15 Best Online Auction Websites for 2023 [Get Top Deals]

Want to know about the best online auction websites? Read our detailed review of the best Online Auction Websites to select a suitable bidding website:

Online auction sites allow you to bid for goods remotely. The online bidding site allows buyers to place a bid from their desktop PC or smartphone. The bidding is typically done online.

We will review and compare the best bidding websites here. After reading the blog post, you will learn about the best online bidding sites to bid for goods remotely.

Let us begin!

Online Auction Sites – A Complete Review

Best Online Auction Websites

Market Trends: The online auction market size is valued at around $739.2 billion. The market is expected to grow at a rate of 12.2 percent annually. The following charts show the growth in the market size of the online auction between 2017 and 2022.

Online Auction Market Size (2017-2022):


Expert Advice: Consider placing your highest bid a few seconds before the end of the online auction. This will increase your chances of securing a winning bid. You must avoid engaging in a bidding war on an auction site. Stick to a reasonable price when bidding for a product online. Also, make sure you bid on a legit auction site and avoid bidding on sites that promise big savings at auctions.

Requirements for Listing Items on Online Auction Websites

Online auction websites have different requirements for listing goods on the sites. Here are some of the requirements for listing items for online auction items:

Note: You must read the specific requirements of the online auction websites before listing your products.

#1) Valid Auctioneer License

Most sites require auctioneers to have a valid auctioneer license from the state. Auctioneers who auction specialized goods must have the relevant industry license. For instance, auctioneers must have the Industrial Auctioneer Association (IAA) license for auctioning industrial items in the US.

#2) Meet Performance Standards

Auctioneers who want to continue auctioning goods at an online auction website must also meet certain online auction requirements. The site requires auctioneers to have an active website with a dedicated page that explains the listed item. Auctioneers are also required to sustain specific online hammer sale rates.

#3) Certification

Some sites certify auctioneers have a positive track record. The certification will provide credibility to the online auction account.

Tips for Buying Smarter at Online Auction Websites

Before bidding on a product online, you must conduct research. Understand the market value of the product. You should look at important information about the product, including the following:

  • The year in which it was made.
  • Condition of the product.
  • Materials used in constructing the product.
  • The uniqueness of the product.
  • Origin of the product.
  • Historical significance of the product.

Once you have determined the market value of the product, set a budget. During the actual bidding, you must stick to the budget and avoid paying too much for a product.

A great place to find great bargains on products is government auction sites. But you must avoid sites that promise to find the best deals for government-auctioned products for a fee. You can easily find the best government auctions using the search engine for free.

While bidding, monitor the bid increments for the lot. This is important to ensure that you know exactly how much the price of the auctioned product is rising. Also, keep a close eye on the deadline for timed-online auction sites. You should know when the bid closes so that you don’t miss out on placing the bid.

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What Measures do Auction Sites take to Protect Buyers and Sellers

Auction sites take various measures to protect the interest of buyers and sellers. eBay and some other auction sites have ratings for buyers. The ratings are based on the previous transactions of the buyer at the auction site. This helps sellers in accepting genuine buyers for bidding.

In addition, auction sites also offer escrow services to protect the interests of buyers. They charge a small fee from the buyers for this service. Payments made by the buyer are held in an escrow account until the product is physically inspected and verified.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) How can I bid for goods on auction sites online?

Answer: You need to register before bidding on an auction site. Each auction requires approval from the auctioneer. The process of approval typically takes between 24 and 48 hours. We can find details of the auctioneer on the online auction website.

Q #2) How can I hold an auction online?

Answer: You must register to auction your goods online. Take a few photos of the goods that you want to auction online. You must next determine the fair market value and set the starting bid accordingly.

Q #3) What is the sniper rule?

Answer: The sniper rule states that an auction will be extended by a specific duration if a new bid is put in just typically one to two seconds before the end of the auction. Bidding at just the end of closing time is known as popcorn or dynamic bidding.

Q #4) What are the different types of online auctions?

Answer: An online auction can be live webcast, live online only, or timed online only. A live webcast auction refers to online actions that are broadcasted online and the bidders can bid for goods online or onsite.

Live online-only auctions occur online with no onsite bidding. Timed online-only auctions have automatic closing times with no online streaming of the bidding.

Q #5) Which is the largest global online auction site?

Answer: The number one ranked online auction site is eBay. The online auction website receives over 28 million search queries each month.

Q #6) How to know if an online auction site is legit?

Answer: Legit auction companies are members of the auctioneer association at the place where they are registered. You should ask the auctioneer about the membership details.

Q #7) How to get the best deal at an online auction?

