The 10 BEST Online Negotiation Courses & Classes of 2023

Courses in negotiation are essential for developing crucial skills leading to improvement in employee performance. We’ve put together a list of the top online negotiation courses, just for you:

Negotiation, deliberation, and consensus building are the most utilized modern-day methods for striking deals and agreements in a business contract, sales, procurement, and security, as well as in government, NGO, private, and public project partnerships and contracts, among many other areas.

In the corporate world, negotiation skills are not an option, especially for leaders, managers, and business owners. Today, they have become a must at the workplace when discussing budgets, projects, hiring, and pay, as well as job roles and responsibilities.

Learning negotiation skills can improve employee, managerial, and leadership performance, boost the potential to win a contract, and even help people find jobs.

Online Negotiation Courses – Complete List

Best Online Negotiation Courses

Negotiations are also highly needed at times of crisis, for instance in wars when warring groups, governments, entities, and persons desire peace. They have previously come out in handy in kidnapping and terrorism instances. Hence political leaders, career negotiators, and peace brokers cannot do away with them.

We encounter negotiations almost every day. They may be needed at school for administration and project execution purposes, when debating about social issues with friends, or even in family social situations for instance when agreeing with members about key issues such as budgeting and what projects to pursue.

Most people understand they need to get the best out of a negotiation or even win in a negotiation, but do not have a plan, strategy, or tactics, leave alone the best alternative to a negotiated agreement (BATNA).

Results of negotiations may vary in behavior and action avoidance, unassertive and uncooperative, unassertive and highly cooperative, yielding to other person’s demands, competing, compromising, assertive and uncooperative, somewhat assertive and somewhat collaborating, assertive and cooperative, and problem-solving.

Thankfully today, it is easy to undertake negotiation courses online at one’s convenient time and budget, to come out better at negotiations, all within just a few hours of online study.

This tutorial discusses negotiation skills and the best negotiation courses you can take online whether you have never heard of what negotiations skills are or are already an expert in the field to improve your knowledge and experience in the topic, business and work performance, governance, administration, leadership, and social life.

Market Trends:

  • According to research by experts from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and Southern Illinois University Carbondale, responder-case-based types of negotiations are more effective, as seen in the image below.
  • Concerning business and workplace negotiations, 70% of managers expect a salary and benefits negotiation when making a job offer, but most do not state implicitly state that the offer is flexible. 46% of men take a risk and negotiate compared to only 34% of women. Furthermore, 73% of people agree that men and women negotiate differently, with only 58% of females enjoying negotiations compared to 77% of males according to the Gap Partnership survey.

Responder and initiator negotiation types and their effects
Please see below the responses to a survey by The Gap Partnership showing that most people agree that men and women negotiate differently:

Responses to a survey by The Gap Partnership showed that most people agree that men and women negotiate differently

Almost 80% of companies lack formal negotiation processes. Yet those with no negotiation processes suffered a net income decline of 63.3% according to a survey. These statistics reveal the importance of negotiations and related processes for employees, managers, and business owners.

As can be seen below from research by experts at Dong-A University in Korea, negotiations can help tackle the crisis in business.

Negotiations can help tackle crisis in business

Expert Advice:

  • Online negotiation courses can be categorized according to their types and the skills they impart. While there are courses that impart general knowledge and skills to navigate any negotiation scenario, some are specifically tailored for specific purposes, like business negotiations, salary negotiations, vendor negotiations, conflict resolution, politics, kidnapping, terrorism, and decision-making. You might want to consider this before choosing an online negotiation course that is more specific to your situation.
  • Negotiation training courses range from simple courses for general knowledge to more advanced specialization and professional certification courses that may boost your CV and job performance. In that case, those offering an option for certification may be more worth your money.
  • We suggest online trainers attached to professional institutions like Harvard Business School or those attached to other institutions and departments with specializations like conflict resolution. For general knowledge and application, you may not need that suggestion when looking for the best negotiation courses online. A good approach would be, to begin with general knowledge courses before progressing to more specialized and professional courses.

Types of Courses in Negotiation

  • Deal-making and business negotiation skills courses. This includes categories such as sales, procurement, contract, and leadership negotiation courses.
  • Conflict, dispute, and crisis negotiations courses.
  • Social negotiation courses and dealing with difficult people.
  • General negotiation skills courses. Those equipped with general negotiation skills.
  • International and political negotiations courses.
  • Decision-making negotiation courses.

