Mozilla firefox 3.0 release is available for testing now

Mozilla released its Firefox 3 release candidate internet browser to the public for testing purpose only. Mozilla Firefox is the most popular internet browser after Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. By releasing this Firefox 3.0 version to developers and testers community, company wants to make sure product is fully ready for final release.

The company is taking feedback from testers and web developers to improve and fix most of the bugs before advancing to next version.

This is a good opportunity for beginners and experts in web testing. You can test this Firefox browser version 3 on your machine. As many of our readers asked me how to and from where to test the web applications, this would be a great example of testing web product.

Test Firefox 3 preview version from all testing aspects like UI, functionality, installation/ uninstallation, different plugin management in Firefox, browser security, performance, memory and load testing.

Do it manually or use any automation tool. Report your feedback to Firefox team.

Here is how to start guide:
1) Download the Firefox release candidate 3 version. Download from here.  You can download Firefox 3.0rc1 from above download page. You can also download other language packs if you are familiar with other languages if any.

2) Read the Firefox 3.0rc1 release notes and known issues here. From this page, you will get the idea of different testing scenarios and how you can test this application.

3) If you find any bug then report that bug to Firefox team using online Bugzilla. Before reporting any bug please read all known issues and bug filing instructions. You can also use this feedback form to send your feedback.

Happy testing!

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#1 Shabeena

Hi vijay,
It’s very nice 2 read this article. And it’ll be also a good experience to do this.

#2 Vishal Chhaperia

Hi Vijay,

It is a great opportunity to test beta version of a product, we can literally think as end user and do the testing.

Vishal Chhaperia
Call: 09830704327

#3 Samir D

What is Traceability Matrix..? Please explain this with Example..!! Thanks..!!

#4 naveen

hai iam Naveen Talluri

#5 rajasri

its really a good opertunity for testers like us to do testig on beta vertions.thanks for giving this opertunity for mee too.

#6 Kiran

Hi Vijay,
Its really good oppartunity for beginers. its really a good opertunity for testers .thanks for giving this opertunity for mee too.

#7 Ruchi


Its a good opportunity for us freshers like us for testing this beta version if firefox. Pls anyone who has started testing with it can help me in how to proceed testing with it in the initial stage.
Pls help me out!

#8 kantharaja MP

Hi vijay
its really Good opportunity for all of us to test the most popular product, lets improve our testing skills also

Thanks for your information’s

#9 Raja

also guys if you want to download the firefox 3.0 on the first date of its final release then please register your interest with firefox site. This is going to break the world guinness book record of most downloads in one day. Let’s make firefox popular.. This is a good opportunity also for those who hates internet explorer ;-)

#10 Jamila

This information has been really helpful.
Can someone guide me about selenium – an open source testing tool?
Also visit my site for
software testing, software testing tutorial, software testing interview questions


#11 Suresh Balakrishnan

Hi Samir,

I have mentioned Traceability Matrix as given below:

Traceability matrix is table which shows the use cases, test cases and srs ids.orIt is defined as mapping between user requirements and test cases.


#12 selvam

Hi Friends,

Currently i am working in Non-IT field and planned to switch my career to testing.I had learned the basics of testing,and now i am very eager to learn testing practically with real time projects.
If any one interested to teach testing personally with real time projects , i will be more grateful, or else show me the right place in chennai.
Thanks & regards

#13 Debasis

Well, Mozilla Firefox 3 Beta is available for Beta Testing since last November (November 19th 2007). Here is a crash I had encountered while Beta Testing Mozilla Firefox 3 Beta See if anyone of you can reproduce this crash!

Happy Testing…

#14 Kishor

Hi Jamila
Iam a fresher for S/W testing, right now iam searching for testing job, So could u pls send me d S/W tesing intrvw Qstns. Please.

#15 syamala

what is smoke testing?

#16 abhi

Smoke testing is nothing but the testing we used to do when we recieve any build ( .exe file + release notes ) to QA. We will be doing normal functionality check to ensure that the build which we receive is fit for QA.

#17 Quynh Nhi

Hi Friends,

Currently i am working in IT testing.I had learned the basics white box testing and now i am very eager to learn white box testing practically with real time projects.

Can any one tell me how to start testing firefox 3.0 (where do we get the test files?) to learn white box testing more.

Quynh Nhi


#18 Aakash jain

HI .
.thanks 4 it …..
its very good 4 tester to learn how to find bugs from browser

#19 darshan

Hi am egar to learn software testing please tell me how to
test the firefox 3.0 (where do we get the test files?)

#20 navjyot

Hi dear all. i m freshre//in testing….field… i want to learn each concept…. plz help me…

so plz dear all.. send me some ebooks of testing…
which u prefer…

#21 Naveen

this is very old application, try to delete this news from web site. its already 3.5.3 also released

#22 vivek pansari

hello sir,
i have done B.E(cse).and i have done 4 Months Diploma in Software Testing and 1.5 Year Experience in Manual Testing from Eximiuus Technology pvt. Ltd., Pune.
I want to be looking in job in 2yr Experience in Manual Testing.Have you any vacancy related for plz contact me.

vivek pansari

#23 Anirudh

hello sir, I am looking for a job in s/w testing.plz send me the questions that can be asked in interview.And guide me to how to give answers in an interview. Thank you

#24 Shiv S. Dutta

what is relation testing??

#25 narendra sishodiya

it is fbolous

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