Answer: You must wait to place your first bid at the auction site. Never place your highest bid at the start. Your first bid should be set at about 50 percent below the maximum bid you want to make for the product.

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List of Best Online Auction Websites

Popular bidding websites list:

  1. Auction.com
  2. Copart
  3. Listia
  4. eBid
  5. Etsy
  6. Sotheby’s
  7. GovDeals
  8. eBay
  9. BidGoLive
  10. Municibid
  11. AuctionZip
  12. Webstore
  13. Artcurial
  14. Copart
  15. Liquidation
  16. BidSpotter

Comparison Table of Top Online Bidding Websites

Tool NameBest ForPriceIntegrated Payment MethodsRatings
Auction.com Buying and selling foreclosed and bank-owned properties at a discount.Buyer’s Premium: $2500 or $5 percent of the winning bid, whichever is higherBanker’s draft, bank transfer, debit card.Star_rating_5_of_5
Copart Bidding on a large variety of vehicles online including motorcycles, cars, boats, and more.Guest: Free
Basic: $59 per year
Premier: $199 per year
Relisting fee: $600 or 10 percent of the sale price, whichever is higher
Wire transfer, credit cards, ePay, cashier’s check, money order, company check, and third-party financingStar_rating_5_of_5
Listia Selling old and unused items online for free.FreePayPal and ReplinStar_rating_5_of_5
eBid Auctioning any type of items online for free.Seller: Free
Seller+: $6.99 per year | $139.98 lifetime
Final value fee: 2-5 percent of final value
Skrill, PPPay, PaypalStar_rating_4_of_5
Etsy Bidding on a wide variety of household items including furniture, jewelry, clothing, and more.Listing fees: $0.2 per listing
Transaction fees: 6.5 percent of the order amount
Payment processing fees:3 percent + $0.25 per item sold
Credit/debit card, PayPal, bank transfer, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Etsy Gift Card, Etsy Credit, and Etsy CouponStar_rating_4_of_5

Detailed reviews:

#1) Auction.com

Best for buying and selling foreclosed and bank-owned properties at a discount.


Auction.com is a Multiple Listing Services (MLS) company with a focus on foreclosures and residential properties. Closing the winding bid and receiving payments for properties sold ranges between 6 and 8 weeks.

The auction is held both online and onsite. You can find a large variety of bank-owned and foreclosed properties through the auction site. Real estate developers, financial institutions, and individuals can use the online site.


  • 30,000+ property listing
  • Push notification
  • Online and onsite auctions
  • Personalized property matches
  • Listing Management Portal


  • Find a lot of properties at a discount.
  • Push notification feature lets you track auction status.
  • Real estate agents can customize their profiles.


  • Listings are not reviewed.
  • Customer service is poor.

Verdict: Auction.com is one of the largest online marketplaces for properties. The online marketplace allows you to buy almost any residential and foreclosed property all over the US.


  • Buyer’s Premium: $2500 or $5 percent of the winning bid, whichever is higher

Website: Auction.com

#2) Copart

Best for bidding on a large variety of vehicles online, including motorcycles, cars, boats, and more.

Copart - Online Auction Websites

Copart is one of the largest and oldest vehicle auction businesses. The company has been providing services for over 40 years. You can find a large variety of vehicles on the online auction site. You can buy vehicles registered in the US and Canada.

Copart charges buyers for vehicles purchased based on a percentage of sales. The fees charged to buyers depend on whether the buyer is an individual or a licensed business.


  • Over 150,000 listed vehicles.
  • Track vehicles with clean titles, low mileage, and little damage.
  • Search for cars using make, model, and VIN.
  • View details about each listing.
  • Supports wire transfers, credit cards, ePay, cashier’s checks, money orders, company checks, and third-party financing.


  • Save time by bidding on multiple vehicles valued at up to $100,000.
  • Bid up to $1,200 without any deposit.
  • Priority in-location assistance and customer service.
  • Bid on a large variety of vehicles, including motorcycles, ATVs, classic cars, and even boats.


  • No guarantee whether the vehicle is legit or stolen.
  • Test drive of the vehicles is not allowed.

Verdict: Copart allows you to view auctioned vehicles for free. If you are interested in bidding for a vehicle, you can register for one of the paid accounts.


  • Guest: Free
  • Basic: $59 per year
  • Premier: $199 per year
  • Relisting fee: $600 or 10 percent of the sale price, whichever is higher.

Copart Pricing

Website: Copart

#3) Listia

Best for selling old and unused items online for free.

Listia - Online Auction Websites

Listia is one of the free online auction websites that allows you to buy, sell, and trade goods. You can earn money by listing your unused items on the online platform. The online platform allows you to dispose of your DVDs, clothing, and other items for free.

