How to Hack WhatsApp with the Best WhatsApp Hack Apps in 2023

This article explains how to hack WhatsApp and compares the top WhatsApp Hacking Apps:

Important: This article will give you guidelines on ways someone can hack your WhatsApp and steal important information from your phone. This education post will make you aware of these methods so you can be protected from these hacks. 

WhatsApp is the most widely used social media app being used by people around the world to communicate, or as the younger generation likes to call it, “chat” with their colleagues, family, and friends. It is a convenient way to communicate with one or a group of people simultaneously without worrying about carrier charges.

Now, although hacking into someone’s WhatsApp account is illegal, there are still a few legitimate reasons someone would want to snoop into another’s WhatsApp account.

Parents, for instance, want to have the assurance that their child is keeping good company. Monitoring their children’s phones, or more specifically, monitoring their child’s WhatsApp can help them achieve that peace of mind.

That being said, bypassing WhatsApp’s strict encryption and security is not child’s play. There are applications today that make hacking into social apps considerably smooth and simple.

In this article, we will list WhatsApp hack apps that will get the job done. With the below applications and guides, you’ll know how to hack WhatsApp effortlessly.

WhatsApp Hacking Apps

How to Hack WhatsApp – Best Apps and Methods

Before we proceed, however, a word of advice. Remember, hacking into WhatsApp or a cell phone without the device owner’s knowledge is illegal and can have dire consequences. We recommend these applications to parents who want to monitor their minor children. In a few cases, businesses can also use these apps to monitor their employees.


Expert Advice: What You Should Look For in a WhatsApp Hacker App

  • The app should be easy to install and use.
  • It should be well-hidden, and the app should operate discreetly in the background without the device user’s knowledge.
  • The monitoring dashboard should be easy to navigate and allow you to view all WhatsApp activity, like messages, calls, and statuses happening on the app in real time.
  • If you are using the app on an Android device, make sure you disable the play protect of your device’s Google Play Store for a hassle-free installation experience.
  • Only go for tools that have earned a reputation in the industry. Remember, these are spyware applications. We wouldn’t want you to fall into trouble with the wrong application.
  • Look for tools that are reasonably priced and fall within your budget.
Market Trends: According to recent reports, WhatsApp has over 2 billion active users. This is a steep growth from the 10 million user base it enjoyed just a decade ago in 2010.

The image below shows WhatsApp user growth:


[image source]

Our TOP Recommended WhatsApp hack tools:

mSpy LogoCocospy LogoSpybubble LogouMobix Logo
• Monitor social media chats.
• View deleted text messages.
• See search history.
• GPS Tracking
• Geo-Fence
• Whatsapp Spy
• Video Stream
• Audio Stream
• Social App spying
• Monitor social apps like WhatsApp.
• View deleted messages.
• Access to the key settings of the device.
Price: $48.99/month
Trial version: Available
Price: $9.99/Month
Trial version: NA
Price: $42.49 monthly
Trial version: Demo Available
Price: Reasonable price
Trial version: Available
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WhatsApp Hacking Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) Is it possible to hack WhatsApp?

Answer: Yes, it is entirely possible to hack WhatsApp. However, thanks to heightened security and WhatsApp’s renewed focus on end-to-end encryption, the risk of getting caught is high. Fortunately, there are WhatsApp hacker apps you can use like mSpy that make the prospect of hacking WhatsApp very simple and safe.

Q #2) What is the best WhatsApp Hacker?

Answer: Hacking WhatsApp is simple if you have a cell phone tracking app. Having used a dozen applications ourselves, we can confidently claim the following to be some of the best you can grab right away:

  1. mSpy
  2. Spyier
  3. Cocospy
  4. Flexispy
  5. Highster Mobile

Q #3) What is a two-step verification on WhatsApp?

Answer: Two-Step Verification is an optional feature for those who would like to tighten the security of their WhatsApp account.

This is basically an additional security measure that requires the user to create and confirm a unique PIN that’s required to access an account. The PIN you receive for the Two-Step verification process is different from the 6-digit registration number that WhatsApp provides you via SMS.

Q #4) How can I track someone on WhatsApp without them knowing?

Answer: The simplest and most convenient way to track someone’s phone without them knowing is by using the application we’ve listed in this article. All of the below apps operate in the background in complete stealth mode. Their icons are hidden while they operate in the background, relaying information from the target device to a server, which you can access via the application’s dashboard.

Q #5) How do I know if someone is checking me secretly on WhatsApp?

