Press Release: New Zephyr Mobile App allows Test Case Execution from Anywhere and Anytime

Last month, Zephyr launched a brand new mobile test execution app called Zephyr Mobile as a part of its latest version of the award-winning Zephyr Enterprise Edition 4.7 release.

The new functionality makes it easier for testing to be done in the field, on the go, or anywhere without being restricted to a desk. This is especially helpful for those testing in the field, on the road, or smart devices in the Internet of Things.

Zephyr Mobile App

“It is no secret that the agile methodology transformation is rife with challenges and as more and more project teams are adapting agile, we want to support their evolving testing processes. The Zephyr Mobile lets users execute test cases remotely, improve productivity,” said Shailesh Mangal, CTO, Zephyr.

This new mobile capability can be trialed for free by downloading Zephyr Community Edition and downloading the mobile app from the Google Play or Apple App stores.

Used by more than 5000 customers across 100 countries, Zephyr’s test management solutions speed up software releases, integrate with Atlassian products and any automation or CI tool. For more information, please visit