19 BEST Free Logo Design Software in 2023 [Free Logo Maker]

Understand the basics of Logo Design through this tutorial. Review and compare the top Logo Design Software with pros, cons, etc:

You can develop a strong and memorable brand identity with the aid of the best logo design tools. The best logo design software includes all the tools you’ll need to design a logo, whether it’s a straightforward wordmark, a distinctive hand-illustrated icon, an abstract symbol, or a combination of elements.

Whether you are a professional graphics designer, a beginner, or someone who is looking for easy ways to quickly create a logo, we have your back.

We have compiled a list of logo design software that cuts across all experience levels. But the real concern is how to pick the right software that will serve your interests right.

Logo Design Software Review

Best Logo Design Software

In this review, we highlighted the features of the best software, their pros, and cons, a breakdown of prices as well as tell you what the software is best for based on our in-depth research.

That’s not all, we will also give you an honest verdict so that you can make informed decisions. If you’re pressed for time and want to make quick decisions, we have a comparison table with information that’s just right for you.

Market Trends: Below are our top logo design statistics and market trends to pay close attention to:

The U.S. graphic design market is worth $12.7 billion out of the $45.8 billion worldwide. The market for logo and branding in graphic design in the United States is about $3 billion.

A great logo design is crucial for any brand as it communicates to consumers and helps them recognize your brand. Statistics show that 93% of all human communication is visual.

In addition, 75% of consumers recognize a brand by its logo and color plays a significant part. A study done to analyze 250 top companies’ logos shows that the blue color is the most dominant, followed by red as the primary color (e.g., Coca-Cola and YouTube).

Refer to the image below:

Dominat Color

While up to 90% of a person’s first impression is based only on color, 2 is the most popular number when combining colors.

Another study shows that a combination mark is the most effective type of logo, followed by a wordmark. Refer to the image below:

Effective type of logo

[image source]

When it comes to the cost of logo design, you could spend anywhere between $0.00 to billions of dollars. For instance, Coca-Cola and Google spent $0 on their original logos while British Petroleum spent $211 million on its logo in 2008. Symantec’s logo is the most expensive logo design, with a cost of $1.28 billion.

Below is an image showing the 5 most expensive logo designs:

Most Expensive Logo Design

However, 57% of small businesses would spend up to $500 for a logo, and only 14% would pay over $1000 for a logo.

Coca-Cola is the most recognizable logo in the world, recognized by 94% of people across the globe. Apple, McDonald’s, Google, Nike, and Facebook are among the top 10 most recognizable logos in the United States.

Freelancing platforms have emerged as a major force in the logo design market due to their competitive pricing. Adobe Illustrator remains the most used graphic design software with the creative cloud having approx. 22 million active subscribers.

Expert Advice: The tools, materials, and trade skills that go into the final result are the secret ingredients for a good logo. Choosing the right software is not the only important process in designing great logos, hardware and learning materials play a significant role as well.

For pro logo design software, Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW are the most respected software products among professional designers. However, Adobe Illustrator is the preferred industry standard for logo design.

Wacom is a brand you can rely on for drawing tablets for logo creation, and its MobileStudio Pro is one of its newest products. However, you might want to try the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet if you’re looking to design hardware that is more similar to a real laptop.

For educational logo design resources, you can start with David Airey’s Logo Design Love, a book on logo design. Alternatively, Udemy might be a great place to go if you prefer online classes. Other options for online classes include Lynda, General Assembly, Skillshare, and CreativeLive.

How to Choose the Best Logo Design Software

Here are some factors to look for:

  • Ease of use: If the software is overwhelming for you, then it’s not the best fit. What’s important is software that fits your workflow.
  • Details/Features: Be vigilant about the features you intend to use. Some logo design software provides straightforward logo design tools that are great for beginners. Others have complex tools that are instrumental for professional designers. Note that the best logo design software should give you full control of the features based on your preferences.
  • Pricing: Consider how you’d like to spend on the software. If your goal is to create a single logo, do not opt into subscription-based plans or purchase expensive software.
  • Learning Support and Community: Community groups and learning forums are resourceful and should not be ignored. You want a place where you can get quick help and honest feedback throughout your logo design journey.
  • Expert Reviews: These people have been around long enough to know what’s best. Before you make any commitments, consider their input and ask as much as possible.
  • Trials: It’s critical to get a feel for how the software works and determine whether or not it meets your expectations. Also, companies that offer free trials are confident in their products.

Designing a logo doesn’t have to be that difficult. Below is a quick guide for you to follow:

  • Establish your Brand’s identity: Once you have a firm grasp on what makes you unique and what your company stands for, your personality will play a significant role in every part of the design of your logo.
  • Looking for ideas for your design: Possibly the hardest part of the design process is looking for logo ideas. By conducting a brainstorming session and noting down all ideas (good and bad), you may get beyond this challenging step.
  • Examine your Rivals: Take a look at what is already accessible. Look for any trends in the typefaces, colors, symbols, etc. Consider how they vary between you and how your logo design might highlight these distinctions.
  • Select a Design Aesthetic: Recognize there are several logo design trends. There isn’t one style that suits everyone. Choose a design aesthetic that best represents the essence of your brand. Decide whether it is traditional, humorous and quirky, nostalgic or vintage, handcrafted, contemporary and minimalist, etc.
  • Identify the best Type of Logo: There are many different kinds of logos, including wordmarks, letter marks, picture marks, mascots, combination marks, and abstract logo markings. Pick the one that best matches your business. Always keep things simple.
  • Pay attention to Typography and Colors: While there are hundreds of fonts available, only choose a typeface that completes and enhances your logo. Colors should match your brand. Do some study on colors to learn what they imply and how your brand might be impacted by them.
  • Consider your Alternatives: Don’t settle for what you think is best. Ask for feedback from your friends, audience, and family. Before you make a final decision, always remember that a good logo should be:
    • Timeless
    • Versatile
    • Unique
    • Simple & memorable

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) What program is best to design a logo?

