14 BEST Apps to Read Books for Free [eBook Reading Apps]

Thinking about reading books online with the help of free apps available all over the internet? Here you can compare and select from the Best Apps to Read Books for Free:

The option of having a good app for reading books will help you to get a great result. Having apps to read will help you to quickly create and read books in minutes.

Apps to Read Books for Free comes with an impressive reading experience and support from multiple platforms. Such apps are very helpful for reading ebooks instantly and without any purchases.

Finding the best ápps to read books for free is a difficult task at hand. To help you with this, we’ve come up with a list of the top apps to read books for free available in the market.

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Top Apps to Read Books – A Detailed Review

Best Apps To Read Books For Free

Market Trends: According to PRNewswire, the eBooks market is having rapid growth due to development and easy access to online applications. During the period of 2021-2025, this market is expected to grow at a rate of 7% annually.

The growth difference for the eBook market is expected to be around $6.93 billion at the end of 2025. One of the key drivers would be the benefits of free book apps.

eBooks market

Expert Advice: While looking for the best app for ebooks, the first thing that you need to keep in mind is the option of having good platform support. You need to keep in mind the support for iOS, Android, and Windows.

The next important thing that you need to consider is the option of having a good space in your device to read books offline for free. Look for adequate space that is available on your device. You must look for the possible space taken by the application.

Some other important factures that you need to consider is the option of having a good interface to use. Even if it is free for use, you can have a look at the premium features as well which will make reading much easier.

FAQs on Free Reading Apps

Q #1) Why are book-reading apps trending all over the internet?

Answer: Book reading apps are trending all over the internet because of their amazing features and services. With the help of these super amazing apps, you can now read any ebook anywhere without an issue at all. A lot of varieties of free ebook applications and audiobooks are available to you. You can easily download free books to read on mobile.

Q #2) Can you read your ebooks offline?

Answer: If you are a book lover and you wish to read your favorite books anywhere without experiencing any hindrance at all, then you can surely use the latest free ebook app. These book-reading apps will allow you to download your favorite books so that you can read them offline without using your mobile data.

Q #3) Do these book-reading apps allow you to create your own eLibrary?

Answer: Yes absolutely, you can create your own library of ebooks and audiobooks in these best ebook reader apps. Well-organized libraries will allow improving your reading experience as you can easily read or hear any of your books by just simply selecting them from your library.

It reduces the waste of time and increases performance efficiency. You can categorize your book collection in your own created library.

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Q #4) Does connectivity play an important role in these book-reading apps?

Answer: Connectivity really plays an integral part in the performance of a book-reading app. The book reading app should have that feature or it should rather have Bluetooth connectivity support so that you can easily connect it to your car for an enhanced experience.

Bluetooth connection, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay will allow the user to enjoy the best ebooks app while traveling by car.

Q #5) What are the other features that must be present in a book-reading app?

Answer: You can really get a lot of book-reading apps on the web, but you should select those having a variety of features installed in them.

Features like multi-platform support, customized font, personalized reading experience, search mechanism, and presence of a dictionary while reading a book really play a crucial role in choosing the perfect reading app for download.

Q #6) Where can I read free books for free?

Answer: You may find a number of options that show up if you want to look for a free book-reading app without a subscription. Some of the apps may have premium subscriptions, but there are also a lot of apps where you can read books for free.

Here are some of them:

  • Libby
  • Kindle
  • Google Play Books
  • Kobo Books
  • Apple Books

Q #7) Which book has the freest books?

Answer: If you are looking for the freest books to read, you can also opt for Project Gutenberg. This is one space where you can get to use all books for free. According to the website, it comes with almost 60000 books available for free.

Q #8) Where can I read full books online for free?

Answer: There are multiple places where you can get to view books for free. Some premium apps even offer free trial versions for you to read books.