What types of negotiations can you gain mastery in through online negotiation courses?

Learning negotiations starts with knowing and understanding the types of negotiations. We suggest that you eye free online negotiation courses with certificates because you can attach the certificates as proof of qualification when applying for jobs.

Different negotiation training courses are targeted at providing different types of negotiations and so you will improve selection by knowing the types.

  • Distributive/Zero-sum Negotiations: Some negotiation courses make you better at learning how to share fixed or available resources. Here, a gain for one person or group may mean a loss to the other side of negotiations.
  • Integrative/Collaborative Negotiations: These types are about establishing trade-offs across the issues to be negotiated, adding value for both/more sides of the divide, and creating a win-win situation for all.
  • Team Negotiations: Most business and union contracts involve more than just two parties in the negotiations. They include multi-party negotiations.
  • One-shot Negotiations: Where parties have no intention of continuing to work together.
  • Other types include lose-lose, bad faith, and adversarial negotiations.

What types of negotiation skills can you earn from online negotiation courses?

  • Communication: Most online negotiation skills train you on effective communication so you can learn how to make deals by better communicating.
  • Emotional intelligence: Online negotiation skills train you to negate anxiety, nervousness, and negative feelings, and how to turn them into positive emotions that can boost negotiation outcomes. They train you in negotiation classes on how to use emotional intelligence to read out what the other party is implying rather than explicitly stating.
  • Planning and organization skills: Online negotiation courses are trained to achieve better negotiation planning and organization skills. They train you to better prepare for good negotiations as well as preparing for negative or positive outcomes.
  • Value creation: While some courses in negotiation train you how to best win from negotiations and take a larger slice of the pie, others equip you with skills on how to win by making the whole pie bigger.
  • Strategy: Almost all online negotiation courses equip you with the necessary tactics for negotiating, as a direct outcome from the negotiation classes. They do so, for instance, by teaching you how to understand your value, define your role, understand your counterpart’s vantage point, and check in with yourself.
  • Reflection: Courses in negotiation train you on the importance of and how to reflect on past negotiations. This may help you learn to identify areas for improvement.

Negotiation Courses FAQs

Q #1) What is the best way to learn negotiations?

Answer: Avoid making assumptions, avoid rushing, don’t take everything personally, do not accept a bad deal, and avoid over-negotiating. In addition to that, try and be the first to make an offer, provide set terms instead of price ranges, use words wisely, ask open-ended questions, be a good listener, and offer a win-win scenario.

Online training and courses are the best way of learning negotiations from experts in the field. Better still, look for free online negotiation courses with certificates. Although these courses are taught on tight schedules and are not offered all year round, you can adjust your schedule. Online training is also more affordable than in-class training.

Q #2) What qualifications do you need to be a negotiator?

Answer: An undergraduate or postgraduate degree is good for professional negotiators but not necessary for ordinary negotiators, depending on what you want to do with your negotiation skills and what kind of negotiator you want to be. Most high-profile international negotiator jobs may require you to have vast experience as a negotiator.

As a manager, employee, leader, or small-to-large business owner, you may need one or more certificates in negotiations courses if you are undertaking negotiations in a passive role.

Q #3) Where can I learn negotiation?

Answer: I recommend online courses in negotiations that are offered through Coursera, MasterClass, Skillshare, Udemy, Negotiation Experts, Harvard Business School, and other universities online.

We have listed The Art of Negotiations from MasterClass, Win Workplace Negotiations from MasterClass, and Sales and Procurement negotiation courses from Negotiation Experts.

We also suggest Harvard Business School’s online negotiation mastery class, Yale University’s Introduction to Negotiation course online, University of Michigan’s Successful Negotiation class at Coursera; and ESSEC Business School’s online Negotiations, mediation, and conflict resolution specialization course at Coursera.

There are also several courses listed at Udemy and Skillshare from expert negotiators.

Q #4) How much does the Harvard negotiation course cost?

Answer: Harvard Business School sometimes offers free negotiation training courses online through Coursera. You can start taking some of these courses for just $15 per month but in that case, you have access to learning materials only without a certificate.

