Top 12 BEST ETL Test Automation Tools [2023 Rankings]

Review and comparison of the top ETL Test Automation Tools with features and pricing to help you select the best ETL Test Automation Software as per your requirement:

ETL Test Automation Tool is an application for data testing, reconciliation, and validation. It offers the functionalities to identify the issues in data consistency, completeness, and gaps. It helps with analyzing, designing, building, executing, and automating the reconciliation and validation scenarios without programming.

ETL Test Automation Tools

ETL Test Automation Tools

ETL Test Automation Tool will provide the solution for key business challenges of credibility risk because of poor data quality, complex audit processes, lack of transparency, slower ROI, etc. The right suite of applications provides Data Quality Assurance, Data Integrity Audit, and Continuous Data Quality Control.

Fact Check: According to Verified Market Research, the market size of Data Quality tools was USD 854.33 million in 2019. It is growing at a CAGR of 17.89% from 2020 to 2027. The market size is expected to reach USD 2915.39 million by 2027.

Global dat quality market size

Pro Tip: ETL Test Automation tools should have the ability to find the issues of data consistency, quality, completeness, and gaps. The selected tool should be intuitive, efficient, flexible, and scalable. It should offer the functionalities for analyzing, designing, building, executing, and automating the reconciliation & validation scenarios without programming.The top features that every ETL Testing tool must have are data comparison engine, GUI, data connectors, CI/CD integration, and workflow integration.

Why Should Businesses Automate ETL Testing

Manually performing the ETL testing is a labor-intensive and error-prone process. ETL Test automation will make frequent execution of the smoke and regression test cases, and that too without human intervention. These tools will also help you with designing and managing these tests.

ETL projects are complex as it includes processing of a huge amount of data. Often the data from multiple sources is combined and needs to be loaded as per requirements such as full or incremental. Automating these complex processes will help you to get high-quality data. Also, recurrent testing is required to resolve more and more bugs.

Automating ETL testing can save a lot of time. In this tutorial, we will review and compare the top ETL Test Automation tools to help you select the one best suited as per your requirement.

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List of Top ETL Test Automation Tools

Here is the list of popular ETL Test Automation software:

  1. RightData (Recommended)
  2. iCEDQ
  3. Datagaps ETL Validator
  4. Bitwise QualiDI ETL Test Automation Platform
  5. Informatica PowerCenter
  6. Codoid ETL Testing Services
  7. Ab Initio
  8. IBM DataStage
  9. Original Software TestBench
  10. DMExpress
  11. QuerySurge
  12. Talend

Comparison of Top ETL Test Automation Software

ToolsOur RatingsBest forSolutionsFree Trial & Price

Star_rating_5_of_5Data Quality Assurance, Continuous Data Quality Control, etc.ETL Testing, Data Migration Testing, SAP Testing, Big Data Testing, DevOps to DataOps, BI/Report Testing, etc.Demo & Trial available. Get a quote for the price.

Star_rating_5_of_5End-to-end ETL test automation of data-centric projects.ETL Testing, Data Warehouse Testing, Production Data Monitoring, Snowflake Migration Testing, etc.Demo available. Get a quote for any of the three editions.
Datagaps ETL Validator

Star_rating_4.5_of_5Comprehensive data testing automation platform.Test Automation for cloud data migration, snowflake, tableau, ETL validator, BI Validator, etc.Free trial for 30 days. Get a quote.
Bitwise QualiDI

Star_rating_4.5_of_5All ETL testing requirements.Data & Analytics Solutions, Data Governance Solutions, QA Testing Solutions, etc.Get a quote.
Informatica PowerCenter

Star_rating_4.5_of_5The complete on-premise data integration lifecycle.Data Quality & Governance, Data Integrations, Data Engineering, etc.Free trial available. Get a quote.

Let us review these tools below:

#1) RightData (Recommended)

RightData is best for achieving Data Quality Assurance, Data Integrity Audit, and Continuous Data Quality Control.