You can sign up using a Facebook account or create a new account. The online platform is unique in that you will not receive cash. Instead, you will receive points you can sell to buy other people’s stuff.


  • Over 50 million members.
  • The leaderboard displays members with top listings and sales.
  • Support PayPal and Replin.


  • Earn Points by signing up, watching videos, responding to surveys, and trying new apps and products.
  • Redeem Points to get an Amazon Gift Card.
  • Listia Assurance protects buyers and sellers.


  • Sellers do not receive instant cash to sell items.

Verdict: Listia is an online marketplace that allows you to get rid of stuff you don’t need and earn money. The online platform is a cross between eBay and trading platforms, such as BarterQuest. You get the best of both worlds with this online platform.

Price: Free

Website: Listia

#4) eBid

Best for auctioning any type of item online for free.


eBid is a free online auction site that has over 3.3 million listed items. The UK-based company was founded in 1998. It is positioned as a competitor to eBay, which charges much lower fees to sellers. The fees for the listed goods are based on the type and the final value of the listing. You can add photos or pay extra for your listing to be highlighted on the website.

No fees are charged by the buyers. The website allows buyers to send an email directly to sellers. The auction site allows payment through PayPal, credit card, and many different options.


  • Free Listing
  • Bulk upload
  • Multi-item listing
  • Fixed prices and auction-style listings


  • A wide variety of goods can be auctioned.
  • Pay only when on goods sold.
  • Option to import Amazon listings with feedback.


  • Shipping fees can be expensive.
  • Fast (1-day) shipment option is not available.

Verdict: eBid is one of the best auction sites with a large database and free listing. You can bid on listed items for free.


  • Seller: Free
  • Seller+: $6.99 per year | $139.98 lifetime
  • Final value fee: 2-5 percent of the final value
  • Additional fees:
    • Promotional: $0.05 to $0.18 per item

eBid Pricing

Website: eBid

#5) Etsy

Best for bidding on a wide variety of household items, including furniture, jewelry, clothing, and more.


Etsy is one of the most reputable online auction sites established in 2005. It is one of the biggest eCommerce platforms, with millions of sellers. The online auction site allows you to buy and sell a variety of products, including jewelry and accessories, clothing and shoes, home and living, toys, art & craft, collectibles, and wedding items.

You can also find a lot of vintage items on the eCommerce site. Customers can provide feedback and reviews for each product. This will allow you to improve customer service and boost sales.


  • Vintage products that are over 20 years old.
  • Global shipping.
  • Multiple payment methods.
  • Customer feedback.
  • Free delivery on certain items.


  • Accepts major payment methods, including credit/debit cards, PayPal, bank transfers, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Etsy Gift Cards, Etsy Credit, and Etsy Coupons.
  • Support USPS, Canada Post, and FedX delivery methods.


  • Poor customer service.
  • Merchants are not vetted.

Verdict: Etsy is a reliable online auction site with trusted sellers. The interface is user intuitive, which makes it easy to add and remove products from the listing. But the fees charged to sellers is high that resulting in a high price for buyers and a low margin for sellers.


  • Listing fees: $0.2 per listing
  • Transaction fee: 6.5 percent of the order amount
  • Payment processing fees: 3 percent + $0.25 per item sold
  • Currency Conversion fee: 2.5 percent of the order amount
  • Promotional fees
    • Offsite ads:
      • 15 percent if the order amount is less than $10,000 in a year
      • 12 percent if the order amount is over $10,000

Website: Etsy

#6) Sotheby’s

Best for auction-style online and onsite bidding of luxury art and craft and real estate.


Sotheby’s is one of the oldest auction houses established in 1744. It is the best auction site for collectibles, real estate, photography, classic cars, and more. It is one of the oldest auction houses in the world. The online marketplace allows bidders to bid on various luxury items for free.


  • Sell a wide variety of luxury and collector’s items, including watches, cars, jewels, fine art, and more.
  • Worldwide audience.
  • Online and onsite auctions.


  • Buy and sell goods in 50+ categories.
  • Browse and view upcoming and past auctions.
  • Allows the sale of private collections.


  • Buyer’s premium fees are high.

Verdict: Sotheby’s is the go-to online auction site for the rich and famous. It is a prestigious auction marketplace where you can invest in different types of collector’s items.


  • Seller’s commission: Varies but typically 10 percent of the hammer price
  • Buyer’s premium: Varies ranging from 13.9 percent to 25 percent of the hammer price

Website: Sotheby’s

#7) GovDeals

Best for getting the best deals on goods from the government, educational institutes, and other public agencies.