Such a certificate will cost just $49 or a $39.99 per month charged by Coursera for certificates under the Specializations and Professional Certificates category. When pursuing a specialization or professional course, it is important to ensure that the course content is clearly specified for those specific courses.

Remember that some of the specializations and professional courses in negotiations take a few weeks to months at Coursera, so it may cost more on a monthly subscription, but again it will give you access to more (to the tune of hundreds) of courses during the time of subscriptions.

Apart from Coursera, it mainly costs between $500 and $3,000 to get a short specialization and professional negotiation course certificate, depending on the trainer and organization. The duration, course components, and other things determine the cost.

Harvard Business School also hosts sessions and courses on negotiations such as Strategic Negotiations: Dealmaking for the Long Term, which costs $13,250. Graduate negotiation courses from Harvard Business School should cost more.

Q #5) What are the 5 rules of negotiation?

Answer: The five of Latz’s Golden Rules of Negotiation are:

  • Information is power – so get it. Make sure to ask critical questions to get as much information as possible.
  • Maximize your leverage. Assess how much you and your counterpart need to win the alternatives you might have, and how to strengthen your leverage against your counterpart’s.
  • Employ “fair” objective criteria. You can seek an advantage by sourcing for an independent standard or process on the issue.
  • Design an offer-concession strategy. First, understand the psychological dynamics underlying concession behavior. Also, improve your ability to evaluate your counterpart’s “flinch” point.
  • Control the agenda.

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List of Top Negotiation Training Courses

Here is a list of the top-rated and popular negotiation courses for your benefit:

  1. Art of Negotiation Masterclass
  2. Win Workplace Negotiations
  3. Negotiation Experts
  4. Negotiation Mastery
  5. Introduction to Negotiations: A Strategic Playbook for Becoming a Principled and Persuasive Negotiator
  6. Successful Negotiation: Essential strategies and skills
  7.  Negotiation, Mediation, and Conflict Resolution Specialization
  8. Successful Negotiation: Master your negotiating skills
  9. Negotiation Fundamentals: How to Negotiate effectively
  10. Online Negotiation Classes at Skillshare

Comparison Table of the Best Courses on Negotiation Skills

Name of courseDuration Certification option? Specialization/target field Cost
Art of Negotiation Masterclass18 video lessons. 3 hours 4 minutes. NoGeneralWith $15 per month subscription at Coursera.
Win Workplace Negotiations1-7 sessions. NoGeneralWith $15 per month subscription at Coursera.
Negotiation Experts From 1 day to custom duration.YesSales, procurement, general, custom as per client’s needs. Starting from €1,925.
Negotiation Mastery8 weeks in sessions of 4-5 hours per week; self-regulated. 4 modules.  Yes (Havard Business School certificate). Business; leadership and management$1,750.  
Introduction to Negotiations: A Strategic Playbook for Becoming a Principled and Persuasive Negotiator8 weeks; 34 hours. Each topic has a different duration. Learners can reset deadlines as per their liking. Yes. Available for purchase. Business, professional negotiator career, etc. Free with option to buy a certificate.

Detailed Review:

#1) Art of Negotiation Masterclass by Chris Voss (

Best for acquiring mastery of day-to-day negotiation skills.

Art of negotiations

The Art of Negotiation Masterclass is taught by a former FBI lead negotiator who teaches the ins and outs of the communication skills and strategies needed in negotiations.

Why we like this course: You will know how to understand the scenarios, bargaining skills, tactical empathy, collaboration, reading body language, emotions, tone and inflection, control, how to use a no instead of a yes as an answer, and many other things.

Perhaps his personal and detailed field-tested strategies will be more helpful in case you are dealing with kidnappings such as in terrorism, bank, or other robberies, but they are also helpful in negotiation scenarios that arise in the workplace, social settings, and business too. It also has exercises and practical lessons on the topics.

Lessons/topics to be covered: Tactical empathy, mirroring, labelling, mastering delivery, case studies, body language, and speech patterns, creating the illusion of control, accusations audit, the value of No, bending reality, bargaining, black swans, and three mock negotiations about teenager, rival, and kidnapped person.