You can get help from the list below to find the best book-reading app:

  1. Libby
  2. Kindle
  3. Google Play Books
  4. Kobo Books
  5. Apple Books
  6. Aldiko
  7. Wattpad
  8. Nook
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List of the Best Apps to Read Books for Free

Most useful ebook reader apps list:

  1. Libby
  2. Kindle
  3. Google Play Books
  4. Kobo Books
  5. Apple Books
  6. Aldiko
  7. Wattpad
  8. Nook
  9. Scribd
  10. Audible
  11. BookFunnel
  12. FBReader
  13. Oodles ebook reader
  14. Prolific Works

Comparison Table of Best ebook Reader Apps

Tool NameAvailable PlatformBest ForDownload SizeRatings
LibbyiOS, AndroidFree book reading tool with customized borrowing period.20 MB5.0/5
KindleiOS, Android, PC, MacGreat for using ebook apps for regular reading tools.142.5 MB4.9/5
Google Play BooksiOS, Android, Google Chrome App, Web ApplicationNews Reading Options224 MB4.8/5
Kobo BooksiOS, Android, Web ApplicationEasy reading ability108.9 MB4.7/5
Apple BooksiOS, Mac OSQuick reading for iPhones31 MB4.6/5

Detailed reviews:

#1) Libby

Best for being a free book-reading tool with a customized borrowing period.


Libby is one of the most amazing apps for you to read books for free. You can borrow around 10 books at a time. It is great for travel as you will be able to download a bunch of books and read them while on the go without any internet connection.

Apart from that, the Offline novel reading app is available on Android, iOS, as well as Amazon. You can access the best app to read free books easily and the interface is quite user-friendly where you will not require to have the expertise to use it. The app looks visually very much appealing and you will be able to search for any book.

The best thing about this app is that you will be able to synchronize data across several devices. You can change little Libby’s skin color into a nice touch.


  • Provides offline access to all the ebooks and audiobooks
  • You can sync your data across multiple devices
  • Bluetooth connection supported
  • Easily search for any book
  • Amazing reading experience



  • Technical issues may arise sometimes

Verdict: It is safe and easy to use the app, Libby. You will not need any kind of subscription as it is free. The compatibility is wide and it allows you to connect to the local library and then let you access anything within its database. Users will have a great experience and will love the pretty interface.

Website: Libby, iPhone and iPad, Android

#2) Kindle

Best for using ebook apps for regular reading tools. It supports Amazon Kindle as well.


The Kindle app is a great tool for all book lovers who love to read books on the computer and mobile. The free ebook reader is available on all platforms such as iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. It has several books ready right at your fingertips.

Apart from that, you will have to create an account in order to avail of the service. This will give you a great chance to customize the interface as per your own reading experience. You can bookmark the places that you want to revisit and then create highlights. Then you can take notes throughout the entire book.

It can track your reading progress and you will be able to see how much time you have to read the entire book. It offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use.


  • It has a collection of millions of ebooks
  • Requires account creation to avail of the service
  • Customize your own reading experience
  • Amazing user-friendly interface
  • Multi-platform support


  • You can make notes
  • Highlight the important parts
  • It has a secured network


  • Glitches may occur sometimes

Verdict: Reviews say that Kindle is a great app to read all kinds of ebooks. It is quite easy to navigate and easy to customize the backgrounds and other things as per experience. Some noteworthy features include page memory, highlighting options, and instantaneous downloads of ordered books.

Website: Kindle, Amazon Kindle

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#3) Google Play Books

Best for eBook reading and news reading which makes this application a top choice.

Google EBooks

Google Play Books has a simple yet intuitive interface. It is easy to interact with and comes with a huge variety of ebooks. It is able to handle all your basic e-reading needs. It is a premium as well as a super comfortable ebook reading app.

Apart from that, the in-book experience is 3D page-turning animation. It basically adds polish to the standard experience. In fact, the app offers three specified themes to choose from such as Day (black text on white background), Night (white text on black background), and Sepia.

Talking about other things, it has a highlighter that comes pretty handy and you will have four different color options in free online book apps. You will be able to easily set and highlight just by tapping the button present right at the top of the screen.