Answer: The most effective and best logo design software is Adobe Illustrator, which is also the industry standard. However, there are other excellent choices, such as Logo Design Studio Pro, Vectr, DesignEvo, and Canva, among others that are frequently more user-friendly and more affordable for amateur designers.

Q #2) Which free software is best for logo design?

Answer: For the best logo design software for free, Vectr, Hatchful, Inkscape, and Squarespace are the best options in the industry. The software is easy to use and provides the necessary logo design tools that are instrumental in designing reasonable logos. Canva free plan is also a good option.

Q #3) Which software is best for logos and icons?

Answer: Adobe Illustrator is the best option for any logo, icon, or graphic design job, thanks to its extensive collection of digital design tools. However, you might want to explore Affinity Designer and maybe CorelDRAW if you’re looking for an alternative.

Suggested Reading =>> Learn about vector-based software Adobe Illustrator

Q #4) Is Photoshop good for logo design?

Answer: While Photoshop is a robust design tool, and it’s possible to create quality logos with it, it’s not the best option. It works in raster and images cannot be saved as scalable vector files. You can, however, use it to give your logo the final touches after designing it in vector-based software such as Adobe Illustrator.

Q #5) Which is the best site for logo making?

Answer: Several best sites for logo making exist. But not all produce the best results. We’d recommend Logaster, Designhill, and Looka. Both are easy to use, work fast, and deliver good results.

Q #6) What type of graphics are used for logos?

Answer: Logos are usually created in vector format. You can then export them to raster formats. The reason every graphic designer must design their logos in vector and not raster format is that vector formats are high quality and scalable.

Q #7) Best logo design software for beginners?

Answer: If you’re a beginner graphic designer looking for logo design software that’s easy to use, then look no further than Logo Design Studio Pro. The “Pro” term should not scare you at all. The software is straightforward and has a gentler learning curve.

For those searching for DIY logo design software that is straightforward, check out Logaster, Designhill, and Looka.

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List of the Best Logo Design Software

Popular logo design tools list:

  1. BrandCrowd
  2. Crazy Domains
  3. Adobe Illustrator
  4. Logo Design Studio Pro
  5. Logaster
  6. Vectr
  7. Designhill
  8. Affinity Designer
  9. Looka
  10. DesignEvo
  11. Hatchful
  12. Canva
  13. TurboLogo
  14. Tailor Brands
  15. Adobe CreativeCloud
  16. Procreate
  17. Inkscape
  18. Gravit Designer
  19. Squarespace logo maker
  20. CorelDRAW
  21. Adobe Photoshop

Comparison Table of Best Logo Design Tools

Tool NameBest ForPriceSupported PlatformsSkill LevelFree Trial
BrandCrowdBeginners and Professional graphic designersFree to useWeb-basedIntermediate/Advanced--
Crazy DomainsBeginners and professional designers• Monthly Subscription: USD 11.75/month
• One-Time license: USD 139
Web-basedBeginnerFree to use with limited features
Adobe IllustratorProfessional graphic designers• Adobe Illustrator single app $20.99/month
• Creative Cloud all apps $54.99/month
• Students and teachers $19.99/month
• Business $84.99/month per license
Web, PC, Mac, Linux, and iPadIntermediate/Advanced1-month free trial
Logo Design Studio Pro Beginners• Logo Design Studio Pro Standard Edition $69.99 (one time)
• Logo Design Studio Pro Platinum Edition $149.99 (one time)
• Logo Design Studio Pro Online is $29.99 (first month) then $7.99/month
Web and WindowsBeginnerNot available
LogastarDIY persons with little to no experience with graphic design• XS $19.99 (one-time payment, 1 file)
• S $49.99 (one-time payment, 120+ files)
• M $64.99 (one-time payment, 180+ files)
• L $89.99 (one-time payment, 200+ files)
WebBeginner/IntermediateDownload a small file free without a watermark
VectrBeginner vector-based logo creators eager to get started or anyone who wants to create a logo on a tight budgetFreeWeb, Windows, Linux, Mac, and ChromeOSBeginner/IntermediateFree Software
DesignhillSimplicity • The basic package is $20.00
• Premium package $65.00
• Enterprise package $125.00
WebBeginner/IntermediateNot available
Affinity DesignerAdvanced graphic designers• $54.99 (one time) for Mac and Windows
• $19.99 (one time) for iPad
Mac, Windows, and iPadIntermediate/Advanced10-day free trial

Detailed review:

#1) BrandCrowd

Best for Beginners and Professional graphic designers. The features include an easy-to-use logo builder and a massive template library.