RightData has a set of tools for Data Quality Assurance, Data Integrity Audit, and Continuous Data Quality Control. It has the capabilities of automated validation and reconciliation. It offers the solutions of ETL Testing, Data Migration Testing, SAP Data Testing, Big Data Testing, and DevOps to DataOps Testing, etc.

To perform the data testing, comparing two data sets is a significant part. RightData can compare two data sets from homogeneous or heterogeneous systems of similar and distinct data models. There are two different types of reconciliation scenarios, TDR and FDR.


  • RightData has features for analyzing source and target datasets.
  • A wide range of data sources is supported by RightData such as RDBMS.
  • Its rule-based data validation engine has an easy-to-use interface.
  • It offers the features for administration & CMS, reporting & collaboration, validating dataset, etc.
  • It has features for database upgrade testing, big data ingest layer testing, Data warehouse Staging Extract & Load Testing, and Master Data Testing.

Verdict: RightData has tools to improve the quality, integrity, and reliability of the data. It offers solutions for various key business challenges such as lack of comprehensive data quality, complex audit processes, lack of transparency, slower ROI, etc.

Price: There are three types of licensing models available with RightData, Subscription, Perpetual, and User Type (Named User Licenses). You can get a demo or trial for the tool. A price quote will be available on request.

#2) iCEDQ

Best for end-to-end ETL test automation of data-centric projects.


iCEDQ offers the end-to-end ETL test automation tool with capabilities for identifying all the data issues in and across the structured and semi-structured data. iCEDQ can be used for various use cases such as data warehouse testing, data migration testing, production data monitoring, and many more.

It can be integrated with scheduling tools like Autosys, CI/CD tools like Jenkins, ETL tools like DataStage, etc.


  • iCEDQ has features and functionalities to automate ETL testing.
  • It has a unique in-memory engine.
  • The full volume of data will get compared and validated in memory.
  • Its collaboration features will let you create, share, and reuse rules across teams and projects.
  • It has an internal reporting tool and also allows you to create reports using external reporting tools like Tableau.

Verdict: iCEDQ automated ETL Testing tool can be used for databases and files of all sizes. It supports SQL, Apache Groovy, Java, and APIs. It has a web-based GUI.

Price: iCEDQ offers the solution with three editions, Standard Edition, HT Edition, and Big Data Edition. You can get a quote for pricing details.

Website: iCEDQ

#3) Datagaps ETL Validator

Best for comprehensive data testing automation platform.


Datagaps ETL Validator is a data testing automation platform. It has an in-built ETL engine that can extract and compare a huge number of records from multiple data sources. It has the capabilities to execute test cases in parallel. Its unique visual test case builder has drag-and-drop capabilities.

Datagaps offers a query builder that will let you define tests without actually typing queries. The tool will let you assemble and schedule test plans. You will be able to share test results.


  • Datagaps ETL Validator has a data model-driven interface to define data rules and that will help you with verifying the quality standards of data.
  • It has capabilities of baselining that help with the testing of incremental ETL and ETL regression testing.
  • It can compare data across heterogeneous platforms.
  • It has many more capabilities like Flat File Testing, enterprise collaboration, data profile testing, DB metadata testing, etc.

Verdict: Datagaps ETL Validator supports a wide range of data sources. It has an in-built query builder. It can be integrated with Jenkins. It has out-of-the-box web reporting capabilities.

Price: Datagaps offers a free trial of 30 days for ETL Validator. You can get a quote for pricing details.

Website: Datagaps ETL Validator

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#4) Bitwise QualiDI ETL Test Automation Platform

Best for all ETL testing requirements.


Bitwise QualiDI ETL Test Automation Platform is an end-to-end platform that has capabilities to centralize testing of one or more ETL tools. It has a built-in tool named Business Rules Engine. It can be used by non-technical users for writing rules and Business Rules Engine can create queries out of it. It supports a heterogeneous set of data stores.