Answer: As of now, WhatsApp has no feature that allows users to know who is viewing their WhatsApp profile. While there are some apps in the market that claim they can serve this purpose, according to our experience, none of them have proved useful.

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List of Top WhatsApp Hack Apps

Here are the most effective apps for hacking WhatsApp chats:

  1. mSpy
  2. Phonsee
  3. Spynger
  4. eyeZy
  5. SpyBubble
  6. Cocospy
  7. uMobix
  9. FlexiSPY
  10. Spyier
  11. Highster Mobile

Comparing Some of the Best Apps to Hack WhatsApp

App NameSupported DevicesPriceRatings
mSpyiOS and Android1 month-$48.99/month
3 months- $27.99/month
12 months- $11.66/month.
PhonseeiPhone and AndroidAnnual: $10.83/month, Quarterly: $26/month, Monthly: $45.49/monthStar_rating_4.5_of_5
SpyngeriPhone and AndroidAnnual: $8.85, 3 Months: $24.79, Monthly: $42.51Star_rating_4.5_of_5
eyeZyiOS and Android$9.99 for 12 months, $27.99 for 3 months, $47.99 for 1 month.Star_rating_5_of_5
SpyBubbleiOS and Android Monthly Package: $42.49/month,
3 Month Package: $25.49/month,
12 Month Package: $10.62/month
CocospyiOS and AndroidAndroid- $9.99/month
Basic Plan- $39.99/month
Family Plan- $69.99/month.
iOS- $10.83/month
Basic Plan- $99.99/month
Family Plan- $399.99/month.
uMobixiOS, Android phone or tablet, iPad, iPhone1 month: $49.99/mo
3 months: $27.99/mo
12 months: $11.66/mo
MobileSpy.atiOS and Android1 month: $19/mo
3 months: $16/mo
12 months: $13/mo
FlexispyiOS, Android, iPad, Mac, WindowsLite plan- $29.95/month
Premium Plan- $68/month
Extreme Plan- $199/month.
SpyieriOS and AndroidAndroid- Premium: $9.99/month
Basic- $39.99/month
Family- $69.99/month.
iOS- $10.83/month
Basic Plan- $99.99/month
Family Plan- $399.99/month.
Highster MobileiOS, Mac, Windows and AndroidBasic Plan- $2.99 per month
Pro- $6.99/month

Detailed reviews:

#1) mSpy


Kicking off our list is arguably one of the best spy apps for parental control. Not only do you get a thorough sneak-peak of a target device’s WhatsApp chat and calls, but there are several other things you can monitor with this fantastic application as well.

From tracking location in real-time to keeping track of every incoming and outgoing call, mSpy is a beast when it comes to cell phone tracking. Aside from WhatsApp, mSpy also allows you to track the activity on other social apps like Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Viber, etc.

It also features an intuitive keylogging and screen recording function, which both come in handy when monitoring WhatsApp.

Pricing: 1 month – $48.99/month, 3 months – $27.99/month, 12 months – $11.66/month.

How to Hack WhatsApp using mSpy:

  •  To begin tracking WhatsApp, you’ll first need to open a paid mSpy account.


  • Select the type of device you want to track. Once selected, you’ll also have to select the type of subscription plan.

step 2

  • Once you have registered, simply go to copy and paste the mSpy download link provided to you via email. Paste the link into your target phone’s browser.
  • Download the APK file and hit install once the download is complete.

update service

  • Simply follow the instructions given to you by the mSpy installation wizard to successfully install the device in your target device.


  • Allow all permissions for hassle-free installation. Enter the code mailed to you to complete the installation.

Enter the code

  • Once the installation is complete, log into your mSpy dashboard from another device.
  • On the dashboard, go to the Social Networks section, which you will find on the bottom left side of your screen. Select WhatsApp from here.

Social Networks section

  • A window relaying information about the target device’s WhatsApp activity will open.

whatsapp mspy calls

  • To check messages, simply tap on the ‘message’ icon. For calls, you can switch to the call icon right by its side.

#2) Phonsee


Phonsee is yet another simple-to-use yet intuitive application that allows you to spy on another device’s WhatsApp activity in real time. The platform arms you with a neat dashboard that gives you a clear overview of everything that’s transpiring on your target device’s WhatsApp activity. For instance, the tool presents you with a detailed log of all ongoing and incoming messages.

You get complete call details along with timestamps and other relevant information such as the name, number of the person called, the duration of the call, etc. You can also view all photos and video files being shared on WhatsApp. Simply put, the tool is great for hacking into a WhatsApp installed on either an iPhone or Android.

