Website Testing Jobs: 15 Sites That Pay You to Test Websites

If you want to get paid to test websites, explore this review of the top Website Testing Jobs along with payment, features, and comparison:

Website testing jobs offer individuals a way to earn some extra income. Website testing companies offer a platform to perform usability testing on websites and mobile applications. These platforms offer remote moderated as well as unmoderated usability testing services.

Website designers, website owners, business owners get to see how users use their websites or applications. It helps them understand where the users are getting lost or confused and how easy it is for users to surf the web application. Website testers get paid to test websites and share their opinion.

Website Testing Sites Review

Website testing

Fact Check: UXmatters has performed the survey on usability testing and found that moderated usability testing is the most preferred testing method. 80% of respondents said that they prefer moderated studies.

The below image shows the seven key questions that will help with planning the usability testing:

seven key questions

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Pro Tip: While choosing the Website testing jobs for remote unmoderated or moderated usability testing, check the basic requirements such as a microphone, system requirement, and their supported payment platforms. You can also check the additional factors such as their payment processing policies, training or knowledge base for testing, and frequency of getting the tests.

Comparison: In-person Vs. Remote Usability Testing

Moderator’s presenceModerator presentModerator can be present or absent
Pros & Cons of Moderator’s presenceAs moderator is present, he/she might guide tester for the website testing scenarios. This can be a disadvantage as it will not be real user experience testing.Moderator doesn’t guide the tester on the usage of web application. Testers will surf the website freely and website owners/designers will get to know about the usability of the website.
Testing ModesModerated-mode onlyIt can be performed with moderated as well as unmoderated methods.
Testing in real-world scenarioAs testers might be assisted by the moderator, it fails to simulate the real-world usage scenario.It simulates the real-world usage of the website or web application. It helps the website designers to understand where the users are getting confused.
Number of testersLimited number of testers.More number of users can participate.
ConsThese tests are costly, need space, and are time consuming.Fruitfulness of the session depends completely on the user. The more and more data points the tester will provide the more helpful the session will be.

Remote User Testing Jobs: General Requirements

The requirements are enlisted below:

  • A device with the minimum system requirements, such as OS or battery level.
  • Good Internet connection.
  • Microphone.
  • Ability to articulate your thoughts.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Abilities to fill out the surveys after performing the test.
  • Website tester might have to download and install a recorder.

Test Websites For Money: How Do These Platforms Work

Website testing companies facilitate the platform to review websites & apps for cash. This can be remote moderated as well as unmoderated usability testing on the web applications. Rather than hiring the tester for usability testing, organizations use such platforms for getting their website tested by the users.

Also, these platforms allow anyone to apply for user experience testing. They don’t expect professional testers to apply. In fact, some websites have mentioned that professional testers should not apply. This gives website or mobile app developers the data points to identify the problems that the real users could face.

These platforms ask the website testers to register. At the time of registration, companies can ask for information like email ID, devices that could be used for testing, etc. After registering, there will be a practice test. Where your voice, your ability to speak out the thoughts clearly, how you perform the test scenarios, etc. will be analyzed.

Once you clear the test, based on several factors like demographics, the devices you have, and many more, you get the invitation to participate in the test. In this invitation also, answer a few questions. These answers will help the companies decide you are the best fit for this testing job.

During the testing, the website tester’s voice and screen get recorded. They need to cover all the scenarios and speak out their thoughts clearly. Testers can give positive as well as negative feedback. Some platform provides the facility of preview to check the recorded session.

Sometimes, as per requirements, these companies can also ask to you keep your camera ON. After you submit this recorded session, it will be analyzed by the company and based on that, it pays you.

