10 Best iOS Emulators For PC: Run iOS Apps On Windows and Mac

This is an in-depth review of the popular iOS Emulator For PC. Compare the top iOS Emulators to run iOS Apps on Windows and Mac:

Android and Windows users often try to open iOS applications and games on android smartphones or Windows devices, but they never get success.

However, there are software available in the market called mobile emulators that allows users to use the iOS applications on their devices even if they officially belong to some other environment.

In this article, we will learn about iOS emulators for PC and will discuss the best iOS emulators for PC.

Let us begin!!

What is iOS Emulator for Windows PC

IOS Emulators For PC

There are certain software and applications that are used particularly on a specific Operating System, but various users want to use them on a different platform, and emulators do this exactly for you.

Emulators provide an environment that allows you to install Application Packages on their system, following which you can run these APKs with these emulators. By using these, you can easily play any game that you like on the mobile phone or on your system, which is entirely different from the platform to which the game belongs.

Fact Check: Emulators were a lesser-known idea in the early ’20s, but now with advancements in time and technology they have become quite handy. Their market is growing at a greater pace and is expected to increase at a rate of 4.6% globally, according to the reports published by The Express Wire.

Note: The data presented in this column mentions network emulators.

The image below depicts the approximate ratio of users using emulators for testing:

approximate ratio of users

[image source]

Pro Tips:

  • For gamers, they don’t have to go for the emulators, which have the most advanced features, but they should mainly go for the software with high graphics and low resource usage.
  • For the users who are looking for the best emulators for cross-platform software application development, they should use the browser-based emulators as it saves their code on the server and can be accessed from any device.
  • There is not necessarily a need for an emulator for both iOS and Android, you can use different native ones for each based on your choices like Xcode for iOS.

iOS Emulators Vs iOS Simulator for PC: Differences

iOS emulator and iOS simulator perform almost the same task, which allows the application packages to run on the system, but there is a slight difference in their working.

iOS emulators for PC trick the application to work on the system and use the system storage and hardware. Also, they make it easier for a user to run all the applications in his/her system.

While the iOS simulator develops an environment that allows the application to work smoothly on the system but sometimes this does not work well with several applications.

Use of Mobile Phone Emulator for Windows

There are various uses of the mobile emulator, and we list some of them below:

  1. Long-Range of usable devices: iOS emulator for Windows makes it easier for the users to use various devices with a different operating system on a single device by downloading the emulator for that system.
  2. Gaming made easier: It has become easier to play games on multiple devices which are exclusively available for only mobile phones or only for iOS.
  3. Smooth working: People often complain that certain applications lag on their mobile phones but run smoothly on their PC or laptop. Therefore, with emulators, you can utilize the configuration of your system to avoid unwanted lag for applications that require premium hardware.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) Is there an iOS emulator for PC?

Answer: There are multiple in the list which allows users to work in an iOS environment, and also they provide users with various development and testing features, out of which some are listed below:

  1. Smartface
  2. iPhone simulator
  3. Remote iOS simulator for Windows
  4. Appetize

Q #2) Which is the best free iOS emulator for PC?

Answer: It completely depends on the requirements of the users, but Corellium offered advanced features and services for development to its users.

Q #3) Can Bluestacks emulate iOS?

Answer: Now Bluestacks comes with the latest features, which makes it easier for the users to emulate iPhones and iPads on television and to enjoy iOS applications and games on PC.

Q #4) Is Bluestacks or NOX better?

Answer: Bluestacks and NOX both are good emulators and choosing one of them entirely depends on your requirements. If you want a multipurpose emulator then you can go for Bluestacks, whereas if you want it for a core gaming requirement then NOX is a good choice.

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List of the Top iOS Emulators for PC

Here is the list of best mobile emulators for PC:

  1. Smartface
  2. Appetize.io
  3. Corellium
  4. Xcode
  5. Mobile Studio
  6. Test Flight
  7. Delta
  8. Adobe Air
  10. Test App

Comparison of Popular iPhone Emulator for Windows

ToolsBest ForFeaturesPriceRatingsWebsite
DeltaIt is the best application
for gamers as it
has advanced graphics and working.
1. High graphic calibration
for games
2. Provides best environment
for gaming
XcodeThis is the best choice
for iOS users as it provides
them with code deployment
on all iOS devices.
1. Can develop applications
for various iOS device
2. Easy code deployment
and working
SmartfaceThis application allows easy
cross-platform application
1. Best debugging application
for users
2. Interactive Cross-Platform
starts from
CorelliumBrowser-based emulator allows
easy code execution.
1. Browser-based emulator
2. Focuses mainly on the
Test AppHas simple working with
code deployment and code
1. easy code
push and deployment
2. Easy updates
and beta versions

Various iPhone Emulators for PC detailed review:

#1) Smartface

Best for cross-platform application development.


Smartface provides numerous features to the users that allow them to work efficiently on the platform and thus it is most used. Smartface remains one of the most useful tools to develop and test applications for mobile phones.


  • It allows cross-platform development.
  • This application is the best choice as a debugger for Windows.
  • Easy to use an application for application development.

Supported Platforms: Windows

Verdict: This application has an interactive UI, and it is suitable for app testing and development.

Price: Starting from $99.

Website: Smartface

#2) Appetize.io

Best for code testing and cross-platform development.


