Top 8 BEST Data Storage Companies [2023 UPDATED LIST]

A Comprehensive Review of Top Data Storage Companies with Comparison. Select the Best Data Storage Vendor for All Your Data Management Needs:

The term “Data” plays a pivotal role in this digital era. Regardless of whether it is a Company, Business, Hospital, or an Educational Institution, the need for managing and storing data is increasing day by day.

Data storage is the aggregate technique and innovation that catches computerized data on electromagnetic, optical or silicon-based capacity media. Businesses use various data storage technologies such as HDD, SDD, Cloud Storage, etc.

Data Storage Companies

Market Trends: According to Markets And Markets, the market size of Data Storage Companies is growing at a CAGR of 12.48% and it is expected to reach $102.2 billion by 2024.

Enterprise Storage Forum has performed a survey to know the Data Storage Trends.

The below graph will give you the number of Data Storage Technologies included in the company’s current storage infrastructure.

Data storage technologies

[image source]

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While investing in the Data Storage Solution you can look for features like Performance, Cost-saving, Requirement of less space, Scalability, Automation, Security, and Simplified Management.

AFCEA has surveyed to find out the top data storage concerns.

The below image will give you a list of the top Data Storage Concerns.

Top Data Storage Concerns

[image source]

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Expert Advice: While choosing a data storage company, you should typically look for your business needs for cloud-based storage or local storage. Cloud storage will be the ideal solution for those businesses that are planning to expand and want to save money. Local data storage will be a good option for businesses that have large amounts of data to store and where data security, speed, and advanced protection is required.
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List of Top Data Storage Companies

Enlisted below are the most popular Data Storage Companies that you should know.

  1. Internxt
  2. pCloud
  3. Zoolz
  4. BigMIND Home
  5. PolarBackup
  6. PureStorage
  7. Microsoft Azure
  8. AWS
  9. Dell EMC
  10. IBM
  11. NetApp
  12. Oracle
  13. Seagate Technology

Comparison of the Best Data Storage Companies

HeadquartersFeaturesLocationsRevenuePricing Info

Internxt Logo
Valencia, SpainZero-knowledge
End-to-end encryption
Easy file, photos storage and sharing
High speed.
Germany, Spain, France and Finland1.4M10GB - Free
20GB - €0.89 month, or €10.68 billed annually
200GB - €3.49 month, or €41.88 billed annually
2TB - €8.99 month, or €107.88 billed annually.

SwitzerlandShared folders, Set group/individual access levels, activity monitoring, etc. Switzerland$9.1 MillionPremium 500GB : $175
Premium Plus 2TB: $350

LondonHighly secure 256-AES military-grade encryption, automatic & scheduled backup, etc. London$14 millionIt starts at $15/month.

LondonSmart filters, Photo detection, Mobile Apps, etc. London$14 millionFree - 1GB,
Paid plan starts at $2.99/month -100 GB, etc.

LondonAutomatic backup, forever storage of files, file versioning, etc. London--It starts at $39.99 for 1TB - one-time payment

California, USAHigh speedy data storage algorithm.North America, Europe, Asia, Latin America.$178-$179 MillionThere are three pricing plans.
You can get a quote for its pricing details.
Microsoft Azure

Washington, USAVersatile storage is applicable for IoT, Web, and Analytics as well.Texas, New Jersey, California, etc.$32-$33 BillionPrice starts at $0.001/GB per month.

Seattle, USAData encryption and Access managementIt has headquarters in more than 40 locations.$25-$26 BillionScalable Storage: $0.023 per GB.
Dell EMC

USACloud storageHopkinton & Bengaluru.$90.62 Billion$39803.40 for the usable capacity of around 300-50 terabytes.

New York, USACloud storage and data analysis.39 locations including Australia, Finland, etc.$79-$80 BillionFile & Block Storage price starts at $0.05 per GB.

Let’s Start!!

#1) Internxt (Valencia, ES)


Internxt is an open-source cloud storage service and privacy suite. All files saved or shared through blockchain-based cloud services are end-to-end encrypted, fragmented, and scattered over a decentralized network.

Internxt prioritizes security and users’ right to privacy, ensuring first and third parties have absolutely no access to user data and personal information.

Founded In: 2020
Employees: 15-25 employees
Location: Spain
Core Services: Private file and photo cloud storage, backup, and transfer services (Drive, Photos, Send)
Other Services: User-focused privacy tools and resources
Revenue: $1.4 million

Pricing Information: Internxt offers a free 10GB plan, and personal Internxt plans start at 20GB for only $1.15/month. Their most popular plan gives users 200GB for $5.15/month, and their most extensive plan is a 2TB subscription for just $11.50/month. Business plans start at $3.49/month/user. Annual pricing is also available.

