11 Best Online Training Software For Hassle-Free Training In 2023

Reviews and Ratings of the Best Free Online Training Software and Employee Training Management Systems for Hassle-Free Training:

In this modern era, people approach online or e-platforms for everything and nowadays it has become a basic necessity of most of them in the world.

People are much interested in learning by sitting alone at their home as it saves a lot of their time and effort. 

Meanwhile, online training has reduced the manual efforts of traveling, no specific rooms or spaces are required, and all we need is just a computer and internet connectivity.

Reviews of the best Online Training Software

The E-learning platform is a combination of good online features, which includes educational information, tools & software, online tutors & study materials, good resource support & an advanced education system etc., and can run worldwide from anywhere.

This also gives several freelancing opportunities to the individuals to display their teaching talents across the globe.

Online training is the sharing of knowledge over the web from one resource to several others across the globe. It helps a lot to those who want to gain knowledge in a particular field or subject. It can be a free course or a paid one.

Professionals share knowledge in terms of articles, PDF, videos, text documents, training modules etc.

Most of the multinational companies provide online training to their employee’s from remote to many locations, which indeed helps every individual to update themselves as per the currently trending technologies according to their comfort. Thus saving a lot of money for the company.

Features of Online Training Software

Enlisted below are the various features offered by Online Training Systems.

  1. Training Software provides the ability to check the trainee progress and generate the final performance report for improvement.
  2. It has a basic as well as simple installation process and is scalable too, hence there is no need to relocate any servers at any time.
  3. It comes with powerful integration with other platforms like CRM or management tools to provide improved training and productivity.
  4. It is platform independent and works smoothly with many other devices, websites, and operating systems.
  5. It also provides some demo tests and exams, so that a user becomes aware of his knowledge level. It also offers scope for customization as per the user’s requirement.


There are several benefits of such software and few among them are given below.

  1. It provides the user with high flexibility so that they can study and learn hassle-free from any place they wish.
  2. It reduces the total cost as there is no need for traveling and room allocations. Meanwhile, it plays a vital role in expanding the collaboration.
  3. It offers high mobility so that the users can access the site from any device i.e. may it be a computer, mobile or tablet.
  4. As everything becomes digital, large data and information are easily portable.
  5. It offers community and online support.
  6. Consistent learning platform and updated knowledge are shared on a daily basis.
  7. Training accessibility and interactive formats of materials are provided online.
  8. It gives freedom to the learners to choose any subject of their preference.
  9. It is more convenient and flexible.
  10. Immediate updates are ensured with unrestricted data and information.


In spite of the benefits, there are certain disadvantages as well. Let’s take a look at them below.

  1. Learning alone or solo training sometimes gets tough due to the communication gap created as per the understanding of customers.
  2. It may not give the human effect as you are dealing with computers only in a virtual environment.
  3. Spending major time in front of the computer systems may cause medical problems and is not good for health.
  4. With self-training, discipline matters a lot and sometimes may not be under control.
  5. Face to face communication is gone here, which in turn, creates a great impact in training someone.

Graph of Online Training Platform Consumption

Graph of Online Training Platform consumption

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Best Online Training Software Reviews

Below is the list of most popular Software with their features.

Ratings And Comparison Table Of Top Software

Refer below the comparison table for the top five online platforms.

SoftwareUser RatingCost RangeDeployment TypeCustomer Types

Skyprep logo
4.5/5HighCloud-Hosted & Open APISmall, medium, and large businesses.
iSpring Learn

iSpring Logo
4/5HighCloud HostedSmall, Medium and Larger scale..

Talentlms online software
4/5MediumCloud Hosted & Open APIAll scales including freelancers.

4.5/5MediumCloud Hosted & Open APILarge and Medium Scale.

4.3/5LowCloud HostedAll scales including freelancers.

Let’s Explore!!

#1) SkyPrep

Skyprep logo

Pricing: US $199 – US $499. It also provides a free 14-day trial version.


SkyPrep is a powerful and intuitive online training software that helps you train your employees, customers, and partners. Its customizable platform allows you to deliver, manage, and track your training with ease.

Serving over 500 companies across various industries worldwide, SkyPrep is recognized for its ease of use and outstanding customer support. By using SkyPrep, you will be able to onboard employees, train customers on your products, and keep up with compliance requirements effortlessly.

Core Features:

  • Unlimited courses, assignments, registered customers, and SCORM support.
  • Highly customizable solution with an intuitive and user-friendly interface.
  • Advanced reporting capabilities and customized reports that allow you to report on employee and course performance.
  • Multiple compliance features that enable employees to always remain compliant with company policies and industry regulations.
  • Customize your platform from custom colors and logos, to personalized automated emails to match your company’s identity.
  • Open API and third-party integrations allow you to connect with apps you use every day.
  • Supports 19 languages.

Device & Browser Supported: Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone, and web-based. All major browsers are supported.

