Pricing Plans: Choose Your Suitable Plan

Review and compare different beneficial pricing plans and select a plan as per your requirements: is an OS platform for managing projects. It enables the users to easily create, process, and scale their workflows on a single platform, which means you can manage everything in one workspace like planning, tracking, and so on.

It gets started very easily in minutes by using in-built templates or by customizing on their own to work upon. It can be integrated with various very famous applications like Zoom, Slack, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Excel, Gmail, and many more.

It enables the users to save their time from doing repetitive tasks and to focus on more important aspects like sales or converting leads by providing automation features. It provides various types of views like Kanban, Gantt chart, map, calendar, and much more for visualization of workflow.

Their team is available 24/7 for users to guide them on how to utilize the application to the fullest through daily webinars

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Pro Tip: To select a plan, one needs to clarify his needs and select a plan accordingly, as the plans are based on features. The more features you want, the more amount you need to pay. You can avail of the benefit of an 18% discount on payment if you pay your bill annually. The most popular plan currently in the market is the Standard plan. Pricing Plans pricing has been categorized into five plans: Individual, Basic, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise.

It offers its first plan without any cost, which means it is free with limited features. As you move further and need more features, then you need to subscribe to a plan that is suitable for you. The more features you want, the more amount you need to pay.

The given prices are for a team of 5 people. They provide plans according to the number of team members. You can select from 3 members to 200+ members and get the pricing accordingly. By paying annually, you would get an 18% discount on every plan you subscribe to.

It provides a 14-days free trial where there is no need to put details of your credit card for signing up.


#1) Individual Plan

individual plan

It is free forever up to 2 seats. This plan is basically for individuals who just want to organize and keep track of their work. It includes features like:

  • Unlimited boards: Boards are meant for storing and organising data and all your work, like projects, clients, and processes. So in this plan, you have unlimited boards provided and you can store as much data as you want.
  • Unlimited documents: Provides workdocs to enable the users to integrate all their work at one place by collaborating with the team members for co-editing, sharing comments, etc. It executes what has been planned into actionable items. Along with doc, other features provided in workdocs are- board integrations, real-time engine, tagging, live updates, auto-save, checklist, multiple-editors and easy-to-use editors. Here, you have unlimited document features. That means you can create as many documents as you want.
  • 200+ templates: It includes in-built templates to kick start the process. It provides you with the feature of customization where you can design or create your templates as per your requirements. So in this plan, you can access over 200 in-built templates to easily start your working.
  • 20+ column types: Column helps in creating the board more attractive, organized, and categorized. Here in this plan, the users can access more than 20 column types to add them to their boards in the way they want.
  • Up to 2 team members: Although this plan is free but only for two members of a team. If you need this plan for over 2 members, then you have to pay for every addition. This plan is free of cost for two seats only with limited features.
  • iOS and Android apps: This plan provides access to use the software from iOS as well as from Android. This ensures the users can work upon the projects or get updates or add anything on the go without having to present at a particular place.

#2) Basic Plan


It starts with $8 per seat per month. For a team of 5 members, it costs $40 per month billed annually. The basic purpose of this plan is to provide features to help in managing team’s work in one place.

Features included:

  • Individual plans feature: This plan includes all the features previously provided in the Individual plan like unlimited boards, unlimited documents, 200+ templates, and so on.
  • Unlimited free viewers: Viewers are the users that can access your sharable or private boards section through your invite. The viewers can only view the boards, they can not edit or alter them. Here in this plan, you can invite as many viewers as you want. There is no limit to that.
  • Unlimited items: Items are the data that needs to be added during the workflow like task, project or customer. Here in this plan, you can add unlimited items, which means as many items as you want can be added as per your need.
  • 5 GB file storage: Storage is very necessary for any project. You need to save various images, documents, and important files. And for that, you need a lot of space for them. This plan offers you 5 GB of data storage. More storage means more space to maintain more files.
  • Prioritised customer support: It refers to the after-sales assistance or support given to the users or customers. In this plan, you will get 24/7 customer support at priority.
  • Create a dashboard based on 1 board: Dashboards help the users in taking decisions, understanding project processes, tracking budget, and so on through showing data-driven insights virtually and interactively. Here in this plan, the dashboard can contain or show information from 1 board only.

#3) Standard Plan


It starts with $10 per seat per month. For a team of 5 members, it costs $50 per month billed annually. This plan specifically helps in collaborating and optimizing the team’s processes.

