20+ Best Online Shopping Websites in 2023 [TOP Buying Sites]

Where do you buy things? It’s likely not in the shop. Here you will review a complete list of the best Online Shopping Websites for your requirements:

If you’re looking for top online retailers, look no further. We have handpicked the best online shopping websites to help you make your next purchase a breeze.

Over the past few decades, online shopping has changed the consumer market. In 2021, 69% of the American population shopped online and at least 2.14 billion people shopped online globally in 2020. (More on this in our market trends section).

Online shopping, sometimes referred to as e-commerce, is the practice of seeking and purchasing goods and services through the Internet using a computer or mobile phone browser.

The main appeal of online shopping is that consumers can find and purchase the items they require without ever leaving their homes and having them delivered to their front door.

Websites of Online Shopping – Complete List

Best Online Shopping Websites

In this article, we share 20 (plus 4 bonus sites) of the top buying sites on the internet, where you can buy almost anything, from clothing to electronics, and more.

Market Trends: Internet users may explore, compare, and buy the goods and services they require on a variety of online marketplaces.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau News, second-quarter 2022 U.S. retail e-commerce sales were $257.3 billion, up 2.7% from the first-quarter 2022 when adjusted for seasonal variation but not for pricing changes. Total retail sales are expected to climb by 1.9 percent to $1,778.6 billion in the second quarter of 2022 from the first.

75% of people purchase online at least once every month in 2022. (Refer to the image below for the breakdown).

purchase online

The number of digital purchasers grows yearly as global internet use and access are rising quickly. Statista estimates that in 2020, over two billion consumers made online purchases totaling more than 4.2 trillion USD in global e-retail sales.

Online shopping vs. in-store shopping report by ZIPPIA shows that just 27% of customers make at least one weekly purchase online, however, internet shopping is growing even if in-store buying still dominates with over 40% of consumers doing so. By 2026, it is anticipated that retail e-commerce would have grown by 56%, totaling roughly 8.1 trillion dollars.

eBay received a score of 6.5/10 from sellers in 2021, clarifying that it was their preferred online platform. eCommerce giant Amazon came in seventh. 95% of Etsy sellers run their shops from their homes while 71% consider their online shop to be a business (Etsy annual report, page 15). Refer to the image below.

annual report

Other important market trends you should note: According to projections, the internet market will account for about one-fourth, or 24%, of all worldwide retail sales by 2026. Amazon is the most popular retail website worldwide by traffic with a market cap of 1,081bn USD. Credit/debit cards are the most popular online retail payment method in the Americas.

Expert Advice: Here’s what to keep in mind when you consider online shopping:

  • Start with familiar websites.
  • Ensure SSL encryption is installed (look for the locked padlock icon, the site URL should start with HTTPS://)
  • Do not shop online while on public wi-fi or the internet.
  • Use strong passwords for your accounts and change them often.
  • Use your credit card. It’s safer because it has protection features for purchases. Alternatively, you can use your smartphone’s mobile payment app like Apple Pay.
  • Keep your software and anti-virus up-to-date.
  • Check your electronic statements regularly.
  • Be careful with the kind of information you share. Keep your identity safe.

FAQs About Best Online Stores

Q #1) What are the top 3 biggest online shopping sites?

Answer: Amazon is the largest shopping website with a revenue of USD 120,968 million (2020). It is also the most popular because of the traffic. The other two biggest shopping websites include Jd.com and Walmart. Apple.com is the 4th biggest online store in the world.

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Q #2) What is the most popular online shopping app?

Answer: According to Statista.com, 80.64% of mobile users accessed the Amazon app in 2019, making it the most popular online shopping app. Walmart app came second with 46.08% and eBay third with 33.28% of mobile users.

Q #3) What is the number 1 online store?

Answer: Top online stores report by Statista shows Amazon.com to be the leading online store in the U.S. with e-commerce net sales of $112,477 million (2020). Walmart.com is the second with 41.1 million USD and Bestbuy.com is third with $18.6 million.