Mobile App: Yes

#2) iSpring Learn

iSpring Logo

Pricing: US $2.00 – US $3.14 per user/month, billed annually. It also provides a 30-day free trial to allow potential customers to get a taste of iSpring’s capacities.

iSpring Learn

iSpring Learn is a learning management system (LMS) that allows you to create and deliver training programs quickly. You can build courses from any existing content, including audio and videos, PowerPoint presentations, SCORM modules, and text files, or build interactive courses from scratch.

Unlike many competitors, the platform offers ample opportunities for course authoring. You can assemble simple courses with quizzes right on the platform or create advanced courses with role-plays, video lectures, and interactions with the robust authoring toolkit, iSpring Suite, that comes bundled with the LMS.

The platform allows you to enroll learners in separate courses or combine content into step-by-step learning tracks to provide long-term training programs.


  • Has built-in tools for creating interactive pages and quizzes.
  • Comes with an intuitive yet comprehensive authoring toolkit, iSpring Suite, for creating engaging courses – even with no tech or design skills.
  • Allows you to conduct virtual training sessions and web conferences right on the platform.
  • Keeps learners on track by sending out reminders, notifications, and invitations.

Devices and Browsers Supported: All major browsers, iOS, and Android.

Mobile App: Yes

#3) ProProfs

ProProfs Software

Price: US $9 – US $79 per month. It offers a 30 day trial period and has a money back guarantee.

ProProfs Software

ProProfs is a popular online training portal, which provides a wide range of tutorials and other options for users like Training, Project, Live Chat, Discussions, Quizzes, Help Desk etc. It is web-based and combines many learning systems into one portal.

ProProfs believes in developing smart applications, so that you can works faster, smarter and improve satisfaction.

Core Features:

  • ProProfs is capable of providing online course and digital content creation.
  • It can check a trainee’s progress and support multiple platforms along with full access control by using ID and Passwords.
  • It allows adding articles, online exams, quizzes, documents and saves data of the user.
  • It generates report analysis based on performance and works smoothly across different devices.
  • It provides good customer support for any issues or queries online.

Device & Browser Supported: Windows, Linux, Mac, Web-based, and Windows Mobile. All major browsers are supported.

App Available: Yes

Official URL: ProProfs

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#4) Lessonly

Lessonly Software

Price: US $300 per month.

Lessonly is a famous training software based on the web-based training management system. It is simple and very user-friendly. It was created mainly for the HR, sales and support teams.

It helps the organization to provide training and study materials to their staffs and employees to develop and update their skills set as per the current requirements. It provides training online so that it can be used anytime anywhere.

Core Features:

  • It stores thousands of study material to share with the users to learn new skills and techniques.
  • It has many contents, smart groups and a variety of learning paths for the users.
  • It supports a powerful learning library, which helps the user in developments and hence increases productivity.
  • It assists bulk uploads, tags and pdf exports.
  • It provides feedback to the users on their performance.

Device & Browser Supported: Windows, Linux, Mac, Web-based, and Windows Mobile. All major browsers are supported.

App Available: Yes

Official URL: Lessonly

#5) Versal

Versal Software

Price: US $249 – US $1099 per month. It also provides a 15-day trial version for the user to have a taste of it.

Versal Software

Versal is a popular online training software. It is a platform made for learning on a daily basis and its purpose is to support the companies for creating a vibrant culture of combined sharing knowledge.

It is an all in one E-learning platform, which drives the companies from the manual effort, documents, and slides to simple and straight online training. It also gives special discounts for educational institutions.

Core Features:

  • It supports course creation, interactive exercises, assessments, and import existing docs.
  • It provides a direct delivery, embedded in websites and blogs with good LMS integration.
  • It supports groups, checks learner analytics and gives peer to peer training as well.
  • It has a centralized library and learning management.
  • It has collaborated and authoring tools with complete access control.

Device & Browser Supported: Windows, Linux, Mac, Web-based, and Windows Mobile. All major browsers are supported.

App Available: Yes

Official URL: Versal

#6) Talentlms

Talentlms online software

Price: US $29 – US $349 per month. It also offers a free trial for up to 10 customers.

Talentlms online software1

Talentlms Home Page

Talentlms is a renowned online training management software. It is developed to create the simple and best online learning platform with high flexibility for its customers. It helps the customers to build beautiful and smart courses with extensive and updated learning materials.

Going from mobile to compliance version, Talentlms is a flexible and powerful software. It is scalable as per the customer’s needs.

Core Features:

  • It provides strong course management with content friendly learning engine, surveys engine, and file repositories.
  • It supports blended learning, gamification, certifications, e-commerce, and rich communication tools.
  • It has a good strategy for reporting, branching, customer types, API, mass actions, extensible profiles etc.
  • It comes with rich features like customizable, themeable, homepage builder, integration etc.

Device & Browser Supported: Windows mobile, Android, Mac, and web-based. All major browsers are supported.

Mobile App: Yes

Official URL: Talentlms

#7) DigitalChalk


Price: US $25 per month is billed annually.


DigitalChalk as the name itself suggests is a web-based online training and learning platform. It is a learning management system, which gives customers training on technologies they want.

It provides materials having animations, powerpoint presentations, videos, images, exams etc. It gives the flexibility of learning anytime and anywhere hassle-free. It has a good UI and is versatile in nature, which in turn is its rich feature. Moreover, it is an all in one solution.