BrandCrowd is a tool one can use to create logo designs from scratch in a few simple steps without paying a dime. By simply entering your business name, you’ll be presented with a massive library of over 146,000 design templates. The design will be tailored as per your business requirements.

You can customize your logo in multiple different ways. You can choose between different shapes, colors, font theme, and more. Once designed, you can either choose to download the logo to your system or have them emailed to an email ID.

Why you should Use this Software:

Ideal for beginners and professional graphic designers as well as digital marketing agencies.


  • Massive template library
  • User-friendly visual logo maker
  • Customize using different color, shape, font options
  • Download logos as high-resolution.


  • Premium logo designs
  • Free to use
  • User-friendly interface
  • Unlimited customizations


  • Limited in its capability when you consider other similar graphic designing tools.

Verdict: With BrandCrowd, businesses get a free online tool that allows you to create unique and visually impressive logos within minutes. You get access to a ton of royalty-free logos designed by seasoned professionals.

Price: Free to use

#2) Crazy Domains

Best for Beginners and professional designers.

crazy domain

Crazy Domains offers an online logo maker that caters to non-professional designers. Irrespective of whether you are a skilled designer, you’ll be able to use the platform to create a stunning logo for your business within minutes.

You get more than 10000 readymade logos to choose from. These logos can then be customized with the font, color, and theme of your choice. There are logos here available in different categories to suit the unique requirements of numerous businesses.


  • Readymade Logo Design Gallery
  • Multiple Logo Variations
  • Intuitive Online Logo Editor
  • Web, Print, TV Files


  • Highly customizable
  • Flexible pricing
  • Free to use
  • Unlimited revision with the paid plan


  • The paid plans may be expensive for some.

Verdict: Crazy Domains logo maker allows you to design, customize, and download stunning logos within minutes, irrespective of whether you possess any design skills. You get more than 10000 readymade professional logo designs to explore and customize.

Price: The subscription plans are as follows:

  • Monthly Subscription: $ 11.75/month
  • One-Time license: $139

Alternatively, you can use the tool for free with limited features.

#3) Adobe Illustrator

Best for professional graphic designers. The best features include robust drawing instruments and geometric forms and tools for vector tracing.

Adobe Illustrator

Although several fresher faces have emerged since Adobe Illustrator’s debut in 1987, it continues to be the most widely used vector program on the market. Illustrator provides all the tools you need for path editing, sketching, coloring, and creating 2D and 3D forms, with market-leading features for every stage of the design process.

It’s a robust, feature-rich software suite that integrates easily and effectively with other Adobe products, including Photoshop and InDesign.

Illustrator does have a somewhat steep learning curve if you’ve never used design software before. However, it is difficult to dispute the sheer breadth and complexity of Illustrator’s features, which range from web tools and perspective tools to sophisticated image effects and powerful color, typography, and vector controls.

This software also has collaboration features to invite people who are not Creative Cloud members to view your project in the cloud. Obtain feedback without exporting or sending huge files.

The in-app learning panel improved 3D effects, and auto font activation are additional helpful features. Keep in mind that you can only get Illustrator as a subscription, which might be pretty pricey.

The advantage of the subscription model, however, is that because Adobe updates its software frequently, subscribers always have access to the newest features. Both Mac and Windows PCs can use Adobe Illustrator, and a subscription cost $20.99 per month. Look no further if you’re interested in the best logo design software for Mac.

Who should use this software:

Advanced and professional graphic designers who have experience creating sophisticated logo designs and illustrations use this software.


  • Drawing instruments and geometric forms.
  • Licensed fonts for commercial use.
  • Pantone Color Profiles and CMYK.
  • Tools for vector tracing that turn hand-drawn designs into digital ones.
  • Automated syncing with other Creative Cloud applications, such as Adobe Photoshop.
  • Wacom drawing tablet compatibility.
  • System: PC, Mac, Linux, and iPad.


  • Tools that are industry leaders for everything from drawing to 3D typefaces.
  • Workflow integration with other Adobe products, such as InDesign and Photoshop.
  • Lots of community content and assistance.
  • Support for logo file types: SVG, PDF, EPS, WMF, and VML.
  • Device-to-device sync.
  • Integration of Adobe Stock.
  • An iPad OS program that supports the Apple Pencil.


  • Incline learning curve.
  • Costly monthly subscription.
  • No logo templates.

Verdict: Adobe Illustrator is a comprehensive vector graphics powerhouse rather than just an application for creating logos. Users can scale their logo to any size because Illustrator is vector-based, ensuring that designs won’t get pixelated when enlarged.

The majority of designers and freelancers use it to create everything from illustrations to posters, icons, and, of course, logos. It is the best logo design software with endless possibilities.


  • 1-month free trial
  • Adobe Illustrator single app $20.99/month
  • Creative Cloud all apps $54.99/month
  • Students and teachers $19.99/month
  • Business $84.99/month per license

Website: Adobe Illustrator

#4) Logo Design Studio Pro

Best for beginners. The best features include vast logo templates and graphic objects, controls for color and gradient, and effects in text.