Price: Annual: $8.85, 3 Months: $24.79, Monthly: $42.51

How to hack WhatsApp using Phonsee

  • Start by registering to open your Phonsee account
  • Choose your subscription plan and pay the amount.


  • Once the amount is paid, you’ll receive a link on your registered email ID
  • Use that link to download the app on your target device.
  • After installation, log into your Phonsee dashboard via your personal computer.


  • On the dashboard, navigate to Social Networks > WhatsApp and start monitoring.

#3) Spynger


Spynger presents itself as an application that helps you catch a cheating partner. It does so by allowing you to snoop into your spouse’s phone, giving you a bird’s eye view of their calls, messages, and social media activity remotely. Once the app is launched on your target device, you’ll get complete access to whatever’s transpiring on that device’s WhatsApp.

You’ll be notified of the videos and pics being shared over WhatsApp with timestamps. You can save the media being shared on your monitoring device for offline use. You also get a detailed log of all outgoing and incoming WhatsApp calls along with names and numbers. Besides WhatsApp, you can rely on the app to monitor a plethora of other messenger and social media apps as well.

Price: Annual: $10.83/month, Quarterly: $26/month, Monthly: $45.49/month

How to hack WhatsApp using Spynger

  • Register and open your Spynger account


  • Pay the subscription fee. After doing so you’ll receive an app installation link on your registered email ID.


  • Install the app on your target device via this given link.
  • Once the app is installed, proceed to log into Spynger’s control panel via your own personal computer.
  • In the Spynger monitoring dashboard, navigate to WhatsApp section and start monitoring.

#4) eyeZy

eyeZy WhatsApp

eyeZy makes Whatsapp hacking look as easy as a walk in the park. With the app quickly installed on your target device, you will have a bird’s eye view of everything transpiring on your Whatsapp profile therein.

You’ll be able to view shared messages, calls, media files, etc., and also learn enough about all the contacts that the Whatsapp profile, which is being spied upon, is in touch with.

This makes the app ideal for parents who can now track their child’s entire activity history on Whatsapp via a comprehensive browser-based visual dashboard. In addition, the app operates in complete stealth mode so there is no way for a child to know that their Whatsapp is being monitored constantly.

Price: $9.99 for 12 months, $27.99 for 3 months, $47.99 for 1 month

How to Hack Whatsapp using eyeZy:

  • You will need to open a paid eyeZy subscription account.

Create an account

  • Once subscribed, simply use the target device and install the eyeZy app on it using the link sent to you in your registered email.
  • Log in to your eyeZy monitoring dashboard with the proper credentials.
  • On the left-hand side of your dashboard, scroll down to the “Social Profile” section and select “Whatsapp”. You can now view everything transpiring on your target Whatsapp profile from this window.

Social Spolight

#5) SpyBubble


Like any other good spy app, SpyBubble facilitates impeccable social app tracking. What really sets it apart, however, is its ability to capture screenshots.

The app will capture screenshots of Whatsapp being used and send to you without the target device’s owner noticing. This way you learn everything about the conversations happening in Whatsapp.

Aside from screenshot capturing, this platform also facilitates remote video and audio streaming. From the phone’s camera, you’ll be able to see what the target device’s owner is doing.

Price: Monthly Package: $42.49/month, 3 Month Package: $25.49/month, 12 Month Package: $10.62/month.

How to Hack Whatsapp using SpyBubble:

  • Create an account

Create Account

  • Choose your preferred subscription plan.

Subscription Plan

  • Use the link sent to you via email upon successful completion to install the software on the target device.
  • Log-in to your SpyBubble account’s dashboard.
  • On the left-hand side of your screen, go to the social section and select Whatsapp.

Social Media

  • You can now start spying on target device cell phone activity.

#6) Cocospy


Cocospy is software that integrates seamlessly with your target device without the necessity to root or jailbreak it. It is easy to install and can monitor WhatsApp activity in real-time. The app will allow you to read received and sent messages with the date and timestamps attached. You also get access to media files shared on WhatsApp.

Aside from WhatsApp, Cocospy allows you to track calls, messages, and browser activity of the target device as well. Its geo-locating features are one of its highlights.

Price: Android$9.99/month, Basic Plan – $39.99/month, Family Plan – $69.99/month.

iOS – $10.83/month, Basic Plan – $99.99/month, Family Plan – $ 399.99/month.