  • Different categories of ebooks
  • Rental system available
  • Affordable rates
  • Easy to interact
  • Simple search mechanism


  • Really awesome content
  • Wide range of choices
  • The coupon redemption feature is present


  • Several bugs may arise

Verdict: Google Play Books is a great app for eBook readers. It is safe and pretty easy to navigate. It has a wide range of collections with different ebook categories.

Website: Google Play Books, For iPhone and iPad

#4) Kobo Books

Best for an amazing interface that allows quick and easy reading ability. It is free to install the app.

Kobo Books

Kobo Books offers ebooks on a wide range of platforms such as Android, iOS, Blackberry, and more. In fact, it has ebooks for every reader who loves reading books. This app reads all the latest books that are available right on the market for free.

Moreover, you will be able to customize the reading experience as to what suits you. You can change the background, fonts, and what kind of bookmarks you want. It will let you read even at night with the night reading mode. This is because it allows you to write white text on a black background.


  • Lots of audiobooks
  • Amazing collection of ebooks
  • Pre-order feature present
  • It has the latest books available in the market
  • Personalized reading experience


  • Safe and secure network
  • Well organized website
  • Very user-friendly


  • Issues related to the technical aspect may arise

Verdict: The Kobo Books app is safe to use and has an easy-to-use interface. It feels great reading eBooks. Readers find it easy to customize as well as navigate through the app.

Website: Kobo Books, Android

#5) Apple Books

Best for easy reading options for iPhones and more. It comes with a multi-device compatibility option.

Apple Books - Apps to Read Books

Apple Books will offer you high-quality ebook reading as well as audiobook listening experience. It is great for users having iPad and other iOS devices. The app is easy to navigate and has a nice interface that will help you smoothly access everything.

Apart from that, you will be able to customize the layouts as well as fonts as per your suitability. You will have different reading modes that will let you easily customize according to what suits you. You can create your own digital library.

Furthermore, the product comes with a backlit screen. It will let you read books smoothly even during the night. You can even read in direct sunlight and even during low network connections.


  • One-stop solution for the ultimate reading experience
  • Wide variety of ebooks
  • Customize fonts and layouts
  • Different reading modes
  • Create your own digital library


  • Book reviews given
  • Personalized recommendations provided
  • Apple CarPlay supported


  • Only supports Apple devices

Verdict: Apple Books app supports my Apple Carplay, which is pretty great. It feels safe to use this app while on the go. The ebook collection it has for the readers is worth noticing.

Website: Apple Books

#6) Aldiko

Best for a universal reading app that supports multiple types of documents for quick reading


Aldiko is a pretty decent eBook reader application that is available in the Apple Store as well as the Google Play Store. This product supports formats such as PDF, EPUB, and Adobe DRM-encrypted eBooks.

The best thing about the app is that you will have a wide catalog with a large variety of books that includes new releases, classics, and best-sellers. In fact, the app will remember the reading position automatically and once you launch it, you will get back to the page where you left off.

Apart from that, the app has other features such as global text search in a book, bookmarking, OPDS catalogs support, a dictionary, and more.


  • Available on the Google Play store and Apple App Store
  • It is a universal reading app
  • Local library features present
  • Rental system
  • You can buy a book


  • Multiple languages supported
  • Awesome ebooks collection
  • Audiobooks available


  • Minor issues may arise

Verdict: Aldiko is a great app and has a nice user-friendly interface. You can find all good ebooks here in this one app. Overall, the performance of this app is smooth and quick.

Website: AldikoApple Store, Google Play Store

#7) Wattpad

Best for quick reading ability with the help of the Wattpad application. It has an easy readability option as well.

Wattpad - Apps to Read Books

Wattpad is one of the great apps for reading ebooks. This app makes it easy for teen fiction writers and young adults to come together in this community. This app is widely available and you can download the same on an Android as well as an iOS device.