Duration: 18 video lessons. 3 hours 4 minutes.
Location: Anywhere in the world
Certification: None. Basic subscription to MasterClass.
Eligibility Criteria: Anyone with a sign-up.


  • Taught by someone experienced in the field.
  • Skills can be applied in any field business, social life, school, etc.
  • A short course duration, i.e. you can master negotiation skills faster.


  • No certificate was provided at the end of the course.

Fees: $15 per month for a MasterClass basic subscription.

Visit Art of Negotiation Masterclass

#2) Win Workplace Negotiations (

Best for learning workplace negotiation skills.

win workplace negotiations

Win Workplace Negotiations is also taught by a former FBI lead international kidnapping negotiator who teaches 12 tactics on how to become a better negotiator yourself. The tactics include dynamic silence, mirroring and labelling to build rapport, black swans, using accusations audited to clear negativity, loss aversion, inclusive negotiation, and epiphanies.

Many are, certainly, things he and his colleagues at the FBI have experienced and practiced during FBI work to gain a negotiating edge. He says those were tried and tested.

Why we recommend this course: During the course, you will discuss and get feedback from the community. It is suitable for both beginner and advanced learners in negotiation matters. The skills can be used at work and business or even in social life.

Lessons/topics to be covered: Mirroring, workplace influence, becoming the most trusted person at the workplace, labelling, calibrated questions, dynamic silence, accusations audit, epiphanies, loss aversion, black swan, inclusive negotiation, salary negotiation, inclusive leadership, etc.

Duration: 1-7 sessions
Location: Anywhere in the world
Certification: None
Eligibility Criteria: With Masterclass basic subscription.


  • Short course.
  • Taught by an experienced person based on his application of negotiation skills.


  • There is no certificate offered in case you are looking for one.

Fees: Starting at $15 per month basic Masterclass subscription.

Visit Win Workplace Negotiations Masterclass

#3) Negotiation Experts (

Best for learning business-related sales and procurement negotiation skills

Negotiation Experts

Negotiation Experts provide various targeted negotiation training on-site with support like seminars and off-site with support such as feedback videos and role-play. Targeted negotiation courses include sales and procurement negotiations. The company can also be involved with others and groups for custom staff negotiation training.

Why we recommend this course: First, the Cornerstones negotiation course equips one with a diverse range of negotiating skills including identifying and countering manipulative tactics, building confidence during negotiations, persuasion and influence, and building credibility and reputation.

Second, the company is also an innovator of the world’s first online negotiation simulation game for training. It immerses learners in a learning simulation with participants coming from across the globe.

Lessons/topics to be covered: Sales negotiations, procurement negotiations, negotiation cornerstones course, custom organization and team/group negotiation, and custom courses.

Duration: From 1 day to custom duration
Location: Anywhere in the world
Certification: Specific to training
Eligibility Criteria: None


  • Professional negotiation course.
  • Ability to customize the duration of learning.
  • Simulations can improve learning.
  • Certificates provided can be used to prove learning.


  • Quite expensive compared to many other negotiation courses.

Fees: Starting at €1,925 for the cornerstones course to custom pricing, €3,000 for Advanced procurement specialist courses in sales and procurement.

Visit Negotiation Experts Course Page

#4) Negotiation Mastery (Harvard Business School Online Platform)

Best for learning general-life negotiation skills.

Negotiation mastery HBS

Negotiation Mastery helps you to understand and prepare for uncertain situations around negotiations. It equips you with skills on how to craft a winning negotiation strategy, resolve differences, effective personal behaviors that make negotiation more effective, etc.

The course is taught in four modules which involve first an introduction to negotiation analysis, how to create and claim value in negotiations, the relational and interpersonal skills one can apply in negotiations, case-based examples, and application. It also involves collaborating with a global community.

Why I like this course: At the end of the course, you will get two significant certificates and recognition that you can show off on your CV. It is taught by Michael Wheeler who is a professor of management practice.

Lessons/topics to be covered: Four modules namely, Introduction to Negotiations: Finding the Zone of a possible agreement; Advanced negotiation analysis: Creating Value; Managing the negotiation process: Bargaining Tactics, style, and Emotion; and Negotiation Mastery: Forging Agreement within groups and organizations.