GovDeals is an online marketplace where you can locate the best deals on a large variety of items sold by public agencies. The online site allows government agencies and educational institutes to sell surplus inventory.


  • Selling in the US, Canada, and Worldwide.
  • Real Estate Heavy machinery and other goods.
  • 14,000+ sellers worldwide.
  • 1 million registered users.


  • Listings by sellers are free.
  • Auto extension if minimum bid not made.
  • Supports wire transfers, credit cards, and PayPal.


  • A high premium is charged to buyers.

Verdict: GovDeals is a premium auction website for getting the best deals on goods sold by the government, educational sites, and other public agencies.


  • Variable fees of up to 12.5 percent on the final value charged by the successful bidder.
  • Daily storage fee: $10 per day if the item is not removed 10 business days after being sold.

Website: GovDeals

#8) eBay

Best for selling goods through fixed price or auction-style listings in the US and worldwide.


eBay is the largest online auction website. You can find almost any type of item on the site. The website allows sellers to list goods at a fixed cost or accept bids from buyers. No fees were charged from the bidders.

Sellers can list items based on a fixed-price listing or auction-style listing. eBay is the only site that has a ‘buyer extortion’ policy, allowing you to block certain buyers from giving feedback or ratings. The platform also gives you a discount on shipping charges.


  • Set reserve price
  • Block buyers
  • Fixed price or auction-style listing.
  • Pay using PayPal, credit card, debit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Spendable Funds, and Escrow for select categories.
  • Allow payment upon pickup.


  • Free auction-style listings from 250 to 2,500 depending on the package.
  • Block fraudulent buyers who don’t pay without valid reasons.
  • High search engine rankings and online traffic mean a large number of bidders for your products.
  • Sell your goods internationally.


  • Listing fees are not cheap.
  • Poor customer (seller) support.

Verdict: Listing your products on eBay is straightforward and quick. The online platform favors sellers in many different ways, such as offering discounts to allow them to block bad buyers.


  • Starter: $4.95-$7.95 per month plus $0.3 per listing
  • Basic: $21.95-$27.95 per month plus $0.25 per listing
  • Premium: $59.95-$74.95 per month plus $0.15 per listing
  • Anchor: $299.95-$349.95 per month plus $0.10 per listing
  • Enterprise: $2,999.95 per month plus $0.10 per listing
  • Additional Fees:
    • Selling fees: $0.3 per good sold plus a variable fee of $0.5 to $15 per order, depending on the type of goods sold
    • Dispute fees: $20 per dispute
    • International Shipping: $1.65 percent per order
    • High-value items: 6 percent of the final value
    • Not meeting seller performance standards: 5 percent of final value
    • Buy it Now Fees ($30 percent higher than the starting price): $0.05 to $0.25 per value of auctioned goods
    • Reserve price fee: $5 or 7.5 percent of the reserved price
    • Promotional fees: $0.1 to $3 per listing

eBay Pricing

Website: eBay

#9) BidGoLive

Best for bidding for used cars from insurance auto auctions.


BidGoLive is the best auction site for car dealership businesses. The auction site allows you to buy cars at cheap prices from IAA auctions. The online company is the official broker for the IAA, which simplifies the process of buying cars from insurance car auctions.


  • Search for vehicles by vehicle type, make, model, year, and mileage.
  • Real-time bidding for car buying.
  • Payments made through Moneybookers (Credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay) or Bank Wire transfers.


  • Get access to over 250,000 clean and salvaged cars.
  • Buy auctioned car priced at wholesale prices.
  • Auction buying, selling, and documentation.


  • Fees are higher than compared to competitors.

Verdict: BidGoLive is the go-to auction website for car dealers. You can bid for cars that can be sold locally or overseas.


  • Registration: Free
  • Listing fees: $195 for a car valued at or less than $3,000 | $295 for a car valued at more than $3,000
  • Documentation Fee: $70
  • Additional fees
    • Late payment fee: $50 or $0.125 percent per day, whichever is higher
    • Refundable deposit: $1000 or 10 percent of the initial bid value, whichever is higher
  • Refund fees: $0.35 + 3.8 percent of the refund deposit amount

Website: BidGoLive

#10) Municibid

Best for finding a deal from local county and state government bodies, schools, and other public agencies for free.

Municibid - Online Auction Websites

Municibid is one of the best online auction sites founded in 2006. You can find deals from your local municipal agencies. You can bid for auctioned items from the county, state government, educational, and outer public bodies. All auctions are carried out online.


  • Online bids only.
  • Open to bidding in the US and Canada.
  • Custom reports.
  • Bidding reminders.


