider of Web Scraping software. This software will give you the clean data which will be ready to use. It can be used for Web Scraping, interaction, monitoring, and processing. Data insights provided by the software will help you with better decisions and improved business performance.


  • It has features for transforming, aggregating, manipulating, and combining data.
  • Tools for debugging.
  • Data can be extracted from any website.
  • Automatic duplication of data.


  • It provides many integrations.
  • It is easily scalable.


#14) Data Scraper (Chrome Extension)

Price: Starter subscription with which you can scrape 500 pages for free every month is available. Paid plans are also available.

Data Scraper

Data Scraper can extract data from HTML pages. Extracted data is saved in Excel Spreadsheets. It can be used by anyone right from students, salespeople, recruiters to Social media managers.


  • It can extract lists.
  • It can also extract tables.
  • Extracted lists and tables can be uploaded into Google Sheets and Excel.
  • Supported output formats include XLS, CSV, XLSX, AND TSV files.


  • It can work in offline mode too.
  • Provides many advanced features like support for international language and automatic navigation to the next page.

Website: Data Scraper

#15) Scrapingdog

Price: Scrapingdog offers the best economical price to suit your business needs. You can get 1000 API calls for free in 30 day trial period. There are 3 pricing plans that Scrapingdog is offering at the moment. Lite ($20), Standard($90) and Pro($200). You can also customize your pricing.


Scrapingdog will allow you to scrape any website without any hassle. The tool works seamlessly and also provides you, with a growth tracker, in any plan you choose.


  • Supports JS rendering.
  • Can automate Captcha.
  • Can extract data from categories with subcategories, pagination and product pages.
  • Can monitor Pricing via different platforms.


  • It has an easy-to-use interface.
  • Scraper is the fastest in the market.
  • The success rate for significant websites like is close to 99%.

Additional Web Scraping Tools

#16) Octoparse

Octoparse is a web scraping tool for all types of websites. It is easy to use and can download the results in CSV, Excel, API, or directly in the database. No coding is required to extract the data. Cloud services are available. It provides features like an automatic rotation of IP to prevent blocking.

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Octoparse offers a free plan for unlimited pages and unlimited computers. There are three paid plans i.e. Standard ($75 per month), Professional ($209 per month), and Enterprise (Starts at $4899 per year).

Website: Octoparse

#17) Content Grabber

Content Grabber offers a scalable solution for web data extraction. It offers two solutions i.e. Content Grabber for Enterprises and Managed data services. It has solutions for business or E-commerce, Finance, and Government.

Content Grabber will ensure you about its usability, technical superiority, reliability, scalability, compliance, and flexibility. It can be included in the desktop application using API integration. As per the online reviews, it will cost you a one-time amount of $995.

Website:  Content Grabber

#18) ScrapingHub

ScrapingHub provides a cloud-based platform for web crawling.

ScrapingHub can be used for any sized projects. It offers two pricing plans i.e. Express (Starts at $450) and Custom (Starts at $2000 per year). Scrapy cloud platform is free for 1GB RAM. Plan for rendering JavaScript and crawling from anywhere starts at $25 per month.

Website: ScrapingHub


Diffbot makes use of AI for Web data extraction. Data extraction can be done from a website. It offers a free trial for 14 days. Diffbot has three pricing plans i.e. Startup ($299 per month), Plus ($899 per month), and Professional ($3999 per month).

Website: Diffbot


In this article, we have seen almost all the top web scraping tools. Web Scraper is a Chrome browser extension which extracts the data based on the created sitemap. Grepsr is best for business people. It offers built-in add-ons and unlimited bandwidth.

ParseHub is good for handling interactive maps, calendars, forums, nested comments, dropdown, forms, and forums. Mozenda is best for building robust data sets with minimum configuration. provides the best daily or monthly reports.

We hope this article will help you in selecting the correct web scraping tool as per your requirement.

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