Duration: 8 weeks in sessions of 4-5 hours per week; self-regulated. 4 modules.
Location: Anywhere in the world.
Certification: Harvard Business School Negotiation Mastery certificate of completion. Certificate of Specialization in Leadership and Management from Harvard Business School.
Eligibility Criteria: None


  • Professional courses are taught within a professional environment just in case you are looking for professional negotiation skills.
  • Case-based examples can improve learning and mastery of negotiation skills.
  • The certificate is provided at the end of the course.


  • Expensive.
  • Quite lengthy and may not suit those looking to master basic negotiation skills within a few days.

Fees: $1,750

Visit Negotiation Mastery Course Page

#5) Introduction to Negotiation: A Strategic Playbook for Becoming a Principled and Persuasive Negotiator (

Best for those seeking certification in negotiation skills to boost their CV.


This course, which is taught by a professional lecturer from the School of Management at Yale University, is highly demanded as over 486,000 people have already signed up to take it through the tutoring platform Coursera. The teaching is based on an expert framework developed at the university, for analyzing and shaping negotiations.

Why we like this course: Going by the course description given, the course equips learners with skills to uncover and solve conflicts in negotiations, understand and influence the behavior of those on the opposite side of the negotiation, negotiate without power, and negotiate through emails.

You also learn the role of gender in negotiations. This entails case studies developed from common business scenarios, which will equip you with relevant skills on how to better negotiate; as well as expert insights.

Lessons/topics to be covered: Introduction: What is the pie?, Negotiation case lets, Zincit case, Outsider case, Advanced topics (such as how to negotiate without power and via emails), expert insight from Linda Babcock: Ask for it, expert insight from Herb Cohen: You can negotiate anything and expert insight from John McCall Bain: The deal maker.

Duration: 8 weeks; 34 hours. Each topic has a different duration. Learners can reset deadlines as per their liking.
Location: Anywhere in the world.
Certification: Shareable course certificate from Yale University.
Eligibility criteria: None. Only Coursera basic subscription.


  • Professional courses are taught within a professional environment.
  • Certificate provided.
  • Expert insights from professors/experts. Case examples.
  • A free yet professional negotiation course that comes with an optional certification may not be easy to come across elsewhere.
  • Financial support is available in case you need to buy a certificate.


  • 8 weeks is quite a long duration for those looking for fast mastery of negotiation skills.

Fees: Free. Financial aid is available for those needing to buy certificates at Coursera. Like for all other courses from Coursera, you can choose the free version to access all course materials and not get a certificate or learn and purchase a certificate for this course.

Visit Introduction to Negotiation Coursera Page

#6) Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills (

Best for those seeking certification in negotiation skills to boost their CVs.

successful negotiations essential strategies and skills - Online Negotiation Courses

The course is taught through Coursera by George Siedel who is a Business Administration and Business Law professor at the University of Michigan (Coursera) who is equipping the over 1.5 million signed-up learners with the skills needed to prepare and plan for negotiation, use tactics for better negotiation outcomes, nail a contract from the negotiations, and conduct self-performance and evaluation.

Why we recommend this course: It entails watching videos that can be paced according to your availability, practicing negotiation skills with a partner who will give you feedback about your performance, and a final exam in which 80% of answers need to be correct to attain a pass mark.

Available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, it also provides a course certificate recognition from the University.

Lessons/topics to be covered: Welcome to successful negotiation, Prepare: plan your negotiation strategy, Negotiate: use key tactics for success, Close: create a contract, Perform and evaluate: The end game, Practice your negotiation skills, and a final examination.

Duration: 7 weeks of sessions each with a different duration but all take 17 hours.
Location: Anywhere in the world.
Certification: Shareable course certificate from the University of Michigan.
Eligibility Criteria: None. It’s only a basic Coursera subscription.


  • Free course. Though they charge for anyone to get a certificate.
  • Professional courses provided by the University of Michigan.


  • 7 weeks may sound like a long duration for some.

Fees: Free; you can choose to access all materials and learn without having to take a certificate or choose to purchase a certificate after learning. Financial aid is available through Coursera for those who want to buy the certificate.

Visit Essential Strategies and Skills Course Page

#7) Negotiation, Mediation, and Conflict Resolution Specialization (

Best for professionals willing to boost negotiation, mediation, and conflict resolution during their career paths and those needing certification to boost their resumes.