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List Of The Top Website Testing Jobs

List of some impressive sites for you to review websites & apps for cash:

  1. Userlytics
  2. UserTesting
  3. Tester Work
  4. TestingTime
  5. Enroll
  6. UserFeel
  7. IntelliZoomPanel
  8. TryMyUI
  9. uTest
  10. Ferpection

Comparison Of Popular User Testing Jobs Websites:

WebsitesTest ProductsDuration of testPayment
UserlyticsWebsites and apps.20 to 40 minutesAs per reviews, $10 per test
UserTestingWebsites and Mobile apps.5-20 minutes, live conversations, etc.$4 to $120 per test.
Tester WorkWebsites and apps--Based on per bug found or fixed amount for test case execution
TestingTimeApps, Websites, physical products, gadgets, food, etc.30 to 90 minutes.Euro 50 per study
UserFeelWebsites10-60 minutes$10 per test

Detailed review:

#1) Userlytics


Userlytics offers the services of website testing, mobile app testing, and prototype testing. There are no fixed amount of tests that the tester needs to perform each day.

The invitations are sent to a limited number of testers. Tester selection is a random process, and they are chosen from the database. Answering the surveys increases your chance of getting invited to the test.


  • The platform offers the testing of websites, prototypes, advertisements, videos, etc.
  • Privacy Protection (PII Protection) allows blocking the recording of the screen.
  • It offers many more features, like automated multilingual transcriptions, automatic reporting, and an advanced account management option.
  • Userlytics reviews the results through a dedicated QA review team to deliver quality results to the clients.

Verdict: Userlytics’s test will of duration 20 to 40 minutes. After performing the test, it asks questions about site navigation, over concept, ease of use, design, layout, color, etc.

How much do website testers get paid? As per reviews, Userlytics pay $10 per test by PayPal. The duration of the test is 20-40 minutes.

Website: Userlytics

#2) UserTesting


UserTesting offers the platform for sharing your perspective on global brands. It is just a four-step process to get paid as a tester, Apply-Browse-Test-Make Money. It posts new opportunities for companies every day.

There will be a practice test. Once it gets approved, you will receive email notifications for the test opportunities. After completing the practice test, download the recorder extension to the Chrome browser. It will not require this extension for the practice test.


  • With UserTesting, the test can be of 5 minutes or 20 minutes.
  • There are live conversation tests also, which include a scheduled video conference call.
  • UserTesting posts the new tests daily.

Verdict: With UserTesting you can start by filling out some basic demographic information and completing the practice test. Many best-in-class companies are clients of UserTesting. It is one of the most popular, trusted, and legitimate platforms for user experience testing.

How much do website testers get paid? UserTesting offers rewards between $4 to $120 per test. Rewards are according to the test type.

For the quick test of 5 minutes, it pays $4 each. For the 20 minutes test with screen & audio recording and follow-up questions, it pays $10 (USD). Live conversation tests’ rewards can be in the range of $30 to $120. It pays after 7 days of completing the test. It pays through PayPal.

Website: UserTesting

#3) Tester Work


Tester Work provides the platform to testers for earning the money by testing websites and apps. It is a simple three-step process, Signup-Test-Get paid. It sends an invitation to join the latest test cycles and lets you work on your own working schedule.

To get the projects or work, clear the online assessment. This assessment is for assessing the QA skills and English proficiency. Up to two attempts are allowed to pass the test.


  • Tester Work allows you to work on as many available projects as you want.
  • It also organizes events around the globe such as Testathon®.
  • It gives feedback to the testers that help them improve.
  • Tester Work has QA teams in the Romania and Philippines.
  • These teams assist testers with tricky projects.

Verdict: Tester Work has a vast community of testers around the globe. Popular companies like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, etc. are clients of Tester Work and tester can get an opportunity to test apps from these companies.

Local testers get invited to the events and eventually help in improving their QA practices. It has experience in testing several unique apps.

How much do website testers get paid? It pays in around two weeks after completing the test cycle. It mentions the amount to be paid in the invitation itself and can be based on either per bug found or fixed amount for test case execution.

Website: Tester Work

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#4) TestingTime


TestingTime is a platform that pays for giving feedback. They have websites, apps, physical products, gadgets, and food items, etc. to test. Testers will be paid to test these future products and services. You can help with the development of these products by providing valuable feedback.

TestingTime gives compensation for this insightful feedback in the form of cash.