It includes features like:

  • Basic plans feature: This plan covers all features that are included in the Individual as well as in the Basic plan. Some of them are unlimited free viewers, unlimited documents and boards, 200+ templates, and more.
  • Timeline & Gantt views: Timeline enables you to see and have a watch on the time left for a project to be completed. It shows where you stand right now. Gantt charts are more or less the same. They provide a visual of your work process. So here in this plan, you can enjoy features like timeline and Gantt view freely.
  • Calendar view: The calendar helps in managing all upcoming tasks through a virtual interface where you can see all activities to be done at a glance at one place.
  • Guest access: This plan allows you to collaborate with other outside users easily by giving them access to the board. Here you can allow 3 outside users the access more than that would be billed.
  • Automation: Automations help in eliminating manual repetitive work and enable the users to have more time for productive work. In this plan, you can have 250 automation actions per month.
  • Integrations: Through integrations, you can connect other apps or tools with Tools like- Google Drive, Excel, Dropbox and so on. Here in this plan, you have 250 integration actions per month.
  • Dashboard (up to 5 boards): In the Standard Plan, you can use or combine 5 boards for your work. More than that is chargeable.

#4) Pro Plan


It starts with $16 /seat/ month and $48 /month if it is billed annually. For a team of 5 members, it costs $80 per month billed annually. The idea behind this plan is to streamline and run the team’s complex workflows.

It includes features like:

  • Standard plan features: This means you would get all features included in all previous three plans. That is the Individual plan, the Basic plan, and the Standard plan. The Standard plan contains all features of the Basic plan and the Basic plan includes the features of the Individual plan.
  • Private boards and docs: Through this feature, the user can have a private board, which means the board can only be seen by the user that created it and can be accessible to others with the invitation by the creator. So here in this plan, this amazing feature is provided.
  • Chart view: In this feature offered within this plan, the users can get to know the analytics side of their workflow.
  • Time tracking: This feature enables you to track the total time you have taken to complete a particular task.
  • Formula column: This plan provides the feature to add a formula column that helps you in calculating the basic as well as complex functions or formulas.
  • Dependency column: This feature ensures the relationship between two columns, which means any action can be made after the action is completed in the prior column.
  • Automation: Here in this plan, automation actions can be made up to 25,000 per month.
  • Integration: Integration actions can be made up to 25000 per month.
  • Dashboard (up to 10 boards): Dashboards can contain up to 10 boards, unlike other above-stated plans.

#5) Enterprise Plan


This plan is meant for those organisations that need enterprise-level features.

The features covered in this plan are:

  • Pro plan features: It contains all features of all other plans including Individual, Basic, Standard, and Pro.
  • Large-scale Automations & Integrations: It includes large-scale automation and integrations actions that are up to 2,50,000 each
  • Large-scale security & governance: Here, this plan contains high-level security and user management controls, like the Panic button. This will block your account momentarily in case credentials have been compromised.
  • Reporting & analytics: Here you would get reports and analysis of everything.
  • Permissions: Through this feature, you would get full control of the program. Here, at every level, robust permissions are imposed.
  • Tailored onboarding and Premium support: In this plan, the users will get personalised support and tailored onboarding for over 25 users per year.
  • Dashboard (up to 50 boards): Here you can have up to 50 boards in a dashboard.

Comparison of Pricing with Competitors

SoftwarePricingFree TrialWebsite
monday.comBetween $0-16 per
user per month.
14-days free trial
Project InsightBetween $0-45 per
user per month.
14-days free trial
TeamGanttBetween $0-24.45
per user per month.
30-days free trial
TrelloBetween $0-17.50
per user per month.
14-days free trial
AsanaBetween $0-24.99
per user per month.
30-days free trial
JiraBetween $0-14.50
per user per month.
7-days free trial
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#1) Project Insight

It is a project management software that helps the users in managing projects, workflows, and processes in one place by providing automation, REST API, Integrations, and so on.

Along with project management, it helps in organizing your portfolio and generates data insights. It provides features like time tracking, project requests, intelligent scheduling, project templates, issue tracking, approvals, and more.


  • Free of cost. This plan is for startups, small teams, and task management.
  • Add-ons- $3 per feature. After buying 12 add-ons, all other add-ons will be automatically included in your plan. This plan is for growing companies and specific needs.
  • Enterprise- $45 per user. This plan is to centrally integrate diverse systems.

Website: Project Insight

#2) TeamGantt

It is a project planning software that enables the users to plan and manage projects on Gantt charts. It is used by very popular brands including Nike, Netflix, Amazon, and more.