Appetize remains the most budget-friendly software because it allows users to work in an advanced iOS environment with a variety of features and cross-platform application development. This software can work smoothly with basic configurations, and also it focuses on cloud-based working and is compatible with all Windows versions.


  • Best choice for the development of cross platforms applications.
  • Works fine with all Windows versions.
  • It requires the least resources and hence, is lightweight.

Supported Platform: Windows

Verdict: This application requires fewer resources, and it has fact processing, which makes it a good choice.

Price: Free 100 minutes, then $0.05/minute

Website: Appetize.io

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#3) Corellium

Best for all operating systems as it is browser-based.


Corellium is a web-based iOS emulator, which provides its users with complete access and facilities like iOS. Earlier it was used only by experts and researchers, but now it can be used by normal users too.

Enterprises mostly used this software for iOS development and other services within the browser, but now people can test their games and applications on this interface.


  • Compatible with all operating systems as it is browser-based.
  • Compatible for both gaming and application development.
  • Used for core working and development.

Supported Platform: Browser-based working

Verdict: This software is browser-based and better for both gaming and development

Price: $99/month

Website: Corellium

#4) Xcode

Best for iOS users for development.


Xcode software development comes with the features of code development and testing on the iOS environment. Also, it offers a suitable working environment for the users and also provides other necessary tools and interfaces.

It can also emulate various user interactions like scrolling, rotation, etc. So far, Xcode remains the most compatible and easy-to-use platform for iOS development.


  • Professional application for development on various iOS devices.
  • Working on various devices, including iPhone, iPad, etc.
  • Allows accessing Safari with Xcode.

Supported platform: Mac

Verdict: This software is the top-notch choice for developers because it allows them to implement code on various iOS devices.

Price: Free

Website: Xcode

#5) Test Flight

Best for iOS development.

Test Flight

Test Flight remains the most trusted user platform, which provides users with satisfactory and enhanced services and continues to serve its clients with extreme delicacy. The emulator receives the latest updates from the server periodically so that the users can use the latest features.

This application allows the users with the permission of direct beta version usage, and further, it also allows the users to send their valuable feedback to the developers and report if they experience any error with the updates.

Users need to create an app share profile to work on the profile, and if in case the application crashes, a notification report is sent to the developers regarding the issue, after which they work on fixing the error.


  • It is available on the App store and can be used easily.
  • Runs applications that are compatible with iOS 8.0 or above.
  • Best suited for iOS development.

Supported platforms: Windows, Mac

Verdict: This application is easy to use, and it allows the feature of easy code deployment and testing and it is the best choice for iOS users.

Price: Free

Website: Test Flight

#6) Delta

Best for gaming.


Delta is now available for users and they can download it easily on their iOS devices without jailbreak, the steps for the same are mentioned on its official website.


  • Easily controls and saves cheat codes.
  • Works with native iOS framework.
  • Enables iCloud sync

Supported Platforms: Android iOS Windows.

Verdict: This software is considerably good for gaming.

Price: Free

Website: Delta

#7) Adobe AIR

Best for testing and debugging.

Adobe AIR

Adobe AIR provides users with exceptional services, which makes it easier for them to develop applications that would make their work much easier and simplified.


  • Provides various features for app testing and debugging.
  • Makes the development of applications much easier and simplified.
  • Provides easy working and simple UI.

Supported Platforms: iOS Windows

Verdict: This software is a good choice for code testing and development.

Price: Free

Website: Adobe AIR


Best for gaming.


It is an open-source application that focuses on providing users with an exceptional gaming experience and advanced features for gaming.


  • Provides the best gaming experience with easy control.
  • Has a bunch of advanced features and graphics for gaming.
  • Compatible with various devices and systems.

Supported Platforms: Windows

Verdict: This is a very good simulator for playing commercial games on your PC.

Price: Free (open source)

Website: PPSSPP

#9) Testapp.io

Best for testing.


Test app has just made working much easier and simplified as it has allowed users to create and deploy applications at ease.


  • Makes it easier to work with the testing team.
  • Simplifies the code push and debug platform.
  • Provides easy update releases and beta versions.

Supported Platform: Cloud-based working

Verdict: This is one of the best software for code testing and debugging.

Price: $8/month

Website: Testapp.io

#10) Electric Mobile Studio

Best for app testing and deployment.

Electric Mobile Studio

Electric Mobile Studio makes it easier for the users to emulate iPhones and iPads on their system. This software is in demand among the developers because it provides an integrated WebKit which makes working easier and also provides users with Chrome debugging tools.

At first, you can use the seven-day trial period of the software, and if you like its services, then you can purchase the paid version that comes with various advanced and enhanced features.


Supported platform: Windows

Verdict: This application has a simple UI and also it has extra debugging features, so it can be a great choice for you.

Price: $39.99/month


Nowadays, a user uses numerous devices to fulfill their personal and professional commitments. Therefore, companies need to develop applications that support multiple platforms, including Windows, Android, and iOS.

But still, some applications are not available on multiple platforms, and emulators make it easy for the users to use dedicated applications on multiple platforms. Besides this, there are also various Android emulators for iOS available in the market that serves the purpose.

In this article, we have discussed a few iOS emulators for PC and their features that can make your life easy, but always make sure to read reviews regarding the particular application because some emulators are malicious and can harm your system. So make thorough research before using an emulator.

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