Logo Design Studio Pro

For the past 20 years, Summitsoft’s Logo Design Studio Pro platform has been the most popular choice for creating logos. For those just starting in design, it is the greatest option. There are several distinct logo templates in the software, all of which have vector elements on various layers. To create a logo, users can modify each layer’s typefaces, colors, and shapes.

With a straightforward user interface and access to 2,000 logo designs as well as 6,000 different shapes and fonts, Logo Design Studio Pro is comparable to Canva’s logo maker. Users have access to professional-level coloring and styling choices, including gradients, shadow, blur, glow, and emboss effects.

Shapes may also be readily stretched and modified. You can scale your logo to any size without losing sharpness or clarity thanks to the built-in vector tools and graphics.

However, because Logo Design Studio Pro lacks Adobe Illustrator’s comprehensive set of editing tools, some customers believe the finished designs don’t appear quite as polished or expert. But compared to Illustrator, the software has a more forgiving learning curve, making it easier for beginners to get going.

To utilize Logo Design Studio Pro as a desktop software, Windows operating system is necessary. Both Windows and Mac operating systems are compatible with the browser-based version.

Who should use this software:

Beginner Logo designers and people who have no experience with logo design should use this software. While it’s the best logo design software for beginners, its features can be a little bit overwhelming for a start.


  • 6,000+ graphic objects and over 2,000 logo templates.
  • Control of color and gradient.
  • Effects of text.
  • Components with layers for simple customization.
  • Optional file exports for SVG and PNG.
  • Cost-free cloud storage online (online version only).


  • Simple to use.
  • An easily accessible website with a selection of logo templates and shapes.
  • All sizes can be applied to images.
  • An unlimited number of logos.
  • Templates for primary and secondary logos.
  • Commercial usage rights included.
  • Choices for software and payment.
  • Free tools for creating logos.
  • Special effects and color control.


  • Only full font libraries that have been purchased separately are available.
  • There is a monthly subscription fee for cloud storage.
  • Online assistance is scarce.
  • Platinum Edition upgrades or additional expansion packs are needed for some features.
  • For the creation of extra brand assets, Graphic Studio Pro is a different program that is needed.
  • Only compatible with windows OS.

Verdict: While Logo Design Studio Pro doesn’t have as comprehensive a range of editing tools as Adobe Illustrator, the software has a gentler learning curve than Illustrator, therefore it’s the best logo design software for novices. There are enough logo design tools for those looking to research the field to break into the market.


  • Free trial not available. However, you can try it for 30 days for $49.99 (Online)
  • Logo Design Studio Pro Standard Edition $69.99 (one time)
  • Logo Design Studio Pro Platinum Edition $149.99 (one time)
  • Logo Design Studio Pro Online is $29.99 (first month) then $7.99/per month

Website: Logo Design Studio Pro

#5) Logaster

Best for DIY people with little to no experience with graphic design. The best features include one design bundle, a myriad of fonts and icons, and 7 logo layouts.


Logaster employs Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, like many other Do-It-Yourself (DIY) logo builders, to create distinctive logos for each user. It is really simple to use, and there is no technical expertise required to create a logo. Logaster logo maker gives you numerous design alternatives once you enter your brand name and click “Create Logo.”

The software also offers various customization options. There’s an option to input your brand’s tagline and select a category. When you press “Create” once more, more unique suggestions are presented.

The font library is interesting and diverse. You can change text and icons using a straightforward drag-and-drop interface, and you can quickly switch between seven different logo styles in addition to the typical color and font edits.

You can download the most crucial file types based on the logo package you buy. Full-color, black-and-white, transparent, high-resolution PNG and JPG files are also acceptable, as are vector PDF and SVG files.

Who should use this software:

DIY lovers and people looking for quick results should use this software. Small businesses could also benefit big from the extra tools it offers.


  • Super-fast startup process.
  • Thousands of icons and fonts.
  • Change logo designs anytime (even after you download).
  • Download small logos for free.
  • One design bundle.
  • 7 logo layouts.
  • Background and color variations.


  • The user interface is simple and clear.
  • A rapid technique for creating a logo.
  • Produces numerous logo versions.
  • Excellent client relations.
  • Full commercial usage rights.
  • Unlimited downloads.


  • Limited to pre-selected colors.
  • The AI doesn’t collect enough info for great personalization.
  • Limited personalization.

Verdict: While Logaster isn’t as sophisticated as other graphic design tools available on the market, its simplicity of use more than makes up for it.

However, Logaster is not for you if you are familiar with simple graphic design software. On the other hand, small business owners might benefit from the extensive selection of free business tools. If you’re looking for free logo design software, Logaster allows users to create and download a small-size logotype without watermarks.


  • Unlimited free trial – download small files for free without a watermark
  • XS $19.99 (one-time payment, 1 file)
  • S $49.99 (one-time payment, 120+ files)
  • M $64.99 (one-time payment, 180+ files)
  • L $89.99 (one-time payment, 200+ files)

Website: Logaster

#6) Vectr

Best for beginner vector-based logo creators eager to get started or anyone who wants to create a logo on a tight budget.


Vectr offers a streamlined UI and allows bespoke logo creation if you’re looking for a free logo design alternative that is much easier to use.