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Q #4) What is the cheapest online shopping site?

Answer: Here is our list of the 5 cheapest online shopping sites:

  • Boohoo
  • Alibaba.com
  • Forever 21
  • 10 Dollar Mall
  • Overstock.com

Q #5) Trusted online shopping sites?

Answer: Here are the trusted online shopping sites:

  • eShakti
  • Etsy
  • Amazon.com
  • Alibaba.com
  • eBay
  • Overstock.com

List of the Best Online Shopping Websites

Popularly known best shopping site:

  1. TeaseTea
  2. eShakti
  3. Antidote
  4. Fashionphile
  5. Boohoo
  6. Books Are Magic
  7. APOC Store
  8. eBay
  9. Shoptagr
  10. Alibaba.com
  11. Flask & Field
  12. Etsy
  13. AUNE
  14. Forever 21
  15. Ilia
  16. Beklina
  17. Google Shopping
  18. 10 Dollar Mall
  19. Luisaviaroma
  20. Overstock.com
  21. Kylie Cosmetics
  22. Zappos
  23. Nasty Gal
  24. Wish

Comparison Table of Top Buying Websites

WebsiteBest forGift CardsReturns
TeaseteaTea Lovers$10 - $200Accepts returns only for unopened damaged goods.
eShakti Women's clothing$25 - $100eShakti accepts returns of all of their products as long as they are in new, resalable condition and are sent back within 30 days of the order delivery date
Antidote Sustainable apparel for contemporary ladiesNot availableWithin 30 days of the item's ship date, Antidote.us welcomes returns of full-priced items that are unworn, unwashed, unaltered, and undamaged.
FashionphilePre-owned designer handbags and other accessories$50 - $1000Within 30 days of the purchase date, Fashionphile welcomes qualified returns.
Boohoo Fashion and lifestyle lovers£10 - £150You have 28 days to return an item to Boohoo, and a return shipping fee of £1.99 per package will be subtracted from your refund.

Detailed reviews:

#1) TeaseTea

Best for tea lovers.

Teasetea - Online Shopping Websites

Tease Tea is a well-known tea brand that competes with other tea brands like Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Nespresso. It is a small to medium-sized tea business to demonstrate to everyone its remarkable capacity to impact themselves, their communities, and the environment.

If you enjoy drinking tea, Teasetea is one of the top online retailers where you can get tea for a variety of purposes, including pregnancy, boosting energy, calm, sleep support, and more.

If you don’t like tea, though, you can use their gift area to choose a unique present for someone who does. In addition, the business offers fashionable, ethically produced accessories and beauty goods to go with their blends.

What we like:

  • Free shipping on orders above $90.
  • The best tea blends with great tastes.
  • Quick order delivery.
  • The website is easy to shop for.

What we don’t like:

  • Not all blends are amazing.

Returns: Accepts returns only for unopened damaged goods.

Gift Cards: $10 – $200

Website: TeaseTea

#2) eShakti

Best for women’s clothing.

eShakti - Online Shopping Websites

eShakti is a well-known women’s apparel retailer that dresses you according to your size, height, and style requirements. The business believes that every woman has a right to wear reasonably priced clothing that is tailored to her frame and enhances her best features.

Since the clothing is sent to consumers straight from the factory, one advantage of eShakti is that it can offer a wide range of customizations.

The fact that eShakti is relatively inexpensive compared to other US suppliers is another fantastic advantage. With these top 10 online shopping in the USA for clothes, you can make any changes you want to your item, and the finished product appears to be of a higher quality than you often get from clothes providers that buy directly from factories.

If you don’t mind waiting a few additional weeks for a special-order dress, eShakti can be a perfect choice for you.

What we like:

  • Excellent customer service.
  • High-quality products.
  • Great prices.
  • A huge collection of clothing.
  • Unique dress and style options.
  • Custom-fit
  • The website is easy to navigate.

