50+ Best Mobile Testing Tools (Android and iOS Automation Tools)

Are you looking for ways to take your mobile testing strategy to the next level? There are countless methods for doing this but you have limited time and money.

There is always room for improvement even if you consider yourself an expert in mobile app testing. You need to know which strategies to implement and most importantly which tools to use.

In this post, we will explore 58 best mobile application testing tools to increase coverage, efficiency, and accuracy. 

The mobile domain is growing rapidly. Mobile Applications presently includes all types such as from video up to mobile banking apps. We all know that testing mobile app is a quite complex process.

There are numerous platforms and Operating Systems, types of testing scenarios, and a variety of network connections and carriers in picture for mobile applications.

Android & iOS are the most popular mobile operating systems. There are millions of apps designed for these platforms that need to be tested.

What You Will Learn:

What is Mobile Application Testing?

Mobile Application Testing is the process in which applications designed and developed for mobile devices (smartphones, tablet PCs or phones) are tested for its functionality, consistency, and usability.

Mobile Testing falls in following categories:

Categories of Mobile Automation Testing Tools:

  1. Best Mobile App Testing Tools
  2. Cloud Based Mobile Testing Tools and Services
  3. Mobile App Distribution and Crash Reporting Tools for Developers
  4. Mobile Performance Testing Tools
  5. Mobile Emulators to Test Websites Online on Mobile Devices
  6. Mobile Optimization A/B Testing Tool
  7. Mobile Defect Logging and Test Management Tool
  8. Mobile App Testing Services and Service Providers

Here we go!

58 Best Mobile Testing Tools:


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Mobile application testing can be manual or automated. There are several mobile test automation tools used for it, not all but some of them are listed below according to popularity and usage.


#1) TestComplete Mobile

Download Link: TestComplete Mobile


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#3) SeeTest Continuous Testing Platform

The SeeTest Continuous Testing Platform by Experitest lets you continuously test mobile applications to accelerate release cycles and increase quality.

Continuously test all types of mobile applications (native, web or hybrid) across a large selection of browsers & real iOS and Android devices, and under real end-user conditions. Fully integrate with industry open source tools such as Appium, Selenium, XCtest and Espresso.

Download Link: SeeTest Continuous Testing Platform


#4) Calabash (Android and iOS):

Download Link: Calabash


#5) Kobiton (iOS and Android device cloud)

More information: Sign up for a no commitment, free trial


#6) Appium Studio

AppiumStudio community edition is a free tool that makes Appium testing even better, helping organizations quickly release quality applications.

Appium Studio community edition benefits:

Download Link: Learn more about the Appium Studio tool


#7) Appium (Android and iOS)

Download Link: Appium


#8) MonkeyTalk (Android and iOS):

Download Link: MonkeyTalk


#10) iOS UI Automation(iOS):

More information: iOS UI Automation


#10) UI Automator (Android):

More information: UI Aotomator

#11) Robotium (Android):

Download Link: Robotium

#12) iOS Driver (iOS):

Download Link: iOS Driver

#13) KeepItFunctional (iOS):

Download Link: KIF

#14) Selendroid (Selenium for Android):

Download Link: Selendroid

#15) Ranorex (Android and iOS):

Download Link: Ranorex

#14) eggPlant (Android and iOS):

Download Link: eggPlant/eggOn

#15) iPhoney (iOS):

Download Link: iPhoney

#14) Silk Mobile by Borland (Android and iOS)

Download Link: Silk Mobile

#15) Testdroid (Android and iOS)

Download Link: Testdroid

#16) SOASTA TouchTest (Android and iOS)

Download Link: SOASTA TouchTest

#17) TestComplete Mobile by SmartBear (Android and iOS)

Download Link: TestComplete Mobile

#18) Test Studio by Telerik (Android and iOS)

Download Link: Test Studio

#19) TestFairy (Android and iOS)

Download Link: TestFairy

#20) TestObject (Android and iOS)

Download Link: TestObject

#20) Frank (iOS):

Download Link: Frank

#21) HockeyApp (Android and iOS)

Download Link: HockeyApp

#22) Sauce Labs (Android and iOS)

Download Link: Sauce Labs

#23) Mobile Labs Trust (Android and iOS)

Download Link: Mobile Labs Trust

#24) DeviceAnywhere by Keynote (Android and iOS)

Download Link: Keynote DeviceAnywhere

#25) Keynote Mobile Testing Tools (Android and iOS)

Download Link: Keynote Mobile Testing Tool

#26) SeeTestAutomation by Experitest (Android and iOS)

Download Link: SeeTestAutomation

#27) Testmunk (Android and iOS)

Download Link: Testmunk

#28) Testin (Android and iOS)

Download Link: Testin

#29) RobusTest (Android and iOS)

Download Link: RobusTest

#30) Mobitaz (Android)

Download Link: Mobitaz

#31) Reflector (Android)

Download Link: Reflector

Cloud Based Mobile Testing Tools and Services

#32) Perfecto Mobile CQ Lab (Android and iOS)

Download Link: Perfecto Mobile CQ Lab

#33) Xamarin Test Cloud (Android and iOS)

Download Link: Xamarine Test Cloud

#34) Remote TestKit (Android and iOS)

Download Link: Remote Testkit

#35) pCloudy (Android)

Download Link: pCloudy

#36) Scirocco (Android)

Download Link: Scirocco

Mobile App Distribution and Crash Reporting Tools for Developers

#37) mobi (Android and iOS)

Download Link: mobi

#38) Crashlytics (Android and iOS)

Download Link: Crashlytics

#39) Applivery (Android and iOS)

Download Link: Applivery

#40) UX Recorder (iOS)

Download Link: UX Recorder

#41) Adobe Edge Inspect (Android and iOS)

Download Link: Adobe Edge Inspect

Mobile Performance Testing Tools

 #42) Dynatrace (Android and iOS)

Download Link: Dynatrace

#43) NeoLoad by Neotys (Android and iOS)

Download Link: NeoLoad

#44) Marlin Mobile (Android and iOS)

Download Link: Marlin Mobile

#45) Crittercism (Android and iOS)

Download Link: Crittercism

Mobile Emulators to Test Websites Online on Mobile Devices

#46) Google Mobile Friendly Test tool (Android and iOS)

Download Link: Google Mobile Friendly Test

#47) Mobile phone emulator (iOS)

Download Link: Mobile phone emulator

#48) MobiReady (Android and iOS)

Download Link: MobiReady

#49) ScreenFly (Android and iOS)

Download Link: Screenfly

#50) GoMoMeter (Android and iOS)

Download Link: GoMoMeter

#51) MobileTest.me (Android and iOS)

Download Link: me

#52) Genymotion (Android)

Download Link: Genymotion

Mobile Optimization A/B Testing Tool

#53) Taplytics (Android and iOS)

Download Link: Taplytics

Mobile Defect Logging and Test Management Tool

#54) Snaffu (Android)

Download Link: Snaffu

Mobile App Testing Services and Service Providers

#55) Ubertesters (Android and iOS)

Download Link: Ubertesters

#56) Applause (Android and iOS)

Download Link: Applause

#57) UserTesting (Android and iOS)

Download Link: UserTesting

#58) AWS Device Farm (Android and iOS)

Download Link: AWS Device Farm


Mobile app testing is an exciting task but sometimes may become complex due to some advanced features added as per the need of new changing technology. Use of such Mobile Testing Tools in automation testing of mobile apps reduces the complexity and helps to make it faster and flexible with the right proportion of security and robustness!!

Have you used or using any of these mobile automation testing tools? Which tool do you think is the best?


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In our next article, we will discuss more on Appium Tutorial.