Negotiation, Mediation and Conflict Resolution Specialization - Online Negotiation Courses

This course is taught through the Coursera online tutoring platform by three Business School professionals from the ESSEC Business School.

Why we like this course: First, it equips learners with the fundamentals of negotiating, cultural differences and their role in negotiations, and how to mediate and resolve conflict.

Secondly, at the end of the second course on cultural differences in negotiations, you should have skills to anticipate cross-cultural issues in negotiations and do negotiations in these scenarios. The fourth skill helps you be capable of leading a mediation process. The course is targeted at business, public administration, and organizational (e.g. NGO) managers.

Thirdly, the course entails learners watching videos and reading content developed by the experts, quizzes for practice, graded assignments and quizzes with feedback from peers, and graded programming assignments. It also entails a capstone project you must complete to earn a certificate. You can opt to take it at your own pace.

Finally, at the end of the course, learners get a course certificate issued under the name of the University.

Lessons/topics to be covered: Negotiation Fundamentals, International and cross-cultural negotiations, Mediation and conflict resolution; and capstone project on negotiation, mediation, and conflict resolution.

Duration: 5 months at a pace of 3 hours per week. 3 courses for different durations.
Location: Anywhere in the world.
Certification: Course certificate upon completion.
Eligibility Criteria: None. It’s just a basic subscription at Coursera.


  • Diverse course delivery methods and techniques. May eliminate boredom and improve skills mastery.
  • Free funding is available for those who want to buy a certificate.
  • Professional course from ESSEC Business School.


  • 5 months can sound quite a lengthy duration for some people.

Fees: Free with a payable certificate option. Funding available for purchase certificate.

Visit Specialization Coursera Page

#8) Successful Negotiation: Master Your Negotiating Skills (

Best for those seeking workplace/business negotiation courses and skills.

Successful Negotiation Master Your Negotiating Skills - Online Negotiation Courses

Delivered through Udemy by Chris Croft, a management trainer, international speaker, and author, the course has attracted the attention of over 66,000 students. It is taught in 12 languages including English, French, German, Italian, and Japanese, and includes watching a 2-hour on-demand video, downloadable resources, and access on mobile and TV.

Why we want you to take this course: It equips learners with the negotiation skills they need at business or at home. They, for instance, will become better negotiators at pay rise negotiations, bargains, colleague negotiations, and others.

It helps them gain better skills for confidence and calmness at negotiations and provides step-by-step processes and examples to that end.

Some of the issues covered include planning and preparing for negotiations, opening conversations, creating win/win situations, negotiating in a non-confrontational manner, and closing a deal successfully. It also deals with how individuals can combat skills used against them in negotiations, and how to negotiate from a position of power.

It is designed for traders, beginners and experts in management and negotiations, and people who want to improve their confidence in negotiations and personal and business life.

Lessons/topics to be covered: Introduction, Opening Offers, Tactics, Trading, Closing, Wrap-Up, etc.

Duration: Introduction, Deciding to do it, Planning, Opening offers, Tactics, Trading, Closing. 9 sections, 41 lectures in videos of 1hr 48 minutes.
Location: Anywhere in the world.
Certification: Course certification from Udemy.
Eligibility Criteria: None


  • Certificate provided.
  • Affordable to get a certificate at $14.99 alongside the training, without having to pay exorbitant fees to buy one after training as is the case with some courses.
  • Provided in multiple languages.


  • Quite a lengthy training duration.

Fees: $14.99

Visit Master Your Negotiating Skills Course Page

#9) Negotiation Fundamentals: How to Negotiate Effectively (

Best for those seeking general life negotiation mastery.

Negotiation-Fundamentals-How-To-Negotiate-Effectively - Online Negotiation Courses

Taught at Udemy by real estate investor and online educator Alex Kouramanis, the quite affordable online negotiation training course is subscribed to by over 15, 000 students and is taught in 11 languages including English and French.

Alex uses his experience and skills from his academic journey in cognitive science and philosophy as well as being a real estate investor and business owner. The course is delivered through 1.5 hours of on-demand videos and downloadable resources and can be accessed on mobile and TV.