  • Business Rules Engine can generate queries for complex transformations.
  • It has functionalities for automated test creation, automated data compression, and test scheduling.
  • It offers various advanced features like Jira integration, Big Data testing, and support for complex transformation rules, etc.
  • It offers features for administration, reporting, and tracking.

Verdict: The testing process will become fast with the use of this tool. It will let you test across multiple platforms. Test suites created will be reusable. This agile ETL test automation tool is easy to manage and provides more flexibility.

Price: You can get a quote for pricing details.

Website: Bitwise QualiDI ETL Testing Tool

#5) Informatica PowerCenter

Best for the complete on-premise data integration lifecycle.


Informatica PowerCenter has functionalities required for the complete on-premises data integration lifecycle. It provides services to small to large businesses. It provides role-based tools and supports agile processes. The solution is available in four editions, standard edition, advanced edition, premium edition, and operational insights.


  • Informatica PowerCenter has high-performance, out-of-the-box connectors that can integrate data from any source.
  • It has graphical and code-less tools.
  • PowerCenter has automation capabilities.
  • It has functionalities to collaborate, iterate, analyze, validate, and deploy projects.

Verdict: Informatica PowerCenter is a solution for data integration agility and speed. It has automation capabilities and will let you collaborate, iterate, analyze, validate, and deploy projects fast.

Price: A free trial is available for the platform. You can get a quote for pricing details.

Website: Informatica PowerCenter

#6) Codoid ETL Testing Services

Best for data analytics testing services. It offers high-end tools and automation testing capabilities.


Codoid ETL and Data Analytics Testing Services will validate the data quality. It works by extracting the data from heterogeneous data sources, transforming it, and loading it into a data warehouse system. Along with production data validation, it can provide the services of application upgrade testing, validating source to target, testing for data completeness, metadata testing, etc.


  • Codoid provides automated metadata testing services such as verifying data types, data length, index, etc.
  • Its data quality testing services can identify syntax issues, errors occurred by incorrect reference types, etc.
  • It has features to perform production data validation.

Verdict: Codoid data analytics testing services will provide the benefits of test coverage, quality insight, testing efficiency, and collaboration. It has expertise in performing analytics testing. It can provide services to review from a data model to data integrity. Codoid offers services with competitive pricing.

Price: You can get a quote for pricing details.

Website: Codoid ETL Testing Services

#7) Ab Initio

Best for working in any environment.


Ab Initio offers an application development and execution platform, Co>Operating System. It can be deployed in any operational or analytics environment and hence can work anywhere. It can process complex legacy data. It provides high performances. It is a scalable system. It has features to implement highly complex logic.


  • Ab Initio has a subsystem to detect and correct data quality issues.
  • It provides the features for storing, retrieving, and viewing the records of the issue-reporting database.
  • Its data quality reporting system can be integrated with the other enterprise metadata, data quality metrics, and error counts.

Verdict: Ab Initio offers a data quality solution that can be used by small to large businesses. It will let the businesses select solutions as per the requirements. Its data quality building blocks can be integrated with existing infrastructure.

Price: Ab Initio has not mentioned the pricing details of the tool.

Website: Ab Initio

#8) IBM DataStage

Best for IBM Cloud Pak® for data and providing high-quality data.


IBM DataStage is a platform with capabilities of AI-powered data integration. It has container-based architecture. It can be deployed on-premises and in the cloud. With the Enterprise Plus plan, it offers the functionalities of Data cleansing & enrichment and Data quality monitoring & validation. IBM DataStage Flow Designer is a machine learning-assisted tool.


  • IBM DataStage provides the speed workload execution with features of workload balancing and parallel engine.
  • You can separately perform the ETL job design and deploy it on any cloud.
  • It has features of ETL/data integration, metadata management, automatic management, and automatic load balancing, and elastic scaling.
  • It has a parallel engine and automated load balancing features.

Verdict: IBM DataStage can be used across various industry verticals such as Banking & Financial, Healthcare, Retail & Consumer products, energy & utilities, etc. It has an extensive set of pre-built connectors and stages. IBM DataStage Flow Designer has a user-friendly interface.