What we don’t like:

  • Returns would be better.
  • Ordering needs improvement.

Returns: eShakti accepts returns for all of their products as long as they are in new, resalable condition and are sent back within 30 days of the order delivery date (as recorded by the shipping service).

Gift Cards: $25 – $100

Website: eShakti

#3) Antidote

Best for sustainable apparel for contemporary ladies.

Antidote - Online Shopping Websites

Smaller clothing company Antidote sells its goods and services in the clothing sector. In addition to its core selection, Antidote carries eco-friendly goods that appeal to its creative director Sophie Zembra.

ANTIDOTE deliberately releases its designs based on a modern attitude and mood, as opposed to following trends or seasons, making it one of those unique online shopping websites.

If you’re looking for custom designs or something that’s unique, then the Antidote store is full of garments with a personal touch. From joggers, dresses, jackets, hats, sandals, and even scarves. Although it’s a small store, it’s one of the most trusted online shopping sites around.

What we like:

  • Very easy-to-use website.
  • Unique designs.
  • Straightforward to checkout.

What we don’t like:

  • Limited product options.

Returns: Within 30 days of the item’s ship date, Antidote.us welcomes returns of full-priced items that are unworn, unwashed, unaltered, and undamaged as long as all the original tags are still attached.

Gift Cards: Not available

Website: Antidote

#4) Fashionphile

Best for pre-owned designer handbags and other accessories.


Fashionphile is a very well-known resale and consignment shop. It’s one of the best online shopping websites to visit if you’re seeking vintage, used, or limited-edition timepieces. They offer an authenticity guarantee on every item they sell.

In the “comes with” portion of the item description, it will be noted whether the item includes an authenticity card or additional extras.

If you have genuine designer accessories and bags that you want to sell, Fashionphile offers full buy-outs on almost every item, with quick cash processing after the item arrives and is authenticated.

The company offers a Refresh Program if you want to test something out but don’t want to commit. You can leverage Reserve luxury Layaway to buy a must-have bag even though you don’t have all the money. This facility will let you buy the products with payment installments over time.

What we like:

  • Easy, convenient, and fun shopping experience.
  • Great service.
  • Nice and great products.
  • Authenticated items.

What we don’t like:

  • Processing time could be better.
  • Some orders can get canceled without an explanation.

Returns: Within 30 days of the purchase date, Fashionphile welcomes qualified returns. The item(s) must be in the same condition with no missing “extras,” and both the Certificate of Authenticity and FASHIONPHILE tags must be affixed.

Gift Cards: $50 – $1000

Website: Fashionphile

#5) Boohoo

Best for fashion and lifestyle lovers.

boohoo - Online Shopping Websites

Boohoo is the place to go for distinctive fashion and lifestyle. Boohoo jeans, coats, swimwear, and other items of clothing are searched for by thousands of customers each month. Up to 100 new items are added to Boohoo’s website every single day, keeping things interesting.

Excellent prices (there is usually a sale), quick shipping to the US, and great quality. Their customer care employees are courteous and competent, and their response time is also fairly swift. This should probably be your stop if you’re interested in websites to buy things cheap online.

What we like:

  • Cheap items.
  • The website is easy to navigate.
  • Hundreds of items.
  • Unique fashion options.

What we don’t like:

  • The quality could be better.
  • Customer service is lacking.

Returns: You have 28 days to return an item to Boohoo, and a return shipping fee of £1.99 per package will be subtracted from your refund.

Gift Cards: £10 – £150

Website: Boohoo

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#6) Books Are Magic

Best for book enthusiasts.

Books are Magic

Books Are Magic is a small to mid-size book subscription box company specializing in fiction, non-fiction, and kids’ books. The store sells its products and services in the book subscription boxes industry.

Returns: Not available

Gift Cards: $10 – $9999

Website: Books Are Magic

#7) APOC Store

Best for curated fashion and art.