  • On average, there can be 1-2 emails per week for the test users.
  • TestingTime records the tests sometimes to evaluate in a better way.
  • TestingTime has clients from various industries, such as retail trade, banking & insurance, travel industry.
  • Some clients of TestingTime are IKEA, UBS, SBB, etc.
  • TestingTime has highly secure data centers where it stores all your answers and data.

Verdict: TestingTime was founded in 2015 in Switzerland. It matches the profile to the test based on several factors, like geographic location, survey questions asked in the invitation, etc. You may be asked to sign an agreement made by the company that is conducting the study. For the electronic signature, it supports the Ever sign.

How much do website testers get paid? TestingTime can pay up to Euro 50 per study. Test duration can be 30 to 90 minutes.

Website: TestingTime

#5) UserFeel


UserFeel is a user testing platform for websites and apps. Tests can be done on Windows and Mac computers. There is a qualification test and the testers will get a rating for this test.

Based on this rating, they will get the paid tests. While performing the test, testers are expected to continuously explain what they are doing and why. At the end of the test, they have to answer the questions in writing.

Before starting the test, testers will have to answer the screener questions, and based on that, it will be decided whether you are the best fit for the test or not. To get the test, you will have to immediately respond to the invitation. Else, other testers will work on it. Skipping the test or not responding to the test immediately doesn’t affect your ratings.


  • Testers are expected to perform the required tasks according to the test scenarios and provide useful comments.
  • It has a panel of testers knowing 40 languages.
  • There is no fixed number of tests that testers can perform.
  • Testers can even perform 5 tests in a day.

Verdict: This usability testing company facilitates the platform for testing the websites. Testers will not be required to buy the products. UserFeel sends the notifications for the available tests. It can be at any time, day or night. This platform provides a facility for getting the test comments in the preferred language.

How much do website testers get paid? UserFeel pays $10 per test. The test duration will be 10-20 minutes. The testers will get paid through PayPal or Amazon Gift Cards.

Website: UserFeel

#6) IntelliZoomPanel


IntelliZoomPanel is a community by UserZoom. UserZoom is a UX insights company. It has offices in Europe and the US. It requires the opinion of everyday people. To start testing, you need to register and answer three basic questions. For testing, download UserZoom’s eCertified testing software.


  • You will get the invitation to test if the demographics and your quality ratings match the requirement of the client.
  • During the test, your face, voice, and screen will be recorded.
  • On average, the test duration is 10-20 minutes.

Verdict: Tests are assigned based on the first come first basis. Hence if you want to participate, you need to act immediately. It has been mentioned by IntelliZoomPanel that there is no need to apply if you are a professional usability tester, as they need feedback from everyday people.

How much do website testers get paid? IntelliZoomPanel pays $2 on average for the standard surveys. It pays according to the complexity of the study. Study with the audio and video, IntelliZoomPanel pays $10 on average. Payment is done through PayPal and within 21 business days after completing the study.

Website: IntelliZoomPanel

#7) TryMyUI


TryMyUI provides a platform for testers for performing usability testing on websites. While performing the test your screen as well as your voice will be recorded. This helps designers and developers to fix the usability issues as they can see where the users are getting lost, stuck, and confused.

After performing the test, testers have to submit a short wrap-up survey. This feedback helps them to make the website easy to use for everyone.


  • Based on the demographics, the notifications will be sent to testers.
  • There is a huge number of testers who match the demographic, so the testers will be selected based on a first-come-first basis.
  • There are no fixed amount of tests to be done, but you will receive at least a few.
  • You will have to download the TryMyUI recorder.

Verdict: TryMyUI performs the test assignment by considering the various factors such as demographic profile, your response rate, and the duration since you got the test last time, etc. By performing well in the test, you will increase the chance of getting the tests in the future.

How much do website testers get paid? TryMyUI pays $10 for each test. The test duration could be around 20 minutes. It pays on Fridays through PayPal.