Apart from that, it will offer data encryption, hence the app is pretty safe to use. This app allows the users to choose between several kinds of categories, and find popular and classic books such as Alice in Wonderland, Sherlock Holmes, and more.

Furthermore, you can easily share your talent in writing and make friends with other people who are interested in storytelling as well as reading. It is a great app for iPhone users who love reading books. You can share your views and come up with a voting system that helps with better recommendations.


  • Provides data encryption
  • Top trending titles available
  • Interact with others in communities
  • Share your views
  • Voting system present


  • Features offline mode
  • A lot of genres of ebooks present
  • Audio sharing option available


  • Issues while moving to the next chapter of an ebook may arise sometimes


  • Wattpad Premium is available for a 7-day free trial
  • Wattpad Premium is available from $4.99/month USD
  • Wattpad Premium + is available from $7.49/month USD

Verdict: Wattpad gives full rights to users to read or write books. In fact, it is a great platform for both readers and writers. This is a safe app for all users and has a very simple interface.

Website: Wattpad, Google Play Store, Apple Store

#8) Nook

Best for easy presets like preset themes such as Day, Evening, or Night for good reading options.

Nook - Apps to Read Books

The Nook app is a great platform to use on your iPad or iPhone if you are an eBook reader. It comes with a good display customization option that will help you to customize as per your experience. The text looks amazing on the higher-resolution Retina display.

Apart from that, you will be able to change the font style and size, margins, page animations, line spacing, as well as text justification. You will be having preset themes such as Day, Evening, or Night, or you are allowed to create your own background.


  • Requires a B&N membership
  • Versatile collection of ebooks
  • Features a lot of Comics, Manga, and Audiobooks

Verdict: The Nook app is great for all book lovers. It is easy to use and quite safe to access several amazing books. The customization was easy to do and didn’t take me a lot of time for the same.

Website: Nook, Google Play Store

#9) Scribd

Best for a big audiobook collection that will help you get the right results.


Scribd is a pretty decent library of ebooks, magazines, sheet music, podcasts, audiobooks, and more. It offers a lot of variety and you will surely have something of your choice.

It is easy to use the app because it has a very user-friendly interface. Apart from that, the content is nicely arranged so that you don’t have any kind of viewing issues.


  • Interactive interface
  • Well-organized system
  • Features a lot of ebooks including all the latest ones

Verdict: Scribd has a nice interface with diverse content types. The audiobook collection is appreciable. It is safe to use and has a good collection of podcasts and magazines.

Price: The premium version of Scribd is available for a price of $9.99 per month. You can get a 30-day free trial before this.

Website: Scribd, Google Play Store, Apple Store

#10) Audible

Best for quick recording ability which makes it much more efficient to use the product. Audible is good to use.

Audible - Apps to Read Books

Audible is one of the best apps you can use to download your favorite books and read them. It offers you enormous categories of books which is great for your reading experience.

Everybody from everyday workers to rec center participants can appreciate books they, in any case, probably have the opportunity and energy to appreciate – all in a sound arrangement. The application can likewise keep users refreshed with news stories from the Money Road Diary, Washington Post, and the New York Times.


  • Reasonable subscription rate
  • Good collection of books
  • Lots of audiobooks are available

Verdict: Using a membership model, Audible is a great tool that can be directly available on your phone. Every month users get a specific number of credits in light of the arrangement they buy, and those credits permit them to download books they’ll approach until the end of their lives.

This multitude of elements makes it the most well-known book recording application available.

Website: Audible, Google Play Store

#11) BookFunnel

Best for interactive reading ability.


BookFunnel has a coordinated book recording player for your solace. You can partake in this application in a hurry without holding your gadget constantly. With cloud peruser and altered understanding settings, you can partake in the perusing experience the very way you like.

Besides, this one of the free applications for perusing books doesn’t need a different record for each gadget. You can sign in to numerous gadgets with a solitary record and read your books whenever.


  • Awesome interactive app
  • It’s really very easy to use
  • A magnificent collection of ebooks

Verdict: The BookFunnel Application downloads books and sends them to the peruser’s favored perusing application.
When you get a book from a BookFunnel writer, you can peruse it in the BookFunnel application or in our program-based cloud per user.