APOC STORE is an online shopping website for fashion, design, and art, which honors a new generation of artists, securing a place in our top 10 online shopping sites. The business puts you in touch with designers and artists directly. APOC offers one-of-a-kind items, recycled designs, and distinctive fashions that are delivered to you directly from their studios.

Returns: There are no returns or refunds on any made-to-order or pre-order items, items in the art department, jewellery, accessories, purses, hair products/wigs, or lingerie.

Gift Cards: Not available

Website: APOC Store

#8) eBay

Best for affordable latest trends and free shipments.


eBay is one of the first and oldest still-active commercial online shopping websites, ranking as the second most popular online auction platform. Defective goods, frauds, items that arrive “not as described,” and other difficulties, are all covered by eBay’s comprehensive buyer protection policy now, unlike decades ago when many customers faced issues like fraud.

Anyone can buy and sell on eBay with confidence if they use the site’s built-in security features and other safety measures. Buyers are protected if they use a payment method that eBay has approved, such as PayPal, pay for an eligible item all at once, pay for it in full, or utilize the “Pay For It” option on the eBay invoice page.

Returns: The buyer is entitled to a full refund from eBay if an order has a problem, including any shipping costs they may have incurred.

Gift Cards: Not available

Website: eBay

#9) Shoptagr (now Karma)

Best for creating wishlists, getting coupons, and earning cashback.

Karma Raw

Shoptagr, a free smart shopping app, and one of the few unique online shopping websites tell you when the desired item is on sale.

It notifies you in real-time whether an item you’ve been eyeing has been replenished after previously selling out or if its stock is running low. It’s intriguing that before letting you know; the app will even check to see whether the products are still available in your selected size and color.

Awesome way to make wishlists – categorize your upcoming purchases and even make lists you can share with loved ones. Purchase coupons: Karma (Shoptagr) will automatically apply a top-performing coupon code so you never miss a chance to save and profit from cashback!

Website: Shoptagr

#10) Alibaba.com

Best for sourcing new products and suppliers.


Alibaba is a sizable online retailer and one of the best buying websites that offers its services to millions of customers and suppliers worldwide.

You may find hundreds of millions of items on Alibaba.com in over 40 key categories, including clothes, machinery, and consumer electronics.

Buyers for these items are situated in 190+ countries and regions, and exchange hundreds of thousands of messages with suppliers on the site each day. Like eBay, Alibaba is one of the best online stores trusted by millions of people.

Returns: The whole negotiating process for the return cannot last more than thirty (30) calendar days (referred to as the “Prescribed Period”). The Alibaba.com platform will automatically intervene to handle the Buyer’s refund request if the Buyer and Seller are unable to agree within the Prescribed Period.

Gift Cards: Not available

Website: Alibaba.com

#11) Flask & Field

Best for handcrafted wines & spirits.

Flask & Field is a modest wine and spirits brand in comparison to bigger wine retailers like Vivino, Total Wine, and Wine.com. Every week, Flask & Field tastes new wines and only bring in the best ones—handcrafted wines that are, to put it simply, a notch above.

Anyone with an appetite for fine wine knows handcrafted wines are the best, always. With Flask & Field, you can be sure to enjoy highly delicious and unique wines. From Bellyman to Champagne & Sparkling, Dessert/sweet wines to Red, Rose, Sherry, and White wines. Flask & Field is among the best wine online stores you should try.

Website: Flask & Field

#12) Etsy

Best for artists, crafters, and collectors.

Etsy is a sizable best online shopping website where people can buy, sell, trade, and accumulate unique goods. The Etsy market is only made up of millions of people selling the things they love. You can browse through millions of one-of-a-kind things right from your phone or tablet with the Etsy app.

94 million customers typically visit the marketplace on Etsy, which has 7.4 million active merchants on its site. Etsy may be a fantastic choice for makers, curators, and artists searching for an easy method to sell and purchase online. Many people consider Etsy as one of the best online shopping sites in the USA.