#2) pCloud (Switzerland)


pCloud provides secure encrypted cloud storage solutions. It is based in Switzerland. It offers solutions for individuals as well as businesses. pCloud provides a complete and secure platform for storing, syncing, and collaborating on files.

It has designed easy-to-use tools that will help you to control and optimize the workflow.

Founded In: 2013
Employees: 11-50 employees.
Locations: Switzerland
Core Services: Store, Sync, and collaborate on files.
Revenue: $9.1 M

Pricing: pCloud offers a free trial for 30 days. It has two pricing plans, Premium 500GB ($175) and Premium Plus 2TB ($350). These prices are for a one-time payment. Annual plans are also available starting at $47.88. It also offers plans for families.

#3) Zoolz (London, UK)


Zoolz is a cloud-storage provider and offers affordable and secure cloud solutions for small to medium businesses and individuals. It has the solutions of intelligent cloud backup with AI & eDiscovery, affordable backup & archive at the lowest prices, and a diverse range of BigMIND Partners Programs.

It supports Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.  It has more than 3 million users across the world.

Founded In: 2011
Employees: 51-200
Locations: London.
Core Services: Cloud Backup and Local backup products.
Revenue: $14 million

Pricing: Zoolz Home has three pricing plans, Zoolz 1TB Cloud Backup ($19.95 per yearly), Zoolz 2TB ($59.95 per yearly), and Zoolz 5TB ($49.95 per yearly).

#4) BigMIND Home (London, UK)

BigMind Dashboard

BigMIND Home is the cloud storage solution for personal use that makes use of artificial intelligence to help you easily discover, access, and back up all your private files. It supports Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

It can automatically back up and centralize your photos, videos, and files. Zoolz provides affordable and secure cloud storage solutions.

Founded In: 2011
Employees: 51-200 employees
Locations: London
Core Services: Cloud storage, A.I. Photo Detection, Automatic Backup, etc.
Revenue: $14 million.

Pricing: BigMIND has four pricing plans i.e. Free (1GB), Personal (100 GB, $2.99/month), Family (500 GB, $6.99/month), and Family plus (1TB, $12.99/month). It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

#5) PolarBackup (London, UK)


PolarBackup is the privacy and GDPR-compliant cloud backup solution. It is an affordable and powerful cloud backup solution for everyone. It can store the files forever. It has desktop agents and a web console.

It can back up local, external, and network drives. It has various advanced features that will enhance productivity. It makes use of AWS’s advanced technology.

Founded In: 2019
Employees: 11-50 employees
Locations: London
Core Services: Cloud storage solutions for business and personal use.

Pricing: Polarbackup offers the solution with three pricing plans, 1TB ($39.99), 2TB ($59.99), and 5TB ($99.99). All these prices are for a one-time payment. It offers a 30-days money-back guarantee.

#6) PureStorage (California, USA)


The company mainly deals with solid storage products. In recent times they are also producing different types of products. It has a high-speed data storage algorithm that makes it one of the leading data storage companies.

Founded In: 2009
Employees: 1000-5000 employees.
Locations: North America, Europe, Asia, Latin America.
Core Services: Block Storage, Storage as a service, Backup, Flash Array, and Flash Blade.
Other Services: Data Analytics, Applications, and Availability & Security.
Revenue: $178 – $179 million

Pricing Information: PureStorage offers three pricing plans i.e. Evergreen Gold Subscription, Evergreen Silver Subscription, and Industry Standard Support. You can get a quote for its pricing details.

Website: PureStorage

#7) Microsoft Azure (Washington, USA)

Microsoft Azure

Being a combined assistant of Microsoft and Windows, this particular company is versatile and does not only capacitate storage, but also assists in the Internet of Things, media, mobile, web, analytics, delivering content through a robust network, Security with Management, and Development of Data.

It has a versatile storage system that is applicable for IoT, web as well as for analytics. All these features make it one of the favored data storage companies.

Founded In: 2010
Locations: It has offices in various locations such as Texas, New Jersey, California, etc.
Core Services: Cloud computing services for Building, Testing, Deploying, and Managing Applications and Services.
Other Services: AI, Blockchain, Analytics, Networking, etc.
Revenue: $32.5 Billion.

Pricing Information: Azure offers you to start for free. It has various pricing plans i.e. Block Blobs ($0.001/GB per month), Azure Data Lake Storage ($0.001 per GB per month), Managed disks ($1.54 per month), and Files ($0.058 per GB per month).