Some digital books are just accessible in our application or cloud peruser, yet most can likewise be downloaded in EPUB, MOBI, or PDF configuration and read in a different application or gadget. You can use the BookFunnel application to peruse or pay attention to your BookFunnel digital books and book recordings.

Website: BookFunnel

#12) FBReader

Best for reading books in multiple languages.

FBReader - Apps to Read Books

With FBReader, you can synchronize your documents to peruse them in the application whenever you need. The application upholds arrangements like RTF, MS Docs, HTML, and plain text. The application’s adjustable elements let you change the foundation, brilliance, and even text styles.

If you are searching for a perusing application intended to make your perusing experience agreeable, you shouldn’t really reconsider going for FBReader. FBReader will arrange your library in light of the title or writer for a more straightforward look, and you can peruse up to 34 dialects.

There are additionally a lot of functionalities to investigate, such as matched-up understanding positions, and bookmarks, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.


  • Compatible with all the platforms
  • Amazing rendering engine
  • Smooth and well-organized interface

Verdict: FBReader is a splendid ePub peruser application for Android and Apple users. You can use this assistance on any gadget that runs Windows, Macintosh operating system, Linux, Android, or even Blackberry, so there’s no restriction to where you can peruse from.

Uniquely intended to help a few digital books organizes, this is one of the most flexible ePub per user applications around.

Website: FBReader

#13) Oodles ebook Reader

Best for both Android and iOS users.

Oodles - Apps to Read Books

If you are looking for a digital book application free of charge with a huge number of books accessible for downloading, then Oodles perusing application could be a response. Track down a few works of art with the expectation of complimentary here.

Oodles uphold different dialects and the inquiry channel choice is its extraordinary element. As a peruser, you can use different classes like creator, notoriety, distributor, and so on to download the following fascinating read. The point of interaction is that the user is well disposed of and saves one from the problem of going through different choices.


  • Separate sections for different books
  • Simple search feature
  • Supports multiple languages

Verdict: Oodles is one of the most outstanding applications to download and understand books, offering a gigantic scope of digital books free of charge. However, sadly they are just accessible in English. All things being equal, if that is enough for you, Oodles is an astounding decision.

Your books can be gotten to even without a Web association. Did you think that it is fascinating? Download it for nothing on iOS or Android!

Website: Oodles eBook Reader

#14) Prolific Works

Best for a big library for storage of books.

Prolific Works - Apps to Read Books

Prolific Works has a huge number of creators ready for you to look over. You can download digital books from your number one writer and read them in a split second any time you need.

Additionally, the application likewise permits highlights, for example, arranging the library as indicated by your inclination and taste. The perusing application has a local area of 1,000,000 per user.

Prolific Works is a digital book-sharing stage for book journalists. It empowers book journalists to transfer and share their digital books on stage for designated perusers. Book essayists can likewise send brief tales as a prize to their fans.

Additionally, permits perusers to look for digital books through its proposal motor, bulletin elements, and web-based entertainment accounts. Likewise, it works as a versatile application for Android and iOS users.


  • A well-organized library
  • Easily download any ebook
  • A superb collection of the latest titles

Verdict: A gamble-free method for finding your new most loved book! A huge number of writers use Prolific Works to impart giveaways to perusers like you. Search the Prolific Works site, guarantee books, and partake in your new peruse on your preferred tablet application.

Website: Prolific Works


The Apps to Read Books for Free comes with the most interactive interface and a good reading ability which makes it much more efficient to use this device and makes it one of the best products available. Good apps where you can read books for free will quickly allow you to get the best out of your books.

While reviewing, we found that Libby is the best Apps to Read Books for Free and is available for free on both Android and iOS platforms. It can also operate at different interfaces, providing a valuable reading experience. Some other alternatives are Kindle, Google Play Books, Kobo Books, and Apple Books.

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