Website: Etsy

#13) AUNÉ

Best for women’s clothing.

AUNÉ is a UK-based fashion-focused retail concept store. It puts these items in dialogue with each other, focusing on how old and new fashion collections interface with each other. It does this by stocking distinctive, vintage archive pieces with a choice of essential, seasonless pieces from up-and-coming international brands.

The concept of the store is a slower and more sustainable approach to fashion.

The store puts fashion items from the past and the present side by side as well as brings together emerging and independent designers. Select archive items from some of the most important fashion houses of the 1980s and 1990s are presented in the store.

AUNE wants to demonstrate how style interacts with previous work. AUNE is one of the best websites for online shopping in the UK for fashion. Also, look no further if you’re searching for trusted online shopping sites in the UK.

Website: AUNÉ

#14) Forever 21

Best for trendy items at affordable prices.

Leading the fashion business, FOREVER 21 encourages individual style and self-assurance while making the newest trends accessible to everybody.

With a new emphasis on the client experience, the company offers high-style designs and fashion essentials with alluring prices, and a buzzy shop ambiance. Consider Forever 21 if you’re looking for websites to buy things cheaply online.

Website: Forever 21

#15) Ilia

Best for skincare and makeup products.

ILIA is a well-known beauty brand that sells all-natural cosmetics, including lipstick and mascara. Sasha Plavsic established the collection, which focuses on multi-use, simple-to-apply products packaged in stunning, understated packaging that competes with the look of more traditional, high-end brands.

Unquestionable performance is ILIA Beauty’s top distinguishing feature. There are practically no compromises when it comes to their foundation, which is unmatched in wearability, blurs blemishes, and amps up that glow, as well as their mascara, which gives length, volume, and definition.

If you’ve been looking for online shopping websites to shop for skincare products, this is it!

Website: Ilia

#16) Beklina

Best for designer and high-end clothing.

The e-commerce website beklina.com is maintained by Beklina, a small to mid-sized designer and high-end clothing company. Beklina targets the designer and high-end fashion industries with its products and services.

Beklina is more than simply an online store; it also produces a steady stream of knits, swimwear, denim, pillows, carpets, artwork, jewelry, home goods, textiles, weird stuff, and handcrafted clogs. The major nations where the Beklina line is ethically produced are the USA, Nepal, and Peru.

Website: Beklina

#17) Google Shopping

Best for those who want to search for, evaluate, and purchase actual goods from a variety of vendors.

Google Shopping is a new way of finding things. It should be straightforward for users to do product research, learn about the features and prices of various things, and then connect with merchants to place their purchases.

In contrast to the often text-heavy internet purchasing experience, Google Shopping is a wonderful addition. It resembles a digital mall in which customers may enter, do product searches, and view a wide variety of brands and product categories on a single screen. Because of this, many consumers choose marketplaces over independent e-commerce websites when they want to buy goods.

Website: Google Shopping

#18) 10 Dollar Mall

Best for cheap women’s clothing.

10 Dollar Mall (now Unshy.com) is an all-American company founded in Miami, Florida, to gratify its consumers and offer them the most pleasant purchase experience possible while using its website.

100% of the things are brand new and of a high caliber. From tops to bottoms, jeans to skirts, workwear, scrubs for the medical field, activewear, and sleepwear. Everything is affordable and there’s a category with everything under $10.

Website: 10 Dollar Mall

#19) Luisaviaroma

Best for designer clothes.

For its carefully chosen collection of over 600 luxury labels, which include both renowned names and up-and-coming designers, LuisaViaRoma is a well-known shopping website across the world.

The business is a pioneer in the emerging fashion industry and offers lines of apparel and accessories for men, women, and children, as well as designer home goods and cosmetics.

Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Balmain, Bottega Veneta, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, JACQUEMUS, Loro Piana, MACH & MACH, Manolo Blahnik, Max Mara, Moncler, Off-White, Saint Laurent, Tom Ford, Valentino, and Versace are a few of the most well-known names in the collection.