Vectr is accessible online and on your desktop across a variety of platforms, enabling real-time synchronization and collaboration with anyone, anytime. Anyone may unleash their creativity as a graphic designer or illustrator thanks to Vectr’s simple interface.

Its simple user interface gives the impression that it just has a few simple features, like text tools, shapes, and pens. However, a panel with extra forms is only a click away. The panel has several advanced features, including the ability to display arrows, lightning bolts, stars, calendar symbols, and other different clipart-style patterns.

For usage as backdrops, Vectr also enables the import and editing of bitmaps and SVGs. The appearance of an image can be changed in many ways, including through the use of opacity, borders, fill types, colors, and shadows.

By default, every project is saved online. If you want to begin or continue working on projects across various devices, this feature is helpful. However, the program can be used in any current browser or installed on desktop systems (supporting Windows, Linux, Mac, and ChromeOS). It’s also the best logo design software for Mac users.


  • Tools (pen, shape)
  • Gradients
  • Filters
  • Real-time collaboration
  • AI-powered
  • Chat feature
  • Chrome plugin


  • Free software
  • A straightforward and low learning curve
  • Tons of image customization options
  • Great UI
  • Web and desktop tools
  • Lots of free online vector graphics tools


  • Must have an internet connection to work online.
  • Ads in the workspace.
  • Limited options to save work.

Verdict: Vectr is a simple yet powerful free vector graphics platform. Thanks to dependable cross-platform tools, project managers, software engineers, social media specialists, and bloggers may generate vector graphics more quickly and intuitively. It was created with the cooperation and sharing of vector drawings in mind.

Even though it lacks some of the more sophisticated capabilities found in high-end software, the program provides all the tools and functionality that are required. Check out the tool if you’re looking for the best logo maker software free download for Windows 10.

Price: Free

Website: Vectr

#7) Designhill

Best for simplicity.


Designhill Logo Maker is another AI-powered solution. It enables you to enter your information and choose the colors and patterns you desire, very much like Tailor Brands and Logaster Logo Maker. Then, a selection of custom designs is presented to you for selection and, if desired, customization.

The fact that Designhill uses high-quality fonts, graphics, icons, and other design components is its strongest feature. The logo maker is constantly learning which combinations of designs work best. Therefore, the Designhill logo maker becomes better and better each time you use it.

If you use the online Designhill logo maker to create your logo and then complete the checkout process, you will receive high-resolution, usable PNG, SVG, EPS, JPEG, and vector logo file formats.


  • Multi-device support (optimized for desktop, mobile, and tablet).
  • A plethora of professional logo ideas.
  • Fully customizable logo designs.
  • High-resolution logo files.
  • Full logo copyright.
  • Complete the social media kit.
  • Print ready logo designs.
  • Logo with color variations.


  • Super easy to use
  • No subscriptions
  • Fully customizable
  • AI-powered
  • Timely and pocket friendly
  • 24/7 live support


  • No free trial
  • The site needs the latest updates.
  • Selecting the final logo design can be overwhelming.

Verdict: If you’re not a designer, creating a logo is quick, simple, and completely free, so it’s worth a look. Instead of requiring extensive design knowledge like other logo software, Designhill’s online logo creation tool is ideal for business owners who are merely seeking a brand logo to launch their venture.


  • No free trial
  • The basic package is $20.00
  • Premium Package is $65.00
  • Enterprise package is $125.00

Website: Designhill

#8) Affinity Designer

Best for advanced graphic designers.


Similar to Illustrator, Affinity Designer has vector drawing and editing features needed for complex projects or logo creation. Affinity Publisher and Affinity Photos are integrated to offer a set of services resembling Adobe Creative Cloud.

Affinity Designer is most likely the best value design program available for a very reasonable price. Although it isn’t the cheapest, its mix of respectable usability, potent capabilities that can rival Adobe, and native raster compatibility make it a very wise purchase. The toolkit in Affinity Designer is yours to keep for the cost of one month of Adobe CC.


  • Highly customizable.
  • Zoom beyond 1M%.
  • Undo/redo over 8K historical steps.
  • Pro vector illustration (e.g., clipping, artboards, styles, transforms, pencil tool, corner tool, etc.)
  • Design aids (snapping, live split screen, switch views, canvas rotation, etc.)
  • Raster design tools (refine selection, magic wand, pixel selection, etc.)
  • Resources
  • Professional typography (e.g., pro font support, art and frame text, etc.)
  • Professional color, compatibility, and output
  • Live blends modes, adjustments, and effects
  • Professional sketch, paint, and texture tools


  • Inexpensive price
  • Frequent software updates.
  • Import of an Adobe Illustrator file.
  • Exporting to EPS, JPEG, PDF, SVG, PSD, PNG, TIFF, and GIF
  • No subscriptions
  • Pro samples
  • Easy to use


  • Limited features for collaboration.
  • There is no raster-to-vector tracing.
  • Extra fees for fresh typefaces and brushes.

Verdict: Compared to Illustrator, this program is easier and can be purchased cheaply and easily. Professionals in the creative industries can use Affinity Designer, a high-performance design program. It is a tool for dedicated graphic design experts.

The learning curve for Affinity Designer is too steep for the majority of new users, even with its lower price compared to Illustrator.