  • Bidding is allowed 24/7 without restrictions.
  • More than 4,000 government agencies and schools use the online auction site.
  • Sell anything for free.


  • High fees for the successful bidder.
  • Favors auctioneers more than bidders.

Verdict: Municibid has a simple, easy-to-use interface. Auctioneers can easily add pictures, descriptions, and other important information. Bidders get a real-time update of new bids so they can place competitive bids.


  • Variable fees from buyers depending on winding bid value.
  • No fees from government or educational firms for listing products

Website: Municibid

#11) AuctionZip

Best for buying and selling real estate, automobiles, heavy equipment, and household collectible items for free.


AuctionZip is a great online auction site for buying and selling real estate, heavy equipment, automobiles, and collector items. It is one of the largest auction websites for local auctions. The company is a member of the NAA Auctioneer.


  • Over 25,000 auctioneers across the nation.
  • On-site advertising.
  • An unlimited live listing with photos.
  • Optimized for mobile bidding.

Verdict: AuctionZip is one of the best auction sites for selling real estate, automobiles, and heavy machinery online. The site has a fixed selling fee per listing that makes it affordable for most auctioneers.


  • $20 per listing

Website: AuctionZip

#12) Webstore

Best for casual buyers who want to buy goods through auction-style bidding.

Webstore - Online Auction Websites

Webstore allows buyers and sellers to get in touch with others in multiple ways. The item can be picked up from the seller’s location or shipped to the buyer. No fees are charged by the buyer or seller. Sellers can accept bids or list their items for a fixed price. The payments can be made through PayPal or a credit card.


  • Free listing
  • No final value fee
  • Over 500,000 listings
  • Sell internationally

Verdict: Webstore is a decent online auction website. But the site is recommended for casual buyers. This is not a good auction site for sellers who want to make money by selling goods at auction-style sales due to low traffic.

Price: Free

Website: Webstore

#13) Artcurial

Best for bidding on decorative, luxury, and collector’s items for free.


Artcurial is a French-based auction website founded in 2002. The site allows auctioneers to sell a wide range of items including decorative art, collector’s cars, fine art, luxury watches, and more items. The company carries out an annual exhibition of auctioned items in New York.


  • Live online bidding.
  • Free appraisal of auctioned goods.
  • Browse current and upcoming bids for listings.
  • Auction goods internationally.

Verdict: Artcurial is a great site for finding exotic and classic items. You can find and bid on vintage items of great value on this site.


  • 15 percent on the final bid amount charged by the buyer.

Website: Artcurial

#14) Liquidation

Best for purchasing consumer goods and commercial surplus inventory.

Liquidation - Online Auction Websites

Liquidation is a free online auction site that focuses on commercial inventory surplus, heavy equipment, and surplus inventory. You can easily bid on items from any location and device 24/7.


  • Options for home delivery and pick-up at the warehouse.
  • Free listing.
  • 500+ asset categories.
  • Support Wire Transfer, PayPal, and Credit Card.
  • Warehouse services.

Verdict: Liquidation.com is a great site for auction-type listings. But a lot of people have complained about poor customer service.

Price: Auctioneering fee for buyers: 5 to 10 percent of the final bid value

Website: Liquidation

#15) BidSpotter

Best for buying and selling industrial goods and heavy machinery for free.

BidSpotter - Online Auction Websites

BidSpotter allows you to bid for commercial and industrial goods for free. You can bid on a wide variety of industrial and commercial products. Every auctioneer has a valid auction firm license that increases the trust and credibility of the auction site.


  • Multilingual platform – English, French, Spanish, Italian, and Dutch.
  • Different auction types, including a live webcast, live online-only, and timed online-only auctions.
  • No spending limits.
  • Over 350 auctioneers and 3 million bidders.
  • Range of industrial and commercial goods.

Verdict: BidSpotter is a good online auction website. But the fees charged by the winning bidders are high. You may have to pay as much as 20 percent on the final price.

Price: Variable fees charged by the successful bidder.

Website: BidSpotter


In this article, we reviewed the top Online Auction Websites available in the market. Auction.com is the best property online auction site. The best site for luxury collector items is Sotheby’s.

BidGoLive and Copart are the best sites to bid for cars. If you want to know about the best deals by the government, educational institutes, or other public agencies, visit GovDeals.com or Municibid.

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Research Process:

  • Time Taken to Research this Article: Writing the article on online auction websites took us about 10 hours so that you can select the best paid or free auction sites that suit your requirements.
  • Total Online Auction Websites Researched: 30
  • Top Online Auction Websites Shortlisted: 15
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