Website: TryMyUI

#8) uTest


uTest has various ongoing projects like car mobile app testing, Payment testing projects, etc. It has several projects with specific requirements for testers, like testers with Airbnb accounts, testers with a computer, etc. It sends an invitation to the testers who have a matching profile with the requirement.

uTest educational platform can help you learn the basics of bug reporting, API testing, etc. Its articles & forums have tips and best practices from knowledgeable testers. This forum will let the testers share their experience and ask questions.


  • uTest has referral bonuses on the sign-up of new testers.
  • Testers will test and experience the new technology.
  • It also has higher payouts according to the bug value and tester’s current rating tier.
  • uTest Academy provides the access to its educational content that will help you with training and skill advancement.
  • It provides free training to all testers.

Verdict: uTest allows testers to review the tasks and decide whether to participate in the test or not. Tasks will be based on the projects. uTest pays for the approved work. It provides the payout information at the review stage, i.e. before accepting the project to test.

How much do website testers get paid? uTest’s payment is project-based. It processes the payments of testers twice a month. It pays through PayPal or Payoneer.

Website: uTest

#9) Ferpection


Ferpection is an online testing platform where you can test websites and mobile applications. Testers have to explore the website, provide the feedback, and then this feedback gets reviewed by the Ferpection team. Feedback can be a screenshot or a video screencast.


  • Ferpection helps with improving your skills like writing proficiency, sense of observation, etc.
  • Testers are expected to perform the testing according to the scenarios described by Ferpection.
  • It lets you provide positive as well as negative feedback.

Verdict: Ferpection is a platform to test websites and mobile applications. It has a simple registration process and will take only a few minutes.

How much do website testers get paid? Ferpection pay through PayPal or Amazon Gift Cards. The payment depends on the complexity of the project. It could be $10, $15, or $20.

Website: Ferpection

#10) Enroll


With Enroll app, you will be the first one to know about what the real companies are working on. It has tests for every device like phones, tablets, desktops, etc. It has experience in performing a huge number of tests.


  • You will get to know about the new companies and products.
  • It offers badges.
  • Testers can get the test for any device, such as phone, tablet, desktop.

How much do website testers get paid? As per reviews, its minimum payout is $1. The payment amount is between $0.10 to $1.50 for each test. It processes the payment at the end of each month. It pays through PayPal.

Website: Enroll App

Few More Website Testing Jobs

#11) TestIO

TestIO offers the platform for QA testing as a service and to become a tester. It pays for every issue found while testing the latest apps, websites, games, etc. With this platform, you can earn up to $50 for every bug found. It pays once per month through PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, or bank transfer.

Website: TestIO

#12) IntelliZoomPanel

IntelliZoomPanel offers a platform to share feedback on products and get paid for that. To start taking the studies, testers need to complete the registration process and answer the three basic profiling questions. It pays out based on the complexity of the study. On average, it pays $2 for standard surveys and $10 for studies with audio & video.

Website: IntelliZoomPanel

#13) UserCrowd

UserCrowd is the platform that pays for participating in quick design surveys and giving feedback. To participate in the surveys, there is no need to be a usability expert. For every response, the testers will earn credits and can request payment after the accumulation of at least 100 credits. It pays $0.20 per credit. It pays through PayPal.

Website: UserCrowd

#14) Ubertesters

Ubertesters offers the opportunity to earn money by testing the pre-released mobile apps and games. With this platform, you can start testing apps after completing a short form and getting certified by Ubertesters.

Website: Ubertesters

#15) Loop11

Loop11 offers the platform for getting paid to test websites. It gives opportunities frequently to proven workers and bonuses for high-quality work. Paying the above-average rates for high-quality website testing is one of the top features of Loop11. Before getting started, testers have to go through the 5 minutes qualification test.

Website: Loop11


Businesses want to deliver quality products with no compromise on the go-to-market timelines. There are a lot of challenges also that businesses face during the development and the delivery of the products such as talent shortages.

Businesses need alternatives to help them with maintaining the product delivery timelines with an assurance of the quality of the products. Remote testing services for user experience is a suitable solution that can help them with this challenge.

We have listed the popular and trusted website testing companies and all are UserTesting similar sites. Do give it a try, test websites for money, and leave a comment below.

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