Price: IBM DataStage is available in three editions, IBM DataStage Enterprise Plus, IBM DataStage Enterprise, and IBM DataStage. You can get a quote for pricing details.

Website: IBM DataStage

#9) Original Software TestBench

Best for testing and the management of test data for IBM i, IBM iseries, and AS/400.


TestBench IBM i Data Validation services can track every database activity. You can create the rules and the platform will flag the data failures automatically. It offers the functionalities for test data management, verification, and unit testing. TestBench IBM i can be integrated with other tools to get the complete application quality.

TestBench IBM i Modules has modules for data extraction, data masking, data validation, data reset, file & report compare, and unit testing.


  • TestBench IBM i Data Validation module provides the functionalities for tracking every insert, update, and delete.
  • It will let you create rules for the data failures so that you will be notified automatically.
  • It can track every database activity.

Verdict: TestBench IBM i is a comprehensive tool with various modules of data extraction and data validation, etc. Every insert, update, and delete can be tracked during a test in the database tables and data areas with the help of this tool.

Price: TestBench price starts at $1200. It offers multiple solutions such as TestDrive, TestBenchQA, Data Validation, etc. and pricing will change accordingly. A trial will be available on request.

Website: Original Software TestBench

#10) DMExpress (Now Precisely)

Best for integrating data from legacy systems into next-gen cloud and data platforms.


Syncsort and Pitney Bowes Software & Data is combined and formed Precisely. Precisely offers various solutions such as IBM mainframe solutions, Data integrity solutions, Data Quality Solutions, Data Integration Solutions, etc.


  • Precisely can understand and assess your data.
  • To ensure the quality and consistency of data, it can provide the services of data validation, data transformation, data cleansing & standardization, data enrichment, etc.
  • It can provide Data Quality and enrichment as a service.
  • It provides many more solutions for data quality such as data governance solutions, application data management solutions, data machine & entity resolution solutions.

Verdict: Precisely Connect has solutions for seamless integration of data from legacy systems into next-gen cloud and data platforms. It provides the benefits of simplified integration, data access, real-time replication, and quick adding of new resources and targets.

Price: You can get a quote for pricing details.

Website: Precisely

Additional ETL Test Automation Tools:

#11) QuerySurge

QuerySurge has a solution for Data Warehouse Testing. It offers functionalities to automate the data validation and testing of a data warehouse. It has features to automate the ETL testing processes.

QuerySurge performs the validation of up to 100% of data, 1000 times faster than the traditional testing. It provides many more benefits such as test automation, testing across platforms, DevOps for continuous testing, and integration with leading Test Management Solutions, etc.

You can try the solution for free. It has three licensing models, subscription, perpetual, and user types. Its price starts at $5460 per user.

Website: QuerySurge

#12) Talend

Talend Open Studio is an open-source integration application. It offers the functionalities to build basic data pipelines. Simple ETL and data integration tasks can be executed. Talend Cloud also offers an easy-to-use interface like Open Studio. It provides tools for collaboration, monitoring, scheduling, etc. You can try the platform for free.

Talend Open Source is available for free. Its Stitch Data Loader is available for $100-$1000 per month. Talend Cloud Data Integration is available for $1170 per user. Talend Pipeline Designer has usage-based hourly pricing. You can get a quote for Talend Data Fabric.

Website: Talend


The right ETL Test Automation Tool highlights the data issues in the production. It minimizes the financial risks as well as prevents compliance & credibility damages. It helps in improving the organization’s data quality and completeness.

Key attributes that make the ETL Test Automation tool the best one are easy to access, low learning curve, single client session, analytics, deployment methods, real-time tracking, security, collaboration, and SAP connectivity. Considering all these factors, RightData is our top recommended solution and offers all these features.

We hope this article will help you with finding the right ETL Test Automation Tool for your business.

Research Process:

  • Time taken to research and write this article: 29 Hours.
  • Total tools researched online: 32
  • Top tools shortlisted for review: 12
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