  • 10-day free trial
  • $54.99 (one time) for Mac and Windows
  • $19.99 (one time) for an iPad

Website: Affinity Designer

#9) Looka

Best for beginners.

Looka - Logo Design Software

Another logo maker program that handles all the work for you is Looka. Looka will utilize its AI to create a mockup of a design that corresponds to your tastes, which you can then tweak after paying to download it.

Compared to similar software like Logaster, their initial questionnaire is longer and more detailed. Looka digs deeper to give you more precise information about your brand and the best logo design choices.


  • 300 interchangeable templates.
  • Adapted to user choices and new logo combinations.
  • Changeable fonts and icons.
  • Generator of color palettes.
  • All packages have an export option for PNG files.
  • For higher-tier products, file export options include EPS, PDF, and SVG.
  • An industry-specific collection of logo designs for inspiration


  • A myriad of templates to choose from.
  • Great customer support.
  • Easy-to-use.
  • One-time payments & subscriptions.
  • Vector logo files are available.


  • Hundreds of generated logos can be hard to pick for the best.
  • The basic package is too limited.
  • Edit options are limited.

Verdict: The interface for Looka’s computer-generated designs is simple to utilize. There are many customization choices available, and creating a logo is cost-free. However, downloading costs money. Be sure to pick a plan with a commercial usage license, though.


  • No free trial
  • Basic logo package $20 (one-time purchase)
  • Premium logo package $65 (one-time purchase)
  • Brand kit subscription $96/year (billed annually)
  • Brand kit web subscription $192/year (billed annually)

Website: Looka

#10) DesignEvo

Best for DIY logo design flexibility.

DesignEvo - Logo Design Software

Although it isn’t free, DesignEvo is a logo maker that provides many useful features for non-designers and those just learning the craft.

Regardless of whether you are using Windows, Linux, or Mac, it functions on Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. However, keep in mind that the mobile and browser versions of DesignEvo are not synchronized. DesignEvo is also accessible on Android and iOS.

The large sidebar on the far left, which will be used to create all of the visuals, dominates the interface. One of the qualities that keeps DesignEvo evaluations so positive is this one. You go through logo designs, pick the one you like, enter your company name, and then get to work on the actual design. It is an easy but efficient method.


  • 10000+ templates.
  • Many free vector icons.
  • More than 100 fonts in diverse styles.
  • Using solid or gradated colors.
  • High-caliber PDF and SVG files.
  • For logo designs, font files are employed.
  • Possessing copyright.


  • Friendly pricing plans.
  • Straightforward to use.
  • Excellent support.
  • You can build a logo from scratch.
  • Easy-to-use UI.


  • No AI
  • No free revisions

Verdict: The emphasis and flexibility provided by DesignEvo make it a serious challenger with even fewer features. It’s one of the best logo design software for free. It is incredibly simple to use to make many different logos. There isn’t a better solution than its web version if you want to save money or just get started with logo design.


  • Free trial available – free $0.00 (high-resolution files limited to 300px)
  • Basic $24.99 (one-time)
  • Plus $49.99 (one-time)

Website: DesignEvo

#11) Hatchful

Best for people looking for free logo design software.

Hatchful - Logo Design Software

Hatchful, a 2017 launch, is Shopify’s take on AI-driven branding. Looka and the Hatchful method are comparable. It gives customizable logo possibilities after a few questions regarding your tastes and industry are answered. It is a free tool for creating logos that don’t need any prior design knowledge or expertise.


  • Hundreds of templates.
  • Social media assets.
  • Customizable
  • Logo design options for all industries.


  • Completely free
  • Countless revisions and downloads.
  • PNG logo file in full color.
  • A transparent-background PNG.
  • The icon file


  • Customization options are limited
  • Limited design capabilities
  • No vector files

Verdict: By selecting from hundreds of expertly-made templates, you can build a unique logo using Hatchful’s free logo generator. The logo maker will assist you in selecting from an endless number of industries, each with its distinctive logo design. It is the best free logo design software out there.

Price: Free

Website: Hatchful

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#12) Canva

Best for beginner and intermediate designers.

Canva - Logo Design Software

Professional software packages like Adobe Illustrator or Affinity Designer can be a little frightening if you’re new to design.

Comparatively, the process of generating a logo is quite simple when using the Canva Logo Maker, which employs drag-and-drop simplicity and beautifully created templates. The interface is straightforward, and helpful pop-up instructions will walk you through each step. It’s one of the best logo design software for beginners looking to try their hand at a free logo design platform.


  • More than 250,000 templates.
  • Styled font combinations.
  • Vector images
  • Animated resources.
  • Stock photos
  • Picture frames
  • Tools for collaboration.
  • 5 GB of online storage.


  • Has no learning curve
  • Powered by templates
  • Cheap
  • Drag-and-drop software
  • Apps for iOS and Android
  • Commercial use authorization
  • Simple color palettes
  • Export from a variety of high-resolution file types
  • Integrations with social media


  • You can’t export SVG/EPS files.
  • No vector tools.
  • Subscriptions are limited to 5 users.

Verdict: Primary Canva logo design tools are offered without charge. A pro package with access to additional templates and a social media scheduler may be advantageous for businesses who want to use their logo across social media postings.