Steps to Hack Whatsapp using Cocospy:

  • Register, choose your subscription plan and open your Cocospy account.

choose your subscription

  • Take the target device, open a browser on it, and paste the Cocospy download link to start downloading the software.


  • Once downloaded, install the file on your device.


  • Follow the instructions as dictated by Cocospy to finish installing the application.
  • Click finish installation.

finish installation

  • Open your Cocospy account on a separate device. Go to the ‘Social Apps’ section and select ‘WhatsApp’. You’ll now be able to monitor the WhatsApp account of your target device.

cocospy whatsapp hacking

#7) uMobix

Best for cell phone and tablet tracking designed for parents.


uMobix is a widely used cell phone tracking app. It can hack into any social media application, this includes WhatsApp. The app will start relaying information from the target device’s WhatsApp to your uMobix dashboard as soon as it is installed. You will be able to receive all sent, received, and deleted messages, images, and videos on the app.

The app keeps updating the information every 5 minutes. You can rest assured of not missing out on WhatsApp activity on the target device round the clock. The app is similarly phenomenal when it comes to spying on other social apps like Facebook, Viber, and Snapchat. Its visual, easy-to-navigate dashboard makes this job simple.

You can check out a demo of the app right now to get a feel of how uMobix can help you hack into somebody’s WhatsApp.


Best for parents, schools, and businesses.

mobile spy

Easy to install and brimming with impressive features, is a fantastic app if you want to hack into somebody’s WhatsApp. To start spying, you’ll need to do two things. Open a paid subscription account with and install the app in the device you wish to spy on.

Once installed and set up, you’ll have access to Whatsapp on that device, monitoring everything transpiring on it in real-time. From group and individual messages to all multimedia files shared on the social app, you’ll be able to monitor it all. The app also features a very advanced stealth mode. So you can rest assured that the target device’s owner won’t know that they are being spied upon.

Aside from WhatsApp hacking, the app will also help you snoop into someone else’s Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. You will also have access to all incoming and outgoing calls as well as all sent and received text messages on the target device.

#9) FlexiSPY


FlexiSPY is another app that allows you to monitor WhatsApp activity on both Android and iOS devices. This is also one of those rare applications that can record voice mails and calls made on WhatsApp. Aside from WhatsApp, FlexiSPY also facilitates monitoring of other social applications like Viber, Facebook, Skype, Hangout, etc.

Price: Lite plan – $29.95/month, Premium Plan – $68/month, Extreme Plan – $199/month.

How to Hack into Whatsapp using FlexiSPY:

  • Buy a FlexiSPY Subscription Plan and Open your FlexiSPY Account.


  • Take the target device and use the link provided to you during your registration to download FlexiSPY on it.
  • Install the app by following the given instructions.
  • Sign in to your FlexiSPY account, go to the IMs section and select Whatsapp to monitor all activity on the app.

IMs section

#10) Spyier

get Spyier

Spyier offers you a private, secure, and undetectable way to spy on somebody’s WhatsApp. In a few easy steps, you can have the app downloaded on a target device and spy on not only WhatsApp but a slew of other apps present on the target device.

On Spyier’s monitoring dashboard, you get a dedicated WhatsApp window that allows you to read messages with details like contact names, profile pictures, and phone numbers. The messages come with time stamps and dates attached to help you know when exactly a particular conversation took place.

Pricing: Android – Premium : $9.99/month, Basic: $39.99/month, Family – $69.99/month.

iOS – $10.83/month, Basic Plan – $99.99/month, Family Plan – $399.99/month.

Steps to Hack WhatsApp using Spyier:

  • Open a paid Spyier account and quickly grab the target device you want to install Spyier on.

Spyier 1

  • Now log into your Spyier account via the target device and open the set-up wizard. Here you will be asked to provide information like the nickname, age, and device types of the target phone’s user. Fill in the details.
  • Prep the phone properly by disabling play protect and disabling certain security measures of your device.
  • Once the phone has been prepped, proceed to download the app on the target device. You’ll find the download link in the Set-up wizard.

Set-up wizard

  • Open the download link on your target phone’s browser and start downloading.


  • Once the download is complete, find the APK installation file from the notification pop-up window and hit install.

APK installation file

  • Open the app when installation is complete. Read the Privacy Policy page and click ‘Agree’.

privacy policy

  • Once you hit ‘agree’, simply follow the given instruction to finish the installation procedure.
  • Once installation is complete. Hit the ‘Start Monitoring’ button.

start monitoring

  • Log into your Spyier dashboard and go to the Social Apps section. There open the WhatsApp window to start tracking messages, calls, and media files on the target devices WhatsApp.

