How to Get Emojis on Windows/Mac Computer or Laptop [STEPS]

Through this tutorial, understand How do You Get Emojis on a Computer for Windows and Mac with details on how to use them:

Emojis have become a vital part of our messages. They give conversations a humane touch, helping you understand the emotion behind a sentence. They have also become a crucial part of marketing as well.

According to Adobe’s Global emoji trend survey report in 2021, 89% of emoji users find it easier to communicate across language barriers. In addition, 70% agree that emojis spark positive conversations about various issues, including cultural and societal.

More than 60% of emoji users say they will probably open an email containing emojis, and 42% said they are more likely to buy products with emojis in advertisements.

You can use emojis across your messages and social media platforms. What about people who are primarily on laptops? Few often use WhatsApp or social media on their computer. Even their Android smartphone stays connected to the system.

Emojis on a Computer

How do You get Emojis on a Computer

In this article, we will give you little-known ways and shortcuts to share emojis on Windows and Mac with details on how to use them. So, laptop users, let’s start with how to get the emoji list on the computer and how to get emojis on a laptop.

How Emojis Are Effective in Marketing

Emojis are the common language of common people. They feel more connected and real with them. When you use emojis in your messages and emails to your consumers, it will make them sound personal and relatable. It will humanize your brand for them.

You will express their language. That will make them trust you and connect with you. Once your users trust your brand, they will recommend it to others. That’s free marketing for you.

The best example is Goldman Sachs. This investment bank doesn’t have a youthful vibe, but that doesn’t stop them from appealing to the younger audience by using emojis.

Yes, they used emojis. They would send out tweets using only emojis to tell their narrative. It not only made youth interested in their tweets, but it also made the boring investment bank charming to them.

You can also use emojis on other social media platforms like LinkedIn for more than communicating. You can use them to emphasize your headlines and make your list catchy. It will engage your audience and lead to a higher conversion rate in return.

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How to Get Emojis on a Computer

We will tell you how to get emojis on Windows and Mac computers, and some you can use on both.

On Windows

There are various ways to use emojis on a Windows computer. Here’s how to access emojis on Windows:

#1) Using the Windows Key

Windows versions 8.1, 10, and 11, come equipped with an emoji keyboard that you can access using the Windows key.

  • Press and hold the Windows key and Period key or semi-colon key simultaneously.
  • Search and navigate through the emojis.
  • Click on the emoji to insert it.

Click the emoji to insert

This is how to use emojis on a computer easily.

#2) Using the Taskbar

If you want a larger emoji keyboard,

  • Right-click on the taskbar.
  • Click on the Taskbar Settings.

Taskbar settings

  • Slide the button beside the Show touch keyboard button option.


  • Click on the keyboard icon in the taskbar.

Touch keyboard icon

  • Click on the emoji icon or square with a heart icon in Windows 11.
  • Click on the emoji to use it.

Touch Keyboard

That’s how to make emojis on a computer keyboard.

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On Mac

If you are on macOS, here’s how to get emojis on a laptop:

  • Press the Fn key or Control+Command+Space keys.
  • Search and find the emoji you want to use.
  • Click on it to insert it.

Mac emoji

[image source]

That’s how to pull up the emoji keyboard on your computer.

Other Ways How to Get Emojis on PC

Are you wondering about other ways to use emojis on the computer? Here are a few different ways to get emojis on both Windows and Mac.

#1) Chrome Extension

You can use the Chrome extension to use emojis on your Chrome browser easily.

  • Launch Chrome and click on the menu option.
  • From the drop-down menu, select More Tools.
  • Select Extensions from the extended menu.

Chrome Extension

  • Click on the three horizontal lines in the top left corner.
  • Scroll to the bottom and click on Chrome Extension Store.

Chrome store option

  • Search for Emoji Keyboards.

Emoji keyboard chrome

  • Click on one of the options.
  • Click on Add to Chrome.

Add to Chrome

  • Select Add Extension.
  • If you don’t see the emoji icon on your toolbar, click on the Extensions icon and click on the pin icon beside it.

Extension - How to Get Emojis

  • Whenever you want to use an emoji, click on the emoji extension icon, hover your cursor on the emoji you want to use, and click on copy and paste it where you want to use it.

Emoji Chrome - How to Get Emojis

Using iEmoji or GetEmoji

You can also use websites like iEmoji or GetEmoji to use emojis on your Windows or macOS. Here’s how to use emojis on PC with these sites:

How to get emojis on Windows or Mac with iEmoji:

  • Go to the iEmoji website.
  • Click on the emoji you want to use.
  • Select Copy from the menu on the side.
  • Paste it where you want.

iEmoji - How to Get Emojis

How to use emojis on PC with GetEmoji:

  • Go to the GetEmoji website.
  • Select the Emoji you want to use.
  • Click CTRl+C or right-click on it and select Copy.
  • Paste it where you want to use it.

GetEmoji - How to Get Emojis

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) What do you press to get Emojis on a computer?

Answer: If you want to know how to make emojis on the computer keyboard, you can do that by pressing Windows and Period or Semi-colon key on Windows and Fn key or Control+Command+Space keys on macOS.

Q #2) How do you get emojis on Google Chrome?

Answer: Go to the Chrome extension store and search for the emoji keyboard. Add the emoji keyboard extension to Chrome. This is how to pull up an emoji keyboard on Chrome.

Q #3) How do you put an emoji in an email?

Answer: We already explained already it how to do emojis on Windows and macOS. So, you can use keyboard shortcuts to insert an emoji into your email or use the Chrome extension as well. You can also use sites like GetEmoji and iEmoji.

Q #4) What is the shortcut for a smiley face?

Answer: A colon and the closing parentheses or 🙂 is the shortcut for the smiley face.

Q #5) How do I get free emojis on my computer?

Answer: Turn on the touch keyboard on your Windows laptop to get free emojis on your computer.


Emojis are not only incredibly fun, but they can also increase your reach. They can make your promotional emails more effective and enhance the engagement of your social media posts. A study by Larry Kim, an internet marketeer, showed that emojis bring 25.4% more attention as compared to identical posts without emojis.

This article gives you all the possible ways to use emojis on your Windows and macOS laptops. And then, there are ways you can use them on your Chrome browser as well. It is extremely easy-to-use emojis on a computer as well, almost as easy as using them on your smartphones.

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