  • 30-day free trial
  • Canva Pro $54.99 (yearly) or $6.49 (monthly)

Website: Canva

Best for those looking for logo design software with versatile customization capabilities

In addition to providing you with excellent creative templates, Turbologo is a superb service because it provides a ton of editing and customization options. Another excellent feature is the fact that you can continue tweaking your project for 3 months or a year based on your package.


  • Print ready vector files
  • High-resolution files
  • A variety of color options
  • After purchasing alterations
  • Brand guidelines
  • Social media kit


  • Lots of templates are available
  • Full ownership
  • Easy-to-use design tools
  • Useful keyboard shortcuts

Cons: No free trial


  • Free trial not available
  • Lite $16 (one-time payment)
  • Standard $32 (one-time payment)
  • Business $64 (one-time payment)

Website: TurboLogo

#14) Tailor Brands

Best for non-designers.

Another online service that assists non-designers, designers, and business owners in creating logos online based on their preferences and preferred design options are Tailor Brands. Tailor Brands offers a wide range of options.

You input the text you want to appear in your logo, after which you are given a selection of binary font possibilities and asked which one you prefer. Despite having fewer customizing choices than desktop vector tools like Canva, Tailor Brands still creates logos, business cards, and social media visuals with consistent branding.


  • Branded assets
  • High-resolution logo files
  • Social media formats
  • Additional business tools


  • No design skills required
  • Easy and intuitive
  • Unique designs
  • Fully customizable
  • Good customer support


  • It’s not worth it for one logo design
  • Subscription payment
  • No EPS file export
  • You must upgrade to download your design.


  • Free trial not available, only free samples.
  • Basic $9.99/month billed monthly or $3.99/month billed annually or $2.5/month billed biannually
  • Standard $19.99/month billed monthly or $5.99/month billed annually or $4.99/month billed biannually
  • Premium $49.99/month billed monthly or $12.99/month billed annually or $9.99/month billed biannually

Website: Tailor Brands

#15) Adobe Creative Cloud

Best for creative professionals.

The most complete toolkit for designing corporate graphics, icons, and logos is available in Creative Cloud. There is an app for every work style, whether you want to sketch freehand or use exact geometric designs. Access to all of your resources and projects is ensured via online libraries.

Adobe offers membership plans for both people and companies, as well as savings for educators and students. There is a plan for you, no matter what your design requirements.

The Adobe Creative Suite can be somewhat overwhelming at first, but if you start with just one software and gain experience with it, the rest will be a lot simpler to use.

The shared folders’ contents can be viewed, edited, renamed, moved, or deleted using Adobe CC. Additionally, the monthly subscription cost grants you access to the software of your choice. Alternatively, you gain access to all of the apps. Of course, monthly costs vary depending on the plan you select.


  • Adobe apps plus fonts, stock images, and tutorials.
  • Tools for teamwork.
  • Community.


  • It’s always up-to-date software.
  • Great customer experience.
  • An extremely versatile suite of software.
  • Different products integration (high productivity).
  • Easy to manage.
  • Contains 100GB (premium version) and 2GB (free version) of cloud storage.


  • Very expensive.
  • Uses a lot of bandwidth.
  • Setting up takes time.


  • 30-day free trial of Adobe Stock
  • Individual/photography $9.99/month
  • Creative Cloud All Apps $54.99/month

Website: Adobe Creative Cloud

#16) Procreate

Best for digital painting.

Procreate isn’t specifically designed for logo design, and some people would object to its placement on our list due to its conspicuous lack of vector exports. Its selection, manipulation, transformation, and transparency tools are simple to use, and its layer controls are user-friendly.

You have all the tools you need in Procreate to make expressive sketches, vibrant paintings, stunning illustrations, and lovely animations.


  • 200+ handcrafted brushes.
  • Complete Color Control.
  • Power moves (multi-touch gestures).
  • 3D model painting, page assist, stroke stabilization.
  • Quick shape, streamline, drawing assist, color drop.
  • Full font control.
  • Finishing filters.


  • No subscriptions
  • Affordable
  • Dedicated community.
  • A lot of educational material.


  • It’s made for iPad.

Price: USD 11.99

Free trial not available

Website: Procreate

#17) Inkscape

Best for intermediate to experienced users looking for free logo design software

Inkscape is a 100% free graphic design program that was first made available in 2003. It is an open-source graphics editor appropriate for both creative and technical design work.

Inkscape makes it simple for designers to work across many design platforms because it can import and export a variety of file types, including AI, EPS, SVG, PDF, PSD, and PNG files. You are invited to try this best logo design software for free and compare results.


  • Object creation (drawing, shape and text tools, clones, embedded bitmaps).
  • Object manipulation (transformation, z-order, grouping objects, layers).
  • Fill and stroke (color selector, color picker, pattern fills, etc.).
  • Operations on paths
  • Text support
  • Rendering


  • 100% free to download and use.
  • A lot of features.
  • Simple user interface.
  • Open-source software.
  • Solid software, especially free logo software.


  • Steep learning curve.
  • No mobile app.

Price: Free

Website: Inkscape

#18) Gravit Designer

Best for design enthusiasts and future professionals

Gravit Designer, a different Corel software, was released in 2011. On smartphones, tablets, Chromebooks, laptops, and desktops, it functions as a progressive web app. You can take your work offline with a Gravit Designer Pro subscription, which is optional.