Core Features:

  • It provides customizable delivery and flexible designs with HD video clarity to learn.
  • It is capable to track the customer’s performance, progress and based on that it provides rewards to motivate and encourage them.
  • It has built-in shopping integration, multiple currencies, taxes, and loaded app store.
  • It gives real-time analytics to customers with full API support.
  • It offers secure public and private training with full support from tutors.

Device & Browser Supported: Windows, Android, iPad, and web-based. All major browsers are supported.

Mobile App: Yes

Official URL: DigitalChalk

#8) Mindflash


Price: US $599 – US $999 per month. It also offers a free trial version for its customers.


Mindflash is a famous web-based online training portal that focuses to solve customers’ biggest business challenges with online training for agents, contractors, customers, resellers and other partners.

It makes external training easy, fast and effective. It is more specialized in content creation, business analytics, program management, and enterprise integration. It gives an option to its customers for moving into new markets.

Core Features:

  • It provides learning programs in series and has good support for video, powerpoint, pdf, and word formats.
  • It has a good dashboard and customers can customize the training with their personal details like phone number, email ID etc.
  • It is simple, no setup is required, and the customers can easily create online learning programs.
  • It is customizable and has automatic grading, yammer applications, good reporting, and an iPad app is also available.

Device & Browser Supported: Android, iPad, and web-based. All major browsers are supported.

Mobile App: Yes

Official URL: Mindflash

#9) Litmos


Price: US $5 – US $9. It also provides a free trial for one month to its customers.


Litmos is a famous training software as well as learning management system. It has become more reliable as it is under SAP now.

It is actually an all in one solution for teaching management, extended enterprise and pre-programmed courses in an E-platform to meet any company’s requirements and needs. It mainly focuses on the end user and is highly secure. Around 4 million customers use Litmos across the globe.

Core Features:

  • Litmos comes with a supreme interface and integrated content development tools, which support multiple formats.
  • It provides good surveys and has multi-language and localization support. It provides design and issue certification.
  • It supports gamification, all mobile devices, assessments, messages and notifications.
  • It has an e-commerce shopping platform where a customer can sell online courses and do real-time reporting.
  • It comes with high customization options.

Device & Browser Supported: Windows, Android, iPhone, iPad, and web-based. All major browsers are supported.

Mobile App: Yes

Official URL: Litmos

#10) Docebo


Price: US $5 per month. A free trial version is available for its customers.


Docebo is one of the leading E-learning platform provider and learning management system. It helps to accelerate corporate training.

It provides high flexibility, scalability and complete integration solution to a customer. It has multiple language support with a good user interface. It helps to train, track and improve learners with its rich features.

Core Features:

  • It comes with courses catalog, training, and certifications, enrollment rules, white labels etc.
  • It provides a learning plan, external training, audit trail, subscription codes, and notifications.
  • It has strong automation, audit trail, labels, customized domains, and power users.
  • It also supports e-commerce, gamification, coaching, extended enterprise, and many builders. It has a powerful integration too.

Device & Browser Supported: Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows mobile, Mac and web-based etc. All major browsers are supported.

Mobile App: Yes

Official URL: Docebo

#11) WizIQ


Price: US $27 – US $68 respectively. It also provides a one-month free trial version for its customers.


WizIQ is a very popular training tool in the E-platform market. Tons of customers use it on a wide range. It is very easy to use, with affordable virtual classrooms and learning management software.

It provides you with all the tools that you require to deliver online learning to teach or train students, customers, and partners. It helps to customize logo, banner, URL, favicon, and colors to match your brand.

Core Features:

  • WizIQ provides a secure web-based content library to create tutorials and programs.
  • It provides tests and online exams for the learner and gives performance feedback.
  • It supports multiple tutor accounts and gives notifications and reports.
  • It gives secure video hosting, streaming and checks the programs automatically.

Device & Browser Supported: Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac etc. All major are browsers supported.

Mobile App: Yes

Official URL: WizIQ


We covered several details about online Training Software and the manner in which they are changing the complete way of training and education.

We learned the top preferred platforms, their pricing details, dashboard feel, core features, operating system and platforms supported along with their official website.

We learned what exactly E-Learning platforms are and how are they affecting the industries. In today’s era approximately 70-80 % schools, colleges, universities prefer online training system.

With the online learning management system coming into picture manual efforts, time and cost have reduced largely. It gives the customers the freedom of learning and enhancing their skill set whenever and wherever they want to learn. It provides extreme flexibility and scalability for training.

The main features of Online training systems are simple online admissions, reduced paperwork, accurate reporting, and data analytics. It provides live feedback on the exams and quizzes, the track of time spent on training alone. Gradebooks and trainee’s information is stored online, hence it can be retrieved anytime.

You can find all the courses in one place.

A wide list of features like fast and smooth customer integrations, quick online fees, gamification, public forums to discuss topics, and online communities are available.

Listed above are top online training management software which are dominating the e-learning industry today.

With a drastic increase in digitalization, we can hope that the human race maintains a balance between the Real and Virtual world to create a better place.

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