Website: Microsoft Azure

#8) AWS (Seattle, Washington, US)


AWS provides cloud storage services for application as well as archival compliance requirements. It is a sister concern of the dynamic Amazon e-commerce channel and is popular for data storage, encryption, and access management.

Founded In: 1994
Locations: It has its headquarters in more than 40 locations.
Core Services: Object, File, & Local Storage, and Cloud Data Migration.
Other Services: It offers more than 165 fully-featured services.
Revenue: $25 – $26 billion

Pricing Information: Amazon Scalable storage prices start at $0.023 per GB. Block Storage prices start at $0.1 per GB per month. Amazon offers various pricing plans for its storage services.

Website: AWS

#9) Dell EMC (Hopkinton, United States)

Dell EMC

Dell EMC provides solutions for Storage, Information Security, Analytics, Virtualization, and Cloud Computing. Apart from laptop manufacturing, Dell built on cloud storage services to survive in the market after it shut down its business in the former domain.

Founded In: 1979
Employees: More than 10000 employees.
Locations: Hopkinton & Bengaluru.
Core Services: Consulting Services, Deployment Services, Managed Services, etc.
Other Services: Payment Solutions, Education Solutions, Support Services, etc.
Revenue: $90.62B.

Pricing Information: The pricing of installing the Dell EMC cloud storage service in a particular enterprise comes to around $39,803.40 for a usable capacity of around 300 terabytes.

Website: Dell EMC

#10) IBM (Armonk, New York)


Before getting into the cloud storage domain, IBM too was a laptop manufacturing company. It is known for cloud storage technology and data analysis as well as storage algorithms that make it one of the favored data storage companies.

Founded In: 1911
Employees: More than 10000 employees
Locations: IBM is located in 39 locations including Australia, Finland, etc.
Core Services: Cloud Services, Application services, Business Process & Operations, Network Services, Digital Workplace Services, etc.
Other Services: Finance Services, Technology Consulting Services.
Revenue: $79-$80 billion
Pricing Information: IBM File & Block Storage price starts at $0.05 per GB.

Website: IBM

#11) NetApp (Sunnyvale, California)


NetApp is an American-based data storage company that is popular for providing hybrid data services and cloud data applications.

It provides a full range of services in the field of IT, consumer products as well as healthcare and telecommunications. It works with many reputed companies in the world like Mercedes-Benz and Coca-Cola.

Founded In: 1992
Employees: More than 10000 employees
Locations: NetApp has offices at 8 locations in Europe and India.
Core Services: Data Storage Systems, Data Storage software, Data Infrastructure Management, etc.
Other Services: Data Protection & Security and Professional Services, Cloud Services, Hybrid cloud infrastructure.
Revenue: $6 -$7 billion

Pricing Information: NetApp Cloud Sync pricing starts at $0.15 per hour.

Website: NetApp

#12) Oracle (Redwood Shores, CA)


Most loved by its clients is the Oracle Company that is specialized in content marketing campaigns and real-time analytics. The expert services provided by the company helps in standardizing software and data storage with the help of Blockchain technology.

Ranked as No. 1 in business software the company has branches in 175 countries and has served some well-known multi-national companies in the world.

Founded In: 1977
Employees: More than 10000
Locations: It has offices at 24 locations in North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.
Core Services: Data Management, Analytics, and Autonomous Database.
Other Services: Cloud Applications, Industry applications, Application development.
Revenue: $39-$40 Billion
Pricing Information: Oracle offers a free trial for the Oracle Cloud Platform. MySQL subscription starts at $2000.

Website: Oracle

#13) Seagate Technology (Cupertino, CA)

Seagate Technology

Seagate technologies is an American data storage firm. It is popular for hard disks (compatible storage devices). The company is also involved in high-performance computing and has centers in the US, India, and Ireland.

It has high-performance computing and lightweight hard discs. This makes the company an easy choice for the buyer.

Founded In: 1979
Employees: More than 10000
Locations: US, UK, Singapore, and Schiphol.
Core Services: External data storage solutions, Internal Data Storage solutions, Portable storage, Enterprise solutions, etc.
Revenue: $11 – $12 Billion
Pricing Information: The price of a Seagate product starts at $64.

Website: Seagate Technology


Businesses of all sizes are strategically planning for data storage purchases.

Research data says that maximum businesses are using HDD for primary data storage followed by cloud storage. Whereas a maximum number of businesses are planning to go for cloud storage in the next 2 years.

We hope that the list of the Top Data Storage Companies mentioned here will help you to find the right solution for your business.

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