Social Apps section

Website: Spyier

#11) Highster Mobile


Highster Mobile makes our list of the best WhatsApp apps specifically because of its visually amazing user interface. It is also considerably cheaper than most of its competitors. The attractive UI makes the app easy to navigate through and operate. Aside from the UI, this is yet another user-friendly WhatsApp hacker application.

You can check WhatsApp messages, calls, and access media files easily with the help of this application. The app is also great for tracking location, monitoring Facebook activity, and getting detailed access to a target device’s entire call log. Please note, purchase the pro plan for this app for WhatsApp hacking.

Steps to Hack into WhatsApp using Highster Mobile:

  • Choose your Device type.

device type

  • Select your subscription plan and open your Highster mobile account.

subscription plan

  • Upon opening the account, the Over-the-air link will be sent to you via email. Paste it on your target phone’s browser to start downloading.


  • Follow the given prompts to finish installing the app on the target device.

finish installing the app

  • Once the installation is complete, all the target phone’s data will be uploaded to your Highster mobile account.
  • Open your Highster mobile account on a separate device, go to the WhatsApp images section on the dashboard to view images, the WhatsApp logs section to view all messages exchanged, and the WhatsApp audio section to monitor calls and other audio shared over the app.

the Whatsapp images

Price: Basic Plan: $2.99 per month, Pro – $6.99/month

Website: Highster Mobile

How To Hack Someone’s WhatsApp Without an App

Although the above apps make it extremely convenient to monitor WhatsApp, we know that there are still some among you that do not like the hassle of installing these applications on the app. Fortunately for you guys, there are other ways to hack a WhatsApp account.

Here are the easiest ways to do so:

#1) Hack WhatsApp Using Mobile Phone Number

Now, this method requires you to be a little sneaky. For this method to work, you’ll need to have WhatsApp installed on your device. You will also need access to the verification code received by the phone number you wish to spy on.

  • Start by opening WhatsApp on your mobile phone and entering your target device’s phone number on it. This number should be attached to their WhatsApp account.
  • The second step requires you to enter a pin to log into the account. The pin can be taken directly from the SMS carrying the pin code received by the target phone.
  • Enter the code and you’ll now have complete access to someone else’s WhatsApp account on your own device.

This method isn’t all that effective as the target person will be notified immediately of a login attempt on a separate device and will try to change the password, unless you change the password and lock them out first, which we strongly advise against.

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#2) WhatsApp Hack Using Chrome

Your Chrome browser can be used as another gateway for hacking a WhatsApp account.

  • For this to work, you’ll need to open your Chrome browser on your laptop or PC and open
  • Scan the QR Code using the target mobile phone
  • You can now start checking WhatsApp conversations on the target device. No need to install the software.

Remember, though, that the owner of WhatsApp will be constantly notified every time their WhatsApp account is opened via the Chrome browser.

#3) The Spoofing Method Involving a Mac Device

Now, this method is a bit complicated. You will need a Mac device as it won’t work otherwise. That being said, this way to hack WhatsApp is far more effective than other app-less methods we discussed above.

  • Delete WhatsApp from the target device completely
  • Find out the Mac address of the target device. You can do so by going to the setting, opening the General, then the About section, and clicking the Wi-Fi option.
  • Now proceed to install a WhatsApp hacking tool like BusyBox on the target device.
  • Use the hacking app to replace the WiFi Mac address with the Mac Address of the target device.
  • Now install WhatsApp again on your phone, but this time with the target device’s phone number.
  • Access the verification code sent on the target device to log into the WhatsApp account on your phone. Congratulations! you now have full access to someone else’s WhatsApp account.


There are plenty of ways to hack into WhatsApp. By far the most effective way to do it, and the method we recommend, is using a cell phone tracking application. This way, you get full access to somebody’s WhatsApp without alerting the account owner. The above applications are something we suggest to all parents who want to keep tabs on their child’s activity on WhatsApp.

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As per our recommendation, you can use mSpy for all of its advanced tracking features and impressive visual dashboard. Spyier is another one you can try for a convenient WhatsApp chat hack.

Research Process:

  • We spent 7 hours researching and writing this article so you can have summarized and insightful information on which WhatsApp Hacking Apps will best suit you.
  • Total Apps Researched – 15
  • Best Apps Shortlisted – 7
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