Step by Step SoapUI Download and Installation Process – SoapUI Tutorial #3

Installation of SoapUI and SoapUI Pro:

In this tutorial, we will learn to install SoapUI and SoapUI Pro with a trial key. Also, we will see the major differences between SoapUI and SoapUI Pro and their plugins/add-ons in the basic level.

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Let’s get started. 

SoapUI and SoapUI Pro installation guide

Installing SoapUI:

Download SoapUI free version:

Go to website and there you can see the several download links related to the SoapUI. Along with SoapUI, certain plugins can be used as needed. They are,

  • soapui-netbeans-plugin
  • soapui-intellij-plugin
  • soapui-eclipse-plugin
  • soapui-maven-plugin

Let us see of the plugins briefly:

NetBeans is a Java editor where we can write, debug and execute Java code. Along with the NetBeans, SoapUI NetBeans plugin is integrated for testing web service functionality from NetBeans itself. So, it behaves like both development and testing environments.

Soapui IntelliJ Plugin allows testing web service functionality within IntelliJ IDEA. SoapUI also provides the command line runners to execute the test suites and test cases.

With current SoapUI, we have SoapUI Workspace Navigator on the left side of the window that helps organize projects, test suites, etc. Another useful window is Log tabs and is located at the bottom of the SoapUI screen. We will see these in details in our upcoming tutorials.

SoapUI Eclipse Plugin is slightly similar to SoapUI NetBeans plugin but it provides drag and drops components whereas SoapUI Eclipse does not. As it is integrated with the SoapUI libraries, we can test Java web services from SoapUI Eclipse plugin itself.

SoapUI Maven Plugin specially designed for build management process. During the deployment, scheduled builds can be started at the specified time. The build processes are written through maven script. Likewise, we can execute the scheduled test suites or test cases as mock services through this plugin as it is integrated with SoapUI.

How to Install SoapUI on Windows System?

So far we discussed various SoapUI plugins and their purposes. Now let us go to install SoapUI on Windows machine.

We need to download SoapUI and plugins from web URL. You can also download all the files from SoapUI website. Once all the installable files are downloaded, double click on the SoapUI executable file.

The installer will start the process as shown in the below screen:

SoapUI and SoapUI Pro 1

In the welcome wizard click on Next button to move to license wizard. Accept the terms and conditions as described in the text area after reading it. Then, click Next. Specify the destination folder where SoapUI can extract the supporting files and install. Click Next to choose additional components. See below screenshot for your reference.

SoapUI and SoapUI Pro 2

In the screenshot, we can see some of the components apart from SoapUI.

Source component contains the complete source code for the SoapUI tool. You may install this component and analyze the SoapUI source code.

Tutorials component provides the SoapUI tutorial related files.

HermesJMS component is used for sending and receiving messages through Java Messaging Service. This could be configured in case of testing JMS related services. We can configure HermesJMS from the Tools menu as below:

SoapUI and SoapUI Pro 3

To install HermesJMS component, once again we need to accept the license agreement. So click on the Next button.

The following wizard will prompt us to specify the shortcut to be present under which program in the start menu. Later, we have to check desktop icon if needed. That’s it!

On Next button click, installation begins. Once complete, it will show this window:

SoapUI and SoapUI Pro 4

Installing SoapUI Pro:

=> Download SoapUI Pro from this page.

Fill the form and click Download Trial.

The trial license key will be sent to the given email address. It will be valid for two weeks. Once a license is expired additional pro features will be disabled but basic features can be used forever.

Below is the page that we will be redirected to after completing the registration.

Note that below screen may change based on the latest changes from SmartBear Software. You can follow the simple download instructions and select the appropriate install version based on your Windows, Linux or Mac version.

SoapUI and SoapUI Pro 5

Choose the download link depending on your system specifications. For this tutorial, we are going to install SoapUI Pro on windows machine by clicking Windows installer (64-bit) download link

To know your computer type, follow these steps:

  • Right click on My Computer icon present on your desktop
  • From the context menu, click Properties
  • In the right side panel of the properties screen, have a look at System Type under the System section.

Refer the following screenshot for better understanding:

SoapUI and SoapUI Pro 6

Browser starts downloading and may take few minutes to complete. Downloading time may vary depending on your Internet speed. You can see the download progress on your browser’s download section.

When SoapUI Pro download is completed, we can see the executable file in our default download file location.

To install SoapUI Pro, follow these steps:

Double click on the setup EXE file. Windows installer initializes the installation process

SoapUI and SoapUI Pro 9

Accept the license agreement by clicking “I accept the agreement” radio button and then click Next button.

Specify destination directory. By default, the system will install in C:\ drive. If we want we can change the destination folder. Select the target folder and then click Next button. This wizard provides several components to be selected as required.

SoapUI and SoapUI Pro 11

JDBC Drivers: If we are handling any database related testing like executing SQL queries and passing data to database, this component will be useful.

We have already seen about other components while installing SoapUI itself.

So you can decide your required components and click Next button.

After that, the installation wizard will prompt you to install LoadUI. If we check this checkbox, first it will download the LoadUI from the Internet and then install it. We are not going to install LoadUI now. So click Next.

Note: If you are installing the SoapUI NG Pro from “Ready! API” platform, everything including SoapUI NG Pro, LoadUI NG Pro, Secure Pro and ServiceV Pro will come as a bundle. You can download them and install the trial version of Ready! API from this page.

This license agreement wizard is shown for HermesJMS as we have seen in the previous section. So accept the license agreement and click next.

Now we have to specify the tutorial location because I have checked Tutorials component in the Select Components wizard. Then move to the shortcut creation wizard in the start menu. Click on Next button after the shortcut name is given. Click Next button again.

SoapUI Pro installation will start and it takes few seconds to complete. At the end click Finish button to launch SoapUI Pro.

Activating Trial License for SoapUI Pro:

Go to your email inbox. Find SoapUI Pro activation email from SmartBear Software and click on the activation link. Once you activate your email address you can download the trial License key as shown in the below screenshot:

SoapUI Pro License 1

Download and extract the trial license key zip file. Now go and start the SoapUI Pro program from your all installed programs. It will ask to activate your installation.

SoapUI Pro License 2

Click yes and provide the path of downloaded license key as shown in below screenshots:

SoapUI Pro License 3

Note: Only select SoapUI pro in this window as we are not installing other versions.

SoapUI Pro License 4

SoapUI Pro License 5

That’s it. It will activate SoapUI Pro version for the specified trial period. Well, SoapUI Pro is now ready to use.

We recommend that beginners can start learning with SoapUI and once confident can move to SoapUI Pro.

Next Tutorial: Our next SoapUI tutorial will be hands-on on the tool. In this tutorial we will learn:

Working with SoapUI Projects:

  • Creating Projects in SoapUI
  • Adding Testsuite, Testcase and Test step
  • Cloning Objects of Project
  • Renaming and Deleting Project Elements

Stay tuned for the next topic.

Feel free to put your queries related to SoapUI and SoapUI Pro download, installation or activation in below comments.

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