It enables fast drag and drop scheduling on charts, keeps teams updated, saves time through time tracking, and more. It provides various essential features like- drag and drop, team management, easy collaboration, organization, views, reports, time tracking, and so on.


  • Free- $0 per month
  • Standard- $19.90 per month billed annually.
  • Advanced- $24.45 per month billed annually.

Website: TeamGantt

#3) Trello

Trello enables its users to collaborate and manage projects with their team by using various features to make the business move forward successfully. It provides various boards, lists, and cards to organize tasks.

Its automation feature helps in scheduling assignments, surfacing deadlines, creating custom buttons, and so on. It can integrate with tools like Slack, Dropbox, Google Drive, Confluence, and Evernote.


  • Free- $0 for the whole team. This plan is for individuals to organize anything.
  • Standard- $5 per user per month. This is for teams to collaborate and manage more work.
  • Premium- $10 per user per month. This is for teams of up to 100 members to visualize and track multiple projects.
  • Enterprise- $17.50 per user per month. This plan includes more security and controls.

Website: Trello

#4) Asana

It helps in organizing work through graph data models. It enables the team to get synced and collaborate on a single platform to achieve their common goal and provides features like automation, timeline, integration, boards, universal reporting, forms, calendars, portfolios, and so on.

It includes solutions for project management, goal management, Agile management, task management, project planning, and so on.


  • Basic- $0 for an unlimited period for beginners in project management.
  • Premium- $10.99 per user per month for creating project plans with confidence.
  • Business- $24.99 per user per month to manage work across initiatives.
  • Enterprise- This includes more security, control, and support. For pricing details of this plan, you need to contact.

Website: Asana

#5) Jira

It is a project management software that helps the agile teams in planning, tracking, releasing, and reporting the project or workflow.

You can create automation code the way your team prefers and can integrate with software like Zoom, Slack, Microsoft, Google, and more. It provides features like- Scrum boards, Kanban boards, roadmaps, agile reporting, automation, custom filters, rich APIs, and so on.


  • Free- $0 per user per month up to 10 users.
  • Standard- $7.50 per user per month up to 100 users.
  • Premium- $14.50 per user per month up to 100 users.

Website: Jira

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) Is free?

Answer: Yes, you can use for free. It offers a plan called Individual plan wherein you can use it free of cost for an unlimited period. This plan is valid for 2 users only and has limited features, helpful for those who want to keep track of their work. They also provide a 14-days free trial.

Q #2) How much does cost?

Answer: account costs between $0-16 per user per month. It starts with a plan called the Individual plan that costs $0 per month. It is free forever up to two seats. Then comes the Basic plan. It costs $8 per user per month.

Then comes the Standard plan that costs $10 per user per month. It is the most popular plan currently in the market. After this, there is the Pro plan costing $16 per month, then there is the Enterprise plan for those who need enterprise-level features, and for pricing of this plan, you need to contact the sales team.

Q #3) How many people can use for free?

Answer: The Individual plan is free of cost and can be used by 2 users. So two people can use it free of cost forever if they want the Individual plan. In case they need more features, then they need to pay for further plans they subscribe for. They can go with any plan from Basic, Standard, Pro, or Enterprise.

Q #4) What is good for?

Answer: It is good for project management. It is a collaboration software that enables its users to work without limits. You can easily create and execute workflows on a single work OS platform.

It helps in managing workflows in a single place, is easily started, integrates with tools and saves time with automation, provides dashboards to visualize the work, and provides 24/7 customer support.

Q #5) Who competes with

Answer: There are various competitors in the field of project management software. The close competitors are:-

  1. Project Insight
  2. Team Gantt
  3. Trello
  4. Asana
  5. Jira.

Q #6) How does work?

Answer: It provides an easy interface for its users to get started. To work on or to start project management, you need to first create a board, then choose a template. After that, you need to create groups of tasks, then add items and columns. Then all you need to do is turn things green, i.e, assign tasks, communicate within the task, update the task, and so on.


Through the research, we concluded that’s pricing plans are very reasonable. We compared the pricing of our software with other alternatives or competitors and found its cost to be the most suitable and affordable comparatively.

They provide you with a free plan and a 14-days free trial to let you enjoy and analyze its features. They provide value for money as they don’t charge for features you don’t need. If you want more features, you can go for a bigger plan.

As we compared price with other software, we found that the pricing is lesser than Trello, Asana, Project Insight, and Teamgantt. Jira’s maximum price limit is lower than’s maximum limit but its free trial is for 7 days and on it is for 14 days.

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