The majority of professional graphic designers, especially those that work with printed files, won’t be satisfied with Gravit’s feature sets and export capabilities. However, Gravit Designer is a reasonably priced approach to try creating your logo if you have some basic design skills.


  • Powerful vector editing.
  • Text and typography.
  • Image editing
  • Compatibility and files.
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Colors (color picker, live palette, global & document swatches).


  • Apple Pencil and touchscreen compatibility.
  • A collection of software instructional videos.
  • Simple mobile and desktop swapping.
  • Free cloud storage tier with restrictions.
  • Excellent collection of icons and illustration templates.
  • Sync for Google Drive (on the Pro tier).
  • Import SVG files using Illustrator.


  • No group editing software.
  • Limited support for color profiles.
  • No export of EPS.
  • The vast bulk of features demands payment.
  • The Pro plan is the only one that offers SVG output.


  • Free with limited features
  • Pro version $69.99/year
  • 15-day free trial available

Website: Gravit Designer

#19) Squarespace logo maker

Best for beginners and a quick logo for personal use.

If you have a Squarespace 7 account, you can utilize Squarespace for nothing. There is no cost to use the design tool for a free trial or to export a logo for your Squarespace website.

A basic logo can be created with the Squarespace Logo Maker, a free online-based tool, right in your web browser. After entering your brand name and a few other characteristics, you may quickly browse through a sizable collection of icons. Use the built-in type tool to experiment with your logo’s text after choosing an icon (or deciding not to).

If you’re looking for logo design software free for personal use then we’d recommend you start here. However, don’t expect anything fancy or visually amazing.


  • 34 free font options and a hex color picker.
  • Background with dots for simple element alignment.
  • Repositioning by click-and-dragging.
  • Alignment of snaps to grids.
  • Grouping icons with description.
  • Web-based services.


  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Simple user interface.
  • Free service.
  • Produce results fast.
  • Transparent background files.


  • Limited commercial rights.
  • No layers.
  • Does not support vector exports.
  • Limited customization.

Price: Free

Website: Squarespace logo maker

#20) CorelDRAW

Best for beginners, intermediate, and advanced designers who love illustrations.

Suitable for both Windows and Mac OS X, CorelDRAW is a vector design application. Tools for tracing and creating vector shapes are included in every CorelDRAW product to assist users in turning concepts into logos. Incorporating hand-sketching through its LiveSketch tool is something CorelDRAW accomplishes better than its rivals.

You can use shapes, different fonts, and formats in the software to make more adaptable logo designs. The best feature, according to design specifications, is that it is both scalable and simple to adapt.


  • Tools for vector illustrations.
  • Altering photos using raster data.
  • Competence in document layout.
  • Typesetting devices.
  • Grouped and layered elements.
  • Raster tracing in a single click.
  • Flexible design space (multi-page view & multi-asset export).


  • Feature-rich software.
  • Flexible pricing package.
  • High-resolution export files for JPG, PNG, HEIF, BMP, and GIF.
  • Assistance with Wacom drawing tablets.
  • Integrated tips that assist users in learning how to use drawing tools.


  • Quite expensive.
  • UI could be better.
  • No templates.


  • 15-day free trial available
  • CorelDRAW Standard $335.00 (one-time purchase)
  • CorelDRAW Graphic Suite $644.00 (one-time purchase), $27.42/month annually or 329.00/year

Website: CorelDRAW

#21) Adobe Photoshop

Best for creative designers

Adobe Photoshop is the most widely used graphics editing program, which is used to create and improve 2D and 3D images. Sketching and brainstorming are two stages in the logo design process and Photoshop might be helpful.

Additionally, once you’ve finished designing your logo in vector software, you may import the file into Photoshop to make some adjustments. While Photoshop’s features certainly provide you more power when modifying complicated visuals like pictures than you would typically have, it is not the greatest choice for logo design.


  • Collaboration and commenting.
  • Plugins to help you.
  • Artboards.
  • Layers, brushes, drawing, and painting tools.
  • Color adjustments.
  • Paint symmetrical patterns.
  • Non-destructive forms of editing.


  • Intuitive and robust.
  • Lots of great tools and features.
  • Easily integrate with other Adobe apps.
  • Great customer support.
  • The most versatile software.


  • Steep learning curve.
  • It’s pricey.
  • It can take up a lot of your computer’s resources.


  • 30-day free trial
  • Annual plan $20.99/month or $239.88/year
  • Creative Cloud All Apps plan $54.99/month

Website: Adobe Photoshop


Some logo design software is simpler to learn than others due to the large number of components that go into good logo design software.

You may have to spend hundreds of dollars on subscription fees and months honing your skills for some software, but it will be worth it because it gives you the tools to make truly original designs. Others are designed with the beginning in mind and offer basic tools for making logos.

We’d recommend Adobe Illustrator for professional graphics designers who want to take their design skills to the next level. It’s the best logo design software that packs powerful tools for graphic design and illustration.

If you’re a beginner graphics designer and would like to taste the waters, then Logo Design Studio Pro is your best shot. For non-designers or those without graphic design knowledge but want a quick logo, look no further than Logaster.

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