Why we like this course: The course equips learners with skills on human cognitive processes involved in decision making, skills for power negotiations, negotiation styles, negotiation techniques, and principles, using negotiation pressure, and how learners can make opponents feel like they won too. It also features the practice of skills learned.

Lessons/topics to be covered: Welcome to Negotiation Fundamentals, Negotiation Defined and Human Cognition, Negotiation power, Negotiation styles and the importance of the win-win, beginning gambits, ending gambits, negotiation fundamentals conclusion.

Duration: 8 sections, 37 lectures totaling 1 hour and 22 minutes in length.
Location: Anywhere in the world.
Certification: Course certificate from Udemy.
Eligibility Criteria: None.


  • Quite affordable at $13.99 to learn and get a certificate at the same time. You do not pay exorbitant fees to purchase a certificate after training as happens in some courses.
  • Provided in multiple languages.


  • Having no attachment to a professional institution may sound a bit loose.

Fees: $13.99.

Visit Negotiation Fundamentals Course Page

#10) Online Negotiation Classes at Skillshare (

Best for those searching for online negotiation courses in different fields, and for course comparison purposes

skillshare - Online Negotiation Courses

Skillshare lists dozens of online classes under the negotiations category and students can then find their match.

Why we recommend this: There is a lot of variety available in courses to choose from.

The top ones include Negotiation and Conflict Management – A Freelancer’s Guide, Persuasion Machine: Master Persuasion Psychology and Influence for Entrepreneurs and Creative, Successful and Practical Negotiations, Communications and presentation skills, Conflict Resolution: how to calm your mind, Sales negotiation masterclass, and How to negotiate a six-figure freelancing salary.

The list also comprises the following courses – Negotiation Mastery Course – Inside Secrets from a Master Negotiator, Business Fundamentals: Mastering Sales and Negotiation, Drive Your Business: Strategies to Prepare Your Sales Negotiations, How to Negotiate Your Salary, and Prospection and Negotiation: Best Techniques to Succeed.

As can thus be seen, these courses have a different audience ranging from freelancers to salespeople, to procurement experts, to top-level managers.

Negotiation and Conflict Management – A Freelancer’s Guide is targeted at freelancers. It seeks to train them on how to negotiate with clients, handle disagreements, tackle complaints, charge fairly for their projects, and other things.

Lessons/topics to be covered: Introduction to Freelancer’s guide to Negotiation and conflict management, Negotiation basics, How to win negotiations, How to lose negotiations, and How to recover from negotiations.

Other topics include how to scope negotiations, common points of business conflicts, understanding scope creep, setting your rate, handling tough questions, and negotiation and body language.

Duration: 12 lessons each of a different duration, total of 41 minutes.
Location: Anywhere in the world.
Certification: Course certification from Skillshare.
Eligibility Criteria: None


  • Many courses are available for free.
  • Helps one to easily compare courses.
  • Courses on diverse applications are available in one place.


  • You may need to pay for professional courses that come with the certification option.

Fees: Free.

Visit Online Negotiation Classes Skillshare


Negotiations are imperative in business, government, workplace, school, and social environments alike. While many people know the value of negotiating to gain an edge, most do not.

Still, according to research, most do not have the skill set, tactics, or even know-how on negotiations even in areas of business, workplace, security, and other scenarios where they are non-negotiable.

This tutorial finds 10 distinct courses on negotiation skills to improve your negotiation skills regardless of the situation and area of application. All you need to do is to choose one that suits your needs. We suggest courses offered by professionals through Coursera as they are very affordable.

You will also have the option of earning a professional and specialization certificate with courses like the Harvard Business School’s online negotiation mastery class, Yale University’s Introduction to Negotiation course online, University of Michigan’s Successful Negotiation class at Coursera; and ESSEC Business School’s online Negotiations, mediation, and conflict resolution specialization course at Coursera.

Sales and Procurement courses on negotiation from Negotiation Experts are also specialization courses that come with certification. There are also several courses listed at Udemy and Skillshare from expert negotiators and some for general mastery of negotiations no matter your field of interest.

Other courses to consider for general training on negotiations are The Art of Negotiations from MasterClass and Win Workplace Negotiations from MasterClass.

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Research process:

  • Courses initially listed for review: 30
  • Courses reviewed: 10
  • Time taken to research: 24 hours
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