Pre-ordering the newest collections for next season is one of several initiatives and special services that LuisaViaRoma provides both online and offline.

LVR Privilege, a loyalty program that enables customers to earn points and convert them into benefits, discounts, and luxury experiences; Private Sale, a dedicated selection reserved for top customers; Sneakers Club, an area devoted to the sale of the most-wanted sneakers and limited editions.

Website: Luisaviaroma

#20) Overstock.com

Best for furniture and home decor.

Overstock, a significant furniture retailer, runs the overstock.com online store. Overstock provides its products and services for purchase in the furniture industry.

In addition to furniture and apparel for both adults and children, jewelry, and sewing and craft supplies, Overstock.com also sells furniture, appliances, home decor, outdoor furniture and decor, electronics, and pet supplies. Its inventory is made up of items from other merchants’ liquidation sales.

Overstock.com offers a wide selection of items at lower costs when compared to other online retailers. Customers may navigate through highlighted deals, new arrivals, and clearance within each area.

Website: Overstock.com

#21) Kylie Cosmetics

Best for makeup products.

The online store kyliecosmetics.com is maintained by the well-known cosmetics company Kylie Cosmetics. Kylie Cosmetics sells its products and services within the cosmetics industry. Customers of Kylie Cosmetics occasionally receive discounts and discount codes.

Every new product Kylie introduces is in great demand. Kylie Cosmetics provides a wide range of vegan and cruelty-free goods, including blushes, highlighters, concealers, and more. The website not only sells Jenner’s cosmetics range but also provides advice on how to use them effectively.

Website: Kylie Cosmetics

#22) Zappos

Best for footwear.

Zappos, a significant footwear maker, runs the e-commerce site zappos.com. Zappos concentrates its products and services on the footwear industry.

While they began as a small online retailer that only sold shoes, today, Zappos is among the well-known online shopping sites that also sell clothing, handbags, accessories, and more.

Amazon owns Zappos.com! They are real and one of those trusted online shopping sites. You won’t likely be dissatisfied with the shopping experience if you purchase a pair of shoes from Zappos.

Website: Zappos

#23) Nasty Gal

Best for retro and retro-inspired attire.

Founder Sophia Amoruso opened an eBay shop in 2006 where she sold a carefully chosen assortment of antique goods. The store has developed into an online best-shopping site, a provider of new and vintage apparel, shoes, and accessories on a global scale, all for women.

Students may take advantage of Nasty Gal’s student discount (Student Beans) to enjoy exclusive savings. Additionally, to receive access to their special promo codes, monthly prize drawings, and invitations to local events, any university or college student with a sizable social media following can apply to become a Nasty Gal brand ambassador.

Website: Nasty Gal

#24) Wish

Best for a personalized shopping experience.

Wish is one of the very well-known websites of online shopping retailers that competes with sites like Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba.

Wish offers a discovery-based shopping experience similar to how customers have long conducted their business in physical establishments. Their system learns more about its consumers via increasing engagement and creates a product feed that is tailored to them.

Website: Wish


You now have it. A list of the best online shopping websites you should bookmark and use often. eBay should be your first option if you want the newest trends at a reasonable price with free shipping. However, nothing tops Alibaba.com to find new items and suppliers.

For previously owned designer handbags and other accessories, we’d suggest Fashionphile. Boohoo is the only place to go if you love fashion and a stylish lifestyle. The greatest site to get artisan wines and spirits is Flask & Field, and TeaseTea is where you can buy teas for a variety of uses. Finally, check out Overstock for furniture and home décor.

Research Process:

  • Time Taken to Research and Write this Article: We spent 20 hours researching and writing this article so you can get a useful summarized list of sites with a comparison of each for your quick review.
  • Total Sites Researched Online: 35
  • Top Sites Shortlisted for Review: 24
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